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4.8 out of 5 stars158
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 29 August 2012
The movie itself is funny and entertaining, with the always funny and brilliant late John Candy. However, the picture quality is nowhere near where it should be on a bluray disk. Compared to another John Candy classic, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, this bluray pales in picture quality comparison.
Another annoyance is the British-English-speaking animated guy that pops up before the movie and thanks you profoundly for purchasing a bluray movie. I hate this dumb animated guy beyond measure, and he seems to inhabit so many of the movies in my bluray library. I hate the thought of having to watch him over and over again over the years as I watch my movies. Owning and watching a bluray movie should be a seamless experience of inserting the movie into the player and starting watching it without delay. After all, I did pay for it, so give me user satisfaction! I should be deducting a star in my future reviews for every bluray movie where this guy or something similar appears.
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on 1 September 2003
Actually, I found this movie to be an excellent family show, with a great cast and although not necessarily original, an entertaining story line.
The trials and tribulations of raising a couple of young children are well portrayed. McCauley Calkin and Abby Hoffman both display youthful exuberance, and are also well served for future roles - you definitely get a sense of the idea behind the "Home Alone" series when Amy Maggadan is "interviewed" through the mail slot by a fast emerging young star. The older sister, Jean Louisa Kelly, is not only great at depicting the 15 year old Tia, and while not essential to the role, her dreamy and sometimes sad eyes are simply to die for.
John Candy is at his best. In fact, if we were to remember him for any of his long list of outstanding work, the wave and smile at the close of the film, immediately before the roll up of the credits is about the most fitting farewell to one of Canada's best ever film and stage performers. While Uncle Buck is not his final work, that look of "Ain't this Great, eh!" makes him look peaceful and at ease with life. I will always remember him this way.
In all the movie is just a pleasure to watch, and I would give it 4 and 1/2 stars.
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on 9 May 2007
Candy's best performance ever. As hard as it is to pick a favorite role that John Candy ever portrayed, I'd have to say it was Uncle Buck. Although this wasn't the only title he and Culkin ever shared, it was the only film the two ever shared any time on screen together.

Basic plot: Candy's sister-in-law's father has just had a heart attack in the middle of the night and the two parents rush trying to find someone to watch the kids for them while they hop the next flight to go see her father. In a desperate last resort, they call the husband's brother. Buck. Of course, the concerned uncle comes to the rescue and takes the task with no complaint. However, the oldest of the children doesn't care for her bumbling uncle, and the discipline and protection he places upon her, while her parents are away.

Just watch the scene where Candy tries to use the kiddies toilet...absolutely hilarious.

A great heart-warming comedy that will make you laugh and possibly even cry at times. A classic, and certainly a triumph that wouldn't have happened without John Candy. Hollywood truly lost a great actor.
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VINE VOICEon 29 December 2008
You know what it's like, you're invited somewhere cool and you've got no one to look after the little ones? All your friends are going, and you don't have someone to look after junior, so what do you do? Call a baby sitter? No, usually it's your brother, or sister, and this is what Uncle Buck is all about.

When a family member has a heart attack, Buck Russell (John Candy - Planes, Trains & Automobiles [1987], Brewster's Millions [1985]) has to look after the kids; Tia, a moody teen who really hates everyone except her lover Bug; little Maizy who's a dreamboat, and Miles (Macaulay Culkin - Home Alone [1990]) with his funny expressions, in the suburbs.

Buck isn't really that treasured by the family, he's considered the slow one, he's been on-and-off with his girlfriend Chanice and hasn't had a proper job in ages. He lives on big wins on the horses and doesn't really care about much else - some would say he's a slob.

We see Buck doing the usual crazy things which makes Tia cringe, insulting a teacher, and even cooking clothes, but at the bottom of his heart, he cares for the kids and doesn't want anything bad happening to them.

This is good family comedy, with John Hughes' humour coming out in every scene. John Candy is perfect in this - he's jovial attitude and his humour shine here like a beacon on film comedy. Even the supporting cast really make this a treat - and the music is good too, with Tone Loc, Young MC and some classics from the 60s thrown in.

This DVD is far from being packed with extras which is a pity, but the sound quality and picture are very good and make this a great DVD to revisit from time to time. It's a shame there's not more featuettes or even a gag reel, that would have been brilliant.

