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1.7 out of 5 stars95
1.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 August 2014
The first time I tried to watch this I abandoned it after only 5 minutes. I had bought a professionally packaged DVD, with hot, gushy praise on the notes, something which led the purchaser to have an expectation of seriousness of some sort or another.

As an ex soldier I found the 'film' risible; I'm staying with my mother at the moment, and even *she* found the 'field craft' risible, and I couldn't help thinking that the characters were badly drawn stereotypes of civilian misperceptions of what it means to be a soldier; they reminded me of the simplistic, silly and childish beliefs on the same held by fellow students I met at university, on leaving the forces.

As another reviewer puts it the actors wandered through "dappled forest glades" and that is the point; no use of cover, bare white arms, light coloured clothing, too many different calibres of weapon, badly scripted dialogue that was worsened by atrocious acting even if it was meant to be tongue in cheek according to supportive review, which smacks IMO of an attempt at plausible denial. "Tongue in cheek"? It felt as if someone was trying to put /their/ tongue in *my* cheek, a smoker to be precise. Satires frequently work, but only if credibly done. The effects were substandard in comparison to the serious work people tout on YouTube as a means for attracting industry attention. Satire or not there was nothing at all credible about this piece, except possibly the countryside, which did at least represent an improvement on 1970s cardboard sets and quarries.

Certainly the marketing and packaging were leagues ahead of the item itself, giving the impression that this was a serious piece of work, as did the blurb on the back of the wallet, and I quote:

"Breathtaking! Makes you feel like you're actually there!" and "Heart pounding action"

Believe me, I was not at all "there". I was in a cold state of disenchantment, wasting an hour and a half.

Perhaps the jacket reviews were written by viewers whose pre-film diet included substantial amounts of hallucinogenic substances, topped with dangerous levels of a psychotropic stimulant - a D-amphetamine perhaps - or perhaps this was a cynical exercise in deception, intended to generate cash for better future offering. Whatever, there was absolutely no excuse at all for this, which can only generate scepticism amongst UK viewers in respect of the home 'industry'.

I will not be giving this 'work' to the charity shop, as I do not want anyone to pay for this... ...thing. Instead I intend to inflict it upon my friends, one of whom reviews films, writes scripts and books and does other related stuff.

It is unfortunate that my only review on Amazon is so highly negative, but I believe that people need to know, convincingly, how they are wasting their money, so that there is no excuse, as there was for me, for buying such a shoddy product.

Final verdict; don't drink good beer whilst watching this if you have it, this will be a sad waste. OTOH, spend the money on that extra beer instead because, whilst you may not know it, you will enjoy yourself a lot more watching Tee Vee. My beer for the evening was Poacher's choice, a high quality drink.
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on 9 July 2014
SAS Black Ops - More like SAP - TOTAL RUBBISH.
Konban wa!
This excuse for a film left me totally incredulous and angry. How could anyone create such an abysmal load of tripe!
The acting was literally, non existant, the 'action' was hilarious, if not sad and pathetic. I have never, never experienced anything quite so bad before. Where did they get this lot from? My parrot lent out of his cage and was sick on my shoulder! My american bulldog covered his eyes with his paws and two flies constantly divebombed the TV in a kamikaze attempt to clear the screen.
I beat them to it, by switching off!
I reallycannot find words suitable to describe this total affront to film making. I think this is probably the WORST film I have ever seen or likley to see.
Rest in Peace - SAP Black Ops
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on 20 August 2014
The picture on the cover does not represent the DVD. There are no night vision activities and no helicopter. This is basically a few chaps in a forest glade either adlibing the script or acting one badly for an hour and a half.
Totally unconvincing. I actually bought this DVD which was a waste of money. It's pathetic - how could anyone supply money to make this except that it can't have cost more than £1000. I'll avoid three wolves films in future.
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on 19 July 2014
Marketing does work. But not in a good way. Like a lot of others I was seduced by the snappy title, after all how bad could it be. I've seen loads of SAS movies but none as bad as this. Fair play if this is deliberately a low budget movie but I feel conned. I have to admit I did laugh at some scenes and stuck it through to the nonsense ending. Sorry cannot recommend at all.
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on 30 June 2014
I totally agree with Bill. This is one of the worst low budget films I have seen in a long time! It purports to be about SAS "Black Ops" with the high tech cover photo and the Chinook on the rear cover (none of which appear in the film!) to grab your attention. The acting is really wooden and in no way portrays SAS operations - these guys look like a group of amateur paint ball enthusiasts rather than real soldiers! I watched the film for 5 minutes and started fast forwarding to less boring parts - only to find that the whole film was low budget amateur crap acting. Please do not waste your money on this film. The only good bit is the glossy packaging - the DVD has more use as a coffee coaster than an evenings entertainment- extremely disappointing!!
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on 9 March 2015
If you're going to make a low budget movie, good advice is not to try one that requires a lot of special effects... or in this case, acting ability. I'm not actually sure how this made it to market, because it looks (no word of a lie) as if it's been filmed on someone's home video camera. If you rent it and manage to get past the first scene which sees our 'hero' (read: wooden actor) running through a 'warzone' (read: empty forest and field) then you clearly have more patience than me.
Back in a previous life I used to review movies for a living - the really bad ones would sometimes be described as 'made for TV movies', which suggested they hadn't put in the funding or effort that your average soap opera had invested in it. This movie on the other hand wouldn't even qualify as a 'made for TV movie', in terms of quality of script, visuals and acting it's more on a par with one of those really made in-house safety instruction videos that big companies sometimes force on employees (like 'the safe operation of an extending ladder' and 'the important of washing hands').
Whoever it is who does the buying at Amazon/LoveFilm needs to seriously check into their quality control, because this is the worst dross I've seen since I inadvertently rented the 'Sci-Fi Adventure' Doll Man (as bad as it sounds) from my local independent video outlet some 20 years ago...
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on 7 September 2014
This is by far the worst film I have ever seen. The earlier posters who were referring it to the Trading Standards are absolutely right. I was lucky that I only paid £6.00 for this rubbish and not £8.00 like some on here. My 13 year old armed forces loving son persuaded me to buy it based on the slick looking box artwork, and after 10 minutes even he was laughing at it and telling me to "Get this rubbish off the DVD player". I can only assume that the amount of 5 star merchants on this thread must be friends of the producers as they can't have been watching the same rubbish that I was.
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on 13 July 2014
This is so bad I am sending it to the trading standards officer. Save your money DO NOT BUY THIS RUBBISH
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on 25 July 2014
Utter rubbish, big budget or no budget, its either fit for purpose or fit for the bin, this is clearly fit for the bin.
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on 9 September 2014
Probably the worst film I have ever looked at, I could not endure it to the end. That's possibly why it was so cheap to buy
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