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4.8 out of 5 stars58
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 13 August 2015
Really great for all AbFab fan. Packaging is light. English subtitles (for the hard of hearing) everywhere except on outtakes and where written below. No French subtitles (like in the US boxset), no new bonuses. Missing things are the outtakes of "The last shout" that were on the original DVD... No "Absolutely Fabulous : The collection", no "The story of Absolutely Fabulous" and no "Comic relief" sketch from 2005

Here is the complete listing of what's included in this "not-so-Definitive boxet"

Disc 1 : Season 1 + outtakes (14:55) + photo gallery + "Modern mother and daughter - the original French & Saunders sketch" (8:05 - no subtitles)
Disc 2 : Season 2 + outtakes (14:05) + photo gallery
Disc 3 : Season 3 + outtakes (16:31) + photo gallery
Disc 4 : Season 4 part 1 (6 episodes of season 4) + audio commentary by J. Saunders & producer J. Plowman on each episode (but without any subtitles)
Disc 5 : Season 4 part 2 (special features) : Pilot episode"Mirror ball" + outtakes (season 4 - 12 min) + photo gallery + interviews of Jenifer & Joana, June and Jon Plowman (no subtitles on interviews)
Disc 6 : Season 5 part 1 (4 episodes) + outtakes (21:00)
Disc 7 : Season 5 part 2 (4 episodes - including "Cold turkey) + photo gallery
Disc 8 : "Gay" + audio commentary by J. Saunders & producer J. Plowman (no subtitles) + outtakes (02:38) + photo gallery
Disc 9 : "The last shout" (part 1 & 2) + "White box" (no bonus and NOT ANY OUTTAKE)
Disc 10 : "How to be Absolutely Fabulous" (28:06) + "Absolutely Fabulous : A life" (77:44)
Disc 11 : AbFab at 20 : the 3 episodes (Identity, Job & Olympics) with Audio description option + "Ab Fab does Sport Relief" (07:15) + Sport Relief behind the scenes (17:19)
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on 6 December 2000
'Absolutey Fabulous - A Life' is one of the funniest video autobibographies about Edwina and Patsy's bizarra and whacky life together. A truely entaining look over the years for serious Ab Fab viewers to reflect, recall, and re laugh at, all on one excellent video. Even the new humor whereby Edwina sweety is stuck in her mothers Help the Aged charity shop looking at used batteries and copper bells provides a subtle form of humour which is indeed one of the many qualities of this series sucess. A must buy for any true fans of the series.
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on 22 September 2001
Well here it is, the final ever outing for TVs most drunken duo, Eddy and Patsy. Preparing for a trip to the fancy ski resort Val D'isere, Eddy is floored by the news that daughter Saffie has agreed to get married, a fact which Patsy revels in, as it means she'll be able to move in and out of her flat above Oddbins. However, Eddy puts it to the back of her mind and sets out to learn how to snowboard. A night out leads to them trashing their chalet, and next day Eddy is off skiing, where she meets with someone she thought she'd never see:God!
Act 2 returns them to home, where Saffie plans her impending wedding to the slimy Paolo, Eddy believes she is Jesus, and Paolo and his super-rich parents arrive for dinner. While Patsy meets a face from the past, Eddy takes charge of the wedding and sets out to make it an event to remember. But will it all end in tears? This fabulous DVD comprises the 2-part "Last Shout" shown in 1996, and has some hilarious lines and characters. Buy it now!
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on 14 October 2000
Absolutely Fabulous, if you didnt already know, is the tale of a shopping, alcohol/cigarette/drug addicted, PR who hasnt quite left the 60s and has a love for fashion especially Lacroix. It involves her best friend, her straight laced daughter, her mother, and her brainless office employer. Absolutely Fabulous has all the ingredients that a good sitcom should have, and more. These three episodes reflect that. Iso - tank is very funny - the idea of Bubble, actually knowing what she is doing, and the idea of Bubble actually doing SOMEthing, is enough to crack you up for hours! Birthday is fantastic, Eddy gets the 40th birthday blues, and makes life hell for everyone at her birthday party. The highlight of this, is definitely, when Eddy and Patsy get the kareoke machine at the end, and sing 'This Wheels on Fire' the themetune to AbFab! Magazine - we finally get to see where Patsy works! This is a really great episode, with great appearances from Kathy Burke, Dawn French, and Adrian Edmondson. All of these episode, will have u laughing, till your sides split - it is guaranteed. If you havent seen these episodes, and like AbFab, then WATCH them. Also if u are just looking for a place to start, with AbFab then I would recommend these three episodes as they are pure class.
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on 23 June 2014
I had never watched this programme before this year so I'm a fairly new fan. Most of the original series aired before I was born, starting as it did in 1992 and me being born in 1999. I really love Jennifer Saunders' performance in this series as Edina (Eddy) Monsoon. The writing of the scripts is great and very original as well with some very funny one liners.

