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4.3 out of 5 stars30
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Limited Edition Metal Case|Change
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on 13 July 2014
I'm a Thief aficionado, and I have been waiting for this game for literally years.

I even designed my newest PC to be able to play this game on max. Sad, but true!

There are lots of ways to look at, rate and judge this game, depending on why you game, how you game and what type of game you like. Many of the reviews on the game are from people expecting something else, or better, or different, or simply don't really get stealth games. They are not necessarily wrong, but believe me, if you are looking at Thief, you need to know what it is about. It is most definitely NOT a first person shooter.

The first way is to look at it nostalgically and compare it with the three preceding games. Don't take this approach. It is wholly different, set a hundred+ years in the future. The feel of the game is different, the game is linear, but with more 'roam the city' gameplay than 3. A huge difference is the width & breadth of the city. There are more nooks and crannies in Thief 4, and more ways to get around. The freedom to explore and go everywhere is more like Thief 1 & 2. However, because it is set 100 years later, all the Burricks, rat men, Pagans, Hammers, zombies and haunts, etc are gone. New enemies for sure, but nostalgic folk, may miss them.

The second way is to focus on the storyline. In my opinion, a good story covers a multitude of negatives. This to me, is the opposite. The story just hangs together, but only just. It just seemed to me to be… well, feeble. Almost like the devs produced this superb game and then thought "what shall we make the story all about then?" It would have been easy to make it more credible, so why didn't they? Rather frustrating and the reason why I gave this 4 stars.

However, if you like good grafs (and for me it is essential) this is a beautiful game. Don't expect bright sunshiney mornings, every bit of this game is set at night. I use a 27" 10bit monitor and a 780ti so I maxxed the settings. Superb. Really excellent. Everything I hoped for.

Fourth, gameplay. Essentially, you move round, trying not to get seen, nicking stuff, finding info and completing short tasks, longer missions and storyline chapters. I loved this, but people have complained that it is linear. Well, yes it is but very many games are. The transitions though windows, narrow passages, access doors etc, is not liked by some, but I'm fine with it. There is wide scope for exploring the city and new huge bits of the city open up as the story progresses. I love the freedom to roam, firing rope arrows (which stay up for the duration of the game! Excellent!) so I would spend hours, simply running about, understanding and learning the city. Safer routes, location of access points, that sort of thing. For me this was the strongest part of the game. There are several speed runs which are good fun, especially the burning bridge. I also like the way you can get more coin by completing a mission/task in a certain way to vary gameplay. Downsides are the focus ability (which you can opt to not use and I recommend you try it) and the wirecutter trap disarming. Repetitive and lacking imagination. The boss fights are a bit too easy.

Fifth, the pace of the game. If you like fast paced, gun 'em down games, you won't like it. For instance, the movements of NPC guards are not synchronised, so if you have to sneak past two of them, it may take a minute or more until they are both where you want them. During that time, all you can do is watch and wait. Also you may need to spend a long time on a 5 pin lock. I would imagine that this would be frustrating for some, but I love stealth games so I was completely cool with it.

The characters are mostly pretty good and mostly believable. The female lead, Erin is well acted. When she starts, she is an out of control thug, who is on the hard stuff. Basso is a great character amusing, rogue-ish and sympathetic. The main character Garrett, I mostly liked. Cynical, suspicious, cautious and dangerous but has a believable emotional guilt trip throughout the game. Liked it, although as I said, the story is a bit flimsy. NPC guards are not as dim as 1,2 or 3 and the AI sends them to likely hiding places. They do tend to reassure themselves, calm down and resume their plodding beats rather too quickly. Lip sync & subtitles on some of the cutscenes are poor on several scenes.

Combat has three basic options. You can club someone with your blackjack (including dropping on them from a height), dodge sword blows or fire different types of arrows at an enemy. Although you can upgrade your blackjack & bow several times, Thief aficionados would say that if you are fighting you've failed! Horses for courses and I like to mix it up. The odd arrow through the helmet, an occasional club round the head, but mostly sneaking around, not being seen. Have to say that the grenade arrow is completely OTT. By the end of the game, the blackjack is powerful enough to knock out a charging rhino, which is kind of disappointing.

The controls come in for some criticism, especially the multi use button ('x' on my controller). However, I am totally cool with them except when you need to pick something up and instead you find yourself peering round a corner. A bit annoying.

Overall, I like this game a lot. But it could have been great. Game play excellent, grafs excellent, character excellent, mood and theme excellent, play area excellent, but the story, always the story...

