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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect laptop for the right person
If you use a lot of native Windows apps: iTunes, Skype, Photoshop, and you're not willing to switch to web-based alternatives (Spotify, Hangouts, Pixlr), then stop reading this review now. This is not the laptop for you.

For everyone else, you can't go wrong with the Acer C720. The most impressive part of this laptop, other than the 9 hour battery life (which...
Published 11 months ago by Craig

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good idea, good performer, but I loathe the keyboard.
It's personal and tragic :'( I simply cannot get on with the keyboard, as I am a touch-typist and still use Windows keyboards most of the time, so I cannot get used to this "crippled" one, especially the strange Shift key area. Also, I hate that there is no cushioning/travel whatsoever to the keys, absolutely horrible.

Such a shame, as this Chromebook is...
Published 3 months ago by clemenzina

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196 of 202 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect laptop for the right person, 11 Jan 2014
If you use a lot of native Windows apps: iTunes, Skype, Photoshop, and you're not willing to switch to web-based alternatives (Spotify, Hangouts, Pixlr), then stop reading this review now. This is not the laptop for you.

For everyone else, you can't go wrong with the Acer C720. The most impressive part of this laptop, other than the 9 hour battery life (which lives up to its promise), is the silicon powering it. The Intel Celeron processor (based on the Haswell architecture found inside the latest Macbook Air, etc), combined with the ample 2GB of RAM and the lightweight Chrome OS, make this thing absolutely fly. If you're used to browsing on a cheap Windows laptop or one of 2012's Chromebooks, browsing on the Acer C720 will be a significant step up. If you're used to browsing on a top of the line PC or Macbook, this thing offers an equal browsing experience. What this Chromebook does well, it does very well.

The screen is an 11.6 inch matte display with 1366x768 resolution. This is a resolution commonly found on Chromebooks and other reasonably cheap laptops, but it a step above the netbooks of a few years ago. It's a fine display. As it's matte, you don't have to worry about reflections. On the other hand, it's not great in bright sunlight. However, I think this display is perfectly adequate for browsing and watching video. Also, the speakers are really loud. I was surprised that something this small could produce such a noise. The quality of the sound itself is a little bit tinny and lacking in bass, but, again, it's more than good enough for the price.

The keyboard is great. It's a chiclet keyboard and is very responsive. It took me a little while to get used to the layout as a couple of keys are different from Windows - the Caps Lock key is replaced with a Search key, but this can be changed under Settings > Devices > Keyboard settings (I changed it as soon as I found out how to). Also, there are function keys above the number keys that allow for quickly changing a lot of settings - brightness, volume, switching between apps, refreshing, etc. Once you become accustomed to their location, they're very handy. The keyboard is also a good size. I found the touchpad to be a bit ropey at first. It didn't feel very accurate. But either I've become used to it or it's got better over time. It feels perfectly fine now. There's also two-finger scrolling for moving up and down, double-tap to right click and three--finger swiping to switch between tabs, all of which are very useful gestures.

The form factor of the C720 is very nice. It feels even lighter than the 1.25KG given in the specs. On the lap it all but disappears. With the lid closed, it's about 2cm at its thickest point, so it's very easy to grip. I'm going to use this a lot when travelling and I feel very comfortable about carrying it in my rucksack. It doesn't feel substantially heavier than a tablet, and a tablet with a keyboard would probably be pushing toward this weight anyway. You also get the full array of ports, USB and USB 3, HDMI, headphone jack, SD slot. There's no ethernet though so you'll have to rely on WiFi.

