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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars42
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2014
One word AMAZING!! I really enjoyed reading this book all the angst and chemistry between Alannah and Castiel was just amazing you where constantly rooting for them to finally get together! Sparky was also one of my favourite characters can't wait to see how big of a part he gas in the next book I'm guessing he's going to be quite prominent =) the heart wrenching betrayal made me want to cry, and the violence made me wan to cover my eyes it was described so well it was like I was seeing it. It was just an amazing peace a writing an I can't wait for the next book hopefully I won't have to wait to long =) oh and also the sex scenes my goodness where they steamy ;)
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 3 February 2014
Such a nice surprise to read a MC book by a British author. I really enjoyed reading this story about Alannah Blake who is the niece of the club President of the Lost Souls MC. Returning home from college Alannah is really excited to be back with the club who she regards as her family. All except for one man Cas Jackson the clubs VP, she stills feels the pain of his betrayal deeply.

But not everything is right once she's back home. Her uncle isolates her away from everyone. There's something going on, their sworn enemies the Ghost Riders are at the heart of it.

First book in a new series, with a fast moving plot and well drawn characters made this a good read. I liked Alannah she was feisty and wasn't a pushover, I like a heroine with a backbone. Cas was an alpha male but with a touch of vulnerability that softened his character. Their relationship was very realistic, it was easy to feel their connection. The love scenes were sensuous rather than erotic. With the right amount of drama and angst. Made this a good first book of the series.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 February 2014
Firstly I would like to point out I'm not particularly a fan of MC books but during a reading slump I decided to give this a go because I saw it was by an English author.

It's an OK read but it needs a good edit. I'm aware self published authors probably can't afford editors but that doesn't mean they can't proof read their own work. There were quite a few britishisms, quite a few mixed tenses etc, etc. The author quite often wrote in her own accent I would say which may explain the mixed tenses. It distracted me when reading.

It's not as offensive as some MC books and the sex scenes are quite tame. Alannah was a good character. I felt Cas needed more of a male voice, he was quite tame for a Vice President also the plot was quite easy to predict.

Sorry if it sounds like I am pulling this book apart. I definitely think the author has potential and I'm sure any lover of MC books will enjoy this (and have judging by the positive reviews).
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on 5 February 2014
First book I've read from this author and I'm looking forward to the second book. Just a shame we gotta wait till the summer. Loved the character's a must read if you like mc books.
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on 10 February 2014
I've read loads of biker books and this one was in the top 10.
It was worth the money.
The only downside was the fact I have to wait till summer fir the next book.
LOVED cas he was lovely it made a change from all the other dominating biker boys in other bookstore read.
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on 6 December 2015
I found this book via an amazon recommendation in my email and thought to myself 'yes but I hope it's not one of those mc books in which I didn't trust the H'. This is because far too many mc books disrespect the females to the point I regret reading the story and don't purchase any again for ages. Anyway dispite the couples initial relationship a year before, and the method behind their separation, Cas is one of the good of the good guys....a keeper.

Alannas a nice character if at times a bit immature. There's a couple of words I absolutely despise in the English language and 'giggle' is one of them. I think it was 12 times I read giggle or giggled. Please if book's supposed to contain a strong woman , especially a mc book, find another way of describing the act of laughing other than 'giggle '. No points lost however as that's just a personal irk of mine.

The story is good. And I like that while the back story continues from book to book as far as I can make out now, each couple will find their own HEA in each book; so stand alone reads to an extent, with the clubs back story in the background of subsequent reads. Not exactly cliffhangers which i hate, just a little means to coax you to buy another...but if you dont want to you at least know the couple has made it.

The reason for 3 stars and not more is the editing. Yes the lady can write but she needed proof readers to catch the silly mistakes like spelling and the more glaring errors where occasionally words were missing. Not often but it shouldn't have happened.

All told I enjoyed and am hopeful with each read I'll see the improvements gained with experience and hopefully better editing as I am going to continue to book 2 starting tonight.

Thanks and I hope the author takes no offence as I appreciated the story greatly.

This will be my goodreads review also.
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on 1 February 2014
I generally liked this, once the author got into it her characters developed well and it was a good storyline but occasionally it wasn't a smooth read. It would jump from a subject in a paragraph to another unrelated subject without fully explaining something so I was left wondering what was going on or why the character hadn't followed through with something.
I'd just read Reapers Legacy by Joanne Wylde, another biker book that was an excellent read. This could gave been as good, it was just those transitions that weren't right. Better editing would have helped with this as well as correcting the apostrophe catastrophe, plus the occasional odd vocabulary choice and spelling mistakes like prey for prayer.
Alannah has just graduated and is going home to the MC her late dad founded and her uncle is the president. She's collected by some of the bikers from the club including the VP Cas who she really liked the previous summer until she found him with a club whore. When she gets home, she has a great time at a club party. The next day her uncle inexplicably sends her away to live in a remote cabin on her own with only a prospect to guard her and she's devastated. Once there she begins to rekindle her relationship with Cas who hadn't been able to get her off his mind, even though he was warned to keep away.
I'm looking forward to the next in the series.
Suitable for NA readers.
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on 8 February 2014
loved storyline & characters,loved Alannah & cas relationship.I'm getting obsessed with mc biker books all I've read past week it's way forward.
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on 7 April 2016
This book gives you a whole new side of mc life and of biker romances as it's seen through the eyes of Alannah . She's the daughter of the original president and now niece of the president of the lost souls mc . Her whole life has been involved with the mc , growing up protected by the club and seen as a surrogate daughter to all the club brothers . So when she returns from college , she sees life is just beginning but that's how her uncle sees it at all . He sends her away on her own to a cabin with just a prospect for company . Weird ??
Cas is the vp and definitely in love with Alannah but as club royalty nobody can touch or have her . With their past also a mess and their future banned from one another , Cas decides he will fight for her and make her his .
Will their love see them through this tough time or will it get Cas killed?
I loved this book so much , it gave me a new view of mc life and I really felt for Alannah . I also wanted to be her so I could have Cas for myself .
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on 7 April 2014
I thought this book had a good, strong plot and clearly there is more to come. Alannah and Cas were good characters that developed through the story and the supporting cast were intriguing. I do hope Sparky gets his story next. I think the MC genre is difficult to write about but there was definite potential here. The story is brutal in places but not to the extent of Madeline Sheehan. It has some heated scenes but the passion isn't as strong as Nicole Jacqueline's books.The reason I gave 3 stars instead of 4 was because of the really poor editing. I normally ignore this if it arises in a book but it really did detract from the story on this occasion. The tenses kept changing and I had to keep re- reading sentences to make sense of them. There was also a strange mix of British sounding expressions and American colloquialisms.
I would give the next book a try though. As I said, lots of potential here for a really good series.
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