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4.4 out of 5 stars253
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 July 2014
I received a Netgalley copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have read almost all of Jane Green's books and have enjoyed every one. Jane's books have become more serious since her early days of Mr Maybe, but I think her work is all the richer for it. I don't often cry at books, but I found myself bawling my eyes out on Sunday morning, at the dilemma the main character faced. I think many people, men and women have been in Gabby's position before and yes, there is always a choice. Sometimes it could be the luck of the draw - how you are feeling on that particular day. In Gabby's case pent-up resentment against her husband, whom she otherwise loves very much, at the fact he doesn't want another baby, was probably what pushed her over the edge. What was key in this novel was that one mistake, one night, one hour even can destroy your life as you know it. However, perhaps it's not always all bad. Even in the darkest of times, positive things can happen. She was flattered by a younger man's attention and had no intention of anything happening. Already I could see where this was going and I wondered if she would withstand temptation. I also guessed what the outcome was going to be and how that would bring her life crashing down round about her. However, that didn't detract in any way from my enjoyment of the novel. What I didn't and couldn't foresee was how everyone's lives would pan out afterward:, the various adults', the kids'. I liked also that Gabby's friend made a wrong and unusual choice when she found out about Gabby's betrayal and I also liked that the woman she met at the support group became such a big influence in her life. Another fantastic read from Jane Green. I would expect nothing less.
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I am a huge fan of Jane Green, and so I was very much looking forward to her latest release - Tempting Fate.

Gabby knew that she wanted to be with Elliot from the very first moment that she met him, and through twenty years of marriage she has never doubted her love for him. But her two daughters are growing up, and Gabby begins to feel as though her youthful days are slipping away...And then she meets Matt. Matt is young handsome, and he makes Gabby feel alive again. And in one reckless moment, she destroys everything she loves.

As with all Jane green books, I was very eager to start reading, and as soon as I picked the novel up, I became swept up in the words and before I knew it I was turning the last page. I was so gripped by the story that I read the entire book in one sitting, I just couldn't put it down!

The main story was particularly interesting, I knew as well as anyone else that what Gabby was doing was dangerous, but it was so believable that I was hooked to what I was reading. Gabby was a fantastic character, I liked how she wasn't perfect and how she had her faults like any of us. At first I wasn't sure whether I wanted to like her, but I did sympathize with her and I found myself really hoping that things would work out for her and the situations would be resolved.

I loved how realistic the novel was, it was a story that could happen to anyone, and that is what made it so compelling to read! The scenarios are so believable and the characters were so well-written that I just had to keep reading to see what would happen to them.

Loyal fans of Jane Green will be delighted by Tempting Fate, and I really hope that new readers are tempted to pick up this gripping book too. Jane Green is back with a fantastic novel - she has such a talent for storytelling and Tempting Fate will draw you in and keep you hooked until the very last word.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 October 2013
Gabby is 43 and loves her husband Elliott dearly. He is her soulmate, even though he refused to have the third child that she badly wanted. They never fight. Oh, except about the absence of the third child. And he never annoys her except when he works long hours. Or when he snores. And they hardly ever have sex, except sometimes when they have sex twice a day. Even then, she doesn't make much of an effort, except sometimes when she does. So after 20 years together, maybe things have lost a little of their magic. Her teenage and pre-teen daughter keep her at a distance, except sometimes when they don't. She is intimidated by a very organised mother that she knows and dislikes her because once Gabby lied to her to look better but got caught out so now she feels like she's not as good a mother as she should be. She doesn't work but judges mothers who help out at school a lot because they don't have a life. Can you tell that I disliked her intensely?

One night out with the girls, Gabby gets chatting to a handsome younger man who just happens to be the multi-millionaire founder of a famous website - oh and crazy about her. But she's happily married, so she should be immune to attraction - or is she?

