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on 16 August 2014
I've given it 5 stars because apart from the dodgy touch screen responsiveness it's a superb tablet. I'm not worried about the touch screen because I know Sony are working on a fix to improve it. I believe they've already released the fix for the wifi version so the LTE version should be out soon.

Other nice features are the the ability to use the Dualshock 3 controller to play games, although I think I'll look a complete twat using that on the train in the mornings.

It's impossibly thin. How Sony squeezed a 6000 mAh battery into it is beyond me. The battery life is excellent; it still had 60% battery left after a 3 hour commute of heavy gaming.

The micro SD slot is a welcome addition after using the Nexus 7. I put a 128 GB card in it and now have a whopping 140 GB storage available.

BUT! and this is a big but

What were Sony thinking when they put the headphone socked on the bottom. I didn't notice the flaw until I bought the Sony case and tried to prop the tablet up to watch a film. The tablet rests on the headphone plug. The only way to resolve this is to put the tablet in the case upside down. I'm hoping other case manufacturers will come up with an ingenious solution to this.

I did consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab S because of its superior AMOLED screen, but the gold edging made it look far too blingy for me and there was so much bloatware it was unrecognizable as an Android device.

All in all the Xperia Z2 is an excellent device and apart from the minor niggle with the headphone socket I'd highly recommend it.
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on 18 June 2014
I previously gave this device a 5 star review after being very impressed with it vs an iPad Air being my second option... This is my 2 year experience review...

After 2 years use I am very dissatisfied due to the screen reliability.

The Problem...

My screen started to show "dead pixels" which are pixels that are stuck on a red or green colour. This is very noticeable on dark background screens or black display with little colour objects being displayed.

Xperia Care Advice...

After trying the several software fixes recommended by Xperia Care, they advised (please note this) that "I should return the device for repair as it is under warranty." There was no other information than that.

The Repair...

5 days later the Repair Centre invoiced me £138 for the repair stating the screen fault is down to "pressure applied to the display"... On a touch screen device! You don't say Sony! That is its intended use after all...

They also stated that Sony's policy is that any screen defects are now NOT covered by the warranty. I'm not sure how true that is, but it sounded like they wanted no responsibility for the poor quality of the product.

To be clear, this device was fitted with a 9H tempered glass screen protector from its first day of use. Also this device was rarely use anyway, and treated well due to resale value of Sony products. So I didn't want to cause any excessive damage to the device. It was very rarely taken outside my home.

On contacting the repair centre number I was informed they would also charge me £25 to return the device even without a repair. I repeatedly said "why would I send the device away if there was a cost to me", but they were very rude and adamant.

Xperia Care "Solution"...

I therefore rang main office who escalated the case only to be informed that their was nothing they could do 5 days later, because they have to go off the repair centre information. They also would not allow a good will gesture either at least return to product back for free as they are a "separate company" to the repair centres. Therefore I have no use but to be out of pocket £25 with still a defective device. They had no other helpful advice and would not allow it a formal complaint or a further escalation happen. They closed my case and informed me to contact the repair centre for the device to be returned at the £25 fee.

My Summary...

1 - Long term build quality of Sony Xperia screens for use under a "touch screen" device has been poor in my case. I could not guarantee quality to a friend.
2 - Sony Xperia warranty is not clear on its covering of Screen Faults. It is likely that they don't cover screen issues anymore due to the subjective nature of "pressure being applied to the screen" judgement made by the repair centre.
3 - Sony Xperia Care are not the same company as the Repair Centres therefore their is no negotiations that can be made if you have problems with the customer service from the repair centre or the judgement made on the device. Not even a good will gesture.
4 - Be clear of the advice to send a fault device for repair as you will not have Sony Xperia Care headquarters support if anything goes wrong (like point 3 above).

For the record I have been a Sony Xperia T, Z3 Compact, Z5 Compact and Z2 Tablet user and have loved Sony's Android experience. However the build quality on both my Z2 Tablet and Z5 Compact has been awful and they are not as competitive as other Android manufacturers like they used to be (see Nexus 6P for example). Therefore after 5 years of loyally buying Sony Mobiles this experience has become the last straw and I will not be buying Sony Mobile products again.