Chrome OS is a lovely OS. I've heard many people criticise it for being "useless offline." All I can say is these people obviously haven't used a Chromebook. There's a a file manager, which lets you view music, videos, PDFs etc offline. You can use Docs offline. There are more and more offline apps being added to the Chrome Store every day, including Pocket, Wunderlist, Angry Birds, New York Times, Calendar, Keep (note taking), and a lot of productivity stuff. There's even offline Gmail. I can't really think of anything you'd want to do offline that you can't do offline on Chrome OS. The UI of Chrome OS itself is as simple as it comes. There's an app-launcher in the bottom left corner, and you can pin apps to the bottom bar like you can on Windows and OS X. In the bottom right there's a bar for changing user, sign out, WiFi network, Bluetooth, volume, settings, battery level, date and a few other things. It's as easy as can be. When you add in the complete lack of worry about viruses and the updates that happen in the background, as well as the fact that it turns on instantly when you open the lid from sleep, and it boots from completely dead to on in about 5 seconds flat, it becomes a very tempting proposition.

Overall, I love this laptop. It is always a pleasure to use and the experience never changes. I can't say that about any Windows machine. My advice to anyone thinking of buying one is to just buy it. It's a small, fast, virus-free laptop with a simple OS that lasts all day, has a great keyboard and an adequate screen and decent trackpad. For less than £200, this is a steal.

*Update: 18 June 2014.*

After a few more months using the Acer C720 as my primary computer, I thought I'd update my review with some long-term findings.
- Performance has stood the test of time and is just as snappy as the day I bought it. Performance does not degrade over time like Windows machines tend to. Battery life remains consistent.
- Chrome OS continues to get updated and it gets little enhancements every now and then, such as the ability to group apps into folders and security fixes.
- I really wish you were able to directly connect the Chromebook to a printer via USB. You can only print to Google Cloud print enabled printers or you can use Cloud Print to print through a Windows or Mac machine. Hopefully print support will get better soon.
- Microsoft Silverlight does not work on Chrome OS and this prevents streaming services that use it (such as Now TV and BT Sport) from working. Netflix, iPlayer and most other streaming services do not use the outdated Silverlight technology so they work fine.
- The Chromebook makes a great little Linux machine and you can keep Chrome OS in tact through dual-booting. If you are interested in this search for 'Crouton' or 'Chrubuntu.' These are different approaches but both are useful if you'd like to use an operating system that allows you to do more (eg print directly from the Chromebook, utilise native applications such as Skype). Please be aware that this may affect your warranty.
- If you ever need to recover your Chromebook or restore it to factory settings you can create a system image on a USB stick by typing chrome://imageburner into the URL bar. I did this when going back to pure-Chrome OS from a Linux dual-boot and my Chromebook was like new again.

I am still constantly impressed by the Acer C720 and would heartily recommend it to anyone considering one. It is a versatile machine and very capable of being many people's primary computer. A few problems have popped up over the past few months (detailed above) but none of them are deal breakers for me, and they probably won't be for you.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic family Chromebook!, 3 Oct 2014
@GeekZilla9000 "I am completely operational a... (Doncaster, Yorkshire, UK.) - See all my reviews
Having already owning a Samsung Chromebook and being *very* impressed with it, when I found myself wanting another computer for my children/stepchildren to use - another Chromebook was the natural choice.

I was considering another Samsung, but given that this Acer C720 has almost the same specs - I decided to go for this (it was better priced at the time and a newer machine). Like the Samsung, this feels like a 'proper' laptop. Some reviews refer to it as a bit "plasticky" - but it's no more plasticky than my expensive Windows 8 machine or my old white MacBook, and because this is quite compact - it feels more solid as a result. The grey finish gives it a professional look and the keyboard feels rugged. The keys themselves are well spaced (some smaller machines can feel a bit crammed in, but not this). The screen seems better - they are both 1366 x 768 resolution but to my eye the Acer looks slightly sharper. The viewing angle isn't fantastic, but given that the user tends to be sat infront of the thing, it's never caused a problem!

Boot up time is advertised as less than 7 seconds, and the battery is listed as giving 8.5 hours performance - both of these are bang on and the Chromebook performs as expected.

