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4.6 out of 5 stars40
4.6 out of 5 stars
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RH is a new author, but she's already an autobuy after Collide; I bought this book on blurb and reviews alone, without bothering with a sample. I'm not disappointed with it, but it read like a longer novel, and quite a bit was glossed over.

**************************************************SLIGHT SPOILERS FOLLOW*****************************************

OK, so you know the blurb and if you're like me, wanted a HEA at the end, right? Well, the book ends with the start of a HEA, and one that seemed a little rushed and unbalanced. There were gaps in this tale that needed a lot of explanations and dialogue, yet other areas of the tale had an excess of dialogue (Mateo's utterings in Spanish, followed by him translating, which happened quite a few times. Short sentences would have been OK, but it got a bit much eventually).

For me, what worked was Mateo and Josiah in their early days, but they didn't work quite as well when they were reunited - I mean, Mateo had been back in Josiah's life, on the down-low, observing him from afar, still loving him from afar, for five years, before he conveniently allowed himself to be outed, but other than one short scene between the guys, there were no recriminations on Josiah's part, which kind of didn't really ring true after 10 years of pining for Mateo. There should have been anger, sadness, pain, happiness, tears, but all there was was a punch to Mateo's jaw/face and Josiah disappearing off to a hotel for a week, before all started to fall into place.

What also worked was Josiah and Tristan, though at times Tristan was the 'emotional taker, not the giver' and Josiah did seem a little too easy-going. However, for all of Tristan's issues, I found it a little strange that he'd bare all to Mateo and not Josiah, and even with the final scene in the tale, which was cathartic for Tristan, Josiah was still in the dark (but not Mateo). That really didn't quite ring true, nor was there a plausible explanation for all the wealth and power that Tristan had supposedly amassed in the last 10 years.

What I didn't quite believe in the tale is the speed with which Tristan and Mateo supposedly fell in love. In lust I totally got, but I was getting a feeling that there was not much left of the tale in terms of actual length, yet this new love was supposedly about to reach its conclusion, when, yup, the author ended the tale telling us to look out for the continuation in late 2014. I should have clocked, and I'm a bit annoyed that I hadn't.

So, I'm glad to be getting a continuation, but I'm a little irritated that I hadn't known the novel was a slight bit 'incomplete', as had I, I'd have gotten both books together. Still, it was a decent enough read; it just lacked conversations and balance.
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on 5 February 2014
where to start?!?!?

Josiah, an orphan who lost his parents at a young age. Mateo, son of a gang leader and Tristan, lawyer with dark secrets. all three men are incomplete, broken, as individuals, but together, they are the whole.

oh, I loved this!! told in the 3rd person, over ten years, at three separate points in those years, it tells how Josiah met Mateo, loved him, lost him. how Josiah met Tristan, and then how all three came together, secrets and all. Josiah is as plain as about feelings as anything, its written across his face how much he loves these two men, Mateo is much more guarded and lets only small amounts out but Tristan is a closed book. nothing comes out til he is ready, and its takes ages to finally get to the bottom of him. all three are damaged, emotionally, and have suffered greatly. this IS NOT a fluffy romance book, more harder and grittier than many books ive read. and I loved it. the emotions all three men feel separately and together comes across in such a way, that it had me in tears at points and shouting at my kindle in others. I am a fan of M/M and ménage, and so this book was on a winner from the start, but it surpassed all my expectations and then some.

I didn't read the first book by this author, Collide, but it is now sitting on my kindle waiting to be read.
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on 7 February 2014
Loved Collide so was really eager to read Riley's new book. It was completely different but just as enjoyable. The characters are intriguing and the way they interact, which is the crux of the whole story, is emotional, heart wrenching and heart warming and pretty damn sexy too! I felt like I was there with them all the way and really rooting for them. Riley writes in a nice easy style; very descriptive so that you can easily conjure up what the men look like and the different scene settings without being too cliched. Ticks all the boxes for a great m/m (/m) read and I would highly recommend.
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on 16 February 2014
Really enjoyed most of this book. The narrative has three parts Josiah and Mateo, two young teenagers who are thrown together because of a difficult childhood who fall deeply in love, only to part due to circumstances out of their control. Really lovely and well written. Part two Tristan and Josiah, fast forward a few years and Josiah is still nursing a broken heart. He meets the wealthy, older man Tristan who is closed off and emotionally damaged. Beautiful every part of me wanted them to succeed and they do fall in love. Part three, nine years on. Josiah, Tristan and Mateo. The threesome. This is the part that lets the whole story down. They all fall in love with each other and live happily ever after, no sorry this bit is unbelievable, it just wouldn't happen. Not with these characters anyway. Still worth a read though.
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on 6 February 2014
What can I say about this book that will persuade someone to read it without giving anything away?

This book spans 10 years and what an emotional rollercoaster!

In the beginning we find out about Josiah & Mateo an d how they met. We then meet Tristan. The three of them have all had different things happen to them that have shaped them as the adults they become. Individually they are broken but together they are whole.

It's one hell of a journey they were on until they finally get together, but when they do its powerful.

