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on 3 March 2014
I liked the PC , well built quiet and fast, I ordered the non OS version so it was only when I loaded my OS did I discover that the Graphics card stated on the advert was not installed. The card was integrated and shared the system ram and not the 4GB card as advertised, in fact although the PC was better than my current one the card was much slower. I would like to have kept the PC as I liked it , they could have sent out the video card but I have to send it back to Amazon to get a refund and then decide if I want to try again .

UPDATE 09/03/2014

Ok people you may now doubt have read my last comments, well, this is the 2nd time round for me getting this PC and as I have previously stated the PC is of good quality and this latest one is very very quiet. At least I knew what to expect from this one at least. It was originally advertised with a 4GB on board Graphics card but as you know if you have read my last comments the card is in fact intergraded and shares the system ram, the default on mine last one and this one was 768 MB ram. The form factor of the PC is good and the case is light, which to me is not a bad thing, the case IS NOT flimsy ,as long as you don't knock it around its fine and I have had no issues so far with the kettle lead being loose as some other have reported.
So I took the new one out of the boxes (it comes packed in 3), checked internally to make sure that all the components that should be there where there and connected it to the power. The first thing I did was to boot the PC into the bios which was by the way very intuitive and has setting for both the novice and advanced users. Went to the advanced settings tab and adjusted the video card shared memory to its maximum of 2GB.

With this done I then proceeded to install Windows 7 Ultimate edition 64bit from my flash drive and then used the motherboard driver disc to install the required drivers (USB3 driver will need to be installed from the disc to get the ports to work), Installed Lan, audio and video card drivers also, with this done then ran windows update.
Must say windows runs like a dream, you've heard the saying you get what you pay for ?, Well that is true but you seem to get a little more with this. I could have assembled the PC myself but on pricing the part they worked out a little more than this costs, factor in the working in build and the postages for all the parts and you are quid's in.
I am not a big games player but I do like messing with Sims 3 and on my old PC the game took 20 mins to load and then would stop now and then to write to the disc as I had run out of ram, This Pc loads the games in less that 2 mins and with all graphics set to the highest levels runs smoothly. Only had it a little while so if any thing major happens I will update my post to let you know.

Good all round PC well worth the money and an ideal replacement for the old one.
Nicely built and fast delivery thanks to Amazon Prime (Amazon rocks for delivery and excellent customer service).
As for CCL themselves , I have emailed them once or twice and they responses have been fast and courteous, But I would reiterate that they need to watch the wording of their adverts and state that the card is intergraded and shares the system ram.
I will be getting a 4GB Graphics card and SSD from Amazon next month and adding it to the PC to see if it improves on its already fast speed .
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on 28 December 2013
I have an Alienware computer that's now about 7 years old (but don't require a gaming PC anymore as I've gone back to console gaming) so I know what it is like to have an exceptionally built computer from high quality components.

For the price you get pretty good performance but there will always be a few negatives when it's this cheap and it's whether you can live with those negatives. I'll list the pros and cons and proved my overall opinion.

The plus points are:

The power for the price
Very quiet (unsure why others are complaining as the hard drive reading noise is more audible than the cooling system)
Specs as advertised (graphics is on board so there is no card)
Quick boot up time (unsure why some others have criticised this 30-45 seconds is pretty quick)
Easy and quick set up
Quick delivery (received within 18 hours)
Plenty of USB3 sockets
Comes with Windows 7 and not the only useful for touchscreens but still poor Windows 8
For a non gaming machine plays most games on reasonable settings (720p with high detail)

The negatives:

Case feels a little flimsy
Power cable doesn't fit snugly in PSU (if knocked power can be lost)
7.1 sound on board but no digital sound or sufficient outputs to take advantage of this feature - only standard stereo headphone style sockets
Hard drive performance a little poor - Windows rating of only 5.9
Requires keyboard, mouse and monitor (knew this before ordering so a little harsh to knock it for this)
Doesn't have Office Starter 2010 as specified in the manual meaning having to purchase Office 365 or having only a month's free trial
Struggles with the really demanding games (but this to be expected given the price)

Overall it is good value and will cope with most tasks thrown at it reasonably well but if you want a really well built PC or want to play the hardware hungry games you should look elsewhere.
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on 4 December 2013
Purchased this computer as replacement for ageing PC which was buckling under the strain of Windows 7.

