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3.1 out of 5 stars71
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2015
Before I wrote this review, I read some of the best and worst reviews, and realised that before I even started typing that the film achieved, if nothing else, to polerise people.....I guess just like the war.

This is a war film, not a explosion filled, hero laced, candy topped version with a huge adrenalin filled score. It is a condensed account of a small unit of soldiers, put at breaking point in a conflict which was sometimes far from clear. It will not leave you satisfied, it does not make concessions in its language towards non-military people, and will raise more questions than it answers...........and that is the whole point. If you wish to see what really lies behind the term "Soldier" then this is a close as you can get.

I will say only this. I have been that angry soldier, that conflicted Lieutenant, and that Captain struggling to keep it together. I have had Sergeants trying to do right by their men, had territorial and reserve soldiers who either cant or wont be let to fit in (and sometimes out-performed there professional comrades). If you don't believe that any of these aspects can or have occurred, then take assurance from an old hand......they have and they do, all and unadulterated and worse. Soldiers, soldier, not because of orders, not for patriotism, not for money, not for love, food or sleep, they do it for the man next to them, and the respect that comes from that service.....that title 'Soldier'.
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on 9 March 2015
Fairly new territory with a British movie set in Afghan. However the issues of questioning the war, poor equipment, general antipathy of the whole situation are included which is a usual staple diet for these types of war movie. While the characters and story are captivating I found some of the insubordination a bit of a push too far with the artistic license.
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on 15 June 2014
A group of soldiers on on patrol in Afghanistan during a fiction operation known as Icarus. This story is loosely linked to operation Achilles and might be more accurately stated "inspired" by true events rather than based upon. We get to know the characters by their nicknames, Smudge, Stab, Ginge (ginger) and Welch. The banter between them is not the healthy kind as they concentrate on their differences. Once one in the group dies, the troops begin to question the war and their mission while their commanding officer who has the same thoughts is forced to toe the company line.

The film is about the relationships of a diverse unit who question their leadership. The war acts as a background to escalate tension, This is not your classic war film about combat and killing the enemy. It is a war drama, one where young men are placed in combat roles and don't believe the cause is worth their life.

If anything, this is more of an anti-war film, showing how someone like Bowe Bergdahl could do and say the things of which he has been accused, although the message is not heavy.

Parental Guide: F-bomb.
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on 27 January 2016
If you're looking for a hollywood action movie, look elsewhere. This is a war drama depicting British Army soldiers under intense pressure in an operational environment. While the level of insubordination pushes credibility at times, it's a film that any British veteran can relate to. That it is written/produced by a former British Army soldier is self evident both in terms of the banter between soldiers, the realistic depiction of the relationship between officers, nco's and enlisted men and in the use of British Army slang which may (on occasion) prove incomprehensible to civilians and foreign military but will be instantly recognisable to anyone who has ever served alongside a British soldier.
You will never see a member of the Taliban in this film, which should give you a yardstick against which to measure it's realism. The many contacts, or firefights, occur at ranges at which neither side can clearly see the men they are shooting at, or being shot at by. If you have an interest in learning something about the real British Army and the reality of military service, this is the film for you.
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on 2 May 2015
The comments of 'anonymous' are extremely helpful. As a war film buff I, and others like me, need for both moral and intellectual reasons the appreciation of those who "went through it". Having lived a cushy civilian life, unlike my dad a WWII POW and, yet another quiet hero, and having taught military people in France who know that potentially their lives are on the line, I have great esteem for Britain's professional soldiers. If for no other than educational reasons this film deserves its five stars.
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on 27 February 2015
I can see what this film is about question weapons choice Yes. Questioning the officers, a no no even if you thought their decision is wrong, a well thought out film.
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on 5 July 2014
Written & directed by an ex soldier with the help of two military advisors,this gives you a more realistic view of war.It follows a 7 strong patrol in Afghanistan operating in Helmand province,it's a very personal view as its all from their point of view.Other issues outside the patrol aren't really covered,the guys think they're going to be joined by another patrol which means they only have to stay out around 3 days.This does not happen & 12 days later they are still out,short of ammo & awaiting re-suply.
There are no big multi angel action scenes or huge explosions,you never actually see the Taliban but you do get short intense firefights.It's worth watching the "making of" featurette as it explains the no frills slightly documentary feel to the film.
A war film that gives the human side & is much closer to what it's really like,this is NOT Hollywood!!
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on 14 October 2015
This is not really like The Hurt Locker; it's more like Das Boot because it focuses on the time in between the fights, rather than the fighting itself which occupies only a few minutes.

If you're curious about the war in Afghanistan then this might be up your street but if you just want Hollywood-style pyrotechnics then it won't be. Having watched it I'd really like to know how much it represents the truth. Is it a good representation of the British Army? Anyway, I do think it's a convincing portrayal of a bunch of blokes under pressure - much better than the sanctimonious squad in Saving Private Ryan. To make a good war film you have to get past patriotic lies and propaganda, and I'd say this happens only rarely.
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on 15 June 2014
Quiet possibly the worst war film, I`ve ever seen EVER. The story line is lame, the acting is shocking. Attention to detail with the regards to the soldiers equipment will have any squaddie cringing. The patrol is made up of two officers, one SNCO, one JNCO, a marine and two toms, one of which is the medic? One of the toms is constantly gobbing off to the officers and NCOs with impunity!! No sorry if you`ve ever served in the British army this film will have you screaming at your TV. Do yourself a favour and pick something else, trust me!!!!
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on 28 October 2014
'The Patrol' contains a criticism of the British deployment to Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The soliders in the film doubt their commanders, doubt their mission and ultimately the war. The director said in a Raindance Film Festival (which it won) interview that the film that most inspired him was the 'Battle of Algiers', this was similarly a critique of the French policy in Algeria and well worth watching. As an interesting background to the debate around the British in Afghanistan the commander of 22 SAS has called for an inquiry into the Helmand deployment, describing it as a failure, in an article in the Times:
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