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5.0 out of 5 stars This great little speaker has everything, 3 April 2014
KM (Liverpool) - See all my reviews
The OXA speaker is a Bluetooth speaker that enables you to play audio wirelessly from any of your bluetooth enabled devices.

In the box you get -

- The speaker (Mine is blue)
- 1 x USB to micro USB charging cable
- 1 x 3.5mm to 3.5mm Jack plug cable
- User manual (You'll need a microscope to read this!)

The speaker design is spot on, lovely to look at! A metallic blue plastic body but solidly made with silver trim and silver buttons. The mesh covering the speaker is metal.

The speaker
- Has a rubber bottom that it stands up on
- An on/off switch
- Micro USB charging port
- 3.5 mm Aux in port
- Microphone
- Micro SD card slot
- Telephone button
- Play/Pause button
- Volume +/- which also acts as a next/prev track button

To charge it up just hook it up to a computer or the mains via its micro USB port. After approx 2 hrs its fully charged (from flat) and will give you around 5 hrs playback. It has a 500mAh rechargeable battery in it.

In use
Flick the on/off switch and the blue LED's on the bottom will flash quickly. It is now in pairing mode. Search for devices with your phone/pc/mp3 player/tablet and it will come up as 'KR012' just connect to it as there's no password/code needed.

You can now play your stored music, audio books, podcasts or radio through it. I'm a big fan of the Tune In radio app so use that a lot.

The max volume produced from this speaker is around 3 watts. I tested it by playing some rock music, classical, metal, electro, punk and heavy bass.

I found this speaker to give clear quality sound and with my phone and speaker on full volume there was 'no' distortion at all! The bass was good but not what I'd call mega bass/bass boost but well adequate enough. Its enough to fill a room with sound. The Tune in radio app was spot on through this too. I listened to a few TED talks and the Man Utd v Bayern Munich match whilst doing some DIY around the house, great stuff indeed.

Whilst you're phone is connected to this, if someone calls you, just press the telephone button on the front of this speaker and you can take the call via the built in mic and hear your caller through the speaker.

You can also connect an external music/audio source via the Aux 3.5mm port.

There is a Micro SD card slot so you can pre-load your audio onto a card and just slot it into the speaker to play. You'll save the battery in your phone this way.

I really like this speaker as the design is visually pleasing and eye catching. More importantly the sound quality is very good.

This speaker was kindly provided for me by the manufacturer to review.

Definitely recommended.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Powerful ultra clear sound, yet so small and light! Amazing!, 1 May 2014
Sarah Sheikh - See all my reviews
I have been looking for some great speakers for multiple uses for some time. As I am SO fussy about clarity of sound, it has been a long journey to find a speaker that ticked all the boxes of my requirements. Finally that moment arrived where I was blown away by the power of such a small unit! I am really enjoying using the speaker. I have connected the mini speaker up to my smart phone to stream from the existing music and from youtube, and was so surprised to find the sound effortlessly fills the room, without putting onto full volume. This little speaker is pure joy, as you can carry it anywhere, easily, for multiple uses. The connection is so quick and easy. It is fantastic for music and for the spoken voice. The only limit is your imagination (considering the size of the unit). I need not have worried that it may have a tinny sound. The quality of the speaker is great too. I chose the glossy black colour, but there are other colours too.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good sound, but a tad too pricey, 31 May 2014
MyKeyReviews (Hampshire, UK.) - See all my reviews
♦ Brief ♦

The OXA portable speaker is a fairly small and stylish product that is available in several colours with a frosted finish.

It offers not just Bluetooth connectivity, but auxiliary and microSD capabilities making this speaker rather versatile.

For such a little speaker, this thing can last for 5 hours playback on a full charge.

♦ Box Contents ♦

Speaker | Charging Cable (Mini-USB) | Auxiliary Cable | Instruction Manual*.

* Whilst I had the speaker set-up without the need of instructions, if I did need them I would have been stuffed.
The text is SO small I just couldn't read it at all, I don't think even someone with perfect vision could do either!

♦ Set-Up & Features ♦

The on/off button is located on the base, if it doesn't turn on, then you'll need to charge the unit with the included cable.
You can do this by either plugging it into a powered USB port such as on a computer or a wall adaptor etc...

Once charged, turn the speaker on and activate the Bluetooth function on your desired device such as a smartphone and search for devices. My speaker came up as 'KR-012' on my phone, just select it and it should pair the two together. I had no issues with connecting.

On the front you have a panel of four buttons: Call, previous track, pause/play & next track. You can adjust the volume through your device, then even further by holding either the previous or next buttons.

