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4.6 out of 5 stars196
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 July 2014
This isn't one of my review books but after a terrible week of not feeling like reading and feeling exhausted. I decided to read this in the hope it would make me want to read again. I've got to say Cathy really did not disappoint with this at all.
We are back at the Ivy Lane Allotments and it is now Summer, the allotments are buzzing as they have been told a film crew is coming along to film them for the Summer, culminating in the Annual Show.
All the wonderful characters are back, Tilly, who is slowly blossoming like a sunmer rose. Gemma and her garden shed beauty treatments, Gemma's teenage daughter Mia. Also all the other wonderful characters. We also have a couple of new characters Aiden (I'm not sure if he is genuine or not) and his cameraman (sorry it's late when I'm writing this and can't remember his name).
Cathy manages to pack so much into so few chapters, there is also a fire and secrets to come out from some of our favourite characters, also we have further hints at Tilly's past and such a cliff hanger of on an ending......
Cathy also leaves us wondering so much, when will we find out about Tilly's past? Will Tilly choose Charlie or Aiden?
All I can say is roll on Autumn, I really can't wait for Ivy Lane - Autumn.
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on 5 July 2014
Oh my word, Cathy has done it again, Ivy Lane : Summer Part 2 was equally as good as the Spring Part 1 book if not better. This is probably because after a couple of pages, I remember the characters and I was right in there, down at the allotments, sunshine on my face. It really doesn't matter if you enjoy gardening or not, it's about the *village* community down at the allotment patch.
The main character Tilly Parker, opens up a little bit more, although her past hurt with James, still is hidden to Tilly alone. I think maybe each reader will be deciding on what happened to him, I certainly have, and time will tell if I am correct. Fellow allotment holder Charlie, is obviously still very keen on Tilly but she still sees him as friend material. We get to know other characters, especially Gemma, who Tilly lets into her life as a friend, after shutting others out. Gemma has a little story of her own.
However, as we knew from the last book, Ivy Lane is going to be on tv, showing, talking and following the allotment holders until their annual prize day. Producer Aidan arrives and Tilly finds feeling that have been hidden for 2 years. Tilly will not be rushed Into anything but is pleased to feel little bits of herself coming alive again.
What happened at the end of the book, was a huge cliff hanger, that I never saw coming!
I SO LOVED THIS BOOK. My only complaint is that I can't wait for Autumn Part 3.....yes Cathy, you are making me wish my year away.
This is one of the easiest 5 star books I have given, if the next two parts are similar, buy buy buy because there is nothing in this book to disappoint and everything to make you smile.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 July 2014
I’ve been so, so eager to read Ivy Lane: Summer, ever since the moment I finished and fell in love with the Spring instalment. So being in hospital at midnight on release day was in no way going to stop me willing my pre-order to pop up on my Kindle. Straight away, I read and adored this gem of a book and I’m so excited for it to continue in the Autumn.

As a TV crew arrives at Ivy Lane allotments, Tilly, as we discovered in Spring, is dreading the invasion she is expecting into her personal life. Having grown to love Ivy Lane – the achievement of each successful crop and the new friends she’d made, the last thing she wants is any of her secrets to be revealed. As the impatient reader I am, the TV crew part of this novel was so intriguing because I just wanted Tilly to be shook up so I could learn all her secrets on the spot… Clearly, this is why Cathy is the author and not me because she paced this flawlessly.

Ivy Lane: Summer has everything I love about a novel – wonderful characters, a gorgeous setting and twists ready to be unveiled at any opportunity. I fell in love with Ivy Lane: Spring for its community spirit and Summer was no different. What I loved even more in this book though was that though there are a lot of characters named alongside Tilly, they’re all really memorable and we learn just enough about all their individual quirks and traits. The strong development of several characters was something I found really impressive for such a short book.

There was one particular new character on the scene that shook things up for Tilly a little bit throughout Summer and I’m still not sure what to think of him! I was a Charlie girl in the first Ivy Lane book and now I’m completely torn!

