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If you're looking to be able to charge USB gadgets up, use pen drives, run powered external disc drives, power portable speakers. . .all at the same time, you need one of these hubs.

In the box you get-

- The four port hub
- A 1 meter long usb 3.0 cable
- A 1 meter long USB to DC power cable
- Instruction booklet

EasyAcc also provide a 12 month warranty and good technical support.

This is a simple plug and play item. No external power needed, drivers to install, no set up. But. . . you can use an external power supply to ensure there is no loss of functionality if you've got the hub fully loaded with stuff! Very handy indeed.

All four ports in this hub are USB 3.0 enabled. They are able to run the newest version of USB 3.0 which is upto ten times faster than USB 2.0 at transferring data and pretty quick in use!

I swear by 3.0 nowadays. But you of course do need to plug it into a 3.0 port on your pc. So make sure it's the correct one.

Usb 3.0 is usually identified by being coloured blue.

The unit is very light at around 75g and small at 4 inches long and very portable. It is made from durable plastic and has a great build quality, looks the business too!

The four ports are stacked providing plenty of space when in use. All ports are the blue colour identifying usb 3.0.

Don't let the 3.0 bit put you off as you can 'still' use your now snail pace 2.0 ports as I do on older pc's :)

In use -

It's spot on! I've used it on pc's running Vista and the madness that is Windows 8. I've ran powered external disc drives, portable speakers, my Galaxy Note 2, pen drives and charged a portable battery unit through it. It gets luke warm but not hot. There is no sluggish data transfer at all. The ports are a nice sturdy fit too. There's no jiggle in your connections with this! There's a blue power indicator light too.

Also. . .this hub acts as a power surge protector for your connected devices.
Being USB 3.0 it's pretty much future proofed too.

This hub was kindly provided by the manufacturer for me to test and review.

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The number of USB devices seems to multiply all the time and most computers have a limited number of ports and USB 3.0 ports (which are around 10x faster than USB 2.0) are even more scarce - many even quite new PCs will only have one of these out of say 4 or 5 USB sockets. This handy hub gives you 4 extra USB 3.0 ports. In the box you get - a four port compact hub; 1 mtr long USB 3.0 cable; 1 mtr USB to DC power cable and a clear instruction booklet. The device looks and feels nicely made plus EasyAcc provide a 12 month warranty and technical support. Remember that USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 but you don't get the benefit of the extra speed.

There is no driver installation to worry about and my hub installed in both Windows 7 and Windows 8 without any hitches. Although the hub is likely to be self sufficient power wise most of the time, if you plan to plug in a series of high drain devices then it will need additional help via a 5V USB input using the cable supplied - one end of which you plug into a powered USB socket and the other end into the power input socket provided on the end of the hub. The other end of the hub houses the USB port to connect to your computer using the cable provided - both the power cable and USB connector cable are generous in length at 1m each. The hub itself is light and compact measuring 15 x 9 x 5cm and it weighs under 100g. A blue LED indicates the hub is installed/operational.

In use this hub works very effectively and I've used it with a wide variety of devices including two portable hard drives, a portable DVD burner, memory sticks and an SD card reader - its performance has been faultless and the transfer speed of some bulky photo/movie files have been significantly quicker than under USB 2.0.

In summary, a well made hub that offers fast performance with more generous than average connecting leads for both USB and power that will suit desktop or mobile use. Recommended.
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on 9 July 2014
The biggest problem I have come across with USB hubs is that they either can support heavy(er) load or they can't. If they can, you'll need a mains plug to provide the extra oomph, and if they can't you wont be able to plug too many power hungry devices in (for example, two tablets and a smartphone).

This solution from EasyAcc is great because you can provide additional power to the hub through an additional USB port. Although it may not be enough to charge 7 iPads simultaneously, it's more than enough to support several USB drives a smartphone and a tablet.

And of course, you have the flexibility of using only one port if you don't expect to draw too much power.