Although I chose the highest spec I could afford, this machine has still surpassed all my expectations in terms of speed and capability. Finally I have a computer that can truly multitask, whether photo editing in real time, streaming music and video or simply using the internet, all without the long pauses I had come to expect from both my previous home pc and work pc`s.

No more issues with memory shortage, graphics rendering, hard disk capacity etc and a real pleasure to use. Although the case is designed for expansion the PC itself is also remarkably light. In use the machine is also much quieter than my last PC though not quite silent!

Only slight frustration was that windows was set up for german language preferences but easily changed. At the price I paid this machine is real value for money.
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on 20 October 2013
I did hear a pin drop, because this computer is really quiet! A very slight hum, and that's it. If like you are like me, and use the computer for work, this is a very important asset to have. I received the computer in very fast time from Amazon, took it out of the box, plugged it in, and away you go. Just follow the instructions, and you will be up and running in no time. Great computer, which is very fast, and has plenty of sockets for your everyday needs. Just a tip, jot down the windows serial number from the sticker on the side of the computer, before setting it up. Another thing to state, is that I had a computer from this company before, and I needed a little help from their technical department, so I sent them an email in Germany, and they replied within a couple of hours. Very helpful, and all explained in English!
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on 8 December 2014
I don't know about the other reviewers but in my professional career (I am retired now) I have bought and used dozens of computers and I can honestly say that this one is the fastest, quietest, best equipped and best value for money of them all.
Perhaps CSL have taken on board some of the previous comments because I found the build quality to be every bit as good as the many Dell and Lenovo PCs that I've used. Additionally it came with two DVD drives instead of the advertised one so thank you CSL for that!
As for the set-up problems with it being in German, there were none. As soon as the personalisation menu opens (which happens immediately when you switch it on) the option to select your language and time zone was present.
It also comes with a 30 day free trial of Norton Anti Virus which is extremely handy whilst I am swopping my files and programs over from my 6 year old PC.
If you're looking for a Home/Office Computer that can handle multiple applications including high usage graphics programs then don't hesitate to buy this machine, I'm sure you'll be as pleased with it as I am with mine!
On a subject that has nothing to do with the purchase of this PC...... I refer to the 'thorny' issue of Microsoft Office....
Ove the past 15 yearsor so I have always had Office Professional installed on my PCs, however I would have had to buy it 'new' this time. I was horrrified at the cost of even the most basic versions (almost as much as the PC!)
I Googled "Best Free Alternative To Microsoft Office" and got some great suggestions which I have downloaded. After a few days of importing my files into the new programs I am pleased to say that I have all the options I used to have at no cost whatsoever.
Also I was a great lover of XP and having seen Vista I was not a fan. I'm pleased to say that Windows 7 is a simple and worthwhile change for XP users.
I hope this helps!
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on 2 December 2014
I couldn't believe it when this pc turned up two days before I was expecting it. My youngest son was enthralled, since it was for him. Speedy or what. Plugged it in and fired it up. It's as quiet as a mouse. Plenty of space inside for an extra hard drive and other cards if needed.
Once I installed the network card and set the rest of it up for him he was over the moon. It's not loaded with loads of unwanted crap software, which you do pay for at the end of the day, whether you like it or not. And it's not the best built machine in the stable; the case is a bit flimsy, but for £400 I was not expecting much. However, it's loaded with a fast AMD quad core processor on an Asus motherboard, 16GB of DDR3 RAM, 1TB SATA hard drive and a Radeon HD 8570D with 2 GB of onboard memory. That's a lot of bang for your buck.
All in all, I would say it was good value for money and would recommend it to anyone buying a pc on a limited budget.
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on 27 February 2014
I chose this computer because it had Windows 7 pre-installed and good specification. I need it as a general purpose computer with desktop publishing and photo / video editing. It was delivered well packed and very quickly, and it had clear set-up instructions in a number of languages, including English. It had only three sample programmes installed as well - all useful for setting up - Norton anti-virus, a Microsoft Office sample and Windows essentials - no rubbish! The unit is very neat and quiet. It was very easy to set up and to add, transfer and configure the programmes and data I needed. It is also very fast and responsive and has easily managed everything I've asked of it so far. It would probably also cope with gaming! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is not bothered about flashy cases, but who is looking for a modern Windows 7 desktop machine.
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on 18 November 2013
My increasingly erratic six year old Hewlett Packard was repeatedly crashing when trying to import digital photographs. It was clearly time to bring things up to date. I wanted a windows 7 operating system rather the current windows 8 which seemed aimed at the modern touch screens and tablet. Searched the retail outlets' web sites with no success, there is very little choice if you want a desktop, and none that I could find with Windows 7.