And that ending... It was perfectly infuriating but I loved it! It also made me unashamedly check to see how long I have to wait until the Autumn instalment of Ivy Lane (63 days…) and I really don’t know how I’ll wait that long because this series is fast becoming one of my absolute favourites. There were a few hints at dates and things which might come up in the Autumn and Winter editions of Ivy Lane but for now, I’ll have to settle for the frankly brilliant, stunning Ivy Lane: Summer. This is simply the perfect choice for your summer reading.

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on 13 July 2014
April seems so long ago. That's when I read Ivy Lane, spring This was the first instalment in the four part series revolving around Tilly Parker set against a backdrop of an allotment . I've got a huge backlist of books TBR and a firm plan in place for reading so I catch up. But, as soon as this book became available I had to have it and snook it in ahead of time. Convincing myself it's only a short story, it won't set me back much. I so wish I hadn't I feel even worse now! I so wished I'd hung on and dragged it out before reading as three months is going to drag before I can get my hands on part 3: autumn I was away at the weekend and if I hadn't been I would have been seriously tempted to head to Nottinghamshire and smoke out Cathy so I could bribe her with wine and chocolate.

Tilly Parker has certainly kept her cards close to her chest as to her reasons for turning up in Ivy Lane, twelve months ago but this instalment sees her opening up a little and seriously having her head turned romantically, not by one but two suitors. I loved the way her whole demeanour altered when she arrived at the allotment, totally relaxing and losing herself in the job at hand - her beautiful nature shining through time and time again when she gives time to others, putting their needs and feelings to the forefront of everything she does.

Ivy Lane, summer sees the allotment owners gearing up for a TV crews arrival. They were to film a new television programme set at the allotments. It was also time for the annual produce competition. Needless to say there was lots of primping and pruning done and not just to the allotments. I laughed and smiled so much reading all the antics, loving all the characters and their little ways both subtle and in your face.

It was great to be a voyeur, watching the antics unfold - there are those that love the limelight and those that like to blend into the background. Secrets, jealousies and love share equal space on the page and I oohed and ahed whilst Tilly found feelings surfacing that she'd kept battened down for so long. Her relationship with Gemma is another big favourite of mine, she makes me laugh, smile and groan in equal measures - although I'm beginning to think that Gemma is wearing her extrovert character as a mask. There seems to be lots of sub-stories that Cathy threw out, reeling me in and has then left me dangling. But none more so than the end of the book! How could you do that, knowing I can't read what happens until September? Such a twist - totally unexpected!!

I urge you all to go out and buy Ivy Lane, once you read part 1 you'll be hooked, line and sinker.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 July 2014
Ivy Lane: Summer by Cathy Bramley

Publisher: Transworld Digital
Publishing Date: 3rd July 2014
Source: Purchased.

Amazon Summary:
Romance ripens at Ivy Lane...

Tilly Parker is feeling happier than she has done since her life completely changed a year ago, though she's still keeping some secrets to herself. As she flourishes under the summer sun, she attracts the attention of not one, but two suitors. Excitement reaches fever pitch at Ivy Lane as a TV crew descends to capture life inside a modern-day allotment, bringing out the best (new wellies and lipstick) and the worst (parsnip rivalry) in them all. The Annual Show marks the end of summer and the end of filming, but is Tilly ready for romance - and if so, who will be the pick of the bunch?

Ivy Lane is a serialized novel told in four parts - taking you from spring to summer, autumn to winter - which tell a charming, light-hearted and moving story you won't want to put down.
Rating: 5/5