It works fantastically well with a MacBook air which has only two USB ports, as this increases that number to 7. Although it supports USB 3.0 technology, my speedtests saw speeds peak at only 80MB/s - but I won't complain because that is still well beyond the speeds of USB 2.0.

One final note: If you're looking to maximize the number of USB ports available on your machine I strongly suggest you keep to the 7-port option. The four-port option will take away two ports and give you four; bring a net total of +2 USB ports which really isn't much. But of course, if that is all you need then the four-port option should suit you well.
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on 21 April 2016
I'd like to make a quick mention about this hub. It's a neat compact device, I easily stuck it to my desk with a strip of double sided sticky tape. The input is a female socket, and the device comes with a short male to male USB3 lead. So out the box it'll connect straight into a computer and be ready to use. It comes with a power lead that doesn't need to be used, but it's an awesome option because in some configurations it's necessary to boost power to the hub.

For example, this is how I've put the hub to use;

My PC gaming rig is very noisy with all the fans going, so I put the computer next door and run extension leads through a small hole in the wall for the video display, audio and USB. Whilst sorting this out I found USB3 is the way to go with this because it performed better for me at longer cable runs than previous USB versions.

So I'm running a 6 meter (20ft) USB3 extension from the PC over to the EasyAcc 7 Port hub. In this configuration it's crucial to power the hub from a USB charger. I'm using a 2A wall charger. The power lead that comes with the hub just plugs into it and then into the 5v labelled connector socket.

I use a cordless gaming mouse, USB wired gaming keyboard, Xbox360 game controller receiver for the PC, USB microphone, SD card reader and even plug my phone into it when transferring files across, and there's one empty slot for a USB memory stick.

In game there's a lot of USB activity; with the microphone, keyboard and mouse all being used at once, and the EasyAcc USB3 hub has worked very well for me in this configuration. When I transfer files they seem go across at USB3 speeds, so that seems to work ok too.

I'm amazed at how this just works, because I've tried all this with USB2 and other hubs before with reliability issues. So I'm glad that I've found a product that works in this configuration. Well done!!

If there's anything in particular you'd like to know about this product, I'll do my best to answer your questions in the comments section.
Otherwise I hope that you've found my review helpful, thank you.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 1 June 2014
The hub is nicely made and well presented in its box. It even has worthwhile instructions printed in colour and in English - not the scrappy small piece of a paper so often accompanying low cost electronics.

Not yet using it for USB3 devices so cannot comment on speed performance but for adding extra USB ports for mice, keyboards, etc. it works fine.

The included USB to power-plug cable is a means of providing the hub with higher power than it can obtain from the PC USB port alone. I'm not using it as I am not running high power devices through the hub but it is a nice touch.

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on 5 November 2015
I wanted to avoid having an additional mains plug and wire added to my already busy set up. Up to this point, I've been using three self-powered 4-port USB hubs with all ports taken up, including three webcams, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, three external drives, one USB audio mixer, two led lights and one wifi extender. So I need less clutter, not more...

I first bought the 4-port version of this EasyAcc last year. It's still working great out of the box without mains power. So, having just been left disappointed by the failure of another more expensive brand to work without mains power, I decided to give this make a go again with the 7-port version.

So glad I did! It worked perfectly out of the box without mains power. And I'm happy to see that at least one side of my laptop is now tidy with no tentacles sticking out of it.

USB 3.0 power without mains power supply:
This hub is able to power two webcams, a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse, two external drives and one USB audio mixer..

I would most definitely recommend this unit if you want a self-powered hub. I've not needed to use mains power for either the 4-port or this 7-port version, though it is good to know they are there as back up if it becomes necessary.
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on 13 August 2014
I bought this to go with my new Yoga as it only has 2 USB 3.0 ports. Upon receiving it I tested it out and didn't originally like the way the USB port sits in the InPut section, doesn't sit flush like in the pictures. Unfortunately this was the same for the power!

