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on 29 August 2014
I have fallen in love, if that is possible, with a coffee machine. Both my husband and I found our choice selection with relative speed and ease ( (I like a large/double latte macchiato and he loves the black coffee or espresso for a quick shot of caffeine). We have tried a few brands of coffee, all with reasonable results. I have yet to experience a "bad" cup.
It is a great show piece and it is on all the time. It gives off little reminders if it hasn't been used for a while so you can't forget and leave it switched on. It has a good selection of options for you to adapt to your taste, strength, coffee grind fineness, cup size, milk: coffee ratio, temperature, water hardness amongst other things. You can even attach a water filter.
We have it set to the highest temp which isn't as hot as a boiled kettle, but coffee shouldn't be that hot. The dispenser is adjustable and a decent sized mug fits under which is hard to find with coffee makers. It also dispenses just hot water or milk if you want to also use if for tea or hot chocolate. It is easy to clean (came with cleansing fluid) and easy to maintain.
You can pre-set your preference in the Memory -takes up to 4, and you can use both beans or already ground coffee. The water container will last an average 2-3 drinks but is quick and simple to top up.
A lot of other machines have felt cheap and plasticy but this feels solid and looks good too.
A few times we have found a little water has leaked into the coffee ground waste container but this has been when the machine has been left standing for a period of time.
The display is bright, clear and simple to use and for anyone who likes coffee I think you would be hard pushed to not find your desired flavour.
And the best bit was the price. This originally came to the market with a price tag of around £800, which I think was a little steep, however we managed to bag this at £349. To find a comparable product with the same quality and price I think would be nigh on impossible.
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on 17 July 2014
Just got this delivered a few days ago. I have been smiling ever since ! What a quality piece of hardware. This thing just oozes quality. Beautiful stainless steel finish, with a space saving minimalist look. It is packaged like an Apple iPad, beautiful packaging.

The touchscreen is a joy to use. Viewing angles are not great, but works just fine. The menu driven software on this machine is quality. Only a big tech savvy company like Panasonic could have pulled this off. Any kind of coffee is just the push of a button away. The internal milk frothing system works a treat ! You can even change the frothing levels !

Also which I think is critical, you can adjust the temperature of the coffee. I have heard a lot of the Italian machines suffer from cold coffee according to our western European taste buds. This does not. It is so adjustable in all departments it is just incredible !

Being able to access everything from the front of the machine is critical to an easy life I think. I had a previous coffee machine that needed a water tank to be accessed from the back and it was a major pain pulling out the machine and refilling each time. I stopped using the machine in the end. This is sooo easy to use it is a joy, literally.

I just love looking at it and admiring it doing its thing.

I cannot recommend it highly enough. With the new low price on this machine now, it is the bargain of the century !
It was over approx. 1200 when it launched, so you are getting a lot of machine for the money. It is still approx. 1000 on other Amazon sites !

I cannot testify for reliability yet..... (only had it a few days), but the coffee tastes great. Now the most important thing of all, How is the quality of the coffee drinks it produces ?, well ! does this machine deliver ? ..... Absolutely ! It makes the best tasting and best looking coffee drinks I have seen to date.

It's a no brainer.........

A week later .......................... and I am still enjoying this machine and the great coffee it makes.

OK, a month and 2 weeks later I feel I need to add to this review.

I still love this machine, but I have had a few problems with it......

1) The plastic water drawer will now not click into place and keeps pushing back out. It takes 5 minutes of trying each time to get it to catch, this is a major pain!

2) There is a lot of water coming out of the bottom of the machine and pooling on the counter top ! It is even pouring out of the electric lead hole at the back when slanted. This of course has me alarmed as there is a huge risk of electric shock now.

3) The brewer gets stuck 2-3 times a week giving code UM10. Its easy to fix but a pain to live with. Also the tool provided to unblock the brewer is not a good fit and is difficult to turn as a result.

I have contacted Panasonic about the faults and am awaiting feedback as to how/when they will collect it for repair.

Due to the above problems I cannot recommend this product now. It is too delicate and temperamental to live with in the long term.

Get a make that has been at the coffee making game longer than Panasonic. The lack of experience in this area shows.

But!, it still makes a great cup of coffee (when it works)

OK, 3-4 months later --------------------------------------

Buyers beware !

This machine is not fit for purpose. It leaked, it got stuck, and eventually it just stopped working after only 4 weeks or so !
The brewing unit is badly designed and keeps getting jammed and eventually fails. The machine I have now is junk.

I contacted Panasonic and they promised a refund within 4 weeks.
3 months later Panasonic had not processed my refund. They ignored my emails asking why. Their customer service is a joke.
In the end I had to contact the UK country manager to get the refund. To be fair to him he came through for me.
But I would not have got the refund otherwise.
As a result I will never purchase a Panasonic product again in my lifetime. They do not treat customers correctly.
A search of similar incidents on the internet show evidence that that this is quite a common occurrence with Panasonic customer support. So beware ! and do yourself a favour and get a Jura or a Gaggia or some make with a history in making coffee machines. Steer clear of this one.
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on 26 April 2014
Out of the box, this coffee machine has a good feel to it. It is compact and all parts such as water tank, bean hopper and grounds disposal tray are easy to get to - no fiddling around. It was incredibly easy to set up and we were soon on our first cups of coffee and setting the memory buttons for our personal preferences. Once you have set it how you like it - it just makes superb coffee.