If this description hasn't driven you crazy, you may well enjoy this novel. It hums along at a good pace and probably most women in long term relationships will identify in some way with Gabby's dilemma. However I couldn't get past my dislike of the lead character. She's incredibly self-centered and shallow. We keep being told how confident and amazing she is, but we never feel it for ourselves. It is very much the kind of book where everything gets spelled out for you, what people are thinking and feeling and lots of information about the brands they use or wear. There are so many good books out there that I'm annoyed with myself for wasting a day of my life in this one. Jane Green has definitely written better.
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on 28 September 2013
This book was recommended by amazon so I bought it and was not disappointed. I think this book will be enjoyed by anyone in a long term relationship esp with children who might be tempted by what if.. If they met a handsome man. I found once I started reading I wanted to find out would gabby be tempted and cheat on her perfect husband. I liked the realism concerning her friend Claire and how a friendship can altered by an affair. The only thing the I could complain about was the male characters were too perfect but this did not alter my enjoyment or rating .. Enjoy
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on 26 June 2014
I have been a big fan of Jane Green' s books ever since Jemima J and have purchased every book she has released since. I look forward to reading each one in the hope it will be totally absorbing and a joy to read (like they always used to be) but I have found the more recent titles really disappointing. Her writing style seems to have changed so much and I can't engage with any of the characters or story lines.
I had high hopes for this book but have found it really hard going as the story was so predictable and the characters so bland. It took me a long time to read it as it was just so boring!!
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on 25 January 2016
I borrowed this book from my local library because I felt like a light read. I've previously read Jemima J by this author so knew what to expect. My main gripe about the book which resulted in my 2 star rating was the fact that I did not particularly like the main character Gabby. I felt like the author wanted me to side with her self obsorbed notions and rationale for her deception. The author was so obvious in her intentions that by the end of the book I found that I strongly didn't want Gabby to have the happy ever after that I could plainly see coming her way.

My second gripe with this book was that the voice of the characters sounded an awful lot alike. There was no definitive difference in dialogue between them despite their varying age and gender, even Gabby being an English woman and most of the other characters being American didn't make a difference. It was hard not to imagine them all speaking with the same English accent.

My third gripe was that I didn't know how realistic it was to be believe that such infidelity and hurt could have such a happy outcome. I don't believe that Gabby learnt any sort of valuable lesson, the ending sort of justified her actions to some extent. The one good thing about this book was that it didn't drag and the storyline kept going at an easy pace even if by the end of it I wondered why I bothered finishing it. I think this will be the last book of Jane Green's that I read.

Overall a disappointing plot with an unjustified ending.
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on 17 June 2014
I had an ecopy of this book from Penguin via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review which I'm more than happy to give. When I saw it listed I immediately thought that'll be a nostalgic read - that sounds good! Despite downloading it, somehow, it got buried amongst the many books that I have on my kindle and I only recently got around to reading it. I'm so sorry I didn't get to it sooner as it was a thoroughly enjoyable read that wasn't ironically, as nostalgic as I'd imagined. Jane like many contemporary authors have aged the leading ladies :) When I was in my twenties so were the main characters, I'm glad to say they've matured along with me.

Gabby and Elliott had been married twenty years and had settled into life together without too many blips along the way - to say they were comfortable and took each other for granted would be a fair observation in my book. It wasn't deliberate it's just something that happens when you know someone inside out.

Gabby wasn't what you'd call a gad about, she was settled and quite homely - seeing some of her friends as flighty, gregarious ones - she tended to blend into the background until the night she met Matt on a girls night out.

Jane perfectly told a story of how a chance meeting coupled with mild flirtation awakened the girl in Gabby. A story that is true to life, sadly it happens all around us. All too often you hear about someone hitting that certain age, not even realising they felt frumpy and old until suddenly someone was looking at them, paying them attention and interested in what they had to say. Nobody sets out to deliberately wreck their marriage and Gabby is no different, she just can't help herself - things gradually but not deliberately got out of hand.

This book evoked many emotions, mainly because Jane developed such detailed, rounded characters that felt like real people. I liked and disliked them all at different times. I was hoping that Gabby would put the brakes on before it was too late, yet at the same time emphasised with her - understanding how she ended up having an affair and wracked with guilt. Matt I think it's fair to say is a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain, the opposite for Elliott, Gabby's husband. I just kept wanting all three to take a step back and take stock. Relationships are hard work, they don't grow without care, love and attention, yet that's not to say they can't be revived - never say a marriage is dead until there is nothing left!

Like any affair it's not just the trio involved who are affected, Jane takes us on an emotional journey with family, friends and a major twist - this isn't just a simple tale of a marriage breakdown but a compelling tale of the aftermath too.

I thoroughly enjoyed my nostalgic trip with Jane and look forward to another one very soon.
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on 21 April 2014
So with a Jane Green book you tend to know what to expect. It will generally be a tale of middle class New England suburbia with a late 30 to early 40 something heroine experiencing a family crisis. This has been the format of her previous few novels and Tempting Fate delivers more of the same.

In this tale we meet Gabby, an early 40 something doctors wife with 2 teenage girls who seems to live in domestic contentment, the only blot on her horizon is her husband’s vasectomy which has robbed her of her longed for 3rd child. She is sure in her marriage and content so when she meets younger man Matt at a bar she doesn’t see the warning signs that things may be getting out of control and that she may be getting into a relationship that will jeopardise everything she holds dear.