This is a m/m/m menage and I can't recommend it highly enough. The emotions the reader goes through are so worth it, can't wait for the next instalment.
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on 8 March 2015
Josiah and Mateo are two teenagers who are in the same foster home. They share a room and Josiah is quiet, shy and extremely scared, while Mateo whose father is the leader of an extremely nasty gang that Mateo expected to take over from him when he gets older. Mateo is the complete opposite, being mouthy, and extremely confident and trusts no one and has also been made to do some really nasty stuff by his family to prove himself. The first day back to school Josiah is being bullied by some kids, when Mateo steps in and wipes the floor with them, telling Josiah not to be afraid as he will always protect and look after him. Their friendship blooms, and Josiah is teaching Mateo to play chess, and they are both falling for each other, spending their nights in the same bed. On Josiah's birthday Mateo carves him a chess piece of the queen, Mateo is nearly 18 and would normally leave the foster system, but Josiah ask Molly the foster mother if Mateo could still stay on, to which she agrees, but when Molly falls ill Mateo knows that they won't be able to support him. For Mateo's birthday Josiah writes him a letter telling him exactly how much Mateo means to him. Molly's husband William finds the weed that Mateo had hidden in the garage which he was selling to get some money saved so he and Josiah could run away and be together away fro the foster and from Mateo's family, and also sees the letter written by Josiah and is appalled by their affair, asking Mateo to leave immediately. Life is really tough for both of them, and Mateo tries so hard to look after Josiah, because he left the foster home to be with Mateo. Things go from bad to worse for the two lovers, but I don't want to say any more about it as it would spoil the story. Do yourself the biggest favour ever and read this book, it is a beautiful story
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on 5 February 2014
These three men just made me feel so many emotions I felt like I was gonna explode ... I wanted to slap them hug them and scream at that . Can not wait for their story to continue ... Bring it on
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on 7 February 2014
I will have to read it again, its a really touching story, it broke my heart in the beginning, the author really goes into a lot of depth, makes you feel like you really know the characters, its inspiring really, although I found that Tristan could be a tad frustrating sometimes and wished he would catch on quicker. but a wonderful story about love and loss and plenty of sex! :-)
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on 8 February 2014
The first thing I need to tell you about this book is that I was heartbroken when it ended!! I just wanted it to go on and on and on and on............

This is the story of 3 men who are all very different and who are all a little broken but somehow it just worked. Josiah lost his parents as a child and has been moving around the foster system ever since. He is timid and shy but has the heart of a Lion and always sees the good in people. Josiah is currently living with foster parents William and Molly when the new boy arrives.
Mateo is the new boy and is everything Josiah is not. Cold and hard from his gang upbringing Mateo trusts nobody and has been made to witness and partake in appalling acts ‘to prove he is a man’ in front of his father. These acts make Mateo physically sick and he is dying on the inside but he is too scared to ever let his guard down in his violent world. He scares the living daylights out of Josiah!
After saving Josiah from the school bullies on the first day of school the two young men begin to form a bond. Mateo wants to see the good in the world as Josiah does but feels he has committed too many wrongs in his short life. Instead he decides to become Josiahs protector and slowly but surely a deep friendship forms.
Feeling brave and acting on his attraction Josiah kisses Mateo one day and is surprised to be kissed back. The parameters of their relationship change and behind locked doors the two become lovers. When their foster father sends Mateo away Josiah packs his bag and runs away to find him. Josiah is in love and cannot imagine life without Mateo.
Although the two men start building a life together things change quickly after Josiah is attacked and Mateos old gang members find them. In order for Josiah to be safe Mateo does the one thing he promised he would never do and sends him way. The only way Mateo can make this happen is to make Josiah believe he longer loves him or wants him, Josiah feels devastated and angry.
Roll forward a few years and Josiah is exactly where he and Mateo intended him to be but he is alone. He works in a small coffee shop and walks along the waters edge every morning feeding the birds. He has no friends and has taken no new lovers.....that way no one can leave him or hurt him.
Tristan is still affected by his childhood. His mother turned to prostitution and drugs in order to put food on the table and Tristan whored himself out to get himself through law school. A vicious attack left his mother too scared to leave the house for years. Tristan is cold and switched off to life and never plans to love anyone or be in a relationship.
He first sees Josiah walking and feeding the birds one morning and although he can’t explain it he feels drawn to the man and turns up to watch him sporadically. Over the weeks they start walking together and slowly a friendship builds. When he hears that Josiah has lost his apartment and finds him soaking wet and miserable one evening he takes him home. They have a strange relationship for the next year or so. Josiah goes back to college and in return for living with Tristan he cooks and cleans. Josiah is attracted to Tristan but the man makes it clear from the start that they cannot have a relationship.
Over a year later and Josiah is remembering Mateo and feeling down when he turns to Tristan for comfort and they end up sleeping together. A onetime event is soon a regular thing and they slip into a relationship. Tristan knows he will never be able to give a huge part of himself to Josiah but he also know that Josiah will always be in love with Mateo.
Life is as good as it gets for these two broken men and Tristan is feeling very proud of Josiah. They have just attended his graduation and out for a walk when their world tilts. Josiah hasn’t seen Mateo for 9 years and suddenly he is standing in front of him.
The last part of the book is the story of the 3 men trying to figure out where they each fit. Mateo clearly loves Josiah. Josiah although hurt still loves Mateo. Tristan loves Josiah even if his hang ups prevent him from saying the words and Josiah is very much in love with Tristan. As much as Tristan and Mateo want to hate each other they can’t and each of them respects the other for looking after Josiah.
Josiah wants his two men to love each other as much as he loves them both but doesn’t know if he dares hope. With 2 strong men he has to be even stronger to get what he wants and not lose the only two people he loves.

*bangs head* we have to wait until later this year for the story to continue!!!!
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on 17 March 2014
The story at the core of this book is truly magical. Ultimately it is a love story but there is so much more to it than that. The three central characters are beautifully developed in a way that reflects both their outer and inner person - so often very different in people at large. As the book develops you get to feel the damage that shapes a large secret part of the central characters and how they have different coping mechanisms. The can heal if you let it.

If there is a criticism of the book its that it is a little hurried right at the end but then we have the sequel to look forward to. Some of it is less believable but definitely not the fact that people can form close, meaningful and loving relationships with more than just one other person.
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