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4.5 out of 5 stars92
4.5 out of 5 stars
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 23 March 2002
I was persuaded by a friend to listen to Shakira's music a while ago, and let me tell you I was amazed- that I had not come across her before. I hear she's massive in the States at the moment and I'm not surprised, for me she really has something which separates her from other Latin style singers.
I bought this album, and her all-Spanish album prior to this called 'Donde Estan Los Ladrones?' which in a word is superb (even friends of mine who can't understand Spanish prefer it to Laundry which is nontheless very good.) The only reason I give this cd 4 stars opposed to 5, is beacause, as I just said, I think her previous album is far superior but that's just my opinion.
If you've never heard her before, I do think she does remind me a little of Alanais Morissette(only when she sings certain songs, but I get that impression more when she sang on her previous album.)
So what's Laundry like then?
I guess you've all probably heard the great and ever-so-addictive 'Wherever, Whenever,' and not wanting to let you down or anything but this is the best track on this cd- but the others are still very good, and therefore make it a worthwhile investment.
From the beginning of the listing; 'Objection tango' is upbeat- it is what it says, a tango, but with a modern-style take- quite catchy but not as good as wherever, Whenever.' 'Te aviso, te anuncio' (last track) incidentally is the Spanish version of Objection tango'- personally I prefer her Spanish sung songs but both versions are good & different.
'Underneath your clothes' is a very slow love song, it kind of reminds me of a typical Celine Dion style ballad- very nice, but I prefer her faster tracks on this cd.
'Rules' is fairly up-tempo, though it didn't really stand out for me.
'The one' is another slow one, but very nice again.
'Ready for the good times' is one of my favourites on this cd, it's upbeat and very catchy- you'll like this one.
'Fool' is another slow one, slightly faster than the other slow ones mentioned, but for some reason I actually really like this song (and generally I don't like slow ones- the chorus is very catchy, I always sing along.)
'Te dejo Madrid' (I'm leaving you Madrid)is obviously Spanish, fairly good, but nothing striking for me.
The strangely titled 'Poem to a horse', you can guess is slow, but actually quite good, one of my fave slow ones on this cd.
'Que me quedes tu' is good but like 'Te Dejo Madrid' nothing special for me.
'Eyes like yours' is SO good! It's latin in style but with an Arabian twist (I know it sounds mad but it really works well-very catchy.)
Then there's 'Suerte' which again is another version of a song that already appears on this cd in english, namely 'Wherever Whenever', but I cannot stress enough how much better the Spanish version is than the english (which is great anyway) and so makes it different to its english version despite being a translation.
Overall this cd is impressive, and what's more impressive is that Shakira apparently learned english just so she could write this album. I'd definitely consider buying this if you generally like Latin music, or are just intrigued. For those of you that love this album already, go and buy 'Donde estan los ladrones?' you won't be sorry!!!
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35 of 36 people found the following review helpful
on 18 May 2002
It annoys me so much when people call Shakira "The New Britney" and refer to Whenever, Wherever as her "brilliant debut song". Infact, Shakira has been around for years- obviously us brits were to busy indulging in the marvellous Hearsay to notice people like Shakira.
Multi talented and available in a variety of different languages she's a true music talent who deserves abit more recognition.
Laundry Service is her first English speaking album and its absolutely fantastic.A mix of latin pop and rocky ballads its truely different from everything in the charts at the minute.
Some of the songs are absolutely amazing- the whole album has a fantastic track list- suprising when most modern day albums are only decent for the first half.
With some tongue in cheek lyrics and a load of realism to boot the songs are amazing not to mention catchy. You may argue that Shakira is just abit mad but hey..arn't we all? And to tell you the truth its her seemingly crazy personality that makes Laundry Service so great.
Some of the best tracks on Laundry Service include the arabian-style Eyes Like Yours, Fool and Poem to a Horse. Rules, The One, Suerte, Objection, Ready For The Good Times, Te DEjo Madrid, Que Me Quedes Tu and Te Aviso Te Anuncio are also fantastic. Not to mention Whenever, Wherever. The next single Underneath Your Clothes is also on the album and its amazing too.
Oh you may be interested to know that Shakira also wrote (lyrics and music), produced and even arranged on the album. She even designed the logo! So, for a fantastic album with heartfelt lyrics and a unique voice to sing them, I recommend you buy Laundry Service. Just as brilliant as her older albums and if you don't speak Spanish (I don't)- a hell of a lot easier to understand.An excellent album by a brilliant singer. 10/10
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 13 February 2002
This is a difficult album to review if you're a past fan of Shakira's work. After buying Dónde están los ladrones?, her last album, i expected this to be a similar style, full of guitars and subtly catchy choruses. However, it's quite a big musical jump, not just in the obvious switch from Spanish to English. Her arabic-influenced past work has moved on to a much more obviously latin style, and she has also moved into the mainstream latin-pop market from a rock sound.
The album itself is still full of excellent songwriting and consistently innovative lyrics as in the past, despite English only being her third language. Whenever, Wherever is a fantastic piece of feel-good pop, while Poem to a Horse and Fool nod towards her past work and influences.
However, it is produced like a Ricky Martin album, and doesn't fully show off the original style she has developed over the past 5 years. Ready for the Good Times becomes a straight piece of disco pop- more edgy than Britney could cope with, but still firmly aiming at a commercial audience.
I would still strongly recommend this album to both fans of clever songwriting and pop lovers who have become disillusioned with manufactured acts, and am sure it would be loved in many people's collections. However, it lacks the spark of individuality that made her past albums so special. If you like Whenever, Wherever buy this and you won't be disappointed- but also try to check out her past work. I think practically anyone would find it more fulfilling.
