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I'm a week into ownership of this device and my initial comment is that everything about the sheer size is a plus. Drawings and note taking are a joy and the included software (Sketchbook Pro and ArtFlow) are very well designed and complement this device perfectly.

Laptop replacement? Well add a bluetooth keyboard and a stand for the tablet, and you have a perfectly capable 12" laptop. For me personally, I don't see this as a laptop replacement, its a premium media consumption device which is more mobile than a laptop - hope that makes sense, but I wouldn't buy this to replace a laptop, I would get the Surface Pro if that was my purpose.

If used primarily at a desk rather than hand held, you'll love the 12.2. Having said that, even holding the device for reading / media isn't unpleasant and once you get used to the weight it is comfortable to hold. Typing this on it is well though out especially using the Samsung split layout keyboard.

The S-Pen experience feels to me very good and at this size point makes more sense. I find it a very capable drawing / creating platform. Its very responsive but the pen is a little too skinny and does not feel natural to hold.

The screen is the size of a comic book so for reading magazines and comics its perfect. No need for zooming much at all. Magazine and PDF viewing is great as well. Everything looks so sharp and crisp and colours are vibrant. The screen is spectacular.

The overall feel is very snappy with little lag. The new Magazine UI layout useful enough out of box but you can only make limited user adjustments and seasoned Android users will probably skin this with a third party launcher (Apex, Nova etc). New users will love it as it looks great and really utilises the large screen effectively.

The major draw back at present is the monumental price but you are getting the latest cutting edge tech so shouldn't really complain.

I debated for a long time whether to get this or the Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) which is available at tempting prices at the moment. It comes down very simply to the screen size. Do you need the extra screen real estate? If so get the 12.2, otherwise stick with the 10.1, it is also superb with pretty much the same internals and it's much better value at present. The bigger screen on the 12.2 is awesome though :-)
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on 24 March 2015
Samsung customer service is a load of crap.I bought the tablet in april 2014. I had to send it away to get repaired in august 2014. Between august and october it had to go back 6 times.Twice it came back with damage to the crome bezel.When i complained i was told it was 'postal damage'. Funny the damage was where the bexel met the screen exactlywhere you would try to remove the screen.
I had to send it away again a few days ago because the screen flickered so much it was unusable. I got an email from samsung saying that the tablet was damaged ie 'the bezel' and it nulified the warranty. Unbelievable. Considering they caused the damage in the first place.
I will never buy another samsung product again.They suck.
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on 17 June 2014
Back Ground
This is my first tablet, but my 3rd Samsung mobile device and 4th stylus device. I have a Galaxy Note 1. I have been using stylus devices since the first Palm Pilot.

General Review
The screen size is fantastic and the stylus works great. I have no issues of PPI or colour. It is all an improvement to my old note. I had some minor issue with SD card reader, but that turn out to be a bad SD Card.
It is big and little too heavy if you combine it with an optional cover* it is probably approaching 1kg.

Playing around with video, gallery, internet, music etc it all seems fine. If you are purchasing this device for that you might as well go for a 12.2 Tab. I like the feature where I can put a video in a popup box and it stays on top.

Primary Role of my Device
I purchased this device so I can take notes in business meetings and in class. I am trying to avoid dragging around note pads and textbooks. I want to have everything in one place and easy historical access to it.

The tablet itself is almost A4 in size. When stacked in with a bunch of A4 paper hand-outs you wouldn't know there was tablet mixed in there***.

In meetings I generally just need the S note. I am not sure I like the new way you add shapes to a note, but I can learn to live with it. I would have preferred an option in the settings to select the old input method. If you have any last minute hand-outs in a meeting it is difficult to write something on a hand-out while juggling the note.

I took the device to adult education class. All my textbooks are scanned PDFs. So using the multi-tasking feature half the screen was the pdf while the other was the S Note. I have to say it really works great, better than I expected. In Landscape mode the screen split in half gives you two 8" displays (portrait). Resizing the application is easy, if you need a bigger viewing area on the active app. S-Note automatically saves changes which was handy. In a two hour class I wrote probably one page on S-Note and several notes on the PDF. I lost 4% of the battery.

I have used the stylus continuously for 2 hours with S Note while a fifth of the screen was allocated to a word document. In 2 hours I lost about 15-20% power. So power usage should be well within my demands. Hopefully I will get 3 days without having to recharge.