Well worth buying, good fun for everyone all year round.
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I would have to say that John Hughes is perhaps one of the most under-rated directors of his time. Indeed, most of his work was only done around the 80's/early 90's period, but rarely do people associate with his films.
Uncle Buck, to me, bonds so strongly with 1 of Hughes' other films 'Trains Planes and Automobiles' (yet another under-rated classic) in that it captures all the essences of a meaningful film.
The plot is straight-forward - 'Uncle Buck', a real down town bum with a job at a local tyre shop, is given the call to babysit his brothers children after him and his wife need to rush to see an ill family member. The warm hearted Buck instantly bonds with his 2 younger nieces, no older than 5, but struggles to get along with 15 year old Tia; a stuck up brat who only thinks of herself.
Rather smoothly, this has obviously been given a vital role in the film. Anyone can make a film about a babysitter who would be the last person to call! But instead of focusing purely on comedy, the film has been given the 'Hughes' treatment, thus is covers some touching issues, like the growing up of teenagers. And for this, its capture perfectly - Tia just wants her independence, she's cheeky to her parents, and just wants to be with her 'odd' boy-friend. And just like in real-life (at least to my experience..) the end of the film see's her mature and make amends with Buck once she realises he was right all along about what he said...
Macauly Culkin (what a name!) stars in this too as Miles, and what a bright young actor he was for his age, who just doesn't stop giving you laughs with his funny facial expressions. Funniest moment? Bucks impersonation of of Tia's boy-friend when he laughs at his heap-of-a junk car.
This is a fantastic film not to be missed around the Christmas period. John Candy was a legend of his time and is sadly missed today for his warm and simple humour.
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VINE VOICEon 20 February 2011
John Candy is Buck Russell, a character very similar to Del Griffith from Planes, Trains & Automobiles. It's not surprising since John Hughes is the writer, producer and director of both films. Buck is a simple man with simple pleasures. He likes his freedom, his leisure time, and his bowling. He has a girlfriend who desperately wants him to grow up but...he can't be bothered.

But when Buck is called to the wintry, affluent suburbs to look after his brother's kids for a couple of weeks (much to his sister-in-law's horror) he learns what it's like to be a responsible adult and does surprisingly well with his extended babysitting chore (in his own unique way).

Uncle Buck was Candy's fourth (of five) collaboration with Hughes and the role is clearly tailor-made for him. He may be a slob, and the underdog, but he's the kind of relative you'll all wish you had. The comedy is underplayed and quiet, and the drama involving without being overbearing. It's all just easy-going entertainment that's perfect for brightening up a dull afternoon, and yet another reminder that Hollywood lost someone very special in March 1994.

The Blu Ray looks great in 1080p 1.85:1 widescreen, but Universal have given us a lossy, DVD quality Dolby 2.0 soundtrack. This is unacceptable. Consumers buy Blu Rays for HD picture AND sound! There are no features other than Universal U-Control.

It's insane to think that the BBFC originally rated this 15, when the MPAA gave it a PG rating.
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on 4 November 2000
Teaming up with Macauley Culkin for the first time, John Candy gives his finest performance as hapless, down and out Uncle Buck. Forced to look after his brother's children, Buck soon realises that looking after children is as hard as he had imagined, especially his problematic teenage niece Tia. Follow Buck's rollercoaster ride which sees him transform from the unemployable, drunken bum to a future father. Laughs and tears for everyone and one hell of a great film. BUY IT!!
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on 21 March 2007
uncle buck is a 1989 film written and directed by john hughes who certainly knows how to bring entertainment to the masses and along with home alone,uncle buck is a film that the entire family will more than likely appreciate.

Uncle buck stars john candy as a man with few morals and only a sense of whats right for him who is the last resort when his brother and his wife need someone to babysit their three kids ,one of which is maculey culkin.

Buck accepts and the two younger kids take a shine to him and his eccentric ways from the go,but the older kid sees him as an embarrassment but buck doesnt care,he is in charge now and with a few touching gesteures gains her trust as well and then their mother starts to like buck as well.

The film is a classic in as much as its funny,yet charming,slightly soppy in parts but enjoyable all the same,john candy excels in his role as a likebale oaf,a slob with a heart and the film has many memorable moments including culkins interroagtion of his uncle,the drunken clown and the headmistress with the mole on her face and how it consumes bucks thought matter,clearly this is a film for one and all.
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on 13 June 2005
A truely great comedy film of all time! Can it get any better with John Candy as the hugely entertaining bachelor babysitter, Uncle Buck?!
From the witty one-liners by Candy to unforgettable moments: from the car backfiring to Uncle Buck's visit to the school, this film will have you in stitches from start to finish!!!
A fantastic film to see when you need cheering up or when you want a bit of comedy!
Highly recommended!!!!
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on 12 November 2014
A film that I can watch over and over again and enjoy it every time. John Candy is brilliant as the title character, who has been asked to babysit his brother's three children whilst he and his wife visit her father who has been taken ill with a heart attack. Buck Russell is seen as a last choice as he leaves a bachelor lifestyle and has no idea how to run a home. Along the way, Buck is presented with many challenges - things that seem normal tasks to us seem to catch Buck off-guard but the way he deals with things is great. The children themselves present their own set of challenges. Miles and Maizy take to their crazy uncle quickly but are a handful, whilst 15-year-old Tia sees Buck as a source of embarrassment.

It is funny, but also heartwarming as you see Buck go on a journey discovering the joys of families and the other characters learn to accept Buck. I first saw this when I was about 12/13, I think I first saw a version on TV that was slightly edited to make it a bit more suitable for family viewing (the DVD itself is a 12 certificate) but it is a DVD I got for myself some time down the line. A great film.
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