I am a big Sony fan and will still continue to use Bravia TVs and Playstations but it's time to say farewell to Sony Xperia.
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Please find my updated thoughts at the end of my review. Thanks


If you are totally confused by the mixed reviews of the online tech community and looking for someone who can give you an honest real life hands on experience with the Xperia Z2 tablet then you have come to the right place. I have sympathy for you as I was exactly in the same dilemma just a few days ago but now I know exactly what it's all about. Sit back & relax as this is going to be an in depth honest review of the Z2 tablet. My areas of concern for you guys are

a)It's your hard earned money that is at stake for a long term investment
b)Is this tablet a game changer & all the hype surrounding this tablet is true or is it just marketing

I am going to be discussing the four major areas which are of the most importance to an average consumer. Let's get into it straightaway without wasting anymore time.

Design & Build Quality (4.5/5) :

This is the worlds thinnest & lightest waterproof tablet in its class. It only weighs in at 426 g which is even lighter then one of the lightest tablets on the planet "The ipad Air "(469 g). This alone is an achievement enough from Sony to grab your attention. The tablet is wafer thin & gives you the impression as if its going to break. But Sony has done a brilliant job by not only keeping the tablet slimmer but studier as well. It's only when you hold it in your hands that you realise how well built the Z2 tablet really is. Well thought out design using the omni- balance design language by Sony results in a spectacular & sexy looking tablet. The back has a matt texture to it & hence the tablet gives you a strong grip whilst reading or browsing. There is a 8 MP camera at the back along with NFC as well.The IR blaster resides at the very top hence giving you an added ability to use the tablet as a remote control for your TV & home theatre. USB charging port & Micro SD card slots are conveniently located just next to the IR blaster covered with the flaps ( IP55/58 rated for waterproof certification ).The power button & the volume rocker are firmly placed on the left handside & have a quality feel to them. The 3.5 mm jack is at the bottom left corner of the tablet ( ideally I would have had it at the top). My only gripe with design is the extra bezels that the tablet has on both sides. Sony could have definitely reduced the bezels now that almost every product coming out in 2014 has slimmer bezels.All in all the physical dimensions along with the unique design language gives you a superior product in the Xperia Z2 tablet & better then any tablet I have ever held before ( trust me I have held & owned quite a few).

Screen Quality (5/5):

This is one area where Sony has improved big time. I literally hated the TFT LCD panels on the old Xperia devices. They all suffered with problems like viewing angles & decoloration plus sometimes over saturation. Finally Sony has adapted to the IPS LCD type of panels & they are the same type of screens used in devices like HTC One M8 & the LG G2. Problems with the viewing angles is thing of the past now. Colors are very natural & punchy plus they have a great tone to them. It's a sheer pleasure looking at the screen whether watching videos or browsing the Internet. Kudos to Sony for finally addressing one of the biggest issues that the Xperia devices had in the past. The screen has a pixel density of 224 ppi which has sufficient & more then enough pixels for a screen of this size. It's a Full HD 1200*1920 panel & is simply gorgeous to look at. I know the resolution is low as compared to the likes of say Galaxy Note Pro series of tablets but that is because Sony has optimised the performance of the tablet along with a decent battery life which we will talk about later. Just remember the more pixels you have on the screen the harder the processor has to work to move those pixels around no matter what you are doing on the tablet. This can result in issues ranging from performance ( like the Notoriously laggy Galaxy Tab Series) to battery life & optimizations. I personally don't mind the extra pixels and welcome them with both hands but then execute it like Apple does. High powered screens with superb optimizations & humongous batteries.

Performance (4.5/5):

This beauty is fitted with a beast of a processor. Yes it's Qualcomms top General the Snapdragon 801 chipset clocked at 2.3 GHz backed up by 3GB RAM. That is some serious power meaning Z2 Tablet is powerful, fast and lag free. Graphically intensive games run smoothly on the large screen,thanks to Adreno 330 GPU, and apps launch almost instantly. In my experience of using the tablet I didn't encounter any lag or stutter. Everything including the UI runs butter smooth & once again hats off to Sony for great World class optimization ( something I would have liked Samsung to do with there Touchwiz). The tablet comes with Android KitKat 4.4.2 again the latest & greatest available. Front facing speakers sound nice & clear but not loud. Neverthless its very encouraging to see Sony putting the speakers at the front ( both in the Z2 phone and tablet ) of the device. More manufacturers should follow the lead by HTC & Sony in this particular area. All in all well done Sony for making a great performance tablet.

