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4.5 out of 5 stars113
4.5 out of 5 stars
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 15 August 2012
Paramount originally decided to cancel Enterprise at the end of series 3, but allowed the fourth to be made. As a result, the writers really went to town to try to cram in as much as they could.

Once again, the quality of writing, direction and acting make this programme one of the very best pieces of television available. There are several multi part stories within this season, but even so the episodes stand out on their own very well. The end result was a series of episodes that addressed a lot of the back story for the "later" incarnations; and we see how the Klingons lost their forehead ridges, the beginnings of section 31, genetic manipulation and several other key items that would play a major part in the various series set further in the "future".

A particular favourite of mine were the two "Mirror" universe storylines; they even went to the trouble of re-creatinging the opening and closing sequence so that the stories were viewed as if from that mirror universe. It's clear that the actors found this a really intersting twist and in particular, Scott Bakula's impassioned speech to the crew about the preservation of the empire (part of which was cut from the programme, but shown in the extras) is a masterclass in acting.

The only epsiode in this set that was a disappointment was the final one; I'm not sure why they decided to bring in Jonathon Frakes, Marina Sirtis (both of whom I really like) and set the storyline as if it were on the holodeck of the Enterprise-D. But at the end of the programme, there is a piece showing the 3 main incarnations of the Enterprise with the relevant captains and the famous "split infinitive" speech; it still makes the hair stand up.

We need programmes like this to inspire us and the next generation; perhaps one day, Paramount will realise their mistake and introduce a new incarnation of this landmark concept and allow a new ship with a new captain and crew to explore strange new worlds, seek out new lifeforms and new civisations; and once again, go boldly where no-one has gone before.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 11 November 2009
I have very much enjoyed watching the 4th and final season of Enterprise. I especially like the concept of a story going on for 2 or 3 episodes. This approach has allowed for a more detailed development of stories. It was also good to see things that are mentioned in later series that I personally have always wondered about. Most of the stories provided at least some of the answers I was looking for while at the same time creating potential development archs for future seasons (though, unfortunately, we will never get to see them).

The only episode I didn't like was the final one. It felt like this episode belonged into a TNG series rather than Enterprise. It left me with the impression that the cast of Enterprise had been demoted to supporting acts rather than being the main attraction. I suspect, that the author(s) creating this story had envisioned it to be the final episode of season 7 but with the abrupt end of Enterprise an excuse was needed to pull it into the 4th. And I must say, they found a rather bad excuse taking away the last opportunity for the Enterprise and its crew to shine from the cast.

All in all, an excellent season well worth the time and money.
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62 of 69 people found the following review helpful
After three seasons of continual ratings decline, UPN shocked many when it renewed Enterprise for a final season. The show moved to Fridays, a move that showed a lack of confidence in the show.
Behind the scenes, Manny Coto took over as executive producer and show runner during this time. His infusion of fresh ideas brought us an exciting, entertaining, and unpredictable season.
The only reason I was still watching it at this point was because I had friends who came over to watch it with me. If I could have talked them out of it, I would have missed this season. That would have been a real shame.
Season 4 starts with a two parter bringing a conclusion not only to last season's finale, which found Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) in a World War II where aliens were helping the Axis, but also ended the series long temporal cold war story arc. The ending felt a little rushed, like Mr. Coto wanted to be done with it and move on.
Once the season got going, however, we were treated to lots of two or three episode story arcs that were highly entertaining. The first such story involved tracking down so-called Augments, humans with altered genetic abilities and brought Brent Spiner as a guest star. These episodes built upon stories from the original series and one of the movies, neither of which I had seen. I enjoyed them, but not as much as I would have if I had seen the back-story.
Many of the stories worked to set up the future Treks. One arc was devoted to a civil war on the Vulcan home world. Through T'Pal (Jolene Blalock) we got a glimpse into the changes that would come to their culture before the Original Series started.
One inconsistency between the Original Series and every other Trek series has been the Klingon makeup. A two parter from this season explains why when Dr. Phlox (John Billingsley) is kidnapped and made to try to fix a genetic disease. I hadn't been looking for an explanation to this inconsistency, but I liked the one they gave us.
In another move to please fans, we get a two parter set in the Mirror Universe. This was my first exposure to the dark side, but I can see the appeal. It was quite fun.
In the third season, Chief Engineer "Trip" Tucker (Connor Trinneer) and T'Pol had begun to develop a reluctant attraction to each other. This is build upon during the final season. At times it takes on a soap opera feel, but ultimately it keeps the viewer hooked.
Of course, one thing everyone wanted to see from this series was the start of the Federation. While we only get a glimpse of it during the finale, the basis is laid in a three part storyline in which Enterprise finds itself caught between the Andorians, Tellarites, and Vulcans when someone begins attacking all three of their ships.
The season finale was a bitter disappointment to long time Trekkies. Set several years ahead of the rest of season 4, it shows the founding of the Federation via the holodeck of the Next Generation's Enterprise as Commander Riker (guest star Jonathan Frakes) uses the events to help him make a decision. Designed to be a finale to the recent 20 year run of Star Trek on TV, it upset many fans with it's focus on Next Generation characters over Enterprise characters.
Naturally, every season has a few dud episodes, but this season's entertaining episodes far outweighed the mediocre ones. This is the only season of this show worth getting.
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26 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on 5 November 2008
Season 4 is filled with double header and even triple header episodes and with 2 parallel universe episodes which are even more higher on the entertainment factor.