For those unfamiliar with the Chromebook concept, it is a low spec laptop which effectively runs the chrome web browser. On paper it's a fairly limited machine, but after listing everything my laptop was used for - almost all activity was done through a web browser, it was rare I ever actually opened up another programme other than when I was editing photos or creating audio files. Because all this runs is a web browser it runs incredibly fast - from pressing the power button to actually being on the net takes less around ten seconds and that inludes entering my password! My windows laptop takes minutes to be at full speed. My old Macbook only took seconds, but it cost several times what this Chromebook did.

Once booted up, my children use it for playing flash-based online games (Cbeebies website, that kind of thing), watching funny cat videos on YouTube and creating documents on Google Docs. Google docs enables you to create documents which are compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint - my eldest loves creating "topics" on her favourite subjects and printing them out. Access to the Chromebook is maintained via a Google account, this provides a Googlemail (Gmail) email address and once signed in you have full access to google docs, YouTube, etc. The beauty of this is that when my kids use my non-Chromebook she can just to go google, sign in and access everything that she did on her Chromebook because it constantly saves all changes. If she ever uses another Chromebook then she signs in as herself and it's as though she's using her own as all settings and bookmarks are associated with her google account. She often signs in at school too to show her teachers what she has created, the system works very well. The HDMI port is often used so that the family can be shown presentations she's done on Google Docs.

In a nutshell: If you want a laptop which is incredibly easy to use, fast, and doesn't require constant other software updates to work, and can play Netflix - then this is the ideal choice. It looks and feels like a solid machine rather than a budget device. Unless you have a specific need to use non-browser applications (such as iTunes, Photoshop, etc) then you may realise that all you need is a good browser. I've even started using this over my Windows 8 machine because it's quicker to boot up and I've found online photo-editing services which are free and do exactly what I need. The truth is - this is the future of computing, why have a super-powerful machine when servers elsewhere can do the number-crunching? All you need is Wifi. Also, it's probably the coolest Christmas present my kids/step kids ever had! Also consider the Samsung as an alternative, I've had one for nearly a year, it gets used practically every day and still meets all their needs. They are very similar machines but with the Acer having a different processor (I've not noticed any difference in performance and from what I've read the Acer's 1.4 Ghz Celeron processor is still quicker than the the 1.7 Ghz chip in the Samsung) and a better webcam (though this is rarely used).
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5.0 out of 5 stars Love it !, 8 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I love it - This is the best little computer for my needs that I have ever had - I am 70 years old and the first computer I worked with took up a whole air conditioned room and I have worked with many since then. This little machine was so easy to start using - the only setting up is your password and away - absolute magic - I love it - did I say that?

I only use it for emailing, buying on the internet, research, photos, documents, play a few games with friends, watched all of Wimbledon clearer than my husbands (twice the price) laptop and a Smart TV that kept hanging.

I am sure it can do a lot more which other reviewers can add..

I did want a 10" machine really but after reading former reviews settled on this one and really pleased that I did, it is lightweight, easy to use - oh and fast.
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4.0 out of 5 stars I'm hooked., 9 Dec 2013
R. Cowlin (London, England) - See all my reviews
My girlfriend and I bought an Acer C720 for ourselves as an early Xmas present. Her laptop died recently so she needed something to replace it (we also have my laptop), and I wanted something portable for around the flat and for taking on tour with my band. We both wanted something with the portability of a tablet, but that offered my girlfriend the desktop browsing experience and a keyboard. We're also on a bit of a budget, so the Chromebook seemed perfect.

My laptop is five years old but still works fine, as a result I haven't really touched any new laptop-type devices in many years. The first thing that amazed me about the Chromebook is the weight of it, it's incredibly light! I can pick it up with one hand, I'd say it's about the weight of a hardback book. My laptop is so heavy in comparison, and noisy with its constantly whirring fan. The Chromebook is so quiet and a delight to perch on my lap whilst sitting on the sofa.

