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3.8 out of 5 stars10
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 20 April 2014
This is probably the last good pumpkinhead movie ever made as the later cheap parts 3 and 4 were low budget and CGI ridden, pumpkinhead 2 is a classic fun monster movie with cool practical effects, the story is ok with a pretty decent young cast, if your a fan of the original its certainly worth a look, as far as I know its the first time its been available in the UK, this DVD is ok picture wise I guess but there are no features, the original pumpkinhead will always be the best its a cult classic horror superbly directed by the late Stan Winston with amazing effects and a classic monster!
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on 20 August 2015
As is customary with the horror genre - a sequel is somewhat of a prerequisite, and the makers of this particular entry are just doing what the laws of the universe are telling 'em. Problem is, they forgot to add any fun or originality into the proceedings and what we're left with is a clunky, rubber monster flick without any heart or imagination.

The story begins in 1958 where a group of teenagers torture and kill a disfigured orphan named Tommy (J.P. Manoux). Fast forward 35 years later and another gang of wayward teens (led by ex-Monkee's band member Mickey Dolenz's daughter Ami) break into the cabin of an old witch where they discover a viral of blood and decide to resurrect Tommy's soul (hey, it passes the time). However, things go wrong (ta-da!) and inadvertently they bring Tommy back - resurrected in the form of celebrity demon for hire: Pumpkinhead. Enraged, 'ol Mr P goes medieval spending the remainder of the movie hunting down these dim teens and in another dire plot contrivance, the men who killed him all those many moons ago.

Unfortunately, this sequel isn't a patch on the atmospheric and genuinely original first movie. Lost are the soul and attention to detail - only to be replaced by horny teen hijinx, standard slasher stupidity and amateur hour rubber creature effects which don't photograph all that well. Director Jeff Burr (obviously on a sequel role with Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Stepfather and PuppetMaster follow-up's on his resume) tries his best to keep things moving but is outdone by dimestore production values, an uneven cast and a screenplay that doesn't understand the nature of its progenitor. The producers can't decide if they want this endeavour to be a follow up or a soft reboot - however they end up with neither: Simply a generic time waster with a title monster that shares no commonality with his first incarnation and therefore lacks depth and power. I always recall the self aware characterization of the original Pumpkinhead; his cruel behavior, the way he 'mocked' his prey and the emotional underpinnings of what it actually meant when he was conjured - all of this brushed away in the sequel. Now, he's just a another mindless murdering machine ala Jason Vorhees or any number of faceless slasher wannabees...

101 Film's UK DVD release sports an okay transfer and looks like a straight rip from the Region 1 release. All in all, a very average sequel which does nothing to deepen the mythology created in Stan Winston's superior original. Watch that instead.
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In B-movie terms, the original ‘Pumpkinhead’ movie was a classic. It had decent actors, a solid premise and, most importantly for a monster movie, a pretty damn hideous beast, slashing and ripping its way through the cast. With its reasonable success, it was no surprise that it spawned a sequel.

And I really wish it hadn’t.

Okay, so ‘Pumpkinhead 2: Blood Wings’ is every bit the B-movie that its predecessor was. However, one fact remains – the acting is awful this time around. Yes, no one really expects Oscar-worthy performances with films that primarily go straight to DVD. However, in this case the acting can’t go unmentioned. Yes, there are a few decent actors who try their hardest to make the best out of the awful lines given to them, but, on the whole, the acting is noticeably substandard, even by B-movie terms. Although, I may be being unfair on the cast. The script is clunky and lame, so, I’m guessing even a cast that comprised of Robert DeNiro and Ian McKellen would struggle to breathe life into what was given to them.

Onto the story – it’s basically a re-run of the first. Someone dies when they shouldn’t. The monster, known affectionately as ‘Pumpkinhead’ stalks his way through those who have committed the wrong. And you won’t really care who he kills. Because pretty much every person who finds themselves on the wrong end of PH’s claws probably deserves to have their bowels ripped out anyway.

At least the monster himself isn’t too bad (and, despite being only a man in a rubber suit, acts better than some of his human co-stars). He’s pretty nasty, but somehow still not as scary as the first film portrayed him to be.

Basically, you should just stick to Pumpkinhead (1). It contains everything that will ever be good about the franchise. Although, no matter how bad part II may be, it’s still about a million times better of any of the further sequels (just don’t get me started on those!).
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on 25 August 2014
This type of horror depends on the success of the special effects, in this case they are very good, so the film is pretty entertaining. The story is pretty much 2nd billing along with the actors, both are adequate, its pretty much a rehash of the first movie, but this time we learn the origin (kind of anyway) of Pumpkinhead. There are some cool deaths, Pumpkinhead throws one bloke through a chicken pen then the chickens finish him off by pecking him to death. The effects are by 90s effects production crew KNB who also did Day of the Dead and many others so this is enough to recommend to any horror fan. If you liked the first Pumpkinhead then don't hesitate.
Picture quality is ok in full screen pan & scan, looks like a straight rip of the region 1 DVD.
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on 22 July 2015
This is more of the same with the exception of being the only One not to Have Henriksen back in the Cast.Its the same situation as part 1.Pumpkinhead is summoned to wreak Havoc and that's what He does.The Monster Effects are A sGood as the first and its worth a look.
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on 4 June 2014
This was quite a good follow up to the first and if and when 3 and 4 are here to buy I might think about buy them.The film was ok but did'nt get going the story line you new what was going to happen so a bit of a so so film. Would I say go buy it well ok but hey how
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on 22 October 2015
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on 14 March 2016
Quick delivery and a Very Good Old Film
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on 22 December 2015
arrived on time nice
nice movie
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on 24 December 2014
As stated
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