Bugger. I'm really not good at reading books in parts. Yes, it's me, I tend to forget what was in the previous parts but thank goodness, there was a little summa(e)ry at the beginning of Ivy Lane: Summer. Although I must admit that I needed much time to remind myself who is who, sorry folks, that's really me and my very short memory.
Tilly's adventure with the allotment continues. After her first reservations she's started to enjoy her gardening, with a little help of carrots that really grow, sweat pies and friends. Summer brings a lot of excitement through a TV crew that is going to film the owners of the allotment, as well as the grande finale: The Annual Show which marks the end of the summer as well as end of the filming. Tilly has opened a little since she became the part of Ivy Lane community and she develops that perhaps, after two years, she's ready for a new relationship - well, she has a crush on Aidan, one of the Green Fingers TV crew. In the meantime Charlie also reveals that he has feelings for Tilly, Gemma has her own big secret, there is a big fire and I can't believe this everything happens only in summer.
As I have already mentioned, Tilly has opened up a little but there is still this big SECRET that Cathy is here and there hinting about, which makes me desperate! We know that there was James, that there is his family and I am absolutely sure that I can start guessing what happened to him but Cathy is still going to surprise me sooner or later. I hope sooner. This time Tilly is enjoying her gardening, and she is blossoming almost as well as her vegetables and flowers:) I am not a keeny gardener but loved and enjoyed the descriptions of the allotment, people speaking so gladly about their successes and well, perhaps one day, in a million year, I will also grow my own carrots.
I have a feeling that Spring gave us more action but maybe it is because in spring there is, well, more action with gardening. And it was the first part so we learnt all the important characters. Here this is the TV show, the Annual show and the fire that are in the centre of attention, but our characters add so much fun and humour to all this. I have also enjoyed the feelings that Tilly started to have again. Well, she has found the courage for Gemma's beauty treatment, hello!
But yes, there are still those secrets uncovered and let me tell you how desperate I feel that I can't read further to see what did happen in Tilly's past. We know about James but here, as the Summer ends in such a climax, we know there was something more, but we don't know WHAT. Help! And! Tilly was ready to tell Gemma her secret but of course that was not the case, oh no, Gemma has her own problems so thanks to her we must wait longer. Oh Cathy.
Then the book ends, with one of the biggest cliff hangers ever and I really couldn't believe that it is the end and that we must wait for some explanation till September. Something big and unexpected is going to happen for sure and I literally can't wait, so roll on September and the third part of Ivy Lane!
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on 4 July 2014
Hooray, Tilly and the Ivy Lane allotment gang are back! I loved the first part of this series (Spring) and was so excited about getting stuck in to find out what happened next. I wasn’t disappointed!

In the first part we met Tilly Parker, the main character, who had recently moved into the area and had taken on an allotment. We don’t yet know all her history, but we do know that a guy called James has left her broken hearted. We also met a number of other characters, all of whom are involved in the allotments. The first part was fast paced, fun and I really liked the characters so was eager to get reacquainted with them.

Summer brings a camera crew to the allotments. They are there on and off over the summer to film the goings on at the allotment, and in particular follow one of the new members...cue the unwitting Tilly taking centre stage.

In the first book we met Charlie who seemed like he could become a love interest. In this book we still have Charlie, who is definitely keen, but we also meet another man....Aidan.

I loved hearing more about the characters, particularly Gemma who is becoming one of Tilly’s best friends. She has a teenage daughter and some of their scenes really made me laugh remembering my own rebellious teenage years.

The story is only 95 pages so it is a good quick read that totally engrossed me. I found it hard to put it down and do day to day things wanting to follow the story.

The big mystery of the story is around James. What happened to him? I found myself trying to make guesses throughout. Then, just as I thought we were getting answers..........

The story ends on a massive cliffhanger and has left me desperate to know what happens next. I cannot wait until the start of September to see what is going on.

