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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 28 November 2011
This film is about the involvement of the British 1st Airborne Division at the Battle of Arnhem. What the film lacks in the skill of its actors and the blood and gore more prevalent in modern war films, is made up for in the authenticity of location and detail. Filmed within a year of the battle, the directors decided against using professional actors, instead making use of actual veterans, both British and Dutch. The film was also shot in and around Arnhem and other locations before any significant reconstruction had occurred. The battle damage to the buildings and the key bridges so important in the real battle is authentic. Props used in the film are also authentic. You will see genuine German Panther tanks, and half-tracks being driven along the narrow Dutch streets, and the British paratroopers using PIATs, and 6 Pdr anti-tank guns in turn. There is also excellent original combat footage of the landings spliced into the story. In this sense, the movie is a fitting memorial to those who British paratroopers and Dutch civilians caught up in this monumental battle.
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on 17 April 2007
This film is very unusual in that it used the soldiers who'd taken part in the battle only 11 months previously to recreate it on site. They were still serving soldiers, and that gives it an authenticity lacking in most war films. My father fought at Arnhem, and appeared in the film with a small speaking part. It was moving seeing and hearing my 21 year old father in this context.

He told me a story about how vivid the whole experience was for the "actors". There was a scene where two stretcher bearers had to carry a casualty on a stretcher when mortar shells started falling. There were charges placed in the ground, ready to be exploded at the right moment. The two soldiers set off carrying their casualty, and then when the charges started exploding the casualty leapt from his stretcher and dived for cover along with the other two. For these men, the war was more than just a memory.

Watching this film in the knowledge that these were the actual soldiers, in the very spot where they'd fought makes this film more moving and compelling that it could have been if professional actors had been used. Yes, the acting is a bit wooden at times, but everything else is movingly realistic.
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on 3 October 2006
I love this film for its historical context. The acting is pretty poor - and that's what makes it great, no Holywood stars in it for the money! The actors are soldiers who actually fought at Arnhem and returned after the war to help record their little piece of history. If you want a window into the past then look no further (it was filmed in Arnhem among the post-war ruins) and uses newsreel footage as well as re-enactment). If you enjoy military history without the Hollywod frills then this is a must for the collection. It is an often emotional tale - especially when you ponder for any length of time the number of men who never returned; Theirs is the Glory!
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on 28 October 2011
For all people who have an interest in what happened during September 1944 in Oosterbeek, Arnhem, Renkum and Wolfheze, I have one word of advice:
buy this film.
Watch it, think about the changed lives of all those poor boys, Allied as well as Germans, and then add a sprinkling of understanding of the level of terrific hardships the Dutch population endured, think about the fatalities and bereavements, think of all the bravery and reflect!
Two things make this film very special: the fact that the actors are the actual soldiers and the final scene, in the Nissan hut.
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on 10 April 2007
I took my very good friend Ted Dempsey back to Arnhem last Year to visit The place where he landed by Glider in 1944.I bought Him a copy of this DVD..and He is on it..Awesome DVD,a real tribute to the Men that Fought on all Sides....forgot to mention that Ted is 87.This Film was recorded in 1945 using original Members of the Airborne Brigade that ACTUALLY fought the original battle of Arnhem.Ted Served with C (Company) 1st Battalion Border Regt,and was wounded and captured.A fitting tribute to Ted and all the Men of the Airborne Forces who fought so valiantly in this heroic action.
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on 9 December 2011
Fascinating accompaniment to "A Bridge Too Far", with real troops, in real locations, plus some real footage. However, as you'd expect from a film made so close to when the events portrayed actually happened, this film lacks the more critical appraisal of Market Garden that you get from Cornelius Ryan's book or the film.
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on 30 March 2012
in my opinion this is the best war film ever made to date.simply because you have men who actualey fought in the arnhem battle staring in the film, real soldiers, not actors, most of these brave men were suffering from shellshock/ pdsd, when they were making this film. during the making of the film they were still finding bodies of some of their comrades,and some of the streets could not be used for filming because of dangerous ruined buildings and uxb,s . I think the cast do a fantastic job under these conditions. And the kit in this film is fantastic, real horsa gliders, tiger tanks, panther tanks,panzer 111, 17 pdr anti tank gun, 6 pdr anti tank gun, 75mm pack gun , jeeps, bren carriers, dakotas, etc. I have been a arnhem buff all my life and have spoken to many vetrans of the battle over the years and i have so much respect for these guys , of which so many did not return to their loved ones, And i think this film is lasting testement to their courage , a fantastic film ,theirs truly is their glory
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on 21 June 2015
This movie is a good companion piece to "A Bridge Too far". I say companion piece because the two films complement each other. The focus in "Theirs is the glory" is exclusively on the british 1st Airborne Division and the battle they fought in the Arnhem-Oosterbek areas, whereas "A Bridge Too far" looks at the whole operation.