For this reason alone I was thinking about sending it back as everything I do usually buy is very near and tidy but this just looked like it wasnt put together properly, I may have been this one but still I wasnt happy with the look of the USB IN and the Power in.

other parts as in the main brick was built well from what I could tell but again the USB drives didn't really sit flush although sturdily in the USB sockets.

Anyways the next issue came when I wasn't to use a keyboard, mouse, usb lync phone, USB 3.0 Multidisplay adapter. I use a few screens for my job and for home so need these to work whcih they all did very well with the occaisional disconnect. My main gripe was that the power although always on did not turn on my lync phone like me previous USB had done and I had to keep unplugging and plugging back in to get it to turn on (even with power on the USB HUB). The second issue was my external usb keyboard was not powering on on startup every time it was a bit hit and miss.

Anyways long story short I've sent it back as it wasn't fit for my needs and although it does power through it doesn't seem to until the laptop is booted!!

I also didnt like the fact that when I sent it back I got charged for sending this item back! I will be sticking to just Amazon items from now on!
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on 24 February 2015
Amazing peice of kit for the price. I had an issue (as im sure many other laptop users have) where i cant plug towo large USBs into adjacent ports due to the ports being too close together! This kit solved the issue.
The reasons I wouldnt give it 5 stars is that the power cable (considering it needs a mains supply) is that it's only around 60cms long, which means that it's hard to stretch to a mains. Also the converter does advertise 3.0 but when I run a check using USBTreeViewer ( It seems to show me only on 2.0.
The speed is not as efficient as straight to a port, which I expected but was not particually please with when my external HDD needs two poer supplies to cope (That of its own and for this product).
Lastly every USB item I plug in has install drivers for (Im running win 8.1 64bit Pro edition). This will decrease the time I have to attually copy data.

It does seem to handle most variations and formats of USB (NTFS, FAT32 FAT, RAW ect.) so for that im greatful. It can also manage when I write .iso .freedos .ms-dos images to use for boot ups. Would probably give it 3.5 stars if halves were an option.
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on 11 February 2016
I had a USB 3.0 Port Hub by another manufacturer which was very difficult to install and invariably wouldn't work properly. I would put a USB Stick into it and sometimes it wouldn't recognize it or my PC froze. It got so bad that nearly everytime I put a USB stick into the Hub it froze the PC. I thought this can't be right. So I did a bit of research and found this with it's very good 5 star reviews and thought why not try it out, so I ordered it and received it the next day. It comes in a very plain but sturdy Box not unlike the excellent products that Anker make. It installed straight out of the box and I immediately tried to test it by using one of my USB 3.0 sticks and it immediately recognised it and the PC asked me did I want to read the files on it. I tried with various other USB Sticks and they worked every time and thankfully the PC didn't freeze. I would thoroughly recommend this Excellent Product
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on 30 May 2014
I only bought this to plug in up my mouse, keyboard and USB remote, am using the power from the PC. The keyboard works well and my USB remote is plugged in and thats working but not my mouse. Both my mouse and keyboard are Logic wireless USB plugs ins which worked OK before and as soon as the mouse is plugged in it stops working. Checked the battery in the mouse and renewed that but still no joy. Then I unplugged the mouse and plugged it into my PC direct again and it worked so if you have this problem read on...

Ok since this review I heard back from the manufacturer and they said that the unit must be nearer to the mouse if its wireless so I took it off the wall and placed the hub on top of my PC only a few inches difference but it worked. I have also tried it with my 3.0 unpowered hard drive WD Passport it worked fine with that too. I also plugged in my TV USB stick which is a August brand and thats working alright as well. You do need to have a 3.0 socket and at least one more for the power to go to the hub or a spear 2.0 socket for the power so altogether you need 1x 3.0 USB socket and 1x 2.0/3.0 for the power before deciding to buy this. One more thing I'd just like to add is the after sales support is first class so you buy with peace of mind. One other thing try sticking some blutack under the hub it keeps it from falling over when placed on top of the PC. Blutack is easily removable and leaves no trace or deface but its very strong stuff when it sets.
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