I’ve read a few reviews of this book that say they found Gabby unlikeable and narcissistic however I think that the readership Jane Green writes for will perhaps, like me, be in that age group with growing families and fully understand that sense of feeling a little more dowdy and less visible to the opposite sex than you once were. It is therefore with this in mind that I found her to be well written, no matter what way Jane Green wrote the story our heroine’s actions are despicable and hurtful to all around her. It is the ongoing story beyond this point which humanises her and brings the story beyond the initial action.

The writing of the relationship between Gabby and her best friend Claire is very insightful and highlights the divisions that can occur when marriages breakdown. Often you don’t just divorce your spouse you divorce some friends also.

The only reason I couldn’t give the book 5 stats was related to the ending of the book, I just couldn’t really envision the cosy family gathering Green writes about actually coming to pass. With the kind of fracture Gabby’s actions had caused I could have seen this happening 5 years down the line, not within months of the event.

Again Green continues to deliver excellent writing, emotive stories and aspirational lifestyles. I always savour her books and can’t wait for her next novel ‘Saving Grace’
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on 21 March 2014
Gabby and Elliot have been married for twenty years, and Gabby knew Elliot was the man for her as soon as she met him. With two children, Olivia and Alanna, they couldn't be happier, However, Gabby is desperate for another baby, and Elliot isn't. So much so, that he has a vasectomy. Upon hearing a close friend is pregnant, Gabby is devastated when she truly realises her chances for another baby have gone, Feeling very middle-aged and unattractive, a flirtation begins with Matt, a younger guy Gabby met in a bar. This develops quite rapidly, and soon things have gotten completely out of hand, and Gabby and Elliot are left to deal with the consequences. If they can.

I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. I was hooked straight away from the first chapter. What I enjoyed about it was that Gabby met Matt straight away, and we saw the relationship develop straight from the start. It took no time at all to get going.But the author had clearly thought this through well, as further into the book we start to understand Gabby's reasons as to why she gravitates more towards Matt, and further away from her husband, After finding out that Elliot didn't want anymore children, and Gabby desperately did, she's devastated when he gets a vasectomy and harbours resentment towards him for doing so. Gabby doesn't come to this realisation herself for quite a while, so the reader is left intrigued and wondering why she's seemingly intent to destroy a happy marriage. This in turn makes for compelling reading. When things come to a head, we see how Gabby and Elliot cope with everything. This is, I feel, where the characters come into their own. We see Elliot try and deal with things by moving out and moving on with his life (or at least trying to), whereas Gabby finds herself more or less on her own, with her closest friend abandoning her. One thing I loved about this, though, was how when she really needed her, Gabby's mum stepped up and took care of everyone and everything This was quite a touching moment in the story. I loved this book, and I would definitely recommend it to others.
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on 15 December 2013
(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Penguin Books (UK) and Netgalley.)
43-year-old Gabby is flattered when on a girls-night-out she is chatted up by a younger, good-looking man. Gabby is happily married though, with two daughters, and she isn't about to have an affair.

Then Gabby receives an email from this guy - Matt, and suddenly they are exchanging flirty emails and texts, and Gabby agrees to meet with him again.
Gabby isn't going to cheat though is she? Could she really live with the guilt of being unfaithful to her husband? And if she does, what will the consequences be?

This book was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster - one that I certainly hope to never have to ride personally!

Gabby was an interesting character, but I was so mad at her for the situation she got herself into! It wasn't even as if she had a bad marriage or a bad home life, admittedly she had wanted a third child and her husband had not, but still - she loved her husband, and he loved her, they had a beautiful house, 2 beautiful kids, and a great relationship, and she had to go and ruin it.

The storyline in this book was okay, but I have to say that I really hate it when people cheat, and I really hate reading stories about people who cheat. I immediately felt uncomfortable at the way Gabby was behaving in the bar with this other man, and I felt that her emails to him, their texting, and meeting was as much of a betrayal to her husband as was her sleeping with him. Although they only actually slept together once, the relationship went on for a lot longer, and being emotionally unfaithful is just as bad as being physically unfaithful, maybe worse in fact because she had allowed feelings to grow.

As the story went on I couldn't help but be mad at Gabby for the situation she had put herself and her family in, and I hated that even in hind-sight she didn't really regret what she had done! Even though she knew that what she had done was wrong, she didn't really seem to appreciate that the difficulties she was facing were basically all her own doing!

The ending of this one was thankfully happy, and I could see how that would happen, because even if a person has been unfaithful it doesn't immediately stop you from loving them. I can honestly say, that even though this book had a happy ending, if a random guy in a bar tries to chat me up in the future, I am getting the hell out of there, and going home to drink alcohol and eat ice cream instead!
Overall; a chick-lit story about infidelity and love.
7.5 out of 10.
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