The accuracy of the interpreted pen inputs for quick handwriting isn't much better than original Note. S Note seems to smooth out the jaggedness of touch screen sensors, which makes it look better, but no where near like a real pen. It is still miles better than a palm device in its day.

Why 4 Stars
I find with all Samsung devices they seem to make their products fit the bill, but they NEVER go that extra mile when refining it.
The pen is short and thin. It has very little weight and doesn't feel comfortable to hold. I find the button on the stylus is awkward and fiddly and I don't have gorilla hands. They could have added a capacitive button to the device say on the left and right sides of the device (for left handed people) or on the screen itself. Why didn't they stick an electronic eraser on the other end of the s-pen? That would have been a nice touch.

The S Note is again functional it works, it works fine actually. The issue is when you try to write to the far right** or bottom of a page. Why don't they allow you to reposition the corner of a page to the middle of the screen? This would allow you to rest your hand on the screen. Instead it is awkward and sometimes difficult to write to the end or bottom. This doesn't help if you are in a busy meeting or class and information is being fired at you. I find I am losing page space as it isn't worth the hassle.

If I have a windowed application and click on full screen accidently, I can't work out how to return it back to windowed view, without having to re-open the app again.

**I am right handed.
*** I purchased the White Note
Originally written 17th June 2014

One year of Ownership - 21 November 2015
I have touch wood no real issues with the tablet. I do have six tiny "bubbles" forming under the glass at the bottom of the screen. They are only noticeable with screen is off. Samsung still haven't released the Lollipop firmware for the UK yet.
The multi-tasking on this tablet has really severed me well. I Tend to have 3 apps on screen all the time and one floating. My complaints regarding the S-Pen and S-Note remain. Battery life is still strong, but degraded. With the daily use in the same time frame (4 hours), I have gone from around 15% to 30% drop in power.

Additional Items Purchased:
Logitech Pro Keyboard ASIN: B00IGS9N92. A NEET microfibre cloth to stop the keys rubbing on the screen ASIN: B002E3PMAE.
A Cheap Bluetooth 3.0 mouse. And Elecom Zeroshock carry case, on the Japan Amazon site ASIN: B003UIRHS2
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on 25 October 2014
I have had this for 4 months now and I can only say it is excellent.
Others have written about the superb screen etc so I will not repeat them.
I have added the S action mouse and the Samsung ee-bt550 Bluetooth keyboard and I have a fully
functioning set up to match my PC with the added attraction of no pesky windows updates.
The keyboard and mouse connect at once and neither interfere with each other.
The only addition to the mouse I would like is to have the option of changing the colour of the pointer or it leaving a trail.
White on white makes you blink a bit.
So while my wife is on the PC I am no longer unproductive.
I use Chrome for my browser and every button does as it should.
I use WPS mobile office for my spreadsheets and word processing instead of excel and word.
I use Money Manager ex fror my finances instead of MS money.
All my work is stored in Google Drive or Dropbox
I use Epson iprint to print anything from anywhere (as long as the printer is switched on)
I had to move to this as Cloud print would no longer recognise my printer as a cloud printer.
The mouse and keyboard work perfectly on Email
So when my pc eventually goes bottom up I will not need to replace it as Android and its apps does
everything I want to do.
I am a happy 76 year old bunny
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on 12 February 2015
This tablet is a pretty neat device showing how serious Android has become as an operating system and how Samsung exploits its potential better than anyone. It is pretty much a fully-functioning computer with an extensive connectivity potential, the screen resolution is incredible and the pen technology is an added bonus.

Actually, I was not even looking to buy a new tablet being fairly happy with my Acer Windows 8.1 hybrid but my son needed something for university which was lighter and with better battery life than his Dell laptop. Having bought him this Samsung tablet I just had to have a little play with it before I gave it to him and I was immediately so taken with it that I just had to get one for myself.

I’ve done some fairly extensive speed comparisons which are included at the end of this review which show the Note Pro 12.2 to be a pretty rapid machine although it is disappointing that the much-vaunted USB3 port will not run above USB2 speed on the current (KitKat 4.4.2) version of Android - hopefully Lollipop Version 5 may resolve this problem.

