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4.4 out of 5 stars447
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 September 2014
Tried a QED bluetooth adaptor and found the QED model suffered fron cutting out but the Logitech device ( at half the price of the QED equipment ) has performed excellently - please note that I am using an Apple mini I Pad as my ( I Tunes based ) music source.
I ended up buying three of these Logitech items - for three hi fi systems , the music sounds excellent on all three systems - the systems range from a Panasonic music centre through to a high end Linn based system.
Setting these up was very simple.
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on 22 June 2015
Just purchased this great little device having read a load of enthusiastic reviews on here. I wasn't totally sure as one or two have criticised the audio quality, however I read some professional reviews as well which were very favourable and decided to take the plunge!
I bought it so I could use my old hi-fi in my conservatory to play streamed music from Spotiy and radio from my iPad and Samsung S4 phone. I have to say it works great, installed in less than five minutes, pairing to both of my devices was dead easy, and I've connected the unit to my trusty old Kenwood AV receiver by an adequate set of phono/RCA connects. I must emphasise that the results are first rate in my view AND I AM VERY FUSSY WHEN IT COMES TO AUDIO QUALITY! There is no discernible loss accross the audio spectrum that I can detect. Treble end is detailed and clear and there is powerful bass if you want it. The unit delivers well accross the whole audio range.
Other advantages with this new updated product are that you can connect two Bluetooth devices at once, and apparently the upgraded Bluetooth means that you can have your devices much further away from the unit. It works for me very efficiently even when my audio device is in the next room.
The volume needed on your amp will depend on the output volume transmitted from your devices, but you will get excellent volume performance if your device volume is set reasonably high. Also, please use reasonable phono connects between the unit and your amp, as remember that a system is only as good as it's weakest link! I stream Spotify at it's higher quality, 320kb per sec and it sounds great via this device through my old but capable speakers. The end quality will always depend on how capable your device is at transmitting the Bluetooth signal and the quality of what you are playing, music recorded badly at a low bit rate will never sound good on anything! I can only assume that some of the dissenters have failed to set the thing up properly, or were perhaps unlucky and got a faulty device.
This has rendered my Cambridge iPod dock effectively redundant, as I can now play tons of music from Spotify or elsewhere from the comfort of my chair. Honestly, take the plunge if you are looking to enable your old hifi to play streamed music or content from your devices.
I'm listening to it now and IT SOUNDS GREAT, £30 quid very well spent!

Steve H (Leicester)
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on 25 December 2015
Very good except for the fact that the power cable is an EU one and not a UK one which is not mentioned anywhere in the description.
review image
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on 19 December 2015
I really like this. It was sort of a freebie really, I purchased a set of Z506 speakers and this little toy was included in a bundle deal for exactly the same price as the speakers themselves, no brainer really. Despite purchasing from Amazon UK, the power adapter supplied with this gizmo has a USA plug fitted. I had to spend exactly £1.99 on a fused USA to UK 3 pin adapter before I could use it, a bit of an annoyance really, but I'm over it. Once up and running it paired with my phone, tablet, PC and laptop, but not all at the same time, I understand it'll only pair with 2 devices simaltaneously, I'm going to have a play with it later and see if I need to re-pair when devices are swapped. I currently have it streaming music from my phone through the Z506s which are connected to my PC, but I'm probably going to move it and plug it into the AUX on my hi-fi and stream the sound from my devices into that.
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on 12 May 2014
This arrived today - a week after I ordered it when Amazon was predicting it might take two months. Out of the box - and into the back of my hi-fi amplifier - the impressions are generally very good.

It's certainly small - my kitchen scales showed only 34g - so it's probably a good thing it doesn't need to be touched much, since it's really too light to stay in position. I'm using all-RCA connections, so don't need the included RCA-to-3.5mm cable, but it is reassuringly chunky and may well make a useful replacement for a cheaper one elsewhere in the house.

Pairing with an iPhone 4S was as easy as pressing the button on top of the unit - nothing to set on the phone apart from ensuring Bluetooth was on - and I was ready to stream. A live stream of BBC Radio 3 using iPlayer Radio sounded exactly as I'd hoped - clear and coherent, with the slight loss of orchestral scale that even the best-quality compressed streams tend to show. (Nothing to do with the Logitech - I'd have noticed that with anything but an FM tuner.) I went to Pure Music for tracks by Abba and Black Sabbath and found myself happily tapping my toes (or banging my head) and easily able to follow bass or drum parts as I wanted to. For something so affordable and easy to use - and considering that I want it mainly to let me explore new (to me) music that I may then decide to buy on CD - I am very impressed.

The old-model Logitech Bluetooth adapter drew some criticism for its low output level, and that is still the case here. Playing a CD from my collection at the same time as the same track from Pure Music, switching inputs meant I had to move the volume knob from 9 o'clockish to nearly 11 to maintain the same level. I may even drag out the multimeter to see if this is due to the actual output voltage (I'd expect 2V at the RCA sockets) or to a lower level in the Pure source material, and update this with the results. It's not enough to be a serious drawback - even 11 o'clock is still well within my 'sensible' limit - but it would be inconvenient to switch sources and find the CD volume uncomfortably loud.