I already used Chrome as my primary browser before purchasing the Chromebook and I use/own a few other Google products (gmail, google calendar, Android smartphone) so there wasn't much in the way of a learning curve. My girlfriend didn't previously use Chrome but that posed no real problem for her, she also has an Android.

The battery life on this is fantastic. I get about 8 hours out of it (though I've not yet run the battery all the way down), my laptop can give me 90 mins at a push. I use it mainly for browsing the web, watching Youtube / iPlayer, and listening to Spotify.

I think the battery life and portability (as well as the excellent price, £179 from Currys PC World) are the Chromebook's strengths. I love the fact that I can just move anywhere with it around the flat and not worry about having to plug it in everywhere I go. I'm currently browsing a forum and playing Spotify from my sofa, then I'm going to make dinner and watch iPlayer at the same time. Keep in mind I've not had a new laptop for five years, so I'm used to wrestling with what is practically a dinosaur in computing terms. I'm sure those that have kept up with laptop evolution have experienced this type of portability for years, but it's a great novelty for me. It'll never replace having a proper laptop or desktop computer, but it sure is getting a lot of use. It's so convenient, I really am hooked on it!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Computer Expert/ Nerd loves Chromebooks. DETAILED review., 4 Dec 2014
M. Whitby - See all my reviews
As a Computer nerd, who knows alot about computers, Windows, Mac, Linux, Server OS's etc.
This will be an important, informative review from that type. I thought it was needed as i saw alot of people writing reviews who were Mums, old (no offence), and young kids for their school work.

I was a little worried weather chrome OS would suit my needs.
My needs for it were as follows:
- To do everything i need to run my business on a day to day basis
- Remote Desktop to server machines, and my home PC.
- Emails
- Website editing
- Word processing (with G Docs) : Tbh, i think G docs are actually better than Word etc as of the ability to get to them anywhere.
- Light gaming
- Watching videos (Internet and downloaded)
- Music (spotify)

It can do all of the above without issue, so yes, it does everything i want it to.
I am planning to also install Linux on a USB and booting from that every now and again, to do what i ask though? Everything i need it to do, i can do through Chrome OS. I would do it mainly because i can, and to see how it runs games and things that cannot be run on Chrome OS.

My second thought was, was this going to be cheap and nasty? As my other choice was to buy a Macbook air, and i think that build quality is an important factor for me.
- It is made from plastic, but you cant really tell. Its a nice type of solid plastic, not like some Android phones that you can get that are cheap and nasty.
- There is NO Screen wobble. This was very surprising for me. As all the over Windows laptops i had looked at, had god awful screen wobble which i hated. Which was one of the reasons i was considering a Macbook
- It looks sleak, and the top cover is lovely and soft, and looks good to be honest. I wouldn't be ashamed to get this out in public, like i would be with some Windows Pc's

Third concern was battery and performance.
- The Celeron (the processor made of Cellery as the internet says). You don't need a fast processor in this machine, it is fast enough. It feels faster than my overclocked Sandy Bridge i5 in my desktop PC at 4GHZ. The only thing a faster processor would do in this machine is consume more battery. SERIOUSLY. If youre considering not to buy this because of the Cellery and 1.4GHZ. you could not be more wrong. Trust me.
- Battery. WOW!! Anouther reason i was considering a macbook was because of their amazing battery. This is pretty much on par of the Macbooks. Even though it displays 8.5 hrs of battery life. I often get 10 + hours of use. I could not ask more from this battery. It is perfect. The worst thing for a laptop is a bad battery. You buy a laptop for potability. Whats the point in a laptop if it has 4 hours or worse battery.
- RAM. Ok this was a concern as my Chrome on my desktop often consumes 6GB of RAM with my multitasking. This DOES NOT. It rarely even consumes 1GB and i have not changed my multitasking habits in Chrome. 2GB is more than enough. Do not be worried about running out, and there is really no need to get the 4GB version of this chromebook.
- Key Board. Damn beautfiull, nice feedback, and i can type comfortably fast on it. And there are a TON of keyboard shortcuts you can learn.
- Trackpad. Again, Smooth, responsive, and tap, and finger commands are lovely to smooth out work flow. It is lovely to use, and alot of trackpads iv used are not enjoyable. This one IS enjoyable!
- Noise. Simple, its silent, you cant hear it. No more planes taking off on your lap.
- Bootup. It boots up in less that 4 seconds from COLD. Not from sleep, from shut down to on and working in less than 4 seconds.