It should be noted the supplied USB3 cable is essential for charging and for PC to tablet data transfer, otherwise a USB2 OTG (On-The-Go) cable is fine for other connections.

A keyboard-mouse combo can easily be attached to this tablet to make it more PC-like, but I find that I am happy to use the on-screen keyboard for most input and the voice recognition for anything longer. My son tells me that the on-screen keyboard has mathematical symbols available for his needs and he uses the pen a lot to annotate course notes which are provided in .pdf before lectures.

I use this tablet at lot for watching movies on the TV and although the mirroring works with a Samsung Smart TV it is not without some problems which sometimes require a reboot of the tablet- not doubt this will get fixed in the future. A particular surprise was its ability to pair with a Tronsmart HDMI dongle using the free EZcast app which means any TV having an HDMI port can be used to cast movies, photos, music, YouTube etc etc direct from the tablet

Excellent specification for the price
Stunning screen
Fast processor
Good wifi and wifi switching
S-Pen throughout
Excellent voice recognition throughout
Fully functional Hancom Office (requires a free download)
Screen mirroring to Samsung Smart TV
Casting using EZcast to Tronsmart T1000 on old Sony TV
SD card up to 128GB (although 64GB is currently better value)
Can attach directly to a computer (needs the USB3 date cable though))
Can attach USB flash key (FAT32 or exFAT), USB hard disk (FAT32 or exFAT), mouse-keyboard combo all using either a USB2 or USB3 OTG cable
Can also attach a USB hub for connecting additional devices
PC control over the internet allows you to take control of a remote PC (handy if you forgot to copy a file to Dropbox or Google Drive)
Keeps very cool
Optional cover has a sleep function
USB3 port is on the right (not underneath like on the 10.1” version)
Good on-screen keyboard with extended character set

Poor security at file/folder level
Successful printing very much depends on the make of printer and the printing app supplied
Cannot charge the tablet at the same time as using the USB port
The USB3 cable is essential for charging
Charging is quite slow - it is very linear taking 3 minutes per 1% (a full charge taking 5 hours)
Charging during use just about maintains the status quo
Notification badges are missing - fixed with Novo Prime launcher
No icon dock - fixed with Novo launcher
Micro-SD card can be very slow unless you get a higher speed micro-SD
USB3 port only transfers data at USB2 speed
Headphone socket not very convenient being at the top left
Hancom Office will launch into lengthy updates just when you need to use it (if left in automatic mode)


Magazine UX - I find this too much like Windows 8 tiles so I prefer to use the Novo launcher app which recreates an iPad/Windows XP user experience.

Performance - data transfer times

These tests took place with the following devices:-

Micro-SD cards
Sandisk 64GB Ultra micro SD exFAT (rated at 30Mb/s) (PC read/write is 27Mb/s and 9Mb/s)
Samsung 64GB EVO micro-SD exFAT (rated at 48Mb/s) (PC read/write is 27Mb/s and 20Mb/s)

USB flash drives
Kingston Traveller2 USB2 16GB FAT32 (rating unknown), PC read/write is 18Mb/s and 9Mb/s
Adata Elite USB3 64Gb exFAT (rated read/write at 200Mb/s and 100Mb/s), PC read/write is 167Mb/s and 77Mb/S

PC to tablet device 12.5Mb/s USB3 cable obligatory
PC to tablet micro SD card 9Mb/s USB3 cable obligatory
Tablet main memory to micro SD card 9Mb/s Sandisk Ultra
Tablet micro SD card to main memory 26Mb/s Sandisk Ultra
Tablet main memory to micro SD card 21Mb/s Samsung EVO
Tablet micro SD card to main memory 31Mb/s Samsung EVO
Tablet device to Kingston USB2 flash 9Mb/s (USB2 or USB3 cable)
Kingston USB2 flash to tablet device 18Mb/s (USB2 or USB3 cable)
Tablet device to Adata USB3 flash 32Mb/s (USB2 or USB3 cable)
Adata USB3 flash to tablet device 37Mb/s (USB2 or USB3 cable)
Tablet device to USB3 exFAT disk 30Mb/s (USB2 or USB3 cable)
USB3 exFAT disk to tablet device 33Mb/s (USB2 or USB3 cable)

Overall at a sub £350 price tag the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is a highly recommended purchase.
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on 3 July 2014
Had this device for a fortnight or so now. I bought it to replace my iPad Air - I discovered that iOS drives me up the wall! So far so good - I much prefer Android as an OS to use. The display is superb - vibrant colours but not over the top and detail is excellent. The large display makes using this machine a joy - I don't carry it around with me so size/weight aren't too much of an issue for me - and it has become my machine of choice around the house.

