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on 8 September 2014
I bought this laptop after deciding to sell my gaming PC. It's a great little laptop, its lightweight without feeling flimsy and looks very smart - far more upmarket than you'd expect for the price tag. It runs silently and seems to handle all processes I need without any slowdown (web, email, media player etc). The only thing I would recommend is anyone who hasn't used Windows 8 before read up a little and do the updates in chunks - aside from that slight niggle which is Microsoft rather than Asus' issue can't fault my experience so far.
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on 9 March 2015
An all round amazing laptop probably have had it for just over a month now, I was being very picky when it came to purchasing my second laptop, I'd had a Dell laptop for just over 6 years so it was pretty hard to compete, I bought a Lenovo Flex 2 which was more expensive then the Asus and I returned it within the same week, the screen and sound quality were poor, I'm noone technical but I know what I need and want from a laptop, decent storage space, good quality speakers and screen and an overall fast easy to use laptop, this delivered. The sound is better than my dell laptop my brother thought I was playing music from my stereo speakers but no it was this laptop! you can hear the bass and there's no tinny sound at all, the screen quality is great really bright screen and I luckily got a good deal I got the Core i7 for £420 because the laptop had a minor scratch, I would definitely recommend if your going to buy any laptop get at least Core i5 or above, no faults at all really I'll just write a few pros and cons

Pros - Great battery life around 5 hrs, Amazing sound, Great bright screen, Doesn't overheat (only makes slight sound when disk is being used), Fast and easy to use, built in Disk/CD drive and a pretty light weight laptop too.

Cons - No led backlight keyboard, Windows 8 (need I say more, but windows 10 out soon so can upgrade for free!), Getting used to touchpad is a bit annoying because it doesn't have separate keys for left and right click but most laptops are like that nowdays (also the zoom in and out feature on touchpad is a little annoying too but you'll get used to it)

Great laptop, will update if I have any issues but highly doubt it, really really pleased I'm always hesitant to spend this much on a laptop but it's well worth it, if anyone has any questions i'll happily answer!
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on 31 October 2014
I am quite impressed by this laptop.

It has a slim and sleek design. The plastics used look and feel pretty solid. I noticed that some reviewers have had issues with build quality, but, with this model at least, I disagree, especially when you compare this to other laptops of a similar price range.

The performance is what impresses most though. It manages to run quickly whilst remaining almost completely silent. The i7 processor is fast and will handle anything that the casual user can throw at it. It will manage light gaming, but it isn't a gaming laptop in any sense. The integrated graphics will not be able to run more demanding games well. This model also comes with 4GB RAM and a 500GB hard drive. The amount of RAM determines how well the machine can multi task and 4GB does not seem enough in my opinion. Windows 8 is more memory intensive than I thought and with a few programs running you can definitely see the performance start to drop. The 500GB hard drive is fine for me, but I understand that 1TB has become the standard these days as people want to store larger files i.e. pictures, videos, music.

The screen is a standard 1366x768 resolution, the norm for a laptop. It does the job, but it's nothing spectacular. The same applies to the speakers. Audio quality is clear and loud enough as you'd expect. The keyboard is very nice to use. It is well laid out and the keys are quite heavy making the feedback solid. The touchpad is the best I have used on a laptop in this price range. It is reasonably sensitive and incredibly responsive. It picks up gestures and touches instantly. The sensitivity can also be adjusted to suit you.

On the left side of the laptop, you will find the charger input, VGA (for some reason), HDMI, Ethernet, USB 2.0 x1, USB 3.0 x1 and a headset jack. I would have liked at least one more USB port. The right side is taken up by the CD/DVD drive.

Now onto the battery life, which is probably the most disappointing thing about the laptop. It isn't woeful, I was just expecting more. The battery will struggle to last more than 4 hours even if you mess around with the power settings.

Despite the battery life though, I am very satisfied with this laptop.

P.S. I didn't bother upgrading to Windows 8.1 after reading what a hassle it was in the other reviews. 8 and 8.1 aren't great anyway so I plan to install an SSD with Windows 7 on in the future. Also, upgrading to 8GB RAM may prove worthwhile.
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on 17 November 2014
Main usage: low power home desktop replacement, occasional mobility. Most part of the time connected to an external monitor. Basic internet usage, video/audio playback, some java coding.

Look and feel: looks good, however fells cheap at touch. I doubt it would go scareless through intense mobility.
Keyboard is spacious enough, mousepad a bit awkward on the side (as pointed out by other reviewers). (1/4 star less)
Processor is the strong point of the laptop, Intel i7 is a good piece of kit.
Graphics card drives video playback on a 24'' monitor without troubles. Graphics - only basic gaming here, so pls keep your expectations at bay.
Screen is wide but the image degrades quickly at an angle. (1/4 star less)
Sound is good for a laptop however less than a concern to me since I use external speakers.
RAM - like most part of the consumer laptops is just enough. I will upgrade as soon as the warranty expires. (1/4 star less)
Disk - set your expectations here, plenty of space but rotational drive, so only one task at time. More RAM would help, see previous point...
Connectivity - good it has 1Gb LAN (I would not have bought it without it). only 2USB ports, so set aside some money for a hub. DVD drive comes handy.
The location of the SD card slot is a bit uncomfortable. Would not lower the score for that.
Battery life does not shine but hey, it's a rather big beast. If you travel a lot (not by car...) I would definitely recommend something smaller and lighter. Thin enough anyway, and it runs rather cool for the type of processor.

