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on 22 September 2014
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I would like to say that there were parts of this novella that I enjoyed, there is a basis of a story in there, but it needs a bit of work before being considered ready for publishing. Overall I was slightly confused where the story was actually going, and it basically ends without giving many answers.

The book need some serious format editing, missing words and strange sentence structures. Even the font changes in colour, words in very pale colours so they almost disappear on the screen?

The Characters were under developed, and sometimes the sentence structure was so overflowing you loose track of whats actually happening.

The book is told in 3 parts, each part going over the plot via their POV, this means there is a certain repetitiveness, but you do gain more information via each Characters POV.

The first part is told in the POV of Stephen Brown who is a diplomat for the HVA (Human Vampire Alliance) - this was the part that I most enjoyed.
The Second part is told in the POV of Caroline Ace - Vampire Huntress, Part 2 - well lets just say that I am not sure if the Vampire hunter was having an off day, but she wasn't really thinking it through and pays the price for her lack of planning.
And finally the Third part is told in Phyllis's POV who is the Human ward of the 'Count' - Yes there is a Vampire Count, who comes with a cliched 'Dracula' accent! and Phyllis has some hidden agenda in wanting Stephen's help - but I did get a bit lost and never really worked out what she wants with him.

The premise of the plotline is that a rogue vampire named Randy, (I think there was some form of humor in giving this Evil Vamp a silly name) who is running amuck and killing humans in a quite 'Notable' Vampire way - bite marks and drained of blood! The story starts off in some sort of meeting to arrange his capture and kill order as the Vamp's are getting antsy at his lack of discreteness.

Stephen (who is also called Steve in the third section - this switching of the spelling of the name Stephen was a bit random too)

I don't really want to say much more about the plot as it would give too much away, and this is a very short read, I read it in under 2 hours. 104 pages according to the First Edition section on the extras part. - This would have been handy if it had been at the beginning of the book and not at the end.

What makes this book different from all others? Well I liked the idea of the Vampires needing the 'Life Essence' rather than just blood, it reminded me of an old Sci-fi movie I watched as a teenager where an Alien came to earth, walking naked and she sucked out the lifeforce <a href="">LifeForce</a>

There are some good ideas as I said before, but these need to be plucked out and expanded, the story is just a short collection of witness accounts to a 'vampire Hunt' and not much more is really developed.

I would have given the book 3 stars as I am interested to see if this books actually leading somewhere - It really ends quite quickly and is obviously leading into another chapter of the story.

I knocked off half a point due to the formatting and underdevelopment, you may wish to read it and see what your conclusions are - I would be interested to know what others thought too.

While writing this review I was re-checking the e-book to clarify something and I noticed a section of 'Book Extras'
and basically this extras section gives you the outline of the book - characters Themes Notes for parents?
Maybe this book is aimed at teenagers, oh no... it just says reading level is for Adults So I will be saying - not suitable for children now.
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on 27 February 2014
I have to say I found this book a little confusing. In part one the story is narrated by a human diplomat with the HVA (Human Vampire Alliance) which is an organization that exists to basically keep vampires inline (I think!). We are given a little history of vampires and how, although they drink blood, it is actually ‘life force’ they feed off and not the blood, therefore blood banks wouldn’t be an option for vampires. We have a rogue vampire who is consistent throughout the three parts named Randy, and I think his capture is the basis for the whole story. Unfortunately I couldn’t understand this book at all so I can’t be sure. I really tried though. Part two seems to be narrated by someone who might be dead, but again I am unsure.

I become totally frustrated with myself when I don’t grasp a book, I wonder if the plot is just poorly executed or if the problem is that my mind works in a totally opposite way to the author and I will never ‘get it’. It makes it difficult for me to rate works like this. I have myself a list of points to look at, eg character development, editing, originality etc and because I don’t know what’s going on, how can I even judge these things?

So, anyway, I decided to mark on what I can be sure of. The editing, needs work, there are some missing words and strange sentence structures. I didn’t enjoy or lose myself in the story. The characters, well I wasn’t sure who was who so I’m gonna say they were underdeveloped and I don’t think I’d recommend this book to a friend, although it would be interesting to see if they ‘get it’. As for everything else I look out for and use to form my rating value, I don’t know, so I’m giving the book the benefit of the doubt and handing it 2.5 stars. People really need to judge this book for themselves.

Copy supplied for review
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