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4.7 out of 5 stars530
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 2014
-My review will have details about some of the features in the game, so if you do not want anything spoilt, skip this one over- :)

When I opened this game yesterday I really wasn't sure why I pre-ordered it,
but now that I have spent a good chunk of time playing it I'm very glad I did buy it.

In Tomodachi Life, you can create and import Miis to your very own island. One of the unique features to this game, is that you are able to completely control the characteristics of a Mii and even set their voice. All characters speak out loud to you (and to others) and they all have their own likes and dislikes, which you have to work out as you interact with them.

I'm pretty sure it was intentional, but at places this game is hilarious. Highlights for me so far, are the rap battles that happen in the evening between characters (where my Mii likened himself to a rapping fridge), word association battles (where the items chosen by characters, seem to have no association to each other) and you can even sometimes enter a character's dreams which are always funny & random (my favourite involves a character being a piece of seaweed at the bottom of the sea).

All of the characters live in a building in the centre of the island and everyone has their own room. They all have specific wishes they want you to complete. These could be anything from giving them bubble bath for a wash (they then sing in the bathroom, which is amazing :p), to getting them clothes or food. You also may be asked to get involved in friendships & love lives. The character's will ask your opinion, about whether or not they should go ahead with introducing themselves or pursuing a romantic interest (or sometimes to ask to set characters up themselves. Finally character's will also want you to play with you, these mini-games are simple and you get a chance to win 'treasure' (when they say 'treasure' this includes 'toilet paper' & 'vuvuzelas' :p).

On the island itself you have clothes & hat shops where you can buy items to dress your characters. There is also the supermarket where you buy the food and drink they want. If you want to change a character's room design, their is an interior design office where you can buy new layouts (but you can also get new rooms from levelling characters up). Another highlight is the 'Mii News', this agency act as a way of keeping players up to date with new things that have opened in the island. As well as this, Mii News releases a bulletin at 7 am & pm, which are normally very random and funny. Yesterday one of my character's used the bulletin to advertise herself as a suitable friend as she has 'tortillas'. But this worked as all my character's wanted me to introduce them to her. The one before focused on the 'watermelon shortage' on the island and how this has been solved by building a giant watermelon firing machine.

There are a lot of interactive features including uploading pictures to social media websites as well as the usual street pass features (where you can get visiting Miis and unique items). I am excited to see how this works in the future and I look forward to receiving other people's characters.

I am really enjoying this game and I am regularly laughing at the randomness and events that take place on my island.
I have not given this 5 stars, as I feel it is not always clear what you are supposed to do, especially at the start and it would be nice to have pre-set characters that you can pick to join your island, as I'm not the best at creating Miis (although you can import characters using the QR codes). It is also a little tricky to get the characters to interact with each other, they are very independent with their choice of friends and romantic interests.

To sum up it is just good light fun. If you like the sound of this game...go for it!

If you're looking for a strictly SIMs type of game, you may be disappointed with this one, so I recommend
that you stick with Animal Crossing of Harvest Moon if you are (or the SIMs for PC of course :p).
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on 18 December 2014
I have been waiting for this to happen. I purchase a copy of Nintendo's Tomodachi Life.

Setting on an island, probably in the middle of nowhere, you inhabit the island and live in an apartment.
Create yourself, families, friends, strangers, celebrities, fictional characters, mythical beings, supernatural phenomenons, proper nouns, abstract nouns, your doppelgänger, your alter-ego, that high school/secondary school crush you've had for years, that person you keep seeing everyday that you have a thing for, and that special person in your life (unless you're me, then you'll just have to make that up).

Tomodachi Life is a literal feature in this whole game. Everyone can basically have an opportunity to become your "friend", which is what "tomodachi" translates to. (Come on, you know you want to weeaboo it out by pronouncing tomodachi in the most Engrish way possible).

First you create yourself. Using the features of the mii, a well known Nintendo trait, you can also add details like the personality of your creation and even what their voice sounds like too, although it's very hard getting it the most accurate tot he original.

There is no real main plot which is the beauty of this game, a never-ending cycle of seeing miis grow up and do things they are programmed to. As the player of the game your main objective really is to take care of them but mainly observing what they do and such. You feed them food, give them clothes, give them a new interior, give them hats, give them gifts, give them looooooove. You can give them a genre of song too, which I'll discuss later.

Your mii makes friends with miis you've created and when the time comes, it's time for them to even love each other too. But if you want them to end up marrying each other you'll definitely need to help them too. The process is fast and when they do end up going out they'll go straight to marrying each other.
They will have a house to themselves and much later on they will have a baby with each other, which is very heart warming and made my sister tear up when her mii-self had a baby.

There are frequent reports from the news station of something very different and unique, one my mii-self got trapped in a pickle jar!
You can take photos in game and/or using the photo studio feature.
You can check compatibility ratings with a contraption they created using your birthday as a factor for it to even work.
During the course of the game you will unlock more and more features that are cool.

My most favourite would have to be the concert hall. I get to become the most creative here with my cringy lyric-skills and embarrassing band names.
And I'd like to interject this review with a sudden song:

"Magical★nighT" performed by "Some lady and kids"

Did you ever get them deadlines?
Deadlines so far off?
Did you end up procrastinating
through all this time off?
Sha la la la la! Oh no!
It's all due tomorrow!
Loosen up and cry!
It takes motivation!
We haven't finished it
and it's due today!