Season 4 starts off when the ever present Daniels pulls enterprise into earth's past to 1940 where the nazi's have taken a part of america and all of europe thanks to some time travelling aliens whos intent is to get home and dont care what means they do to archive it, enterprise must stop them and get shocked when they find Archer still alive.

pulled back into the present archer must deal with his troubles of recent and to his old flame who is just promoted to captain of columbia.

after that we find out more on the vulcans, their past and Administrator v'las and his ruthless nature which considered against typical vulcan behaviour is very unusual.

we also see the formation of the United Federation of Planets, the death of an important character while saving shran and his daughter.

A great series that was prematurely killed off. Shame about that.
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47 of 53 people found the following review helpful
on 15 May 2005
Where did Star Trek: Enterprise go wrong? Well wherever it was it wasn't in season 4. The show finally goes back to some classic Trek storylines after Enterprise's year long trip in the Expanse and it also tries something not done since ST:DS9 in using 3-part story arcs. The season has some excellent episodes which really come back to original Star Trek stories. Some of the best episodes were the Eugenics War Trilogy with guest star Brent Spiner (Data from ST:TNG), the Vulcan Trilogy which explains how the 22nd century Vulcans turn into the Vulcans we saw in the pervious series, the Mirror Universe Two-Parter and the final ever episode "These Are the Voyages..." which shows the founding of the Federation.
As always this will be packed with special features and will make you cry, laugh and be proud of the final voyages of the Enterprise NX-01.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 31 August 2014
Mistakenly cancelled by the network surely the best
Star trek series after the original.this series premise
Did what the next generation should have done but failed.
That is to explore,and seek out ............
Arguably the best captain after Kirk.Arguably the best
Cmo flox after McCoy. The crew of the enterprise nx 01
Had the same enthusiasm that kirks crew had.
Mirror darkly double episode is brilliant
The Klingon cranial ridges change from the original tv series
To next gen is explained

The blue ray version is packed with extras. And
The picture and sound quality superb and that saying
Something since the dvd version was in hd format.
Pity it was cancelled.......
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 10 June 2011
I have to agree with many of the reviews here - series 3 is by far the best of all the 4 series. This one comes as rather a let down. Still very watchable of course but just not as intriging as the first 3 series. The finale - I have to agree - is a very very disappointing finale. It's as though the writers had no idea how to end the show and just thought of the first thing that came into their heads. It wasn't even an Enterprise finale - it was a 'Next Generation' episode with Enterprise slotted into it. There was no closure. And why Trip had to exit the way he did makes no sense at all. I'd still recommend anyone to buy it but be prepared to be disappointed.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 8 October 2014
I was expecting great things and I was duly rewarded. This is hands down the best Enterprise season and one of the greatest ever Star Trek seasons period. It plays like a labour of love as if created by a true fan of the show with a whole lot of nods to elements of the original series and picking up on Trek-lore that had never been explored before. Vulcan mini-arc including exploration of Vulcan, it's landscapes and cities? Check. Genetically engineered humans arc with nine other than Brent Spiner as Dr Arik Soong? Check. Amazing mirror universe episode that blows the mind replete with while different opening and theme tune? Check! The while season is filled with cool stuff and stands apart from the other seasons. More people should see this, especially if a TNG fan who hasn't approached this yet. I'd even say just watch this season before the other 3 and you'll appreciate the others even more. Really pleased with this and only let down by a compromised finale episode that feels like an afterthought seeing as we never got a season 5, which would have frankly been *amazing*. The blu ray set goes into some of that in the extras. 5 star release.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 4 July 2009
Its a shame that Enterprise was cancelled in during this season, because watching it after the fact you can almost imagine how brilliant the next five years might have been.
The show's continuinty story telling is really coming into its own, allowing writers to tell tales in around four episode blocks. The character development is at an all time high, as the ensemble cast begin to develop the short hand between characters that only comes after a couple of years. And the show's new producer seems to enjoy playing up the show's nostalgia, in away that pleases old school fans but doesn't allienate the new audience (that for what ever reason was watching a different channel). The show revisits the old series in a new and exciting way, and I'm sure the makers of the new movie must have at least watched this season of the show because at times the similarities are striking. Finally, as the season comes to an end, the show draws together all past Enterprises in what proves to be a moving tribute and bookend to almost 60 years of Star Trek television.
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23 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on 10 November 2005
This last season of Enterprise was actually a second successful season. As other Star Trek series, only after the third season things start to warm up towards better episodes with stronger build characters; unfortunately Paramount executives cowardly cancelled this show when things where starting to get really good. A shame.
The continuity of arc episodes, after the very successful recipe of thrilling third season, makes this 4th Season a must see, making me restore my almost gone faith on Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. The end of it was a little to rush (although comprehensible), and the tragic end of one of the characters was definitely too much unnecessary (reminds of Steven Spielberg's finales: just another easy way to touch the viewers).
There are several excellent episodes: the first two (WWII) and both of the Mirror Universe are the best of the better. The CGI is great, as usual; the MW aliens are also great. Special features are very good.
Unfortunately the subtitles options are very poor: again, there are only English subtitles and English for the hearing unpaired (but better this then none what so ever). There are no audio options besides English.
I sincerely hope Star Trek franchising will endure, and soon, really soon, there will be a new Star Trek series to boldly go were no man as gone before, marvelling us all with the GREAT Gene Roddenberry's (and Rick Berman’s continued) vision for the future of mankind. For Star Trek is the best of the best within Sci-Fi gender and will always have the best of the best fans backing it up. “Live long and prosper”.
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