This box set has some excellent extras including outtakes, behind the scenes and photo galleries. It also contains the 20th anniversary specials; A.K.A - Ab Fab at 20.

It really is a special box set, great for any collection. I reccommend it highly!
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on 4 December 2000
The last shout.ohh how we will miss edd and pats.Though,what an ending! we see the pair jetting off to catch the spring snow for a little snow boarding as skiing is so out of date darling,trying out the local restaurants and destroying their room in an arguement you`ll never forget,then the shock news saffy is getting married! but how will it all end? lets think... hmmm I dont think edina will let things run smoothly do you? watch and see.... enjoy!
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I have never laughed so much in ages, this video shows Jennifer Saunders at her best, playing the hilarious Edina Monsoon with some of the best lines in comedy heard for years, you never stop laughing through the episode Hospital where she has to go through an operation with 'sensory deprevation and back up drugs' to have an acupuncture needle removed from her toe!, as always patsy has to join her friend and decides to have a face lift because she is doing a 'kiss and tell' story in Hello magazine about her liason with a politician. In death eddies father has died and she goes into mourning due to the fact that she has put on 12 inches of fat all over her body, this episode shows Patsy's true character when eddie decides to spend all her money and contemplates who she will leave her house to when she dies. Of course if patsy wants the house she has to mourn eddies father and go to the funeral because eddies dad would want her to be there if she wants the house, cue an hilarious grave side scene when pasty drunkenly falls in to an open grave while eddie lands face down on her fathers coffin, it also includes the fantastic line by june Whitfield 'we've been married a long time I've had longer to get used to the idea of him dying'. In Morocco the girls go off on a fashion shoot that never actually happens and are joined by Saffy who Patsy decides to sell to the highest bidder, this episode shows a flashback to the days when Patsy had a sex change and was a man for a year 'until it fell off' as Eddie tells Saffy. This has a fantastic story line as eddie and Patsy ride around the middle of nowhere taking turns on a donkey and spending the night in a barn trying to get back to civalisation and when all seems bleak they get spotted by the sold Saffy and finally return to base where the spend the last three days in true Ab Fab style Unconcious!! This video would put a smile on anyone's face as you can not help but laugh out load at the exploits of the Ab Fab gang at there best. It is definitley worth buying and i would recommend it to anyone who enjoys having a laugh.
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on 1 December 2000
If you are looking for something more then just funny, you have got to see this compilation video. If you thought the cast of AbFab was funny while sticking with the script, you should see them without it. All of the out-takes from this video will leave you begging for more. The best part is, the writer of the series, Jennifer Saunders, makes the most blunders. If you have seen the entire three series and The Last Shout and are looking for a little bit more AbFab, then you must see this video.
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Sweetie Darlings you have to buy this video even if it just to see eddie get 'baby puke' on her designer top in the episode new best friend. As always the Ab Fab team are onto a winner with this rib tickling video from the second series which i have to say is the best series of the three. From start to finish you'll stress with eddie over her 'surfaces', comiserate with her when she gets cut off from her husbands and Harrods stop doing the daily delivery for her and laugh non stop through her recollection of giving birth to saffy and allowing patsy to have the much needed drugs for childbirth. All in all i would recommend that anyone who enjoys laughing constantly should buy this video i've yet to find anyone who didn't enjoy it!!
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on 22 September 2000
There is only one way to descibe this box set: "Absolutely Fabulous". If you're an AB FAB fan then this is a must buy and if you've never seen the programme before by the time you've finished watching these videos you'll be screaming "Sweetie, Darling" to everyone you meet.
From wild trips to France and tragic fashion scene you'll laugh from start to end.
Absolutely Fabulous!
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