If lyric writing is your forte and you're killing time because most of your miis don't need help and they're asleep, I believe the best method for killing time, for me personally, would be hitting up some words over at the concert hall.

As an everlasting game with no real end, unless you count having 100 miis to be the end, I'd say this is worthwhile to play and the fun never really ends, unless you get fed up with your miis constantly asking for you attention then I suggest you find something else.
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The premise of Nintendo's new Life Sim is to populate an island with Mii characters who sing, dance, fall in love, play games and complain about their clothes. This is not The Sims, nor is it Animal Crossing.Tomodachi Life is, well, something else entirely different.

You begin by creating your own Mii, or uploading it from the one stored in your 3DS. Add a synthesised voice, a choice of behaviours and watch as they become the first resident in your new block of flats. When the game begins the island will feel a bit empty, but add more characters, from famous people to your family and friends, and you’ll soon see shops and attractions spring up around town.

One thing that separates this game from the many sim titles out there is the feeling that you don’t really have much control over your population. You act as part-god, part-babysitter, listening to their needs and being asked the odd question or for some relationship advice. They will then make friends, create a list of likes and dislikes, gossip at the coffee shop (which, you’ll be glad to hear, you can overhear) and even create a family.

Occasionally, one resident will ask you to play a simple game, from matching pairs to sliding puzzles. It’s a nice way to break up the gameplay but it doesn't happen all too often. In fact, nothing much happens all that often in Tomodachi Life and adults may find that they get quickly bored of the game through repeat visits to the island. It’s certainly not designed for long sittings.

This is where we come to the underlying issue; this is not a game for serious adults looking for something to sink their time into. Tomodachi Life is a game primarily for kids and those who were brought up raising Tamagochi. It has much in common with one of those old virtual pet games, though it also provides a bit of Nintendo fan service through some of the items you can unlock and a few sly nods to adults. It also has a lot in common with a very old game on the C64, Little Computer People, which was as much an experiment in AI as it was a game.

My own experience was one of amusement and initial joy, which soon wore thinner after the second week of play, but my two kids are still playing their copies of the game quite happily, telling us stories of how Princess Peach and Katy Perry are now best friends and how Sonic the Hedgehog proposed to Rapunzel.

To use a well worn phrase; this is a Marmite game, a game you will either love or hate and I would also add that it's something kids will find much more amusement in than adults. But, then, that's the target audience, anyway.
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on 3 March 2016
I got this as a gift for i little girl I know who has learning disabilities and she had deleted by accident the game which had come installed in her ds when she got and sadly it could not be recoverd as you can imagine she was devastated and couldn't understand what had happened, because she was so very upset and there were no copies to be bought locally i bought it for her birthday on here . was told it's a great game she loves it and it was good value and it was the lowest price I had found it arrived the next day which was great for her so warning to others its not always a good idea to pay extra for a ds with the games downloaded onto it as one mistake can remove the game and it can't be replaced without paying again !!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 July 2015
This is such an absorbing game! I'm quite ashamed to admit to ordering it for myself as I'm sure I'm not the target age! My teen daughter has been playing it for almost a year now and it seemed like a mini soap opera; she was constantly telling me that someone had married/ split up with/ starting dating someone else etc. I got intrigued and she said I would like it. I have now been playing it for 4 months almost daily.

In a nutshell, you look after an island which starts with just one inhabitant, and you have to create this one, and others. After you get going with a few islanders the game seems to take on a life of its own, with inhabitants dating, marrying and creating little versions of themselves, in a way which is fascinating from a genetic point of view, if nothing else. The islanders have a wealth of issues for you to sort out, from fights with other islanders to wanting new outfits. It becomes like your own personal soap opera, and though it does get a bit repetitive eventually, it takes a lot of playing for this to happen.

If you've ever played Animal Crossing, I'd say you'll like this.
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on 1 October 2014
not really worth the price. its fun to play, but gets boring pretty quickly and almost seems like one of the free mii games you would get? it's okay though, definitely worth playing if you and your friends have each others qr codes- can lead to alot of odd and quirky things to laugh about! I wouldn't recommend at full price though.
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on 17 September 2014
Such a cute game! you can feed them, play with them, dress them! Their reactions to some things are just adorable! i am 16 years old and play this game almost everyday
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on 15 November 2014
Bought for my niece! She loves it. She is 11!
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on 7 August 2014
I ordered this game just after the release and I was really excited about it but as soon as I got it, I found it quite boring. It's quite repetitive, you basically, just do the same things over and over again. I just play it once a week :/
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on 12 October 2015
It can be a very fun game but the developers made one big mistake: making the game so random. You can't control any factors at all including couples, marriage, babies, friends, so your stuck just waiting for these things to happen by chance. Also the miis tend to give you the same gift again and again (cold/stomach medicine and bath sets) and maybe occasionally something different like the ar/disposable camera and very rarely travel tickets (which are the best item on the game). Don't try to time travel to speed things up either, the game has a penalty and everything will be off for a good while. I also feel there isn't enough songs. Pretty much once you've done it all then the game is over as the rest is just watching them. It can be very fun, for some reason I still check it everyday but I don't add any new miis to my island because there's just no point. Also they seem to randomly make friends with whoever and never with whom you want. Like I said, the game is very random and 95% of gameplay is watching and waiting. I've had kids grow up now and move out or go to explore but it's a struggle to play the game for more than 10 minutes. I think they need to bring out a second one with more stuff, more factors you can control, more songs, more everything, this game is like half finished.
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