- You cannot get Skype on Chrome OS. Google need to hurry up and make a deal with Microsoft to get this done. It is the only thing stopping this machine from being perfect.
- I occasionally get a high pitched whine from the machine. I have very sensitive ears so most people probably cant hear it. Alot of people experience this, and is normal from what i have heard.

I got this refurbished, during Black Friday for £130 (about a week ago). This does everything i need it to, is fast, portable, beautfiull and an amazing battery.

To think i was going to spend £850 on a brand spanking new MacBook air to do just what i am doing now on the Chrome OS. On my £130 piece of engineering genius.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great little laptop, 15 Dec 2013
I've had a C720 for about a month, and a C710 for about a year (now moved on to my elderly mum, who couldn't cope with Windows virus issues anymore). Both are great machines for surfing, watching videos, playing browser based games and light office work.
We do have a powerful desktop Win7 PC for games, video editing etc and and some old win7 laptops that are really slow, hardly used, and will be retired soon.
To stop the kids dominating my Chromebook they are getting one each for Christmas (C720). They already mostly do their homework on the Chromebook - either in google docs or microsoft web apps (which works OK on the Chromebook, but is quite cut-down and generally not as good as google docs).
I don't get why people compare Chromebooks with the old slow clunky netbooks that had cramped low resolution screens. The Chromebook has the same screen resolution - 1366x768 as most 15.6" windows laptops, and has a decent processor, the latest Intel Celeron which is probably better than the AMD in many cheap win8 laptops. The 16GB SSD gives very quick performance, and is big enough, given that you can store all your data in the cloud ingoogle drive, or windows skydrive, or on USB stick / SD cards locally. I would say that the overall performance is better than on my work laptop which is an i5 device costing probably 4 times more, but lumbered with Win7.
One downside is printing - you need either a new printer compatible with google cloud print, or to have any printer connected to a windows pc with the chrome browser installed. We use the latter method, which works fine but does mean you need to have a windows pc turned on.
I would also say that it is much more useful than a tablet. We were given a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 by a relation who couldn't get on with it. We don't either really. It mostly sits in the corner of the room unused, while the kids fight over the Chromebook (the Chromebook does Flash, the tablet doesn't). It doesn't really appeal to the adults either - the small light Chromebook is much more pleasant to surf, watch films etc.
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4.0 out of 5 stars great product - not sure what it's for though, 13 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I got this to see what the fuss about Chromebook OS was all about.

As a laptop, it looks great - slim and very lightweight, I am able to take this in a backpack all day. The battery is said to last 7.5 hours, and I can confirm this is true, so not perhaps all day computing but as a note-taker for meetings very useful (I suppose it depends on how long your working day is).

The keyboard is chiclet style and nice to type on. This is a cheap product and Acer has to economise somewhere and that seems to be the screen, which is rather dull on battery unless you pump up the brightness, and then you hit battery life. Text could be crisper, colours could be more vibrant. Having said which, it is not bad, just not up there with the ultrabooks or brilliant tablets you can get these days. But it is cheaper, much cheaper, than they are.

The processor is not up there with the most powerful you can get these days, but of course Chrome OS makes fewer demands and so it pretty much hums along and you wouldn't know you weren't using a regular or even quite a powerful laptop. Apps open up in tabs in the Chrome browser pretty quickly and there is no real delay in using the thing. It boots in next to no time at all.