I wasn't intending this to be a true hi-fi solution - the way I'll use it it will always be limited by the quality of the stream - but I'm very pleasantly surprised by how musical it seems to be. Playing Pure Music files and the same thing on CD back-to-back I notice the CD gives more space to the presentation, and that in particular drums sound more 'drummy' than through the Logitech, but that may be due as much to the compression of the source material as to anything the Logitech is doing. I still think this is a bit of a bargain.
Significantly, it's good enough to show the difference in quality between streaming sources. With the same complex orchestral recording (Brahms 1, Chicago SO, Solti, which I also have on an LP) the Pure Music stream (128k) felt squashed into quite a narrow soundstage and a little short of life. By contrast, the Qobuz stream (320k) was much more expansive and vibrant, especially in the great brass fanfares. For streamed music, in other words, the Logitech will not be the limiting factor in listening quality. For a £30 device, this is very impressive.

I'm enjoying this thing very much. Not to show off but to show how well it works, I should tell you this thirty-quid converter is feeding three grand's worth of amp and speakers, with compressed source material too, and it's not disgraced. In fact, I'd have to play it back to back with original CDs (from a player of similar calibre) to be able to tell you where the combination falls short. I've been happily exploring the Pure Music library for forgotten favourites - like Judas Priest's 'Out in the Cold', which sounds absolutely HUGE. Bass, rhythmic drive, little details in the treble - they're all there. Yes, I would get a little more music from the CDs but I wanted this to let me try new things I might only listen to once and it's well up to that task.

Pairing - or rather, connection - isn't perfect; if I've been using the phone elsewhere or with another device, I sometimes have to reselect the Logitech in Settings before it will play, but I can do that without crossing the room to where the unit is plugged in. There's occasionally a glitch or skip in the music, but that's to do with the phone's streaming connection or an interruption from another app, but we can't really fault the Logitech for that. Close apps you're not using if you want to keep the phone quiet.

This is a remarkably serious little box and I'm very pleased with it.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Bluetooth isn't quite as good as Apple's Airplay for wireless audio systems - Bluetooth is "lossy" whereas Airplay is "lossless" - but this adapter from Logitech is about as good as I've heard Bluetooth sound so far and is far more versatile than most Airplay systems. This little unit just plugs into your old Hi-Fi or any other powered speaker system, iPod dock etc to give them a new wireless lease of life. The adapter has both RCA Phono and 3.5mm jack inputs and comes with an interconnecting cable that has Phono plugs one end and a jack the other - so whatever inputs your audio system has by connecting the cable to it the other end will fit one or other input of the Logitech - good design and only one cable needed!

Unlike most other adapters of this type the Logitech can connect to more than one device simultaneously - should you need to! It comes supplied with a power unit - the pictures don't show it but this unit needs to be connected to the mains to work so bear that in mind if you are thinking you can use this as a portable device - you can't. This is a good-looking little device that is easy to setup and to use, and has a pretty reasonable sound quality too; not perfect Hi-Fi audio but as good a quality as you are likely to get with a Bluetooth system. Bluetooth is a radio system that needs a clear path between the adapter and playing device to work at it's best - anything in-between can cause loss of signal and poorer quality sound. Buy one of these and you'll soon be playing Spotify and Internet radio through your old Hi-Fi!
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on 11 September 2015
I bought this thinking it would help in moving the laptop or phone around and listening to music. It said the range is quite nice but it cuts off even if I'm sitting 2 meters away from the receiver.I definitely don't recommend this! It also keeps connecting to my laptop automatically even if I disconnect it a few times! Bad bad experience!
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on 21 October 2015
Sounds pretty good and really convenient to be able to play music from my phone without messing around with DLNA applications. Sound quality is good, but if you are used to playing through decent system you might notice the soundstage is reduced and overall doesnt sound quite as lively. But expected with the limited bandwidth of bluetooth. Hard to criticise for twenty quid really. Some complaints about very poor sound quality in some of the reviews. I would hazard a guess that maybe thier devices dont support A2DP. This is a bluetooth 3.0 device. Overall i recommend it.
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on 27 December 2015
This little device is a life changer for any music lover. No messing about and being tethered to Aux wires, music is just a crisp as it is with an Aux connection. Light, almost has a hovering look on a blue under light, makes some noises for being turns on paired and that, literally they have thought about everything in this and made a brilliant piece of kit. As for the Bluetooth range, I'm running a iPhone 6s and I have never actually had it loose connection walking into other rooms, yet to test it to its fullest but the fact I have never had a problem should mean you probably won't either. Happy happy happy. Searched around for a long long time for a Bluetooth adapter and take it from me, stop looking because this is the best one on the market. Bought a chrome cast audio and it had so many limits to it and was just terrible if you use Apple Music, YouTube etc as it doesn't support anything like that, this simply plays the sound from your phone, why would you want it to be app specific? Sent it back and got this. Could not be happier with it.
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on 13 February 2016
Poor sound quality for music but perfectly good for Games. This is the kind of DAC you expect from Logitech who along with their loyal customer base focus on gaming. Turning the volume up on the source device does greatly help with dyadic range and clarity but the sound remains too thin and you should not need to be an audiophile or carry out a blind test to notice. The lack in quality is obvious. My brother noticed thin bass and I noticed the poor mid range. Playing CD's and 256kbps VBR music directly though the players USB flash drive even at lower volumes is far better than blue tooth. Bypassing Bluetooth and plugging the phone's DAC to the stereo resulted in acceptable sound. So the the problem with this unit is likely to be the DAC; however I suppose it is technically feasible the issue could be the Digital to Digital conversion from MP3 to Bluethooth before it gets to the DAC... but I blame the DAC. Based on the quality I would price this device at £10.
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