Alternative connections include microSD slot or an aux port for wired connectivity.

When using the Bluetooth feature, you can use the speakers microphone when taking a call on your smartphone, however I normally disable this feature through my smartphone when I get a call as numerous people struggled to hear me.

♦ Sound Quality ♦

The sound quality is actually reasonably good. Some speakers tend to go over their volume limit to which the sound gets distorted, but with my experience on this product, I could never produce any sort of distortion, though the sound in some instances may seem a little tinny on the higher notes at max volume.

If you're looking for a speaker with punchy bass, then you'd be best to look else where.

Apart from that, the sound is very clear, especially with vocals and is enjoyable to listen too.

♦ Final Opinion ♦

This speaker is not only pretty good in sound for what it is, it also genuinely looks really cool. I believe a lot of people would be happy with it, but what people wont be happy with, is the price difference compared to the US market.

Now the price has never been "fair" when comparing the two currencies, but normally the prices will either match when it comes to figures (ie: $35/£35), or the USD would be slightly above ($40 for example), either way the exchange rate will always be in favour for the US market. However what baffles me is the difference is rather huge.

From the date of writing this review, this product goes for $25 in the US which equates to around £15, that's over a £15 difference! If this product was available for around £25 or less, then I would have given it 5 stars.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't recommend it, if you're happy paying the price tag then go for it.

✔ Pros:
✓ Small & portable.
✓ Stylish.
✓ Multiple audio connections.
✓ Clear sound.
✓ Decent battery.

✖ Cons:
✘ Microphone not so good.
✘ Tiny instruction text.
✘ A tad too pricey.

► Note: I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Nice small speaker, 3 May 2014
Real good, mini Bluetooth Speaker.
Bluetooth pairing is as easy as just turning the speaker on and connecting with my phone/tablet (You just have to search at your unit for the Speaker).

It also can read MicroSD cards

Sound quality is good!

-USB charging cable
-Dual sided audio cable
-User Manual (not realy needet)

Realy nice is the PHONE Button! When the speaker is connected to your phone, you just have to push it when someone is calling!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Tiny Size, Massive Sound, 16 July 2014
heretic666 (High Dudgeon, UK) - See all my reviews
The instructions on this item are a bit small and complex.The buttons all have more than one fuction which have to be learned when using the phone to make or receive calls.I find it difficult to manage the phone functions because I need two pairs of glasses to do anything but persons with average eyesight should be able to manage ok
The bluetooth connection occurs easily and has a reasonable range.
A micro sd card just slots straight in and the backwards and forwards button selects the tracks but it actually starts playing on insertion.
Straightfroward connection via 3.5 mm jack is the most immediate and most satsfying and the ammount of bass produced from such a tiny unit is astounding. i always connect to my laptop to test the sound as the inbuilt speakers are absolute rubbish but it is where I store most of my music.The sound was impressive for something ten times this size and has to be heard to be believed. Usb charging in a couple of hours and a good few hours of listening on each charge.
If I retailed laptops, tablets or smartphones I would have one of these permanently on display to make the items on sale sound alive.
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5.0 out of 5 stars packs a punch!, 27 May 2014
This was given to me in exchange for an unbiased review.

These little bluetooth speakers have really come on in recent years. I had a Nokia speaker which I used for 18months before it gave up the ghost. The Nokia was about the size of 8 of these and had the same volume and a worse sound quality.

This OXA is well made & sturdy extra functional and beautiful to behold. With the phone function it came be used in the car or on the desk as a speakerphone. With the ability to read microSD cards you don't even need to pair it with a device. This is an indoor speaker. The 'brown' is a light bronze and lovely to look at and smooth and cool to the touch. it fits in the palm of my hand.

The power switch is a slider on the base which clicks reassuringly & the blue lights are also on the base so they do not distract you (nice touch). There are four rubber corners on the base.

This impressive device is very professional and OXA should be proud of this one!
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5.0 out of 5 stars A very good Bluetooth mini-speaker, 11 April 2014
Sid Nuncius (London) - See all my reviews
Length:: 3:49 Mins

OXA sent me this Bluetooth mini-speaker for review and I agree with the enthusiastic reviews here: it is a very good. For its size and price it delivers good sound and volume, and I have been impressed by it.

I have tried a number of OXA products and find them all to be of very good build quality and this, too, is a very well-made unit. It is extremely stylish with a metal finish coated in a plastic layer which repels marks and is very easy to clean. It is light at 170g (6oz) and measures just 7cm tall and 6cm square at its broadest, so it is extremely portable. It has a good, robust feel about it, and I think it will stand up well to being chucked into a bag and carried around.