You might well wonder why you couldn't just use an ordinary laptop and load things in the Chrome browser - but read on.

The downside is of course the small hard disk - only 16 gb on this model, though you can get 32gb models. It is advertised as having an SD slot, but this is rather cheeky, as the device is so slim, that the SD card only goes in half way, leaving half of it hanging out, so hardly practical to keep a large SD card fitted permanently to make up for the lack of internal storage.

But the point of a chromebook is to be online all the time, and use the cloud for storage, not local storage. You can of course load individual files to the local disk so that you can work on them offline, but you have to remember that if you are taking a long flight, you won't have access to any files unless you have downloaded them first. A lot of people are confused into thinking that the device won't work unless you are online - it will do lots of things offline, such as editing documents or spreadsheets, as soon as you go back online it syncs with your Google storage. However, some apps only work online and there is the limitation, unless you go to the store and get offline apps, of which there are few.

The Chromebook store is fairly limited at the moment - nothing like Android or iOS.

You also come up against the limitation that Google apps are still fairly basic compared with the MS Office bloatware, which has everything included in the package. Google Docs is somewhat primitive, not having, for example Track Changes or a facility to compare documents, important for me as a lawyer. Even the Google salesman I spoke to admitted that really complex formulae would defeat Google Sheets.

So it's great, but I'm not sure what it is for. I can see that for students who need a cheap all-in-one package, it would be superb. For a small business with limited requirements and funds, it couldn't be better - remember, once you have bought the hardware, all the apps you need are already installed - so it is not like buying a laptop and then having to buy MS Office as well. As long as your needs are fairly basic, the Chromebook will be all you need. For that reason, I think, many people are buying these things.

The reason to get one - they are so cheap, and give you everything you need, as long as you don't want the moon. Another plus is that because it is an online thing, it is getting updates pushed all the time, so my feeling is that it is only going to get better, and probably very quickly better.

So it is up to you - if you can live with the limitations, I can recommend this product. Happy purchasing!
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Fast Bargain, 9 Dec 2013
I have been an IT professional for nearly 30 years, and I am a fan of Chromebooks for people who need maintenance and hassle-free computing for web-based tasks. I own numerous devices such as iPads, Nexus 7s, Windows/Linux laptops and desktops, and my review is based on real-world use within the context of those other devices being at my disposal.

Be clear, this is not a Windows machine, so that means no MS Office or Photoshop (amongst many other Windows things). Thankfully, what's possible with web applications these days provides much of what many computer users will need. If it wasn't for some specialist software I need to use, I would abandon Windows completely.

I won't go into detail as regards the functionality of Google Drive and GMail suffice to say I think they're excellent and use them daily on a professional basis for email, text documents and spreadsheets and I haven't used MS Office for ages.

Your work is automatically backed-up to the web as you work, plus a history of changes is also maintained, so no worries about losing work or having to backup. The amount of hassle required to retrieve `lost' work is simply logging into your Google account on another machine (Chromebook or otherwise).

If you're used to Windows laptops becoming sluggish over time, you'll be pleased to find that the opposite happens on Chromebooks as the OS and Apps are transparently updated, and there is no need for virus protection.

Printing requires use of an internet-connected printer and Google Cloud Print. You register your printer with the Cloud Print service and you can then print to it via web-connected devices like the Chromebook or iPad.

Yes, 16GB is a small HDD, but as most of your data is stored on Google's servers, this is moot. You get 100GB of online storage for 2 years with the Acer.

Some will say that you can get all the functionality of a Chromebook by using the Chrome browser on a Windows or Linux machine - this is true, but just try running Windows on a sub-200 laptop, and it's like computing in slow motion and a generally awful experience. Similarly, I struggle to do much serious work on the likes of an iPad due to the lack of physical keyboard.

