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4.4 out of 5 stars489
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 19 December 2013
This is a tough film for me to review, my 2 boys (aged 9 and 10) loved the film and couldn't wait to watch it again so I am giving it a 5 as they are the target audience.

The special effects are great which gives believable bad guys for the heroes to defeat, easily.

For me the huge weakness lies in the fact they have ripped the heart out of the book, there is no character development and the important, and difficult, relationship between Percy and Tyson is pretty much brushed aside. This relationship, and how Percy struggled to come to terms with it, was one of the key themes of the book and it's removal just leaves us with a bit of an action movie.

For me, 2 stars.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 July 2014
Percy Jackson (Lerman) must go on a quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece from the Sea Of Monsters, in order to rejuvenate the protective barrier that keeps his home safe. However he is not the only one after it's restorative properties, as Luke (Abel) want's to use it to raise an ancient evil & punish their fathers. Can Percy get over his doubts about himself & save the day ?

Overall , Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters as a piece of entertainment is a pretty average effort. The lore is presented in an interesting manner, and they do try to maintain the pace of the film with some exciting meetings of bizarre characters along the way with some neat CGI, but even they soon lose they're luster with some tired jokes. As a result the journey feels a little stretched & all over the place as they cram the best noteworthy action scenes near the end that at least make it somewhat worth sitting through the previous meandering. The quest & prophecy seemed all too familiar & hard to get excited about. Much like the new characters who are a bit cliche with predictable learning curves , such as the cocky Clarisse & Percy's new Cyclops half brother Tyson, whose lacks confidence & self worth.

The acting was reasonably good, Logan Lerman as the unsure in his abilities Percy Jackson & Leven Rambin as the competitive Clarisse were very convincing in contrasting roles. Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth & Brandon T. Jackson as faithful sidekick Grover chipped in well. Baddie Jake Abel as Luke, wasn't all that memorable due to Clarisse's character being more stand out worthy & easy to root against. Anthony Head replacing Pierce Brosnan did break the continuity from the first film, replacing him made things harder to understand as someone who hasn't read the books or watched them in close succession. But his mentor figure was more than credible. Stanley Tucci is thrown into a minor, perhaps wasted role, but briefly shines with some humor & the usually charismatic & lively Nathan Fillion can only spark a little life into this in a brief cameo, his Firefly cancellation reference will be amusing to those viewers it's relevant too.

In conclusion, Sea of Monsters has some nice ideas peppered through it & well done special effects, but all too familiar to get over excited about. The content is very mild, but will frighten young children. Worth a watch.
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Welcome back to 'Camp Half-Blood' where the young Olypians and Demigods
remain safe to be trained to fulfil their potential and destiny.
Except the tree the 'Gods' gifted to the camp in memory of 'Thallia' who
had sacrificed her own life to save three friends, has been poisoned.
A quest has been given to 'Luke' and 'Clarisse' to recover the long lost
'Percy Jackson' son of 'Poseidon' believes a prophecy dictates that the
task should have been his, and that he was the only Olympian that could
complete such a task......his destiny.
Though others had been assigned the task, 'Percy' along withy his newly
found half-brother 'Cyclops' 'Tyson' and friends 'Annabeth' and 'Grover'
take up the challenge to help find the fleece that is believed will cure
the tree and maintain the camps very existence.
However fellow 'Olympian' 'Luke' has changed sides planning to resurrect
the evil 'Cronus'
The journey to the 'Sea of Monsters' (we know as the Bermuda Triangle)
to recover the fleece has begun.....
A film full of dazzling special effects is a family friendly fantasy
adventure.....superb 3-D material.....also great on the 2-D disc with
good quality picture and sound quality.
The additional features on board include...'Tyson motion Comic' learning of
how 'Percy's' half brother came to the camp, and more.....also 'Deconstructing
a demigod'........'Back to Camp Half Blood' ....and 'Its all in the Eye'
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on 2 September 2013
This is a story about special children growing up with absentee fathers who attempt to win their children's love with gifts while being worshiped as gods. In this installment Percy (Logan Lerman) and his friends go after an old sheep skin in order to save a tree. Meanwhile, bad guy Luke (Jake Abel) wants the fleece so he can revive his ancestor, Cronus known for eating his own young. Guess how that works out.

The film opens with a slight monologue to reintroduce the characters. Like the Potter series, the main character's acting in the low point. This film also has that hidden world within our own world aspect. The scenes boasts wonderful special effects. The individual scenes are more overpowering than the general plot designed to appeal to the pop culture youth. Leven Rambin was made up to look like Jennifer Lawrence running around with a bow. One can't help but draw to mind the block buster films of "Hunger Games" and "Potter."

This series seems designed for those slightly younger than the Potter crowd. The characters and plot lack the complexity and certainly less occult darkness.

A great film for the family to see, especially the older kids who aren't prone to nightmares. Contains a family message as Percy must learn to live with a half brother who is a cyclops.
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on 15 February 2014
A very good and exciting movie, although I am a 74 year pensioner, I still enjoy watching new and modern DVDs.
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on 20 January 2014
I just watched this for the first time yesterday. I am a major fan of the books and looked forward to seeing this film.

I generally dont expect too much when watching movie/tv adaptations of books I love and look at them separately.

I was very confused by the all the mashup of the storylines from the book series- I didnt know if they were trying to show book 2 or 5!!!

They missed a trick by not showing what happens when Percy and Annabeth meet Circe! I love that bit of the book!

And yes- The actors were too old!!!

I guess this would be a really great film if I wasnt such a huge fan of the books, but I just found it very.dizzying!!!

I recommend the book fans to keep an open mind and be prepared to be confused!
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on 17 April 2014
Having been schooled in Greek Mythology I saw quite a lot of this coming but it was still entertaining none the less. I watched this directly after watching the first Percy Jackson film and they flowed into one an other very well. It has a host of great well known actors and some excellent young ones. Both films seen with a book on Greek Mythology would make an entertaining bank holiday weekend for the younger and older people in your home.
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VINE VOICEon 14 January 2014
I have read all of the Percy Jackson series of books and I have loved them.....I also love the films.....yes,they don't completely copy the books....But .....they are enjoyable,fun to watch with great effects and a good cast....
The story continues on from The Lightning Thief and they use the same cast for most of the central parts....except for the inclusion of Anthony Head...Percy wants to go on a quest to save Thalia.....but he isn't chosen goes secretly instead to try to find the Golden Fleece of legend.....I love the story and I really like the way it encourages you to read or reread the greek myths....Enjoyable and fun.....the Blu Ray looks excellent on screen and the UV means you can share it with your friends and family....Excellent!
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on 2 January 2014
If the producers had put as much effort into the script as the special effects then it might be worth the time. Kids may enjoy it for the animation, but the story is lame, full of jarring plot holes and isn't worth the effort.
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on 18 March 2014
I'm normally not one for film reviews as they can be so personal but on this occasion I thought I'd change that. I was somewhat looking forward to watch this having watched the first instalment recently on terrestrial TV. I felt it lacked the some qualities in the story line which did not seem to flow as well as the Lightning Thief. I suppose it I may have had to high an expectation since very few sequels are as good as the first. The cinemaphotography was good likewise the music but it lacked finesse overall.
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