P. S :

The slight bit of issue that I have noticed is with the touch response on the screen & it mostly occurs when the tablet is plugged in for charging. The screen stops responding to any touch & freezes & then comes back on again after a few seconds. In using the tablet generally charged up ( not plugged in) you don't see the issue come up. I been looking at this particular problem in discussion forums & the problem is wide spread & apparently Sony are aware of it trying to work on a fix. To be honest I was kinda aware of this problem even before I bought the tablet but was told that the update was available but no update arrived out of the box.

Oops guess what!!! A system update (17.1.1.A.0.402) has just popped up on my tablet lol funny. Blessing in disguise I guess & our prayers have been answered. That's why I normally end up telling people to be patient when it comes to buying newly released products. Almost every product newly released has issues & big companies like Sony,HTC, Samsung & Apple would release an update fairly quickly. I would definitely update my review once I install the new update. If the performance improves & bugs are eradicated then I will definitely give the one star back that I took from the performance section earlier. Keep an eye on my review people :-)

Battery Life (5/5):

The battery capacity on the Z2 tablet is only 6000 mAh as compared to 8827 mAh for the iPad Air and 8220 mAh for Samsung's 10.1in tablets. It's shocking to see that on paper Sony is well behind but worry not people because you are going to get another shock here. This tablets battery life almost matches that of the iPad & betters the Galaxy Tab Pro series of tablets. I own an ipad (4th Gen) too & quiet frankly I am shocked how Sony have managed to squeeze so much juice out of a relatively smaller battery. I have taken various readings (screen shots as evidence) & been keeping a close eye on the battery life. I am simply blown away by the great stamina offered by this tablet. Been surfing, Facebook,syncing three email accounts non stop, installing apps,YouTube & what not but this magical battery holds it well together. No matter what you do it only goes down at the rate of 10% in approximately one hour of non stop usage. Now this matches the endurance of my ipad which I been using for nearly two years. Kudos to Sony again for giving you a world class battery life from a relatively smaller battery in this class. It's pretty reminiscent to the way HTC have managed to squeeze super endurance out of a smaller battery of 2600 mAh on the M8. It's very encouraging to see that the well known statement of " Bigger battery does not necessarily mean Better battery " is finally holding true after years of hard work & is definitely paying off.

Stamina mode is there to help last the tablet even longer once it's on standby mode. I have lived with Xperia devices in the past & tested the Stamina mode quite often & it works amazingly well. Once I done my extensive testing on the Z2 Tablet standby times on Stamina mode I will definitely update my review.

I have tried covering all I could in a simple & short way for all ages to understand. My views are solely based on my own experiences so far with the Z2 tablet. If you need to ask me anything please don't hesitate to leave a comment & I will be more then happy to help. Keep an eye on my review as I will updating it very shortly once I have installed the newly available update. Thanks

Update 30 May 2014:

Well I been testing the recently installed update & I have mostly good but some bad news as well. Let's start off with the most important bit first touchscreen response. Update has definitely improved the touchscreen response a lot. The screen doesn't freeze or becomes unresponsive anymore whether the tablet is on or off charge. But still the touchscreen response is not perfect as on the iPad. This is certainly the best Android tablet no question about it but not the best tablet in the world right now. But if you have your reasons like me ( ability to drag & drop data, expandable memory,open source nature of Android with benefits, worlds lightest & thinnest waterproof tablet and much more) then it can't get any better then this as far as Android is concerned.Until Sony improves there touchscreen response more ( which is quite possible with future updates) I will keep the performance rating to 4.5 /5 & not 5/5.

Battery continues to impress me still. I been testing the Sony Stamina Mode on standby & happy to report the following

Standby time ( From 100% charge ) left overnight with Stamina Mode Off: 10H 32M with battery down to 99% ( Highly power efficient Snapdragon 801)
Standby time ( From 100% charge ) left overnight with Stamina Mode On: 10H 32 M with battery down to 99 %

On both the Ocassions tablet was very impressive on standby times. The question that comes to your mind is: whats the point of Stamina Mode if standby times are the same? Well the Stamina Mode will cut off all Wireless connections if you were to leave them on. With Stamina Mode Off the wireless connections like Wifi, bluetooth & more will continue to run in the background resulting in more battery drain.

