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3.5 out of 5 stars95
3.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 4|Edition: Limited Edition Metal Case|Change
Price:£7.87 - £58.59
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on 10 March 2014
I want to express straight away that I am a newbie to the thief series. Although I am not able to comment on the how this new game compares to previous in the series, I am going to try to complete this review from a 'newbie perspective'.

Firstly, I think thief, overall, is a decent/enjoyable game, especially to play in short bursts. The map is a decent size and there is lots of places to climb, enemies to sneak past. and of course, LOOT!

However, there are lots of issues with the new thief game. Firstly, the loading and frame rate is totally unacceptable for a 4th Generation Console - there were games on the PS3 with less loading times than this, and bigger maps. Whats more, the game feels very short - completed in less than a week (and I am not an 'avid' gamer, a serious gamer could complete this in days…). The side missions are also rather unengaging and repetitive - open this window, find the secret passage, steal this, disable these traps, find the safe combination - good for the first few times, but soon to be found lacking.

In addition, the cutscenes within the game lack quality - whilst the graphics are worthy of a next-gen console, the dialog is totally stagnant and appalling, exposing the weakest aspect of the game, which is the actual campaign storyline. I also find the reliance of thief on 'light' a bit tedious. For example, enemies can see you from 3 miles away if you stand under a torch, but are totally blind to you if you stand in front of them in the relative dark. In addition, on some levels it is physically impossible to go unseen, which ruined the stealth aspect of the game for me.

However, what kills this game most for me (and I have already mentioned this) is the repetitiveness. In this game, every mission feels the same - takedown or avoid guards, pick the lock, get inside and steal something. Although I know the aspect of stealing is the main part of thief, it feels as though this has been poorly executed. In addition, whenever Garrett (the main character for those whom don't know) finds himself in a tight spot throughout the campaign, he typically faints and with NO explanation, apart from hallucinations, has escaped or killed guards. This makes the game feel artificial and unbelievable.

I enjoyed thief as a game, but judging by the comments of hardened veterans of the series it is not the game it once was for them. Sadly, the game was so short (complete with all the side missions and areas you could steal from in 'free roam'), I yet again have a next-gen console and no fresh games to play.

Role on May 27th, Watch Dogs better live up to the hype!
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on 7 March 2014
I was really looking forward to playing this game. Within a few hours of playing it, I lost interest. The controls are unresponsive at times and the camera views make it really hard to see where you are jumping to.
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on 22 May 2014
I was new to stealth games when I purchased this. Not new to stealth in games, but I've never previously played a game that fits into the "stealth" genre. I was quite excited to see a game like this come out, and was hoping for a refreshing change in gameplay from GTA-style madness. And, in a lot of ways, I wasn't disappointed. The game offers excellent and unique stealth mechanics that are intuitive and work very well.

The object of the game is about as simple as you probably imagine. You are a master thief, moving through The City stealing various objects; often as part of the main story, sometimes for random characters, more often than not just for your own edification. Garrett's tactics are almost exclusively stealthy, as you would probably expect. Hiding behind objects, in objects, in shadows, and in one scenario hanging from a hook. In the missions, the options available for stealth are about as varied as you can imagine, and there are often multiple ways to approach the scenarios - one of the main story missions that springs to mind sees you finding an entrance to a manor, and there are probably about half a dozen different ways to get in, and in each way multiple options to sneak in undetected. The AI in the guards is not perfect, but they do a reasonable job when it comes to detecting Garrett if you put a foot wrong, and the game has programmed the guards with multiple levels of awareness - detection is not an all-or-nothing event.

For all the excellent stealth mechanics in the game, I have to say I feel that the rest of the game let it down.

The story is based in the supernatural for some unexplained reason. I can't say it's the most interesting story out there. In fact, I struggle to remember and honestly struggle to pay attention to it. It's just not very interesting or engaging. And I don't think it serves the concept of the game very well. I was expecting to be, primarily, stealing. Instead, many missions see you hunting for information and stealing gold coins whilst you do it, which isn't really what I was expecting. Indeed, you're generally not looting high-value items like a "Master Thief", but rather larger numbers of smaller items; a bit more like a petty thief to be honest. Having said that, the missions are very well designed levels, and it's clear that a lot of thought went into the design and execution of the main story missions.