It is interesting to note the differences in the stories and the tones of the two movies. "Theirs is the glory" is a retelling of the battle with the veterans that fought there, in the actual battlefield. It is evident both in the wooden delivery of lines and the professional battlefield conduct that these are amateur actors but veteran soldiers, recreating a harrowing event. The tone in "Theirs is the glory" is one of a weary sort of pride. Conspicuously absent is any mention of defective radio sets, faulty intelligence, or the fact that the whole Market-Garden plan was, at best, a risky gamble.

The movie is intercut with documentary clips to heighten the realism. The most effective scene in the movie is one where a canadian reporter gives an account of a failed supply drop. His voice carries over documentary clips of transport planes crashing and burning and reaction shots of the troopers as they first smile at the prospect of being resupplied only to turn to despair when they realize that the planes are dropping the supplies to the germans.

It is also a treat to see real german armor in action. I counted at least two Panther tanks and two Tiger 1 tanks as well as a tank destroyer I believe to be a Hetzer. (But that's just nitpicking really.) I'd recommend this film to history buffs and war movie buffs. I think anyone else might find this film a bit dull. I for one enjoyed it.
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on 29 January 2013
If you can watch this without a lump in your throat at some points you aren't human. I had an uncle in the glider pilot regiment who was at Arnhem -- which I knew about as young boy but never talked to him about. So I don't know his story particularly, but this film shows, I imagine, some of what he went through. No actors were used in re-telling the story, only men from among those who had survived the battle: some of the acting is a little stiff in consequence and the accents are rather strange to modern ears ("mep" for map; 'orff' for off) but the film is the richer for its attempt to seek authenticity rather than indulge in stereotyping. The narrative voice of BBC correspondent Stanley Maxted using scripts from bulletins he recorded at the time is the perfect linking thread to what went on day by day.

I found myself asking several times how did anyone survive this?
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on 23 January 2015
This version of the battle of Arnhem was recommended to me by Arnhem veterans themselves as a more accurate portrayal of events than as depicted in 'A Bridge Too Far'.

I wholeheartedly endorse their recommendation. It is impossible to have anything but the utmost respect for Arnhem veterans, both British and German, for having fought in one of the fiercest battles of WWII. This film clearly illustrates the horror, waste and utter futility of war. Most importantly, all roles were filmed using actual Arnhem veterans who had fought in the battle - for ultimate realism.

Their is understandably little mention in this production, filmed a year after the battle in 1945, of the sheer incompetence of both Montgomery and the British high command, in their disregard for Allied military intelligence. Intelligence which outlined that Allied airborne troops would be landing in the midst of II SS Panzer Corps - comprising two crack SS panzer regiments, numbering over 5,500 personnel. Personally, I preferred the way this fact was emphasised in 'A Bridge Too Far'.

Had Montgomery heeded the warnings from his intelligence specialists, it is possible that one of the costliest battles of the war may have been avoided.
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