I bought a Bluetooth keyboard case which works fine, except that when it's connected the Samsung keyboard's predictive text option doesn't seem to work. If you use SwiftKey, the predictive text does still work with the external keyboard, but 1) SK don't seem to have registered the fact that tablets have plenty of room for a separate numbers row on the keyboard (you get that on the default Samsung Keyboard) so if you're using it without the external keyboard then to get numbers you have to either long press or press the 123 key for the symbols keyboard and 2) the SK keyboard loses the S-Pen input for handwriting emails, documents etc.
I also bought a USB Hub ( Hama USB 2.0 Hub 1:4 Black, Bus-powered ) and a USB3 OTG lead ( IVSO Micro USB 3.0 Host OTG Cable for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Tablet (Black) ), so I can connect and use a USB mouse and USB drives - this works fine. If you have 4-way scrolling on the mouse, it gives you a very quick way of scrolling between home screens.

Some Android apps are not optimised for tablets and you'll find that functionality may be patchy for some of them. For example, I've found so far that Apex, ADW and Nova launchers work well, but Buzz doesn't - it stays in portrait mode regardless of what you do to the screen. BBC Radio iPlayer also stays in portrait, whatever the orientation of the screen.

BBC TV iPlayer is a disappointment - picture quality is poor (unless you download programmes in high-quality rather than stream them in real time) but that's to do with BBC, not Samsung; other high-definition video players work fine. If you look at the Google Play Store page for BBC Media Player (on which iPlayer now depends) you'll see a whole raft of negative reviews. On some devices it apparently doesn't work at all.

Finally, if you don't like Magazine UX (some people don't) then you can get rid of it by installing a different launcher - as I said, Apex, ADW and Nova work fine.
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on 18 November 2015
I bought this as a device that sits somewhere between a laptop and a tablet, and have not been disappointed over the last 12 months that I have owned it. It has been paired with the superb Logitech K810 Bluetooth keyboard, snugg leather case, and a mouse (though I have tended to use the mouse less and rely on touch/s-pen). I would give this 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for the reasons given below (but gave it 5 as I feel it is better than just 4).

Work Use: Law Student/Legal Researcher
Other: Films, Music, Occasional Art, Social Media

I had a creaky 7 year old HP laptop and wanted something portable for my legal research work and final year of law exams, but also something that could double up as a media friendly tablet. Given the heavy reading and typing required for my job/studies I weighed up whether to go for another laptop (chromebook, macbookair, or new macbookpro), the Microsoft Surface Tablet (2014 edition), the Note Pro 12.2, or the Note 10. Ultimately my decision was made by a combination of price, weight and spec. My total package of the tablet, memory card, case, keyboard, and OTG cable was under £500, a big saving on the other options. The extra features and software pre-loaded or free as a result of the "pro" option were also incredibly useful, including the hancom office suite and free Dropbox space.

I agree with other reviewers that this cannot be considered a complete replacement product for a laptop; that said, it comes very close when combined with the right accessories and software, and I believe it is the best alternative currently out there (evidenced by Apple's recent entry into the "super tablet" market with the iPad Plus). A classmate had a Microsoft Surface-pro, and whilst it was great for work, this seemed much bulkier and heavier, and she could not truly use it as a stand alone media tablet.