Then there's "The City". You'll notice that I've not named the city. That's because the developers felt that they didn't need to name the city; perhaps because they didn't want to tie the game to a specific time and place? Sadly, the generically named city feels very generic and uninteresting. Beyond being set in the medieval era there's nothing particularly memorable about it.

The open world is very poor, and I'm quite surprised to see it released in this format for 4th generation consoles. Each area of the city is self contained, and to move between areas you'll be faced with quite a few loading screens - for a game released a few months after Grand Theft Auto V; one of the biggest (if not the biggest) open world games ever created; it's very disappointing that the rather compact city is restrictive in this way. The main missions take place in their own self-contained levels. What little impetus there is to get you exploring The City is lost when you find that, for most of the game, The City is crawling with guards who will try to kill you on sight, which doesn't really encourage you to explore. Furthermore, the game keeps directing you to the next story mission, with little option to deviate (or so it seems). In GTA and Assassin's Creed (to name but two successful open-world games), you'll find the main story missions and side missions available in an omnipresent mini map. However, in Thief, there is no mini map. A pointer in the centre of the screen directs you to complete the main story, and if you happen to stumble upon side missions then so be it. It's a real shame, because you'll generally find yourself just pursuing the one path of the main story and missing the side missions.

And then there's combat. Many previous reviewers have commented that combat is not necessary in a stealth game - if you are successful then you should be able to avoid combat situations. And I agree entirely. However, for a Master Thief, Garrett's fighting skills are frankly pathetic. You can choose to shoot arrows at your enemies, however it takes multiple arrows to kill your enemies (unless you shoot them in the head) and your capacity for carrying arrows is very limited. Melee combat is particularly poor, and I find it not very responsive or effective. If you are detected (and you will be at some point), you're best to run away and, if that's not possible, you might as well just give up because you've got no chance. Combat is poor, and whilst I suspect that this was a deliberate decision made to encourage the use of stealth, it also means that if you are detected you're pretty much done for, and I think there would be more potential for getting out of sticky situations if Garrett could hold his own a bit better in fights.

There's a lot of good in this game. The stealth mechanics are excellent and it's clear that a lot of effort has been put in to make the main story missions enjoyable, and to encourage you to slow down and use your brain to work out how to get around a problem. However, the main story is let down by a bland, uninspiring (and unnamed) city and an open world that almost goes out of its way to encourage you not to immerse yourself in it. As such, I find myself progressing through the game rather slowly. I often want to play Thief, but when I start playing the game I find there's little to keep my attention.

It's disappointing that a very solid concept for a game with potentially excellent gameplay has been let down somewhat by its execution.
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on 31 March 2014
From the outset the game looked promising, rather inviting with the rich graphics of the PS4, but that's pretty much where the good things to say about the game stops, I played the game through on Master difficulty, because I like a challenge and generally the harder difficulty allows you to feel immersed in the characters role especially in a game such as this, but this just doesn't do that, Garret is totally lifeless compared to his former self in previous titles of the series and the gameplay is rather wooden, great you can skulk around in the shadows but you don't actually do much else! If it wasn't for the graphics and the potential it could've had it would've only got 1 star!
If you're new to the series give it a go, if you are a fan good luck enjoying it.
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on 15 March 2014
I was a fan of the first three games, so I was looking forward to this.

When I first started playing, it was a little underwhelming, but still decent. It was no Dishonored, but still a worthy successor to Deadly Shadows.

Then I got to the fifth chapter and it all went out of the window. The chapter started quite promisingly, with what was a fairly passable retread of the Shalebridge Cradle's concept (i.e. a creepy, haunted asylum with plenty of notes left behind by the staff and patients). Sadly, when the horror show ended and I finally got some undead monstrosities to sneak past in the didn't happen. Instead what I got was a bunch of invisible, super fast, precognitive humanoids which (aside from not being scary, as much as frustrating) completely threw the "stealth" out of the window in favour of playing "lure the monster into an oil patch and light it".

