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on 30 May 2014
Purchased this to fit into my Mac Book Pro.
My model is a mid 2010 version and was ok but I was thinking of buying the latest Mac Book to replace it. 2 Grand to replace it though so I took the plunge and purchased this model SSD.
Previous boot times were go and make a tea while it loaded, we've all been there lol. After fitting the SSD and I chose to completely reinstall OSX i got boot times of 3 seconds. What a difference. Programs open virtually instantaneously now.
So i reckon Ive saved 1800 quid and a few hundred teabags lol. Definitely recommend.
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Before tossing away your ageing laptop, you might want to consider upgrading to an SSD. This could work out as a much cheaper option considering that the decreasing prices of SSD drives. I do feel that SSD drives in general are still slightly overpriced when considering the fact that these are now mainstream and no longer belonging to a niche market. Yet to be fair, it could still work out much cheaper than buying a new laptop or desktop computer.

The Crucial M550 is definitely a fast and very reliable drive. It is not the fastest SSD, yet it makes up for that in the reliability department. After all what is the use of having a blazing fast SSD if your data could be compromised. The controller houses an numerous capacitors, so in case of a power failure, there is enough juice stored to write the otherwise lost data. Another crucial factor is that the drive is fail operational. This means that if a single nand fails, the drive will still remain functional. On many SSDs if a nand fails the whole drive fails. This technology is referred to as RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent NAND) or "cross-die redundancy". (It has to be noted that SSDs use nand flash to store data).

• Very fast and reliable drive
• Super easy installation
• Light on batteries (great for laptop use)

I have not disabled indexing on my drive. My system is on 24/7 and the drive has been installed well over a year ago. Drive performs flawlessly.

○ In order to use the drive to its full potential, AHCI Mode must be enabled in the bios, and motherboard should support SATA 3.

SSD technology is the future, and these drives will improve and prices will continue to decrease.

If you need a very fast reliable drive, than the Crucial M550 is worth serious consideration.

Highly recommended
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on 30 July 2014
Despite the Royal mail trying its level best to destroy the drive by launching it through my letterbox with a slap that saw it land at the far end of the hallway, the packaging did its job and protected the contents. I unpacked it immediately and after a careful visual inspection I donned my anti static wrist band and fitted it to my newly created pc. Firing up the machine for the first time, I watched as the device was recognised then set about installing Windows 8.1. This proved effortless and within a few short minutes, (lost exact time in my excitement), I was staring at the app page. My ancient computer took between 5 and 9 minutes to boot so imagine my delight when the SSD booted in 24 seconds. Apps that took up to a minute to open now take 3 seconds while others are instant.
If I could offer one upgrade that all computers should be treated to it is without doubt a change from HDD to SSD. I wont go back. I chose Crucial as I have used their products before and always offer excellent quality as well as competitive prices.
It has been running for several months flawlessly and I can hardly wait until I am able to install a larger capacity drive as a backup.
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on 4 December 2014
At the risk of repeating what everyone else makes clear:

* It boots up my computer (a late-09 i7 iMac) in ten seconds
* Applications open near instantaneously
* I really wish I'd fitted one sooner

I had been concerned about my old 2TB HD for a while. It took forever to boot and seemed to spend a good deal of its time writing to RAM - even when I had no applications open. Some apps required a major commitment to run. I've known marriages that didn't last as long as the time it took Photoshop to open. Now I can just open it (and other formerly ponderous applications) on a whim to edit a Jpeg or whatever. Microsoft Word opens faster than it takes me to say 'Microsoft Word'. Honestly.

Here's what I (or rather the wonderful Bob at AT Computers in Tewkesbury, the best Mac people between Bristol and London) did:

1. Swapped out the 2TB HD with the Crucial 512 SSD
2. Installed Yosemite, Applications and my Home Folder on to it, along with SSD Fan Control
3. Replaced the rarely used DVD Superdrive with a 2TB 2.5-inch drive
4. Partitioned this to hold my 500GB iTunes library, iPhoto Library and a spare Startup disc

This way all the bulky files that don't need or benefit from immediate superfast access aren't clogging the SSD.

I use an external FW800 to make a daily clone of my SSD using Super Duper, and copy my iTunes and iPhoto libraries twice a week. A separate 2TB USB external drive runs the life-saving TimeMachine, and provides another layer of security.

As others have said, it's like having a new computer. I've had no problems with the TRIM command (Google `Trim' + 'Yosemite'), and my iMac is cooler and quieter. It is a staggering improvement.

Go for the largest capacity SSD in your budget. Unless you have SATA III there's probably no noticeable difference in performance between the M100 series and the MX550, but there's hardly a fortune between the two.

Best £200 I spent in 2014.
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on 26 April 2014
Size: 256 GB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had a couple of SSDs in computers now (my main one has a Samsung; this has now been installed alongside a smaller one in my media PC to give me some more room for games).

If you've only ever used a mechanical drive and are finding your PC a little sluggish, I really do recommend going for one of these as a (now, anyway) cheapish way of a significant boost to the performance of your computer.

I always used to find that, after a while, even if you have been keeping things tidy on the disk and running the defragmenter, the only way to get it working at acceptable speeds was to reinstall windows. Pleased to say that this just isn't the case with an SSD. Switching on to ready to use is incredibly quick and things don't degrade over time.

Installation is easy enough. Plug in a SATA III cable to your board other end to your drive and you're away. If it's going into a desktop, keep in mind these are 2.5", so some sort of adapter is in order. So far this seems a good buy. Good performance and reasonable size at a pretty decent price. One thing to remember, double check the BIOS settings for your hard disk, especially if this is to be your operating system disk, as it may not be properly configured by default (there are loads of guides online).

