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4.6 out of 5 stars683
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 July 2015
I started watching Arrow just before season 3 came out, and I instantly fell in love with it! I watched season one and two within the space of a few days and was eager to start watching season 3! In the past I was never a huge superhero fan per say, I mean I liked Batman and Spider-Man, Yanno your cliche heroes. But Arrow really drew me in, I love the style that is portrayed as it doesn't seem too unbelievable like Superman maybe ( I don't like Superman), and I think this gives it something special and is something DC always had the leg up on Marvel at. Batman is also a great example of this. But anyway getting back to the point I HIGHLY recommend Arrow for any comic hero fan, or even if you're not, this doesn't require the need to fill a superhero thirst at all. After watching the series myself I purchased this box set for my girlfriend and after 2-3 episodes she said she didn't like it, BUT, when I spoke to her the next day she said she loved it and had watched up to episode 17 of season one! (She did the same thing with Game of Thrones) but after getting her to watching Arrow, I've got her into watching other things like The Flash TV series (Very good!) and we're about to start Gotham. I have many friends who refuse to watch Arrow as they say "it's not their thing" as they believe it is a typical superhero show, but they couldn't be more wrong! I definitely recommend purchasing this or watching it in anyway and personally can't wait for season 4!
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on 6 August 2014
Just finished Season 1. If you loved Batman the dark knight you will love this show (another reviewer has already written the best review too)To add from a housewife's point of view though. It is well directed and you can just sink into the show like a good book! It is gripping with twists and turns. I picked this to watch with my husband, knowing he would enjoy it, as he loves DC comics and marvel based movies. I did not expect to get hooked too, as I am more of a book worm than tv. You do not need to know the ins and outs of the comics it is based on, to enjoy this show. It has good over evil with you asking yourself are they a goodie or baddie all the way through. Great cliff hangers and a little bit of romance thrown in, but not too much to make it icky. It is fast and leaves you wanting to watch more. This is one of the best TV shows since 24 and to be honest I enjoyed it even more! Can not wait to watch season 2 and 3 hope they are making a season 4. I liked the fact it is not riddled with bad language either, just oodles of great acting, effects and story line. Loved it
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on 7 February 2015
what a great series this Is i love the back story to this as he as flashbacks to when he was stranded on the island for five years and I thought the first series was great having john barrowman as the black arrow was great and then the second series came and it is not a disappointment as this also as some twist and turns in it and very well written stories are amazing well for me anyway I don't want to say to much as this could spoil it for those who have not seen it yet but worth a watch cannot wait to get series three
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Any superhero TV series of recent years is inevitably influenced by the likes of the Batman movie trilogy and the plethora of Marvel movie realisations - Iron Man, Captain America, Avengers, etc. Arrow is a radical reworking of the original DC hero Green Arrow, in many ways a bit of an also-ran as a comic book character. In this well-rendered TV series, the old 'Darkside' of the titular character is highlighted: he develops his skills in a five year exile being marooned on a remote island. It wastes no time in getting down to some explosive violent action, but to me, many of the storylines seem a little trite and not fully-realised. I've watched thus far about half of the first season, but I have yet to truly warm to the central characters, but as others have highlighted, Emily Bett Rickards as the IT staffer Felicity Smoak is truly scene-stealing, and adds a bit of humour, nuance and fine acting to her role, even though it's not (yet) been fully developed. I shall stick with it, because it's eminently likeable, and I trust that the characters become more layered as it winds on.
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on 22 April 2015
Really disappointed with this purchase. I'd hoped it would at least in part be about survival on an desert island; it's my fault for not looking into it more. I found it boring, disjointed, and cheesy in places. Some of the American- all the ladies have immaculate make up- wooden acting was irritating. I gave up watching after a while and donated the box set to a charity shop. If you like Batman or something you might quite like this.
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on 18 May 2013
Yes and yes. This is quite honestly up there with the great shows of the past 10 years. It is gripping and very entertaining, and surprisingly believable which is rare for a comic book TV show. It takes a lot of inspiration from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, that being its one hero fighting to save a city full of crime. For the most part there is a new story each week, but most follow the overall story arc of the series, and builds up to a truly epic climax. The first few episodes are enough to keep you entertained but are not enough to keep you wanting more, but that doesn't last long, about 4 episodes in I was eagerly awaiting the next, then the next and so on, and none disappointed me. That's what I want from a TV show and Arrow delivered it perfectly.

My opinion is If you like Batman Begins, The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises you should give Arrow a try.
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on 24 February 2015
Season 1 is 3 stars it greatly improves towards after episode 10, but can be a bit hit and miss before that. Season 2 is superb 5 stars and it is the best superhero TV Show I have seen. It is a brave show which never pulls it punches, action packed but it still allows character development. It is also very funny. Felicity Smoak is one of the best characters on TV.
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I purchased the series after my daughter thought i'd enjoy it, she was
'Oliver Queen' survives the sinking of his fathers yacht, and living on
a remote island for five years.
on the island 'Oliver' learns skills of survival, his time there is told
with frequent flashbacks.
Before his father took his own life to give his son a chance of surviving
on the raft after the sinking of the yacht, he tells his son of the
corruption in the business world back home and entrusting 'Oliver' with
a list of names.
Now back in the real world after his five year absence 'Oliver' becomes
a hooded avenger working his way through the list his father had entrusted
him with.
Comic-book action, many enjoyable action sequences throughout...........
if like myself you missed the series when's definitely
worth a viewing.
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on 22 March 2013
Unlike many new series, Arrow does not let you down after the pilot, but builds the characters, plot and back story brilliantly. Okay, every now and then there is a cheesy bit, but those bits can be forgiven by the overall quality of the production. Stephen Amell is particularly good and believable, and carries the series well. Many of the cast members are really good quality actors, although a couple of the main character actors I would replace. Particularly the actor who plays the sister of Oliver I find weak, but so far, just a minor annoyance (just as the rat-rug Stephen has to wear in the flashbacks).

Here in Europe, we're further behind in the series than in North America, but I find it so exciting to watch, I can't wait for the next episode so I've been watching bits and pieces on Youtube.
Fortunately, the broadcaster here in the Netherlands sends out each episode twice - first on Sunday evening, and then again late night Wednesday. Second time round you see more of what's going on, because it's so fast paced, somethings get missed the first time.

I'm really looking forward to getting the series on DVD! There is already a second series contracted - yay!!!
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on 30 November 2015
This is a box-set for persons aged fifteen or over and I would recommend it as such because some of the violence contained within is a little shocking. There's action a-plenty in this show but I found some of the drama a little tedious towards the end. There are some good flashback scenes in this series. I was constantly tempted to try to count the arrows in the hero's quiver as he seemed to have an endless supply. I think more effort could have gone into explaining the lead's athletic metamorphosis but this will probably be tackled better in Season Two. Nevertheless there's loads of action and superhero fans of the DC universe will find this programme diverting.
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