In addition, while the gameplay itself was solid, the level design leaves a lot to be desired - unlike Deus Ex's current gen (well, previous gen now, I suppose) sequel the game fails to leave all your options open. Sure, there's the odd grate or window you can enter instead of picking the lock on the front door, but you'll have all the tools before the second chapter's over, the upgrades and skills barely make a difference. It becomes less a case of "choose your style" and more "work out which style this level was designed for".

All in all, this pales in comparison compared to what Eidos managed with the Deus Ex franchise and didn't manage to do anything Dishonored hasn't done better (and I'll consider the latter the true successor to Thief: Deadly Shadows for the considerable future).
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on 17 April 2014
Delivery on this game was great, arrived 4 days earlier than expected. The case came damaged pretty badly but this was second hand so I didn't mind.
The gameplay is meh. The levels are very small and quite restrictive. If you're looking for nostalgia, this does not have it. This game is completely different to the older ones. The closest one in similarity is number 3 and it's worse than that again. Buy only if you have a few hours to kill.
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on 20 April 2014
Thief is not a bad game, but it's not great either. It's basically a corridor simulator with a bit of parkour added in. There's no jump button either, which seems a bit weird. Stealth is pretty good, but you can just go around nailing all the guards and no one cares. If you love stealth games try it out, but otherwise steer clear.
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on 20 March 2014
This needed a ton more playtesting. The graphics are very good, but very drab and it loses out badly compared to Dishonoured (which was not without its faults) as an experience. The story was dull, and the gameplay was dreary. There is no excuse for the combat mechanics and animations. Stealth was sometimes stupid (run down a dead end corridor turn a corner and jump on top of a cupboard and immediately become invisible to those chasing you). Reload times were lengthy (and frequent) and stopped it ever really building a flow. I stopped at what was probably about 1/3 distance and I have not done that with a game in years.
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on 21 March 2014
A lot of bad things have been told about this title, and most of them are probably true, however I still enjoyed it quite a lot.

The cons are really obvious as soon as you load the game for the first time. First of all, the frame rate is not consistent and there is no particular reason for it. The graphics are OK but not outstanding, and the PS4 has already shown its potential rendering much more complex (and bigger) worlds without these problems. Second, the AI is completely idiotic, something quite terrible for a stealth oriented game. Run a little bit and the enemies will loose your track immediately. They cannot even climb, and this fact makes extremely simple to escape from them. Moreover, their vision is chicken-like, because they cannot peer into the shadows at all, and they always behave in the same way. The third biggest problem is the constant loading, something that interrupts the action all the time and has no reason in a machine with 8 Gb of RAM. Apart from this, you can also expect a lot of bugs: people smoking or eating with empty hands, guys talking with the mouth closed (and repeating the same dialogues all the time), enemies colliding against the walls... there is also quite a lack of interest in the design of NPCs that are not relevant for the main plot. All the human models, except the main characters, look the same, something that is quite offending when you stare a crowd of people.

However, Thief has some very nice touches. I really like Garret, the protagonist of the game. And the same is true for all the other main characters. The city feels really alive and deep and you have quite a lot of side missions to enjoy it. Garret is very easy to control (when you get used to him) and the mechanics of stealing are really pleasant. Collecting things is also a nice way to keep you busy. On the other hand, you can choose between different play styles and this adds quite a lot of value to the game. When Thief works, it works really well. I will not talk about the plot, it is not very deep and has been heavily criticized, but I found it decent at least.

In summary, I think that you will have a good time playing Thief, specially if you learn to live with its many mistakes. It is a pity for this game that Dishonored exists. They have quite a lot of things in common but Dishonored really excels and this one fails to offer the same.
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on 13 March 2014
After seeing the trailer for this game I couldn't wait to play it but I find myself disappointed after purchasing Thief as I just found the game boring and repetitive and also found that the controls were occasionally unresponsive (though this could be sorted with a patch in the future) I feel that Dishonoured and that also Assassins Creed were both better games in the stealth genre. This game is not worth the price it costs on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.
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