Stamina mode has all also been working well whilst the tablet was being used. From my understanding Stamina Mode was supposed to be working during standby mode only but it seems to me that Sony has definitely made some changes to it & now it works during the normal use as well. How did I find out? Well I been getting even better results with Stamina Mode on & the battery drain during normal use has been significantly less.

In short the battery continues to impress me & is still dropping at an average of 10% per hour with moderate / heavy use. Well done Sony for an excellent battery life with only 6000 mAh on board. Will update my review again once more updates hit the tablet. Thanks

Update 07 August 2014:

Received an update two days ago and the following changes were announced by Sony for all the Z2 generation of devices

- Enhanced voice call quality (doesn't apply to the Z2 Wifi model SGP511 )

- Improved touch function and performance (has significantly improved)

- Improved charging when battery is low (is too early and I haven't noticed it yet)

- Improved overall performance and stability (always happy to see such improvements but I didn't encounter any issues before the update)

- All of the latest bug fixes and improvements (always welcome but no bugs seen before the update)

The system update wasn't available OTA and I had to connect my tablet to my laptop and updated it via PC Companion (Sony standard software for syncing Xperia devices). Followed the simple online instructions and after a reboot all went well. The build number has changed from 17.1.1.A.0.402 to 17.1.2.A.0.314.The tablet definitely feels snappier and touch function has improved a lot (something I complained of in the Performance Section of my review). Battery life seems unaffected and still rocks dropping at an impressive 10% every hour with heavy use. I am definitely feeling happier then before as Sony continues to throw the updates to make the tablet perform even better then before. Good work Sony and keep it up.The sleeping giant (SONY) is finally waking up to the challenge. Xperia Z2 definitely is the best Android tablet of 2014 so far and doesn't suffer from any lag like the Galaxy tablets.
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on 2 June 2014
I've had my Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet for a week now so feel I've got to know it well. The real big positives of the physical aspects of the tablet are its light weight, it really is very light, and the very vibrant and detailed screen. The pixels per inch isn't as high as other top end tablets but in reality it's like splitting hairs - images and text are very sharp, and the colours are beautifully rich. Comparing my Z2 to my IPad Mini Retina display and there is little in it, maybe my IPad is a touch better in sharpness but it is barely noticeable. The lightness is incredible though. I've never wanted a 10 inch tablet before because I don't find them comfortable to hold in one hand - too heavy - but no such problems with the Z2. Appearances wise the Z2 has an elegant and contemporary design, simple but modern. Biggest negative is the finger print magnet back - it will smudge within a matter of minutes. OK it's supposed to be non-slip but the downside is it looks a mess with all the smudges and spoils the clean appearance. One other downside is that the touchscreen isn't as accurate or as responsive as my IPad Mini Retina - it's good enough but I find myself having to re-tap the screen more than once especially on small graphical links (which would otherwise just work on my IPad). It's no deal breaker for me but others might not be so forgiving.

Software wise there is little Sony software (or reskinning) on the Tablet so it's almost a clean Android experience. If you're a subscriber of Music Unlimited like myself then the Walkman app is a beautifully graphically rich universal music player bringing together Music Unlimited and your own on tablet owned MP3 albums. And there are Sony widgets which allow you to create drag-able windows on the screen for Hangouts messaging and browsing, plus other apps. Nice little feature.

So on to the real negatives. First night I had the tablet it crashed three times. Next day though a system software update arrived and I've not experienced any further crashes so hopefully it's been fixed in the latest system update. Next problem - music unlimited (MU) was down for almost two days. Not a problem of the Tablet but when MU eventually came back up the Walkman app stopped working with MU. The following day the Walkman app said it needed to update but when I went into the dedicated Sony App update centre (an app on the Z2) it said no updates were available. So I had an app requesting an update but no update was available. After getting no luck on Sony forums (even speaking to Sony employees) for a solution I eventually found the latest Walkman update on the XDA (Android Community) developers website - so I downloaded it with the nagging concern of downloading viruses - but it worked, the Walkman App is up to date and finally I can use Music Unlimited again in the Walkman app. Thing is - I shouldn't have to do this and this is one example of where I think Sony lacks - bug free and reliable software! Most Sony products I have owned have had pretty buggy software. My concern now is that for some reason the Update Centre app on my Z2 isn't working and that future app updates won't be received. Time will tell.