The sound is very good for its size. You're not going to get real hi-fi from a unit like this, of course, but the sound is very clear and well-articulated especially in the treble and middles. The bass is (inevitably) a little weak but it's not bad at all, and for casual use as a desk speaker, say, this will serve very well. I have tried it with a lot of music including my Test Playlist which begins with some Tudor choral music from about 1520, ends up with London Grammar and has most things in between. Orchestras sound a little blurred (but I'd exepect that from a small unit) but the sound in general is richer than you would expect, it's pleasurable to listen to and goes pretty punchily loud if you want.

It is simple to operate. Bluetooth pairing was simple and has a decent range. The controls work well and connectivity is good via a jack socket or micro-SD card as well as Bluetooth. The obligatory blue lights are in the base, which looks very good and isn't obtrusive.

As others have said, the instructions are printed in such absurdly small type that I had to use a magnifying glass to read them (seriously!) but that's the only gripe I have. This isn't cheap for a mini speaker but I think the quality of sound and of build make it very good value. Warmly recommended.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Punches above its weight!, 2 April 2014
Pepper (Uk) - See all my reviews
This OXA Bluetooth speaker is very nicely made and looks stylish especially as you can get it in a wide range of colours. Several friends have remarked on how "dinky" it looks. However, its competence is more than skin deep. The speaker produces a very nice sound which is clear and pleasant to listen to for longish periods, the treble, mid-range and bass are all there. This speaker cannot however break the laws of physics though, as it is small and portable the bass is subtle and won't shake your walls but it is there. I have used this speaker to listen to both audiobooks and music in my hotel room and really enjoyed the sound.

Battery life is good - I find I get around 12 hours use from a 2 hour charge - you charge the device from a USB outlet on your PC or a USB mains charger using the USB to Mini-USB cable supplied. Hopefully, in future, the connection standard will be Micro USB as most mobile phone chargers are now Micro USB. There's also a battery charge LED which let's you know when charging is complete.

Pairing this speaker is easy and I can confirm it works well with the following devices - iPad, Moto G smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Toshiba Satellite laptop and Nokia 520 smartphone. No code is required for pairing and the speaker has two flashing blue LEDs under the translucent soft touch base to tell you when it's discoverable, plus, a synthesised voice tells you when it's connected. There's also the option of a wired audio jack connection and there's one in the box. You can control a number of functions from the speaker including pausing the audio and jumping backwards and forwards to tracks. Like other speakers of this type it also handles phone calls muting on receipt of a call - the call quality is good and this speaker makes a useful hands free device - I often use mine when I'm on calls with the project team.

An extra feature this OXA speaker sports is a MicroSD card slot and it will play MP3 files direct from the card - you can use up to a 32GB card.

Overall, this is a very easy to use and competent portable Bluetooth speaker/hands free unit which looks and sounds good. Recommended.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, 23 Jun 2014
Janet34Clark (Nuneaton, Warks, UK) - See all my reviews
This is a neat little speaker but with a lot going for it, fantastic sound quality. You can play audio books; your own music and the radio through it. I also like that if it is connected to your phone and a call come in, you can answer by just pressing the phone button and your call comes though the speaker; it's very easy to charge either though the computer or mains.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Oxa Mini Bluetooth Speaker: A Critical Review, 17 Jun 2014
Andre Lawrence (Miami, Florida) - See all my reviews
(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   
Length:: 4:19 Mins

This speaker is a surprise.

It seems that everybody and their grandmother has a single, wireless speaker. On average, most of the speakers have sounds identical; a few are only marginally better than the rest. The biggest difference in my opinion has been how the speaker is packaged.

This one by Oxa is really, really nice. From the beautiful wood casing to the sound it produces, I'm really surprised at how different this speaker sounds.

I play a few samples in the video for you to get a feel of how it translates mp3 files.

Like most of the wireless speakers out there, speaker has a line-in /aux. jack that you can connect to your phone's (or tablet's) headphone port.

This speaker also has an FM transmitter and a phone speaker to answer calls.

The spec's are as follows:
+ Bluetooth 2.0
+ Battery life of about 5 hours
+ Rechargeable time about 3 hours
+ Mini usb port/ mini usb plug
+ 3.5mm line in/ aux. jack--3.5mm plug

This speaker is a beautiful pearlized, bronze-copper. All of the speakers in this series is a pearlized and looks very professional.

It measures 2 ¼" x 2 ¼" x 2 ½" and weighs less than .5 lb.

This is a very nice speaker.
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