And now... Windows 8. I took me two days to get it in such a state that is usable. In between upgrades and moving to 8.1 it downloaded a few GBs, failed an upgrade, rolled back, retried... I have a 50Mb broadband connection at home. If you are on a slow connection, get ready for the long haul. I know many people who would have sent it back after a failed 20 hours upgrade.
Once you are finished with that, you will quickly realize using Windows 8 in "smartphone" mode is not really suitable for anything without a touch screen. Including this laptop. Hence one star less.

A small note out of a conversation with ASUS support: Wake up from sleep from a USB device is not supported. So if you use it as a desktop replacement you have to physically open it to wake it up. (1/4 star less)

This is the cheapest laptop I could get with an i7 processor. So I would give it four stars rather than three.
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on 17 October 2014
I guess I just had an unlucky experience. First machine had a dodgy screen. Replacement had some marks on the screen. A fully working one I'm sure would've been great. Nice styling. Can't fault the customer services at Amazon.
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on 7 June 2014
I chose the i7 processor with 4GB RAM but ordered an 8GB module for it. When I went to fit it, I found the slot was empty (the 4GB must be on board) so I now have 12GB RAM. I also put in a 120GB SSD and installed Windows 7 (W7 drivers all available from ASUS website). I've also fitted a DVD caddy to take the original 500GB HDD instead of the DVD drive so I have room for plenty of data. If/when I need a DVD, I have a USB one. The laptop is attractively designed and it was easy to fit the parts I needed to. Well done Asus - a nice bit of kit. Oh, and it boots to logon in under 15 secs and recovers from sleep almost as soon as you open the lid.
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on 8 November 2014
Great laptop, great price, fantastic value.
I was toying with the idea of either an iPad or a MacBook, but both were out of my price range and I felt I didn't know enough to stray fem windows for my business yet.
This is well spec'd enough to run photoshop, OpenOffice and other bespoke software my shop uses, all at once.
I like the touchpad shortcuts and it is very intuitive.
It doesn't run a mobile version of windows, which is what I was looking for; as many chrome books and laptops now are light and powerful, but not really Syitabke for businesses, unlike this laptop.
Batter lasts a long time compared to other laptops I have used and it fits in my backpack easily, which was specified to fit a 15" MacBook Air. Nice surprise there.
Lightweight but powerful. Good for graphics on the go, and good strong wifi signals, where even my iPhone won't pick them up.
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on 15 November 2014
Overall I'm pleased with this Laptop and consider it good value for money.

On the plus side, the Core i3 processor and 8GB memory result in good performance and it runs quietly. Also, my old versions of 32bit software, Office etc work fine.

The not so good items. The battery life is not brilliant, about 2.5 hours is all you'll get. There are only two USB ports which of course I knew before purchase but I did find that restrictive. I fixed it by buying a £10 HooToo port expander.

The big problem as noted in many other reviews is that it ships with Windows 8. It's true that you'll need a good day to get it to a usable version, (Windows 8.1 Update). I know that it's Microsofts fault that Windows 8 is rubbish but I do think ASUS should ship their systems with a usable operating system to avoid a shedload of negative publicity. Many customers will not know how to go about upgrading and will expect to be able to use the laptop out of the box.
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on 9 April 2016
I bought the £399.99 Core i7 4GB RAM version of this laptop in September 2014, and have been consistently using it as my main laptop ever since. I initially bought it because of it's high specs and good reviews, but there's lots of nuances about this laptop that have annoyed me.

• Smart gesture keyboard is VERY nice and comfortable to use for a laptop in this price range. Never overheats or feels uncomfortable for the fingers. Quite intuitive, though there have been instances where it is unresponsive.

• Audio output is quite good, usually with other laptops in the past I've always had to augment the sound with USB speakers or similar. At least with these ones they're quite loud.

CONS (unfortunately this is a much longer list):
• No backlit keyboard. As a uni student who often likes to play with my 15.6" in a dark room ;-) this is quite annoying. I have to bend the laptop display forwards so that the light reflects off the keys!

• Although it comes with 4GB RAM, I found that the laptop was suffering from poor performance (I believe the 4GB RAM was insufficient in properly supporting the i7 processor). I had to buy an additional 4GB RAM to fix this.

• There's a significantly noticeable performance drop when the laptop is not being charged.

• The photos on Amazon give the misleading impression that this laptop is made of high quality materials (akin to a MacBook). However, it isn't very great to touch though looks "decent". Definitely does not look and feel as slick as it does in the pictures.

• Another big nuisance is that the HDMI and VGA ports are placed too close together. This means that you can't use both simultaneously (the connector for VGA cables is too big and the two connector pins on a standard VGA cable will obstruct the HDMI port. The workaround for this it to actually cut off the obstructing connector pin on the VGA cable and bend in the metal plate...

• After a year of use, I started to get a lot of dead pixels on my laptop screen, currently have three groups of them on the screen. The only workaround for this is to extend the display to another monitor.

Regarding battery life, this laptop isn't anything special. I don't get the fabled 5 hours of battery life that others claim, in fact I only get 2 hours maximum
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on 11 October 2014
What a great laptop, under £500 for an i7 processor. Definitely recommend to anyone. Runs most games as fast as my desktop which has a dedicated graphics processor. Although windows 8 is confusing at first... It gets a lot easier after a while, but still maybe recommend downloading OS X. The screen display is crisp, the sound is clear and the keyboard is nicely spread out. Battery life is decent, and it stays cool the whole time. Asus 2 second on is extremely convenient. Only problem may be that windows update goes wrong sometimes. But otherwise a perfect laptop
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