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4.4 out of 5 stars161
4.4 out of 5 stars
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30 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on 27 August 2003
One of the lessons that we have to learn about spirituality is that god wants to communicate with all of us to bring us closer to him. The words of the Bible and the teaching it offers is our way of doing this. Whilst the Message may not be to everyones taste and is in some ways an interpretation than a direct translation it brings the message to us in uncluttered modern language that can be understood by all. It reminds me of history when the bible was translated from latin into different languages. It brings a new generation closer to the word and that can only be a good thing.
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on 22 November 2008
This product will RIP straight into your MP3/i pod, showing all the books and chapters individually. The reader is hugely better than Max McLean, who reads the NIV Bible. This reading has good authentic reading by someone who sounds like he believes what he is saying, (rather than reading a script like an actor). The Listeners Bible is also excellent, but I have not found any version that will RIP straight to your MP3 showing individual chapters, so they can be easily found. This product has bought the Bible alive to me in a new way.
Highly recommended.
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on 7 March 2011
This very free paraphrase of the Bible is very accesable and readable.
It is also very good value.
I don't find the continual repeating of the chapter number helpful and the paper is a little thin.
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on 3 February 2010
This version of the Bible is very good. The text is written in a very relatable way and is easy to understand. It brings the Bible to life and is bang up to date. Along with other versions of the Bible, this version adds a new dimension that gives the reader much food for thought. It is a very useful tool when studying with a homegroup and aids discussion.
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on 6 August 2011
The print is quite small. It's O K for me but just a warning for folk who need a larger print
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on 8 October 2010
A bible translation of this kind was never going to be easy. I wonder how many sleepless nights were lost by these honest translators.

The bible can be an extremely difficult book to follow and thus I know with my own experience a book which can easily be put down and difficult to pick up again.
So for me, any book that can make the bible easier to read is very, very welcome.

Then however we come to another potential problem. The word of God is the roadway of Christian Life and as such must retain the fullest weight and meaning of the scriptures. The translators, to give a welcoming feel to this translation, and to make it readable, understandable and enjoyable may just have given a lightweight feel to some of the scriptures and is unavoidable. This is meant as an observation and not a criticism.

I have been a bible student since about 1970. It appears to me that there are very 'heavy' bible translations and there are 'lighter' translations. Possibly any modern day translation using modern day words runs the risk of being accused of not carrying the true weight of Gods word. To my mind there is the interpretation of the spirit of Gods word too.

I found this bible as easy to read as a novel. To me thats a good thing because it encourages those who may be put off by the 'harder, less easy bible translations' to stick with it. Surely that is agood thing.

Welcome this translation with open arms. It is not the only translation. It is however the one I read most in my quiet moments because it is 'readable'. If I want greater understanding or enlightenment I can read it in association with bible aids which are just as necessary in harder to read/understand bibles.

Highly recommended, highly readable and a good starting point for any bible student, young or old. If it gains its reader and makes them want to search deeper into the bible surely then its done its job. This is the translation I would buy and recommend to anyone with the addage that Gods word has to be worked at and to reach an understanding one must 'study'. Thats as true of the King James vesions through to this one.
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on 12 November 2011
The bible is excellent, amazing quality, the pages look good, the cover feels great and the words inside a truly a blessing. It truly allows you to see the bible with language we use today to bring a full understanding of it. This bible is a blessing and i would suggest if your looking for something to get you stuck into the word, then this bible is for you! also if purchased in the us if the bible gets destroyed or damaged for any reason due to use, they will give you a new one. (sucks that I'm in the uk but it is a beautiful gesture).
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on 21 September 2014
My difficulty with this edition is identifying chapter and verse. It is written, probably as the bible was laid out before King James crew got their hands on it, all in one long run. Each book is a chapter, and there is no breakdown between. It makes bible study very difficult.

The use of modern language is good, and it is quite well written, if a little juvenile and slangy. However, its not my style, I'm well educated and find it easier to study a more formal style of writing.
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on 28 July 2012
I own the hardback edition of this beautiful bible, so imagine my delight when I discovered shortly after purchasing a kindle touch that you could get a kindle edition!

Unfortunately the kindle edition is useless.

You cannot navigate chapters, let alone verses on the kindle itself.

Bizarrely however, you can navigate chapters (not verses) if you put it on an android tab and use the kindle app from playstore.
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 13 July 2007
I've been using The Message now for more than six years, and I still find it one of my most-used versions, both to read and for quotes and references. In the 'large print' edition, the print is the same size as in ordinary books, rather than the tiny print that is usual to get a full bible down to a managable (and affordable) size. If you want print comparable to the 'large print' library versions of novels, you need a 'giant print' bible - and that will be in several volumes and very expensive.

I'm a Gideon. In the UK, we distribute Scripture almost entirely as the NIV, which is still my favourite version. But for many people, this still has sufficiently high-level English to prevent smooth reading. For those who find the NIV and other mainstream versions hard to plough through, I find The Message clarifies right away - so it's the version I recommend for beginners.

I wrote the following review five years ago when the Hardback Edition first came out, and it still stands:

There have been many recent efforts to put the Bible into contemporary language. In our varied Western cultures and our so-flexible English language, the translator will always have an impossible task, trying to get across the original sense with a single translation, yet read elegantly and simply.

Some don't try - they render the original (or a 17th century AV) idiom, often trying to translate the ancient language word-for-word and yet somehow get this foreign syntax to read well in modern English. They might, if we're lucky, give us some help to understand this. These can make 'worthy' translations, but they aren't rated well for being intelligible to ordinary folk.

Others go too far with idiomatic paraphrase in addressing a particular sector of readership: think of the 'hip' testaments; or there's the 1000 word Simple English NT that jumped through hoops to 'avoid difficult words', ending up with such clumsy phrasing that intelligibility was compromised to avoid just one more well-known word!

Most modern translations steer a middle course, and for the past 35 years, all those I've seen have done it pretty well. A few are outstanding. The Living Bible and Good News Bible are the two popular versions which get quite colloquial. Both have been criticised for it, usually for missing important - to the critic - nuances. Well, of course! You can never have it all!

Eugene Peterson's 'The Message' New Testament is in the tradition of Weymouth, Moffat, Rieu and Phillips, aiming for an idiom that will be easier to understand than the more formal and especially the 'literal' translations, yet avoiding 'street language' that outdates faster than fresh fish. It first appeared in 1993 and, with help, he has expanded it steadily to finally see a full Bible this year.

It is colloquial, sometimes in the extreme, and uses a homely North American idiom which still feels comfortable in Britain and the Antipodes. What have ensured its steadily rising popularity, though, are Peterson's subtly 'right' turn of phrase, his terse yet apposite choice of words and, above all, his sheer poetry in many places. All of these are shown well in the earlier Psalms.

It isn't an even translation. Some parts are merely well-translated and without the spark of the best. However, I love it for the wonderful passages I keep finding when I look through a dozen versions for quotes to use in talks and prayer notes - and find Peterson has done it again!

No translation can keep everyone happy all of the time, and some reviews here show discontent in those who like their scripture smooth and erudite. Peterson is earthy, pungent and frequently poetic, but his scholarship is good (though imperfect as any mortal's). He hits my spot so often that I like to keep his translation near me for variety, along with the AV, NIV and NLT. Long live the people's translator!
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