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Built a few of these AM1 budget systems using a few different processors in the range.
This is the quad core offering for the new cost effective Socket AM1, the higher models are using the Athlon moniker, rather than the lower priced models which are branded Sempron.

Socket AM1 is designed to offer a low cost, small size and low power consumption platform.
The Athlon 5350 has 4 Jaguar cores clocked at 2.05GHz, with 2 MB of cache. Performance wise it's a good step up over the cheapest current offering which is the Sempron 2650 which is a dual core processor. The Athlon 5350 is currently the highest model out of the 4 initial offerings.

Day to day it's quite good for normal tasks esp multi threaded performance, best case it's comparable to a super budget desktop processor. Graphics are built in, with the Radeon HD 8400 but don't expect miracles it's handy enough for HD video playback, and a bit of light to moderate gaming at modest settings.

I quite like the platform because it's good value for money and this processor is more than enough for a media pc or office pc. This is the one to go for if you do the odd bit of photo editing (nothing too dramatic) or you do a few more intensive tasks. Again don't expect this to offer mainstream desktop performance but it's a step up over some of the small form factor CPU's by a decent margin.

If you are gaming and want an all in one solution the AMD A series processors are a better bet. This is ideal for a media pc and normal home use, At present the CPU range is small though it should expand a bit over time. But do look at your options for around the asking price or a little more you can buy a desktop processor which will handle harder workloads better. Think..small, and low cost and you'll be quite happy. Price could be a bit better though it's a little high for what's on offer.
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on 27 May 2015
Fantastic Budget Quad Core CPU, When paired with a decent graphics card it can really push the frame rates, Played Need for Speed - The Run, Dirt 3 and Ghostbusters The Video Game in 1080P Maxed Out and it's not a gaming aimed part! Ideal second system CPU or Budget Option for a Child's First PC and of course a HTPC. The AM1 APU series was designed originally for developing nations who can't afford £100 and upwards CPU's.
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on 8 September 2015
I absolutely love this cpu, underneath my yamaha 7.2 receiver in a MATIS case it is going, 25 watts of power consumption is amazing and thats at full load! intel need to learn from amd with their apus they are fantastic, average use is around 14W!

with a dedicated graphics card it can handle any game, even with its own apu graphics its pretty darn good!

You will only need an 80w psu for the whole system of course if you use a dedicated graphics card 450 to 500w is recommended.
The maximum graphics card for this cpu is the nvidia gtx460 anything higher will be a bottleneck. But of course you can overclock these which is something you cant do with the intel j1900 chip on a board solutions.

you can build a totally silent htpc with this, a very nice cpu indeed it never goes above 38 celcius

I still cannot believe this little cpu with built in graphics can run the new tomb raider game at 720p smoothly, how awsome is that! this game is very demanding yet it runs well. it will even run at 1080p if you allocate 2gb of ram to the onboard graphics and lower the textures a little, amazing. Its really not designed for gaming at all but wow just wow. Can only imagine how good the high end apus are.

This little cpu can play 4K video at a maximum bitrate of 20MBPS, however 1080P with 5.1 DTS audio is where it shines, if you are overclocking use the ASMEDIA sata ports not the AMD ones otherwise the drive wont get recognised at boot.

You will see in my other reviews i bought this with a RAJINTEK MATIS case and ASRock motherboard, those two items bring out the best in this platform, totally awsome combination.
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on 17 March 2015
Excellent budget chip, using this as part of a test Steambox. Used this with MSI AM1I Mini ITX motherboard and 8GB RAM. On board graphics play indie/older games on Steam well, (plus plays some newer more demanding games with medium settings with OK frame rates)

Will re-purpose it in future as an HTPC in a smaller case, was wanting to test out SteamOS :)

Interestingly, DirectX12 for Windows 10 has apparently had good performance on quad core AMD CPUs, possibly would make this ideal as part of a budget gaming rig with a decent GPU.
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on 28 October 2014
I rather like this little thing. It fitted nicely with the motherboard I purchased (AM1 socket,naturally).

It has modest power with four cores, giving it fantastic everyday use. While it doesn't quite stand up to the larger, more powerful CPUs out there it is respectable in its own right and runs a computer nice and smoothly with barely a hiccup. It can take the strain of active browser based gaming, watching videos on youtube and running other background programs besides. Business computers should be jealous of this little item.
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on 23 December 2014
WoW!!!!!! The cheapest 4 cores on the net.

decided to build a small general purpose machine for around the house, I wanted something that would stream HD, encode, burn, surf and be quiet and cheap too run. Enter the world of cpu's and apu's. after weeks of research I thought I would give AMD's recently released AM1 a shot. I got this little 5350 apu and matched it with a Asrock AM1B-ITS board, added 4gb of new ram and I was up and running for under £80. I chucked in a 60gb ssd, 1tb WD hdd and a corsair 430w psu into a coolermaster elite 130 case and hey presto an awesome brand new machine for £225

This little system has left a huge smile on my face, everyone knows for raw computing power i5 & i7s are most popular but to live in the real world where budget boundrys exist this is definetly the way forward. I keep throwing demanding tasks at the this apu and it just powers through.

You cant be robbed buying this apu for under £40 you gain 4 cpu cores and a staggering 128 gpu cores which handle 1080p and 4k nicely.

I highly recommend this apu and the platform on which it sits, well done AMD.
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on 10 April 2015
Great value CPU to go with the cheap MSI board of this socket. Used it in two builds now, runs Windows 7 very solidly. Stick Windows or Linux on a cheap 120 GB SSD and you have amazing value for money for the speed.
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on 15 August 2015
Great value processor, currently using it as a NAS/Media server (Fedora with KODI) and runs perfect. Obviously you would not use this for any high end stuff, but if your in need of a NAS, media server, or general project server that does not cost much to run, then this is the one for you. ( one thing to note is that this processor only supports 2 SATA channels, so keep that in mind when looking at disk space, you could always buy a SATA PCIE card if you plan on adding more disks later )
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on 10 July 2014
Normally I steer away from anything AMD, but I bought this for a storage server. Works great!
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on 18 October 2015
Bought this with a ASUS AM1M-A Motherboard, don't know which component is at fault but in both Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10; basic VGA driver works on all outputs as in VGA/DVI/HDMI but graphics are obviously pants. So upgrade to specific graphics driver, both the one that came with the MB and an updated one off the web and it acts very strangely. Boot up screen is okay on HDMI/DVI then when Windows loads properly it blacks out and only works on VGA! Very annoying, a budget build for my daughter who prefers her small old VGA monitor anyway but unacceptable nonetheless. I've googled the issue, seems fairly common but I can't see a proper solution. I'm not happy but can't be bothered to take apart the PC and send it back with the MB. If anyone knows what the problem is please do let me know.
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