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4.6 out of 5 stars98
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 11 September 2014
After reading the first two books I liked this series more and more.
Cash has so far been my favourite of all the Mayson men. Maybe he comes across as less alpha than his brothers Asher & Trevor. Don't get me wrong I love alpha males but found them both just a little too much too soon for my liking. That's not saying I didn't love them both.
We picked up some of Cash's story at the end of the 2nd book when he called his brothers to their parents barn for a heart to heart. Julie, A local girl out to bag herself any one of the Mayson men at any cost had led him on and got herself pregnant. Cash meanwhile had only just began dating Lily the girl who'd literally bumped into him while he was on the road with his brother Trevor. Lily was Cash's perfect girl, everything he'd ever wanted his future.
After Julie's pregnancy revelation Cash finds his hands tied, If he doesn't stay with her she will abort his child so regardless of whether he wants her or not he finds himself doing the right thing for the sake of their unborn child. At the cost of his relationship with Lily.
Roll on a few years with Julie a now off the scene after dumping the child she never really wanted on Cash he finds himself a divorced father who lives for his son. It's during an afternoon out at a kids play area that he see's a little girl around the same age as his son and her mother with familiar coloured red hair!...Could it be Lily? Hold on who's the child? Could she be his?
Lily Donovan has spent the last few years as a single mother raising her daughter alone, The last person she expects to ever see again has just walked into the play area. Can these two make it work or is there just too much water under the bridge? After all he literally dumped her by text!...Or did he? I couldn't put this book down it's a complete roller coaster of emotions that'll leave you with Nico's story at the end!
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I was really looking forward to reading about Cash and Lilly's story, but I have to say I was left disappointed. Cash knew the moment he saw Lilly that she was his boom, but his past hook up with Jules came back to make his life hell, and therefore he decided to break up with Lilly. Unbeknown to Cash, Lilly's life had also altered, she was such an innocent girl in love with her boyfriend, and for me I thought that Cash sucked for not even having the guts to break up with her face to face. As Lilly faced new challenges alone, still struggling with the betrayal of heartache caused by Cash and unwilling to put her heart back on the line, she shifted her focus on the one precious thing in her life. Years later Cash and Lilly bump into each other and her secret is revealed. For me I wanted to see more hesitancy from Lilly in not allowing Cash back into her life so easily, after cutting her off just like that and giving her no explanations, Cash had a lot of making up to do, and there was hardly any fight from her, argh come on girl! I liked how the story focused on their everyday life as a family, the storyline was abit predictable but I didn't care I enjoyed it anyway. The whole Mayson family together was brilliant and how the brothers showed love towards one another. Lilly's introduction to Asher and Nico was hilarious, she stayed true to herself by showing Cash's family how she was the complete opposite of Jules, and had no intention of hurting him. I loved Jax he was such a beautiful kid and protective towards Ashlyn, I would like to have read Lilly showing more affection towards Jax with hugs. In this instalment we get to see Cash rekindle his love with his boom and be a family with Jax and Ashlyn. I didn't like the epilogue as I really wanted to see more additions to the family, for Cash and Lilly to have experienced things they had missed out on when they were apart, I would like to have seen him handling her pregnancy so for me that was a complete let down, because they seemed to have suffered the most heartache out of all the other couples. I wished the conversation between Austin and Lilly had also been included as I felt it was important to understand the bond they shared especially as they helped heal each other. This book was a good read, but I felt for me it wasn't as good as the previous two. Until November is my firm favourite and I thought Until Lilly might knock it off, but sadly it just never quite delivered the potential it could have been, leaving me to pick up the pieces with a new read, which I hate to say as I absolutely love this author.
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on 2 March 2014
I was so looking forward to this book after reading the other two books in the series and was expecting so much more. I was really disappointed in Lilly's character; I found her to be too sweet and too nice that she lacked a lot of spark! She just seemed to take whatever was dished out to her, which would have been ok if she at least had a little attitude to go with it! I still loved it but not as good as the others.
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on 11 March 2014
3.5 rounded up to 4

After seeing a lot about this series on the group boards and from friends, I picked up all 3 in one go when the first 2 were reduced.

Book 1 I really did not like! Book 2 was slightly better, but I had no strong feeling about it either way!

This book was so much better!

I liked Cash and Lilly so much more.

Cash had not spent the last few years of his life being a man tart (unlike his brothers!)

He was determined to get Lilly back, and his pain at having lost her and hurt her felt real.

And Lilly, she did not just fall into some "man fog" where his kiss made her forget all good sense and just go along with what the man said. Also, she thought what I was thinking about November, July, May and June! Thankfully!

Again though, editing needs to be better, speech marks were missing, and at the end, in the epilogue, what was meant to be Lilly's POV was actually titled "Sophie" (Who is the h for the next book and we get a teaser chapter for Nico and Sophie's story)

Time jumps, I felt this book suffered for the time jumps! I wanted the scenes where Jax and Cash together come to Lilly and Ashlyns house, how that went! I wanted the first few weeks of them being back together and the issues they had that and blending together as a family. But after the first week of them being back together (which we jump ahead during also) we all of a sudden jump ahead 2 months. For me, I wanted that time.