+ Size of the Screen - That extra real estate mentioned by a few others really is worth it, especially when using the multi-tasking function, reading, art or for other media.
+ Resolution and Clarity of the Screen - I watch a lot of TV, Films and Sport on this thing and it really is very impressive.
+ Power - It is over a year old now, but still has very impressive stats in relation to similar products at a similar price point (i.e. it is still a very powerful tablet).
+ Expandable Memory - You can buy a high quality 128GB SD Card to beef up the memory without being charged an arm and a leg.
+ Multi-tasking Function - This was one of the main draws for this tablet over any other, the ability to split your screen several times was invaluable for my work, and is generally very useful (and has now been incorporated into the latest galaxy s phones).
+ Weight and Size - This is always relative, but for its size and power this is an impressively light and thin tablet. The tablet (750g) and leather case (300g) together weigh the same as an 11inch iPad Air (1100g), and even when you include the Logitech keyboard (300g) it is still about the same weight as a 13inch Air (1300g). Taking into account the screen size and fact that you have a decent case around it that is pretty good, especially given most of the time you will only be holding the tablet.
+ Build Quality - For my money, even as an Android user, Apple are still producing the highest quality products. However, after 12 months I have had zero issues with this tablet. Several reviewers said the width of the screen made it a little flexible and creaky, but I have not found this. Put in a decent case and looked after well (but not obsessively), this tablet is still looking and performing as new.
+ Ability to Work - I did type initially on the on-screen keyboard, and this was okay, but screen space is a premium for me and having a keyboard makes it a much more useful set-up; definitely advised if this is what you are looking for from this tablet. I survived very well with the pre-loaded and free hancom office suite, a very able match for MS Office in many ways, but upgraded to Office 365 for the ability to footnote and have track changes (crucial for my work).
+ Battery - Some have criticised this aspect of the tablet, but I actually think that for work performance this is outstanding. Often I can work away on large documents with multiple web pages and pdfs open and use only a small amount of power. I agree that the slightly power-hungry screen can drain the battery more quickly when watching media, but then I consider at least equal to equivalent tablets I have used (iPad Mini, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Amazon Fire etc.).

- Lack of Internal Memory - Yes there is expandable memory, and this is incredibly useful (as noted above), but for such a powerful tablet I feel they should have included more memory space internally. 32GB really is quite disappointing at this level, especially if you are going to be using and storing larger programs on the tablet, as the internal memory is much quicker to access than the SD card and there is noticeable delay if you store programs on the SD card.
- S-Pen Slightly Wasted - Don't get me wrong, this has useful features (e.g. the ability to bring up little screens for widgets, like a calculator) and works particularly well on the larger screen (as other reviewers have mentioned). However, after a year I have discovered that my use of it is fairly limited, and it is more of a novelty than an essential feature. I also use it occasionally for art, but have found it a little uncomfortable and not yet sensitive enough for really creating art on the tablet.
- Pre-installed "Bloatware" - Like all Samsung devices this comes with a lot of pre-installed apps that take up space and waste RAM if running the background. It would be nice if Samsung finally listened to almost all of its customers who consistently bring this complaint.

If you have similar requirements to mine and are looking for a tablet-come-laptop hybrid, I don't think there is much out there to rival it (especially when you add the Logitech keyboard and MS Office 365). The Microsoft Surface is a strong contender, but this is a better stand-alone tablet and much better value for money (even more so given you now have to pay for the Surface keyboard). I hope Samsung continue this line of tablets and bring out an updated and more powerful version in their next line.

12 months on, and with the benefit of hindsight, I would buy this tablet again.
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on 29 April 2014
As a laptop replacement, the Note Pro goes a good way to doing the job. As a bigger version of an smartphone, it is exceptional. Criticisms: Despite the high spec, there is sometimes a lag. I also find the big tile screens annoying, as they don't update with latest content and can also be very slow.
Good points: Screen quality, general good build quality, ease of use, the wonderful Android OS and App store. And the stylus is pretty good too - lots of uses which I'm still discovering.
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on 13 July 2014
Amazing piece of kit. I was the owner of a Samsung Tab 10.1 which I was happy with but the note is the best of the best. It is so fast (sometimes better than any laptop)
The size is perfect if you want to use this instead of a laptop. The office functions pre installed are very good and much alike Microsoft office.
Delivery was very fast, next day. Packaging was of a substantial size as to protect the contents and the price.......well have a look around. You won't find a cheaper price than this.
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on 7 April 2015
Fantastic, world's best tablet. With multiple screen views and pop-up windows multi-tasking is as easy as on a laptop. Only slight annoyance is that the browser insists on presenting mobile web pages when, with the generous screen size, the standard PC view is preferable. Individual sites can be switched to desktop view but reset to mobile next time the browser is loaded; Samsung needs to provide an option in settings to allow all pages to be rendered in desktop view all the time.
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