I found the story so well written, easy to follow, fun and it has left me really wanting an allotment of my own to make friends like those at Ivy Lane.
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Aj book review club added 2 new photos.
1 hr ·
Romance ripens at Ivy Lane . . .
Tilly Parker is feeling happier than she has done since her life completely changed nearly two years ago. As she flourishes under the summer sun, she throws herself into life at Ivy Lane, complete with strawberry planting, chinwags with Gemma and cups of tea with Alf.
And excitement reaches fever pitch when a TV crew descends to capture life inside a modern-day allotment, bringing out the best (new wellies and lipstick) and the worst (parsnip rivalry) in them all.
As Tilly's broken heart slowly mends, she attracts the attention of not one but two suitors - but is Tilly ready for romance and what secrets is she still keeping from her friends at Ivy Lane?
Ivy Lane is a serialized novel told in four parts - taking you through a year in the life of Tilly Parker - with Summer the second part.
Each part of Ivy Lane is approx. 10 chapters.
I loved this book it just as good as the last one you can just read as a stand a lone book but i read as a set as they are fab i can not wait for the autumn part 3 i not sure when it out but i check as soon as i know i will post on blog or fb page for you
This time in the ivy lane allotment we have the TV crew doing a piece on the allotment and the community spirt there what it like what people are growing ect the character are so looking forward to them starting but Tilly not we still sure of her past and who james is i want to know now but i sure we will find out in last book or may before i not sure
She not happy about being in the show she want to just blend in the back ground but she by no choice of her own she is a big part of the show i not sure why she does not want to be in i sure we will find out soon
I loved how we hear all about the allotments show i remember doing these as a kid i did mini garden in a tray box i made a green house with match stick did ponds paths ect i loved it my grandad use to do with me i won a few time I like that we heard what each character had grow for the show and what they were putting in
Gemma still a lovely fun girl i like to hear about her doing some of her beauty treatments in the shed it made me laugh she get Tilly to have a few treatments Tilly not one for looking after her self i like how they help and support each other gemma got some good new to tell us it this book which was nice to hear about
Brenda and Christine i love they make me laugh they are such warm character a mum you hate for doing to much if you know what i mean but they great too
Mia as 14 year old that loves her phone and the net she still grounded she all way around the allotment helping out we find out why it made me laugh very clever
Charlie the fireman i loved him in the last book and in this one he such a nice guy but we find out more about him and Tilly now not sure of his past may be they will or will not be more than friends
Ali part of the film crew i like him i think he be around more in the next part
All the character are fab you can feel the community spirt they are very witty i love the laugh out loud moments the hint of romance you can see the whole allotment scene in your mind it so well written the story pull you into this fab plot
A great quick summer book
5 stars great read one to keep can not wait for next part
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on 5 July 2014
A continuation of the story at Ivy Lane Allotments. As the TV crew 'Green Fingers' descend on the allotment for filming, Tilly develops a crush on Aidan, the TV presenter which awakens feelings she hasn't felt for 2 years and Charlie also makes a declaration of his own. Tilly also succumbs to a bit of beauty treatment in Gemma's shed and Gemma herself is hit by an unexpected surprise.

However below the surface lurks the ghost of Tilly's ex 'James' as we are given small hints and teasers we are still no nearer to working out what happened in Tilly's past. I am finding now this is the single most important thing we need to fathom and despite Tilly opening up I don't feel she will truly move on until she has told someone like Gemma perhaps her big secret which we as readers are also all dying to know.Also wondering what links the visitor at the end of the book has to Tilly and possibly James's past? Will Tilly get it together with Aidan when he returns from Peru or is there someone else in the next book who wins her heart?

Another wonderful book from Cathy with a quirky and interesting cast of characters, looking forward to Book 3
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 August 2014
I'm enjoying the Ivy Lane series. At first, I wasn't sure that I liked the idea of a story being published in separate instalments, mainly because I was worried about forgetting the details. It seems to work fine with this story - each story ends satisfactorily and the details to remember for the next one is fairly easy to keep track of. I'm looking forward to the next part of the story and not worrying that I will have forgotten any complex plot details.
The whole story centres on Tilly Parker. In Part 2, Tilly is continuing to settle into her new surroundings and beginning to enjoy life with her new friends at Ivy Lane garden allotments. This instalment follows the shenanigans at the allotment when a TV crew arrive. Tilly's hidden past still lurks in the background of the story.
So far, this is a light-hearted read. The characters are entertaining and easy to warm to. I'm interested in finding out what happens to Tilly, and what the big secret is, but also find the other characters equally as interesting.
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Tilly is recovering from a traumatic event in her life and as part of her recovery she has moved to a different area, started a new job and taken on an allotment even though she doesn't know anything about gardening. In the first part of Ivy Lane she makes a good start and begins to come out of her shell and make friends.

In this second part we find out a bit more about her life before Ivy Lane and she gets on really well with her vegetables. A television company wants to film life on the allotments for a documentary and much against her will Tilly is filmed. Aidan, the director seems like someone she would quite like in her life.

This is a real feel good story - complete in itself to a certain extent but you really do need to read the first part to see how the characters develop and grow. I loved the first part and was really glad when I saw that parts two and three were also out. Part 4 is out later in 2014. If you want to read something life affirming then read 'Ivy Lane'.
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