Besides the aforementioned software problem (albeit seemingly fixed through my own efforts and not Sony's) this is a very nice tablet and well worth the money.
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on 8 August 2014
Well it really is a very light and slim 10" tablet which is also waterproof which might come in handy, the screen is bright and has deep colours, it is not too cluttered with built in apps etc and is really very easy to use and setup overall.

I have been using it for about a month now with no problems detected, the battery can run down fairly quickly depending on what you are using it for of course like watching a movie or video etc but this is generally what to expect with a higher quality screen, charge time can be a while too, but again probably around the usual for an hd tablet.

Overall I would recommend this Sony Tablet as it looks great, is slim, has a great hd screen and quite importantly very light to hold in one hand or two for reading.
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on 14 June 2014
Had it 10 days or so and still finding new features. Fast and good graphis/text. Would recommend it. Came down to choice between this and an ipad but Sony won. Loads of features and the Sony name behind it. I contacted Sony customer services with a couple of queries before buying and very helpful people. Price-wise nothing in it so went for the Android system I know. Apple has the 'fashionable' kudos but....
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on 9 September 2014
Beautiful tablet. Very light, screen colours are rich and deep. I held it side by side with my girlfriend's nexus 10 (2012) and the colours on the Z2 were better. It's very lightweight and the wider frame than the Galaxy Tab/Note series gives you a bit more room to hold onto the tablet without touching the screen. I threw in a 64gb microsd and now I have plenty of space to store multimedia.

The performance is very good. I don't notice any stuttering or lag and the Sony UI is comparable to vanilla android. It does come with a bit of bloatware in the form of Sony apps, but it's easy enough to remove these and they don't seem to impact performance. I had to download all the google apps myself; these should have come installed out of the box (ie google maps, gmail, google drive, etc).

Unfortunately while sleeping I knocked my cell phone onto the screen, which caused it to crack and buggered up the digitizer. Had to send it into Sony for repairs. £130 repair cost and 4 weeks later it's back and good as new.

I chose this over the galaxy tab/note series and I have no buyer's remorse.
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on 22 June 2014
I've used a number of different tablets (notably the Asus Transformer series TF300T and TF700 and this is in a totally different class.

The tablet is so thin you could use it to cut cheese, and the whole thing just reeks of class. So much so that I am thinking of upgrading my whole image to keep up with my tablet! It is very responsive and just chews through everything you can throw at it, and I develop websites and apps. I throw a lot at it. Media streaming is a joy, even HD content (if your network can support it - go 5GHz!). No more. Stops. and. starts, and long...

...pauses in the middle of watching films. The screen uses Sony's Trilluminos Bravia technology and the colours just pop right out of the screen and slap you around the face. If anything the colours are a little too loud causing your neighbours to ask you to turn it down a little. And it has stereo speakers that can actually make a very decent and full sound scape.

The UI is none cluttered and Sony have kept shovelware to the minimum unlike some vendors out there.

Downsides are:

The screen resolution - 1980x1200 is not to be sniffed at but if they had gone that little step further...
Charging time. It takes forever!! But the results are worth it.

Buy it, you won't regret it. Unless, of course, they release the Z3 the day afterwards. Then you might be a little put out!
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on 9 July 2014
Already wrote a review for this , just to find out i posted it on the wrong sodding page !!! but this item is well worth the time of writing another , thought about this tab or the new samsung , the previous reviews made up my mind and i am thankful i took the time to read them all , this is truely the best tablet out there at the present time by far ..... not sure about the ipad air ... never been a fan of apple products so the ipad was never on my radar :)
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on 25 August 2015
This is my first review so be kind. First of all the tablet seemed to be top quality and performed really well as I've owned an ipad and a Samsung I thought it was the better of the top brands. Then all of a sudden the battery life started to get shorter and shorter. I contacted Sony and in the end I was advised to send it one of their repair centers. The fault is the main circuit board which will have to be replaced. I am unable to give it any more stars or a better review as Sony still have it 3 weeks on and are still waiting for parts!!!!!!!!!!!
So two stars for the tablet and zero stars for Sony customer service.
Sony still didn't have the parts to repair my tablet 3 weeks on so I had it returned to me and Amazon agreed to refund me no quibble. Great service from Amazon. Sony has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
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