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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars349
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 23 November 2014
OK so Chris Taylor has a nice style of writing, and there is in this book the premise for a good story, unfortunately the two do not go together in my opinion. Far too much time spent dwelling on the developing relationship between the two main leads and too little on the crime/thriller part. When the writer does step back from the will they/won't they/oh christ they have relationship she seems to have very little concept of, or inclination to include, any actual police procedural information. Any breaks they doseem to get come through coincidence rather than detective work, and the coincidences quickly stack up so thick it makes the story unbelievable. Not the worst book I have read by a long chalk, but far from the best. If you like romance books then this might be for you, but if you enjoy crime/thrillers then I would advise avoiding it.
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on 26 December 2014
Really disappointed! If I'd wanted to read a soft porn romance I would have chosen one and I resent having this foisted upon me! I'm not a prude, but I dislike sexually explicit books and skipped large parts of this. It went on and on and on for pages, very very boring. It took whole chapters. I got it, they had the hots for each other, but did the author have to peep writing about it in what felt lie virtually every paragraph? Every time one of the other met in the car, we were treated to their private thoughts boring, boring, boring, boring. This was meant to be a crime thriller about a cop and a profiler, but the cop was too busy snapping everyone's head off and the profiler never got around to profiling. This was certainly a page turner, shame I never read most of the pages I turned! This book has put me off the entire series.
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on 21 August 2014
This is the first book I have read written by this author and I really enjoyed it. Full of both suspense and romance, it has everything you want in a good read. Became quite a page turner towards the end and couldn't put it down.
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on 14 March 2015
Very disappointed with this book, I will not be reading anymore of the series. I'm so glad that it was free and that I didn't waste my money on it. The amount of stomach clenching, heat to the cheeks and heart jumping that went on was ridiculous. This was soft porn romance, not thriller writing.
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on 24 November 2014
There is not enough research done by the author on criminal profiling, I expected Munro to make intelligent comments and observations to warrant his position as The Profiler but the small amount of actual profiling he did could have been written by a 8 year old. The love story between the two main characters was one dimensional and boring, her face seemed to flush so often I thought she was on the change of life. The author has attempted to give depth to the characters by giving them both a 'tragic back story' (yawn) I don't understand the murderers reason for making a human doll or exactly how he was going to put the pieces together,was it to be animatronic? The ending is strange, why a rollercoaster, why at the top of the rollercoaster, why? To much focus on describing Munros buns and not enough focus on the story.
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on 8 August 2014
Ellie the bereaved cop and Clayton the bereaved federal profiler are thrown together during an investigation of a dead, and several missing girls. It all starts as a fairly bog standard serial killer thriller although it has to be said, the police don't come across as too brainy here. She's a 27 year old babe, he looks like Brad Pitt. The attraction is inevitable I suppose and presumably the mutual but covert letching consummates at some point although I didn't read far enough to see how it all worked out.

I lost patience after reaching the scene when the "profiler", whilst looking at the remains of a victim blurts out "what kind of sick bastard does this?" Well, fair comment but I can't help observing that as he's a criminal profiler surely he's supposed to know exactly what kind of person does that... isn't he? I'd expect a bit more insight.

In the meantime, despite being in the presence of said stinking, decomposing, dismembered remains, Ellie still manages to notice Clayton's aftershave. That must be some powerful scent...
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on 4 August 2014
I have had a Kindle for 3 years and normally read 2 to 3 books a week. I have been very remiss in not submitting any reviews before.
If you are considering buying this book as a crime/mystery/thriller novel - it is not for you. The focus on the feelings and explicit sexual thoughts of the two main characters detract from the story. The actual storyline was very good, but ruined by the frequent unnecessary inclusion of phrases such as,'drop dead gorgeous' and sexual references.
This is not a book I would class as a crime /thriller.
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on 27 August 2014
Wow i absolutely adored meeting Clayton and Ellie in this fast paced thriller. Well done Chris for the good writing skill you showed throughout this book, and without the mistakes that other Kindle books seem to withold. Brilliant <3 <3 xx
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on 28 April 2016
Two police officers with damaged lives is the novel premise to this story. The end is entirely predictable in that you know they will get together and that is what indeed happens BUT there is good yarn getting there. Where Ellie and C!ayton. finale get together is spoilt by a gratuitous sex chapter which doesn' t he!p the story a!long and perpetuates the myth that women can orgasm from penetratjon alone would have been better left to the suggestive rather than descriptive and that is the main criticism apart from Clayton just rescuing E!!ie in the nick of time. I think I would have preferred Ellie and Clayton to be forced to go their separate ways at the end.

But the biggest bugbear is having to read Amenglish. I watch Australian soaps to know that Australians use mobile phone and not cell phones and countless other Amerticanisms. Are the Americans so thick that theory cannot understand Australian English or is the fear of publishers who fear lack of sales unless we non-Ameringlish kow-tow to the Yankswe Canty sell our products. It's time we non American readers took a stand and refused to read Ameriglidh. We are not beholden to the Yanks and it's about time they understood this. My biggest bugbear in the book were curb instead of kerb and stroller instead of pushchair or buggy. They all spoilt what essentially is a good weekend re. I won't be reading any more Munro family novels because of this and Chris Taylor should wonder how many sales she is !owing because of this issue
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on 24 September 2015
I got this book after a recommendation by a friend as a ' cant put it down' book. It's more about the sexual tension between Munro the detective and the profiler, he hasn't done much to help solve the murders so far, just lusted after Munro and her him, if you like romantic novels this is for you but I have just read a couple by Conrad Jones 'The Child Taker and Slow Burn' both free books, this one might pick up but I am halfway through it and the killer has hardly shown himself. I really don't want to read endless pages about Munro's feelings for Clayton and viceversa . I will update when I finish it, let that be soon....
Well I finished the book and it didn't improve, maybe I am hard to please.... just finished a very good book called The Taste of Fear by Jeremy Bates, much better.
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