Because the Chrome OS is so lightweight, it means more of the CPU is used for running your web-applications, and this Haswell-based machine flies. Subjectively, it seems at least as fast as my I5 laptop on complex web pages like BBC and GMail.

The UK Acer only has 2GB of ram (versus 4 GB on the earlier U.S releases), but in practice I didn't notice any slowdown with many browser tabs open.

Full HD video streams smoothly and hardware-demanding websites like Webcam Toy work much better than they do on a similarly cheap Windows laptop. Experimental sites using WebGL demonstrate the 3D capabilities are surprisingly good on this machine.

The screen is as good as you could reasonably expect at this price point - not IPS quality, but better than the earlier Samsung Chromebook I own.

Sound is nice and loud and the keyboard is perfectly usable, although I am not too keen on the small vertical arrow and enter keys.

Add in the excellent battery life (8-9 hours), and I can't find much to fault on this machine. It does look rather bland, but overall I think it's a bit of bargain for those who can drag themselves away from Windows. One bonus is that it's relatively easy to install Ubuntu Linux OS on the Acer if desired.

Update: I managed to install Ubuntu using the Crouton script - easy to do and works perfectly. Adds a whole extra dimension to this laptop, especially as you can hot-switch between Chrome OS and Ubuntu with a key stroke.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic laptop, shame my amazon order was stolen by Hermes courier..., 10 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I wanted a new lightweight laptop to replace a very old Sony Vaio running windows XP, it had got to the point where the disk was full, the drivers were out of date, and XP complained every startup about sending error reports and failed updates.

I decided to try a Chromebook - I had read a bit about ChromeOS but wasn't sure it would do everything I wanted.

I knew that a Chromebook was a completely different beast than a standard laptop - the operating system is basically a browser window, but it's one that is lightning fast and will never get bogged down by updates, drivers, dodgy apps or viruses.

I am glad to say it's handled everything I've thrown at it so far, from word processing to offline gmail and even image manipulation (although I wouldn't say the web-based photo editor was a replacement for photoshop).

My ease of getting into the chromebook is probably due to me already using a lot of Google services, so there is less culture-shock. If you are already using gmail, google drive + docs etc, then you'll wonder why you didn't move to a Chromebook earlier, however if you don't have a google account and regularly use itunes then there may be an adjustment period whilst you get your head around how to do things "in the cloud".

The keyboard has a nice feel and is easy to get used to. The screen is small but clear, and is high-res enough to get a decent amount of text or web page on without having to zoom out. Battery life is fantastic and charges quickly. SSD is fast and silent, as are the fans - I had to hold it up to my ear to even hear the laptop when it was on, it's practically silent which is a huge bonus.

It's perfect for my use - I'm even using it as my main work laptop, working from 2 locations everything is neat, self-contained and more importantly it's still blisteringly fast and I can use my required SSH remote connections via a nifty app.

The only (quite large) downside was that my lovely Hermes delivery person stole the laptop - the online tracking saying it had been 'delivered to shed' when the shed was locked and no card through the door. It never turned up and I got a refund from amazon and bought my chromebook from PC World - same price and no thieves to steal it this time fortunately.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The perfect choice, 16 Jan 2014
There are a lot of Chromebooks out there and reading reviews on which one is better can be a nightmare, I spent weeks looking into different ones and still wasn't really sure. I took a dive and went and bought the Acer c720 and I am beyond happy. I think all my future laptops will be a Chromebook from now on. I certainly recommend this Chromebook to anyone as I have had no flaws with the system despite what some people may say.

I was also amazed with how this laptop can easily be used on an external monitor. I have watched films on a 50" tv screen from this chromebook and it was very smooth and high quality from netflix. It's important to note that you can't install software on chromebooks but if you can adapt to the thousand of apps on chrome store and use the internet and google drive you won't find yourself short of materials to use. I have a main pc for all my software.

They boot up fast every time and are very well built!
Very highly recommended.
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