Bonus thing is - no moving parts. If (as I have) you pop this in a media PC, no access noise!

Highly recommend this.
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on 15 September 2014
Upgraded my 2011 Macbook Pro with this hard drive from a normal hard drive it was simple enough to do but putting the information back onto the drive was not as the youtube videos showed but using the mac in 'safe mode' enabled me to copy the 'old drive' to the new one (I put the old drive in a usb case) and then it worked perfectly. Startup times are now 12 seconds instead of a few minutes. shutdown and general working of the laptop has speeded up enormously too.

To ensure compatibility go onto the Crucial website and run their checker and it will tell you if the drive is suitable for your computer.
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Size: 256 GB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The crucial M550 is a new offering from Crucial, aimed at those who want a higher performing offering than their M500 series (especially a marked improvement in write speeds - 500 mbps v 250 mbps in the 256 GB drive). These drives use a technology akin to that used in flash drives , and seen in the likes of tablets and smart phones, to provide a slim, cool and fast performing storage device for your system.

I've been using a Crucial M4 for some time and found it to be a solid and reliable offering which had hugely improved my boot times and overall performance compared to the HDD I had used before. That drive had read speeds of 402 mpbs and 133 MBPS and was fantastic as a system drive for running the OS and key programs but I avoided using it for general data reading and writing due to the slower write times and desire to prolong the life of the drive.

This crucial M550 reads faster at 550 mpbs and has shaved a small amount of time off my boot times (I had cloned my system drive using Macrium Reflect to directly compare this with the same build) but has noticeable improved the time to copy and install due to the much better write performance.

I've had been using the SSD in my PC for a couple of years and have been very pleased with the performance and the stability once I realised you must be sure to optimise and trim your drives regularly so that the SSD's own garbage collection routines can run properly (otherwise i had got freezing problems with the M4 as the drive tries to access unavailable areas of the drive).

The biggest bottleneck to performance on my system had been the HDD, and it will be for a lot of people still running these. The temptation can be to buy a new motherboard or CPU but it's often the case that these may well handle everything you need perfectly fast but are being hamstrung by a slow old mechanical drive. This is an upgrade that can affordably transform a system and lead to it running cooler in the process.

It's worth noting that these drives are 2.5" laptop sized. If you want to install them in a desktop then an adaptor like this allows you to attach them Akasa AK-HDA-03 2.5-3.5 inch SSD/HDD Adapter

Installation was easy. I plugged the drive into the adapter bay and easily slotted this into the tower. I then plugged this into a spare sata port (choose a sata 3 port if you have one for the 6 gb/sec rather than 3 gb speeds). I then used Macrium to clone my other drive to this one having booted into windows.

Following that I booted up and went into the BIOS set-up to tell the system this was the primary drive and to set my boot order. If you are moving from an older HDD then a fresh install is preferred rather than copying an image from and old HDD as Windows 7 onwards will optimise itself for an SSD and you always get a better and fresh performance when performing a clean build.

I installed Windows 8 and the main programs onto the SSD. Everything else is running on his main hard drisk drive (media, documents and data, steam library and the likes) so he gets very good performance but doesn't shorten the life of the SSD by writing to it more than necessary. That way the majority of dynamic and frequently changing high volume stuff can sit on the HDD whilst the SSD handles the task of running the OS itself. This should ensure a balance of performance and system life and the system still runs very quickly. This also means this drive is still two thirds empty , thus ensuring plenty of spare capacity and hopefully life.

Overall this is a nice performance boost over my previous SSD and would be a huge improvement over an HDD as a system drive. Worth considering as an upgrade, pretty much essential as a replacement for older HDD's.
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on 28 April 2014
I have a powerful desktop that I use for full HD video editing. My old 7200 rpm spinner was holding things back. I finally gave in & ordered the ssd. Well frankly it is amazing, even with relatively mature win 7 64 ultimate installation it takes about 25 seconds to get to a working desktop from pressing the tower power button. Programs start immediately & my productivity is greatly improved. At this moment the price is too good to ignore.
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I should have bought one of these ages ago.
Boot time into windows 7 using a disk based hard drive 5 minutes plus, and could not view the internet until at least that time has passed.
Boot time with this under 30 seconds, and I can open a web browser and start surfing in under 20 seconds.
The PC is more responsive - programs open when I click on them rather than seconds later.
PC is not old, 6 cores at 3.8Ghz each, 16Gb ram, and 2Gb graphics card.

(it is also really very small, I was expecting it to be hard drive sized, rather than matchbox sized, I know it is 2.5" but it is very very thin. A 512gb 3.5" drive is huge in comparison.)

It ships with no software. Not a big issue, as there are plenty of free (or free trial) programs that are more than up to the job of migrating your operating system and data from your old drive to this.
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on 28 November 2014
Ordered this SSD to replace the hard drive in my Mid 2012 Macbook Pro. Was very quick and easy to install and the performance is excellent. Running a speed test it performs around 350MB/s consistently, which really helps to speed up the entire computer. Boot up times have gone from 1-2 minutes to around 10 seconds. Would definitely recommend this for anybody with a compatible computer or laptop, it will significantly speed up a slow system!

If I was to have 1 gripe with this drive (and this is the most minor of things), is the bottom of the drive is technically the side with the brand sticker (as shown in the picture) which means for PC cases where the SSD's are visible, the unattractive information sticker will be facing upwards, although this won't be an issue for the majority of users.
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