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3.5 out of 5 stars95
3.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 4|Edition: Limited Edition Metal Case|Change
Price:£7.87 - £58.59
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on 18 June 2014
When I first started playing this game, I didn't like it very much. I put everything on the very highest difficulty. And that made fo an overall tiring game in which I failed more tha I succeeded (I always do hard difficulty fine, but here it means: detected =failed, deal/take any damage=failed, ). Anyway, after 3 chapters, I stopped playing and told everyone how it sucked.

One day, I found myself without anything else to do, so I decide to continue the game. I liked it more starting from Chapter 4. It was still difficult and annoying, but I got through it. There's a deliciously scary horror chapter in there, too. When I'd finished the game and received my deserved achievements for going through the difficulty, I started over again, and put it on lower difficulty, which makes it a much more laid back and enjoyable game.

People who enjoy stealth will like high difficulties, and people who enjoy violence will prefer lower ones. The graphics are okay, but not great. The story is involving (and supernatural). The main character is dull though. (Why do they ALWAYS go for hoarse voices? It's so darn clichéd!).

In conclusion, it's by no means a classic, or even great, but it was okay and it kept me busy.
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on 18 May 2014
Pro: ok looking game.
Con: pretty much everything else.

Open world? Nope. The city is sectioned off with load screen between sections. Even rooms in the city are boxes. Non-transparent windows and un-openable doors galore only reinforce this feeling.
Storyline? Convoluted, far fetched and simply unbelievable, even for a fantasy story. With plenty of Max Payne style dream sessions (remember those? Ugh!) thrown in. After 3 missions you pretty much lose interest in why it is you're doing what you're doing. The exception maybe being the asylum mission.
The game feels repetitive and quite frankly, horrendously boring.
The touted side-jobs? I estimate there are about 20 so don't hold your breath hoping for content there either.
Finally the save-game mechanics. You can manually save into a single slot. Use it well since unannounced save-points with no means of returning to earlier parts of the map may just make it impossible to attain the optional side goals of missions.
Not that you should really bother with theses side-goals since they only cause you to have to suffer this game even longer.

Very disappointing.
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on 1 March 2014
First lets get the negatives out of the way... the one real/only issue I have is the loading screen when suddenly opening a window/door etc into another part of the street you are struck with a rather irritating loading screen... being next gen you'd think it'd run smoothly and transitions would be extinct, but alas loading screen comes and in my opinion it breaks the mood/pace.

Now for what I really like: stealth of course! You skulk around in shadows quietly and become one with them swooping up all valuables you cast your thieves eyes upon, this requires patience and being keen on observation, it's not an open world game but the areas offer a great playground to tread lightfood around.

I have stuck to the morality of Garrett (the Protagonist) and have thus far avoided killing anyone but it can be an option for the cold blooded thieves among us.

Another joy is reading diaries/newpapers/letters and other secrets which lie within the City. This along with overhearing conversation gives a sense of life to the dark despair ridden streets.

Enjoying it alot, hope you will too.
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on 24 April 2014
The most boring game I have ever played sold it after only a couple of goes not worth the money
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on 28 February 2014
I'm a fan of stealth games and taking time to THINK about how to approach a certain scenario. The Assassin's Creed series is decent at handling stealth mechanics but it's still nowhere near the level it could be. Does Thief offer a good gameplay experience in this area? Will it please those looking for a new stealth-orientated game to experience? The simple answer is yes, it will.


The decent-length prologue offers a good start to the game and introduces us to Garrett and Erin, his protege. You begin the game staring out of a window into the black, gloomy world that is known as 'The City'. After taking everything that isn't nailed down and reaching the drop point for your mission, things take a rather mysterious turn and our stealthy hero is left with strange abilities and a multitude of questions.

I'll admit that it's not a story that feels as though it should associated with a game like Thief. Dark cults and strange powers are not two things that you'd expect to find in a game that's based around stealing, pickpocketing and working your way around a hopeless city but there it is. The story, despite being interesting and unexpected, feels as though it doesn't fit with the game as well as it could have. Not a bad story by any means, just doesn't "click" with the feel of the game.


On the PS4, Thief looks very well done. The game world known as The City really does live up to its reputation as a dark, gloomy and hopeless place to be. The streets are tight and winding, you can find beggars and the sick littering the gutters and since the game is supposed to be dark, the lighting effects look amazing. Candles flicker on tables and braziers and street lamps flicker occasionally all the while you sneak about the shadows. I'm not one for turning the game brightness down really low but I did for this and it's really immersive.

The cutscenes in the prologue actually look worse than the in-game graphics, I found. Apart from dropping the frames every so often (this apparently happens across all platforms so it's not the PS4 console) the cutscenes don't look as good as in-game. Character faces look decent but the lack of expression on a lot of them leaves things to be desired. Honestly though, the in-game graphics are definitely where the game shines and the fact that the cut-scenes look worse is not too much of a bother. The amazing lighting effects and immersive world really help to give Thief that unique feel to it. The sounds in the game are excellent as well. You can hear rain hammering against windows and boxes, your footsteps in puddles and the footsteps of guards just around the corner which is just as it should be. I'll applaud the developers for delivering such great sound mechanics because, in a game like this, you need all your senses.