But in saying that, this book had some great humorous moments.

My favourite being when Cash "met" Lilly's parents over skype

**I suck my lips into my mouth, trying not to burst out laughing. My dad is wearing his hunting gear. His short hair is slicked away from his face, and under his eyes are black smudges of paint. He also has his shotgun out and his hunting knife in a knife holster under his arm


"Dad, why are you wearing that?"

"Well, I thought that I should let this young man here know that I was a seal. I know how to go into places and get out unnoticed. I know how to kill someone before they even know I'm there. And I know how to-"

"yeah yeah, I know, but what does that have to do with your hunting gear?"

"He can't fit into his uniform" my mom chimes in. "trust me honey, he tried. Even tried to have me button him up, and it was still a no go" **

So, will I be getting book 4 about Nico and Sophie! yes, she got me hooked with the teaser chapter at the end! So while the series was a bit of a dud start for me....I will be continuing to read it!
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on 22 April 2014
I thought the series would get better as it had sooooooo much potential but it just got worse after each book. The brothers were too similar and the women were way too docile for me. I find it hard to believe that college educated females in 2013 would act this way :-/ A lot of sex to make up for the boring story and the obvious lack of character development. Once you've read one, you've read them all. The brothers even have sex the same way which is really really weird and I've read the preview for Nico and it's heading down the same boring, tongue-in-cheek, predictable, wannabe, faux alpha male route. Can Until Nico save this poor series with a bit more fight and spice?! Nah.... I'm getting off here!
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on 1 April 2014
4.5 banging stars

If there was ever a book that should appeal to a klutz like me, it's to read about one. Lilly's clumsy and it's quite a focal point, which is refreshing. There are many of us that struggle to stay vertical on a daily basis so it's nice to read when someone else has the trait.

However, do not read this and believe Lilly is the star of the show. Oh no, sisters, that star belongs with one Cash Mayson, hot dude and all round nice guy with a bitch of an ex that he tried to do the right thing by, not knowing that Lilly was also pregnant at the time.

The story takes up several years later and to a chance encounter. Cash's ex's lies get revealed and Cash and Lilly attempt to rebuild their lives together, with their two children.

For me as a parent, it was refreshing to have kids in a romance novel. After all, your romantic parts don't get buried just because you've had kids, even if sometimes it's difficult to even raise a smile after a night of broken sleep.

As you would expect, there is a certain amount of drama in this book, but i'll leave you to read that bit.

Just take it from me it's a sweet love story that deserves a read.

Note - not sure if it has been amended but the Epilogue titles Sophie when it should read Lilly. Sophie is a character in Nico's story and features in the teaser at the end.
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on 4 June 2014
OMG! I think we all new that we were heading for trouble with Cash Mayson.....DAYUMMM....this guy is totally giving his brothers a run for his money.

Obviously we know that Cash had broken Lilly's heart....and with her, their future was gone....or so they thought.
After some time spent apart, Cash is with his son, Jax, at a playgroup when he thinks his eyes are deceiving him.

There she all her red fieriness is Lilly....all his love and emotions that he felt towards this fiery redhead come reaching back to the forefront....but wait....who's this little bundle of joy hiding around her legs?.... Did she finally move on?

OMG! Ashlyn and Jax....these are the two most adorable kids I have read....seriously.....they are totally like there parents (well on one side for Jax) but some of the comments they come out with are hilarious....

Cash Mayson.......God I swooned and swooned again. He just lets himself feel all emotions, such an amazing character, and I think, he's beating his brothers in being #1 so far!

I loved that we still go input from the other brothers and their kids and partners....there were some intense moments that any parent will go despair over for the life of their children...

I love how each book is their own HEA with extra awesome bits added in each book!
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on 11 April 2014
I couldnt wait until this came out,
however sadly it was not what i expected, the heroine
just accepted everything. She was like a doormat and she just was so boring.
The hero was no different, they got back together way to quickly. i would have like to see the heroine abit angry with him, he did marry that OW and have a child by her . No matter how justified it was to do so, The h could act a little less accepting, this would of created abit of drama :(
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 2 March 2014
Third book in this series featuring Cash and Lilly. This is a story of second chance love. For the most part I liked this, I thought the main two characters were a lot softer than the previous books. My favourite so far is still the first book "Until November". Cash and Lilly were pulled apart some years before, through a major misunderstanding they've not been in contact or seen one another since. Then when Cash spots Lilly in his hometown they reconnect. Though it's not all plain sailng. There's someone from Cash's past who has an axe to grind.

A nice easy read, with some drama although we're told rather than shown. I thought that the drama surrounding Lilly was a little OTT inasmuch as there was little detail given and it just didn't seem realistic.
Overall though I think this is a solid three star read.
The snippet for the next book with the other brother Nico looks really good. That's not out till June. But I'm definitly reading that.
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on 7 June 2014
This was a good story of second chances however, I felt the heroine gave in all too easy - fair game!!! This is a guy who destroyed you and yet after two years, one meeting, it's all lovey covey???? WTF???? She made it easy too easy for him cos if it were me in that position, he'd have one helluva fight to even get me speaking to him but hey! The main heroine was not me!
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