4.5 out of 5
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on 22 March 2014
Thief 2014 continues this great game series. Graphics excellent and character movement smooth. Storyline quest and side quests grip the imagination and the sound effects and animation combines both high tension stealth with bursts of fast moving action. Listen in to NPC dialogue for clues and dark humour :) Cut scenes are not too long and plenty of free enterprise if you want to explore the city. If you enjoy stealth and working out clues then this game should be entertaining :)
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on 2 March 2014
I Pre-ordered this game on Steam because I had played all 3 previous games in the Thief franchise and thoroughly enjoyed each of them. Like many people I was a little apprehensive as to whether Eidos would manage to create the same feeling within the game that Thief fans know and love since there had been such a long 10 year gap between this game and the previous release (Thief: Deadly Shadows) in 2004. However, in my opinion at least they have succeeded, creating yet another excellent Thief experience which gives the player enormous satisfaction, especially when you manage to complete an entire chapter without being detected! Many of the characters and areas of the city in the game are the same as in previous Thief games which is good as it still makes you feel you are playing an actual Thief game, e.g. Stonemarket, The Clock Tower, South Quarter etc.

Contrary to some of the other reviews I have read about the game being unstable and regularly crashing, in my experience at least (about 12 hours so far) the game has been running perfectly smooth and hasn't crashed on me once. Yes, there are one or two small bugs in the game, particularly with the sound but honestly they aren't that noticeable and I'm sure Eidos will already be working on fixes for them.

The game is most similar to the 3rd Thief game in that it is partially open-world and when not completing the main story line the player can explore 'The City' and undertake side-quests for various people. The story-line is very immersive and well written and some of the chapters are really rather spooky, in fact it's as good a horror game, if not better than many which actually claim to be horror genre games.

Overall, I would Highly Recommend getting this game, particularly for fans of RPG/Horror/Stealth based games and I would say it is essential for anyone who has enjoyed playing the previous 3 Thief games.
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on 5 March 2014
Played up to chapter 4 so far on Master difficulty and I have to say I've really enjoyed the game overall.
Runs perfectly on my Nvidia GTX 780, so anyone who blames Nvidia cards for their problem is looking in the wrong place.
Despite seeing people saying they have problems with audio, it's been absolutely fine with me.
Graphics, overall, are really good, but I do think more effort went into the environment that people.
Some of the things the guards say are pretty funny, only problem being there's the odd guards in the town who just say the same things over and over again.
Lots of ways to play each chapter and several routes to take make you think a little bit about your actions.
Plenty of side missions available, which help make some money on Master difficulty.
Replayability, if going for achievements there's plenty there. Otherwise, not much else to do afterwards.
Much better than a lot of critic reviews make it out to be, but far from perfect.
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on 9 May 2014
as the originals...better graphics of course but

for me the gameplay is not up to scratch

too much like a consol game for me too enjoy

i don't want tips and pointers in my games

guess i'm just old fashioned
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on 17 April 2014
I cannot comment on the full game yet because I have only just started playing it. I bought 'Thief - The Metal Age' many years ago and still enjoy playing that, so I thought I would give this new one a try. To get the best out of it, it requires quite a high spec PC. It is well worth it. The graphics are excellent. You have to download Steam first and it can take up to an hour to install the 3 Thief DVDs but it's well worth the wait.
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on 1 March 2014
The atmosthere in this game his very good and the game runs with no flaws on high resolutions if i would give any advice on the game i would put the difficulty on high because on normal the AI are quite easy but cranked up to hard it is very challenging and will get your heart pumping from time to time i read the review before playing this game and it put a bit of a dampener on the game but i ended up thinking while playing it, this is a pretty good game and i cant think why its had all the bad rap.
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on 3 April 2014
Very well packed and it arrived intact.
The Metal case is beautiful - for collection or not
I don't understand why many reviews on this game are so negative
Garret is not Rambo, it's a master thief.
Feel free to play as Ghost, as Opportunist or Predator
Mission Bank Heist is a nice DLC included.
This is a great game if you like the genre.
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on 2 June 2014
I've played all the other Thief games, all on PC, and this one feels a little different whilst being familiar at the same time. The original was more medieval than this but it manages to have an atmosphere that suits Garret and his brand of sneakiness. If you enjoyed Dishonoured and the Splinter Cell games you'll fit into this world perfectly.
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on 21 March 2014
It was great to step back into Garretts shoes after so long and I enjoyed sneaking around but I do feel that the game fell short in a few areas.Of course this is just my opinion for what its worth.First the good points............

1.Nostalgia - As I said above those who remember the old thief games will feel pretty much at home.
2.Graphics - It looks fantastic and the animation is great.
3.Sound and music - The sound effects really heightened the game.
4.Its a very complex game with lots of hidden secrets and virtually impossible to find everything quickly so it will last a while.

The bad points.........

1.The storyline - I got the basic idea (I wont post spoilers here) but it seemed very weak to me unlike the old ones where every mission added something and I felt like I was progressing through a well written story.
2.The ending - When I reached the end of the game (just now) it left me sitting there thinking "Huh? Is that it?" and I have to confess it left me a little puzzled as to what actually happened.
3.The swearing -Thief 1,2 and 3 all became classics without dropping F-bombs so why did this one need it? There werent that many but to my mind still unecessary.

In conclusion I have to say that this could have been a great game had the creators put a little more effort into the story instead of worrying about making it look fantastic.
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