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24 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on 30 May 2002
This is the best album i own! I found all of the songs just brillaint! They have catchy, up-beat tunes and the lyrics a fantastic. Shakira has really produced a fabulous album! Here is a list of what i recommend for each song:
Objection(Tango)-a very catchy tune with splendid lyrics 9/10
Underneath your clothes-SUPERB!! great lyrics that just want to make you sing along! 10/10
Whenever Wherever-all time favourite. A great hit with the latin-american pan pipes, great! 10/10
Rules-nicely sung with good lyrics-8/10
the one-A slow song, but not a very catchy tune. The lyrics are good though, they make you laugh!! 7/10
Ready for the good times-nice up-beat tune with good use of voice-9/10
Fool-an excellent song about a wife chasing after her husband and he doesn't have any feelings for her-9/10
Te Dejo Madrid-a nice catchy tune but it will take you a while to learn the words!!!-8/10
Poem to a horse-good use of music but a little on the dull side. I partically like the lyrics on this one, they are about a useful boyfriend-6/10
Que Me Quedes Tu- a nice combination of instruments and sounds, but this song isn't really catchy, but it is nice to listen to anouther language 7/10
Eyes like yours (Ojos Asi)- one of the best on the album! Vety dramatic with that egyptian style sense of music, absolutley superb! 10/10
Suerte (Whenever Wherever)- the spanish/latin maerican version of Whenever Wherever. Just as good as the orginal one, nice to listen to different languages 10/10
Te Aviso, Te (Tango)-Again, in a different language, but just as good. Real nice to listen to 10/10
I hope this review has helped you decide whether or not you would like to purchase this album. I totally recommend it! Well done Shakira for producing such a great album! Look forward to hearing more of you!!!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 11 March 2002
i bought this album after hearing "whenever, wherever" in the shop. i don't usually buy an album after hearing one track, but i'm glad i did. i love the other tracks and "fool" is my fav. the 4 spanish tracks are a bit scary for someone who doesn't understand spanish like my self, but 2 are songs we know which made it easier, it's the other 2 which i enjoy but wish i understood.
Ps if someone reads this and knows the translations into english for "Te Dejo Madrid" and/or "Que Me Quedes Tu" could they please e-mail me with them. thank you. capc
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 8 May 2004
What an amazing album! Shakira has excelled in her debut offering.
If like me you get bored of listening to the same type of song on albums, then this is the album for you.
It is a mixture of rock, love ballards and pop.
Take a tip from me, if you like to excersize to fast-paced music choose these songs: Ready For The Good Times, Te Dejo Madrid. And if you want a song that you could belly dance or a song with eastern flavour listen to Eyes Like Yours.
Wonderful! En-core!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 30 June 2003
I know you have probably heard this before, but you're going to hear it again Shakira rocks!
This is her first album to be released into our side of the pond and we can now finally see why she has been such a huge hit for about 8 years inher own country and Latin America.
Her songs are a blend of pop, soft rock and latin music. They are catchy and finally we can enjoy some of these salsa beats without hearing La Vida Loca!
There isn't a song I don't like on the album I think they are all wonderful but here is my review
(Objection)Tango -livley song with lots of attitude
Underneath Your Clothes- slower more reflective song where Shakira's rough unique vocals shine through
Whenever, Wherever- Who doesn't know this huge =hit? What more can I say!
Rules-upbeat and catchy song that is fun to listen too
The One-slower song, Shakira's vocals sound good on this quite unique sounding song which I like a lot
Ready For The Good Times- Not as strong as the others, bit cheesy but still fun and in style with the album
Fool-Catchy, original song.
Te Dejo Madrid- Shakira starts to go back to her roots singing in her own language in this upbeat song
Song to A Horse- to do with drugs!! :-s excellent song all the same
Que Me Quedes Tu- Basic latin and sort of pop song, not very striking still a good song
Eyes Like Yours- Strong beat, fast and energetic with a different almost oriental sound to this rocky pop beat
Suerte- Spanish version of the catchy Whenever, Wherever
Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango)- Same tune as Objection, kind of translation
Overall- this is an album with a fresh unique feel to it. Shakira is going to become huge here too and this album shines with originallity and attitude!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 29 February 2004
I really enjoyed this album : it's fresh and dynamic. I disagree with critics who say she is like Celine Dion. She has a very original latin touch that is totally different to the Canadian Celine. "Whenever, Wherever", is just brilliant and a great dance hit and there are plenty more hits on the album. My favourite is "Poem to a Horse". Her voice is unique and there is not one song on the album that I dislike. I particularly liked the ones in Spanish. I recommend it!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 5 February 2002
I heard Whenever/Wherever on the satellite music channels and knew I had to have that song! Unusually, I bought the album on the strength on that one song, but there are no regrets. Its a cracking album and I just couldn't stop listening to it.
She has an incredible voice and excellent sense for a good song. Time to ask my friend for a translation for those songs sung in Spanish ...
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 24 November 2002
Shakira is to Britney Spears as Madonna was to Cyndie Lauper in the early ninetteen eighties. Her voice has almost the range of Kate Bush, her looks are like a less disturbed and thinner Mariah Carey. She is a gifted songwriter too and can only get much more famous than she already is. However she has already shown an irritating tendency to put own CDs that have a few outstanding tracks on them, some good remixes of same and a few stocking fillers. The Tango and a couple of other tracks are just leading edge magic on the new Cd. A new remix of Wherever Whenever is also pretty good. But there are some boring fillers too. I bought it anyway and have no regrets about that as the brilliant more than compensates for the vapid.
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