Unfortunately, it had a fault on the colour touch screen display - some lines appeared full length down the left side. This did not affect the operation of the machine and certainly did not put me off requesting a replacement. The ease of use, the compact size and quality of the coffee it produces - I highly recommend this.

I bought mine through Amazon Market Place via Southern Electric - their responses were swift and helpful and very professional. They arranged a replacement with no fuss and all I can say - First Class service from them.
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on 13 November 2014
Ive already been in the world of super-automatics for a while and have just purchased this to replace my Delonghi Perfecta. I must say i'm impressed with the coffee quality following some of the reviews on here. I'd probably say to those who complain- get a good quality beans.
That said, 1st machine arrived with a broken display so had to order a replacement. Machine was easy to set up and its very user-friendly. There are excellent levels of coffee customisation which is excellent. Cup light is a must on machines sold these days and it ads to the overall fantastic styling of such a compact machine. Everything is front-loading so it sits neatly in the corner of my kitchen. Some reviewers have complained about the endless rinse cycles- this is completely necessary on an automatic machine to keep it running and clean, if it doesnt suit some, best stick to manual machines. There are no issues with coffee temperatures, this can be customised.
Positives: design, size, responsiveness, coffee flavour, energy economy, noise, cup light, large waste capacity, various auto-clean cycles for all aspects
Negatives: no cup warmer, drink size selection is somewhat inaccurate
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on 23 April 2014
The good news is that the device makes great coffee; the bad news is that the two I've had are unreliable, with one serious design fault.

I bought mine in November 2013 and it worked pretty well for three months, but then it started to give trouble. The coffee waste container would not stay in place; push it in to close and it popped straight back out again. As the machine will not work unless the waste container is in place, Panasonic UK arranged for it to be repaired by their service agents in Manchester. It was returned in less than a week, but failed with the same fault the first time it was used - with disastrous results. The waste container popped open in mid brew, knocking an expensive Bodum insulated glass mug off the drip tray and onto the tiled kitchen floor, smashing the mug (I have photos) and splashing hot coffee everywhere. Fortunately my wife, ironing close by, was unhurt, but this is clearly a serious safety issue.

Panasonic provided a new replacement machine, but this proved faulty too. On FIRST use it displayed an error message, requiring the removal of the brewing unit and the use of a spanner to fix it. This message occurred four times in the initial twelve uses, requiring a protracted and awkward procedure to sort it out. I have requested a refund from the retailer.

I get the impression that the machine is still in its prototype phase. I note that after just five months it is on offer here for half the price I paid (£845). Could it be that Panasonic's first venture into automatic coffee makers is making them reconsider their decision, and thus the first edition is being discounted before being discontinued or replaced?
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on 3 August 2014
Bought this machine a few days ago and I also love it, think it is a fantastic machine with really good tasting coffee. It looks far more impressive in my kitchen than my old machine and it outshines the old delonghi in the coffee making department too.
Couldn't recommend it highly enough.
Not sure if it is off much use to previous or future purchases of this machine, but the matching milk tank is available on which I also had to have to keep it neat and tidy.
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on 10 July 2015
Panasonic support are rubbish, very un-panasonic as always purchase their brand as usually reliable and good quality. This machine has had faults, you cannot obtain the milk tank accessory unless you live in Germany and the support team sent me a different machine after sending it in for a minor fix. Disappointed, would by alternate brand another time. Nice coffee when you get it working.
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on 1 March 2015
I have had this machine since July 2014 it worked well for 3 months then it was nothing but trouble it has been back for repair but still no good.
Do not try selecting latte all you get is mud and no milk since repair I can not select latte. Good looking machine but not upto the job
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on 4 February 2015
I bought this machine from another supplier in August 2014. It is simple to use, aesthetically pleasing but, boy oh boy, am I disappointed. It started getting more and more problems with a UM10 fault code. By just before Christmas every time I tried to make a coffee it gave the same fault code. Basically, the brewer unit kept jamming despite regular cleaning. I sent it off for repair by Panasonic's chosen repair service and it came back with a door that wouldn't open and close properly and, although it sounded like it was grinding the coffee beans, no coffee was making it into the brewer unit. It is now the beginning of February and I am currently sitting at home waiting for a courier to pick it up today and return it for a refund. The whole experience has been made worse by having to go "cold turkey" caused by caffeine withdrawal over Christmas and New Year. Instant doesn't taste the same. The good news is hopefully when I buy an alternative machine I will try not to get up to 10 mugs a day on the strongest setting again. The bad news is that if I do and that machine breaks, the grumpy mood that ensues following the caffeine withdrawal may bring about my divorce....I'll maybe look at more expensive machines next time as it could be cheaper in the long run.
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on 3 October 2014
Hard to find but worth the search. The best coffee maker out there. Compact, efficient and well designed. Plus awesome coffee. Google my YouTube review.
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