I'll say it now, just in case the name "Thief" hasn't given you a clue - this is a game for the patient and for those who to like to THINK about how to approach a situation. There's nothing wrong with clearing an area of enemies by killing the lot of them and, although you CAN do this in Thief, it's not where the game excels. Sitting in the shadows, peering around corners and swooping from cover to cover is where you want to be. It's where you need to be.

The levels of the game are split into chapters. Whilst each chapter is a fair length, it's highly possible to blow through the game quite easily by just killing/knocking out most of the guards and ignoring the loot and secret areas and such. If you're going to do that then don't buy this game otherwise it'll disappoint you. The levels are designed in such a way that you can choose how to approach a situation. Make no mistake though because the levels are linear. You don't have TOTAL freedom on how to approach a situation because the areas aren't all that big. In one of the earlier chapters you have to break into a jeweler's shop. There are multiple ways to do this, yes, but all paths lead to the same objective anyway.

The levels are split-up by allowing you to return to The City whenever you like. Here, you can explore a hub-based world to increase your earnings, purchase equipment and stash your most prized hauls in your hideout. This is a really nice feature since it helps to break up the progression of the story by allowing you to go off and do your own thing for a while. The map isn't huge but it's got everything a Thief could ever want. Houses to break into, guards to pickpocket and secrets to find. You can also purchase new equipment like a wrench or a razor tool to cut into hidden paintings and open up new areas. Take your time to explore and you'll be richly rewarded!

Garrett can swipe anything that isn't down for gold. Cups, coins, necklaces, pens and even scissors offer you money. Scanning an area for all the loot is a fun and often tense experience especially if there's a sleeping guard right next to you. The slightest movement can alert enemies in this game but that only adds to the challenge. Move too quickly past a bird cage and the creature will alert any guards nearby to the location. One of the most interesting things about the looting system is the ability to find safes hidden behind paintings or in otherwise out of the way locations. You can run your hand along the frame to look for a hidden switch and if you find it, the loot is yours. The game preaches about how it wants you to feel like a Thief and this kind of interaction, even if it is rare, really does help reinforce that point.

You have various ways of sneaking through the areas of the game. You can douse candles with your fingers, providing more cover for you to hide in. You can create distractions by throwing bottles or using water arrows to douse braziers and even fireplaces in houses and the like. Or, you can navigate the rooftops with rope arrows or use them to create alternative ways of getting into - and out of - places. You can use your bow to simply kill enemies outright but finding the required arrows isn't always easy and honestly, it's more fun to try and sneak past them all! Swiping a building of all its precious loot is much more satisfying when there's three guards patrolling in the rooms right around you and gives you a sense of achievement. It's a good mechanic and the game handles it well.

In a game like Assassin's Creed, guard AI is absolutely pathetic from a stealth point of view but I'm pleased to say that the guards in Thief are a fair bit smarter. Douse a candle near them and if they notice it go out they'll suddenly panic and may try to re-light it. Similarly, shoot out a brazier or throw a bottle and they may go investigate - or not. They may not actually do anything which, at first, seemed a little silly but then offered another challenge in that you never really know how they are going to respond. If you're spotted, they will pursue you relentlessly but since you are quite agile it's not too hard to avoid them.

This brings me onto my final point. If you're forced to fight the guards in this game then you may have your work cut out for you. Garrett is not a combat expert by any means, he's a thief. Combat in this game is a rather awkward mini-game where you have to dodge enemy attacks and counter with your own. Facing two or more guards is a nightmare and, if you're playing on a higher difficulty like me, it's almost always better to run away and hide. You're a thief, not a mercenary. It's no surprise that this doesn't really fit with the game since you're not really supposed to involved in combat at all. It's almost like the combat was designed as a punishment for being caught. It's clunky and awkward, so don't get caught!

Overall, I'm pleased that I picked this up. As a fan of these kind of games I enjoyed the challenge of trying to avoid getting caught and exploring everything on offer. The story isn't the main selling point here unless you're a fan of the older games but for those of you looking for a dark and enjoyable experience then Thief might just be the answer for you, especially if stealth-based gameplay is your thing.

+ Beautiful lighting effects and an immersive game world
+ The stealth works really well
+ Combat is punishing - this IS a game about stealth after all
+ Finding hidden areas, picking locks and pickpocketing is fun and encourages exploration

- Cutscenes don't look on-par with the actual game
- Story doesn't gel well with the overall feel of the game
- Linear level design sometimes reinforces how simple some sections are
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on 22 March 2014
Promised so much but delivered little, graphics may be good but I wouldn't know as gameplay is dull beyond belief , who thinks this rubbish up? Daylight robbery
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on 22 March 2014
Not very entertaining, not a very good story, seems too similar to Dishonored. The controls are sloppy and awkward. Wouldn't buy again
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on 17 February 2015
pretty mediocre game but there is fun to be had if you play the game without killing anyone. loads of difficulty options to test your skill as a thief too. the combat is very bad, id recommend choosing the pacifist approach if you get this game. also if things get hot, don't stick around you should run and hide. rooftops are your friend.

with that being said, the item arrived on time and in great condition and also the steelbook case is very nice.
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on 27 March 2014
good game at first then starts to get a bit repative graphics are very good looks brilliant but spoilt by game play
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on 19 March 2014
Not a very good game graphics pretty decent but game play very poor and very boring to play to be honest
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