Amazon had a fair selection however and after looking through the specs. I homed in on a few which looked likely. Finally settled on the CSL print H5787u. I'm no computer nerd, so I don't know whether it was the optimum choice, I just wanted something fast and with plenty of memory. So as long as the machine will cope with handling a lifetimes photographs and let me import and work up batches of about fifty raw photos at a time I'm happy. This one does! It goes like a rocket!

There was a problem with the picture as it did not fill the monitor screen no matter what I did. So I e-mailed CSL and they gave me a link to a solution. I Downloaded the AMD Catalyst control centre and two minutes later it was fixed. I haven't deducted any stars for this however, as if I was half computer literate I could probably have sorted it myself.

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on 19 November 2014
Find any adjective you like and it fits this box; brilliant. fantastic, wonderful, incredible and so forth

This is the first time I have ever bought a working PC, I have always built them myself. My last one had happily done 10 years with upgrades but then they removed XP updating which greatly screwed it up, so time for a new one.

I saw this on here, £400 delivered? Oh well, it is Amazon so I can always just send it back. These days my body doesn't work so well, so my technophobic wife, got it out of it fantastically well packed state, pulled my own box out, swapped the connectors, chucked this into the hole under the desk and hit start.

Language? No problem, it found it, nothing was any problem since day one it is as if I still had my old box.

It IS quiet. Not 100% silent but certainly 95% silent to my ears. It is fast enough to play a game, it is well fast enough to edit average private or shortish commercial videos.

My fault entirely, as I didn't put it together I didn't see the windows 7 key code number sticker, top right of the side panel. So didn't know the code. Emailed these lovely people, answer in under 5 minutes.

I simply cannot recommend this box and these people enough and I am not an easily pleased person to be honest.
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on 4 March 2015
Bought this PC last week. Its fast, reliable, comes with backup disc ... Brilliant ... (Why dont all PC's come with a backup disc ... recovery partition is no good when the Hard Drive goes!)

16G RAM is plenty, better than having 8G and the hybrid hard drive ... hybrid drive not much improvement on a standard hard drive ... better to do, as I did, and get a SSD 250Gig and reinstall Windows on that and use the ordinary original hard drive that comes with the PC as a data drive. Done like this it is blisteringly fast to boot and run programs.

Bear in mind its "only" got an integrated graphics card but really its the dogs b***ks on speed as far as I can see. I am not a gamer except running running the Trainz simulator and that is a demanding one. This new PC is faster at running Trainz and in higher detail than my last PC that had a £100 add on graphic card!

Delivery was next day as expected. Very well packed .. comes in three boxes, (reminds me of those russian dolls!) I had it running within an hour and that includes replacing the hard drive with my own new ssd. The only cautions I would give are ... if you are really new to Windows the boot screen being in German to start with might worry you but dont worry ... leave it alone and you will get the choice to choose English very soon.

You get a motherboard driver disc ... very handy and also a good manual for the motherboard for the more techie minded. There is also a CD of software but its all in German so not much use. One big bonus ... this PC is one of the few that doesnt come stuffed with bloatware ... Extra star for that!

My overall impression ... 6 stars ... buy it, it's great!
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