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5.0 out of 5 stars Can't believe only so few reviews!
I guess like most people looking for a Bluetooth speaker the choices for this price range £120 to £200 will be down to just 2 at this present time (March 2014) The Ultimate Ears UE Boom or the Bose Soundlink Mini - both retailing at about £160 each,

I've been looking for a few years for the ideal portable companion, and for many years many were out but all were...
Published 16 months ago by B. Panissie

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3.0 out of 5 stars Almost perfect

-good audio quality overall, works for all genres of music.
-great companion app to turn off speaker and tweak it how you please.
- Water resistant so can play music in shower.
- quite portable and lots of people like it


-bass can be a little underwhelming unless turned up at louder volumes, if you want bass go...
Published 2 months ago by Zan Haq

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85 of 87 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Can't believe only so few reviews!, 8 Mar. 2014
B. Panissie - See all my reviews
I guess like most people looking for a Bluetooth speaker the choices for this price range £120 to £200 will be down to just 2 at this present time (March 2014) The Ultimate Ears UE Boom or the Bose Soundlink Mini - both retailing at about £160 each,

I've been looking for a few years for the ideal portable companion, and for many years many were out but all were just not good enough and i gave in and for the last couple years bought a pair of XMI X-MI X-mini MAX v1.1 Capsule which did me fine on holidays, park parties etc etc etc - but quality wise was not there at all nor was the volume.

For the last 6 months - traveling a lot through airports - I listened to both the UE and the Bose - and they are very close contenders.

Bose: amazing sound quality - design great - good build quality, but for me i did not feel it was a portable enough to bring out and about... the design of Bose seems to be more in home, room portable - with great sound quality, maybe slightly deeper in sound base. great product!!

UE Boom: Again, always comparing both - but due to portability, volume is great, sound quality compared to other portable products is amazing and i opted to buy the UE Boom, and I so don't regret it!

Saying that - in this price range - comparing is important - and i urge all to compare both the Bose and the UE! everyone will have their preference and they are in my opinion the only two competitors in this price range.

Why the UE? despite negative remarks on battery life online - mine goes on forever - on product specs says 15 hours, compared to 7 on the Bose, its so much more portable and rugged to bring out with you and party wherever you are as it goes louder than the Bose. that was my choice and I love it! No regrets - I bought mine at the airport, but using Amazon regularly i thought to add my experience as bought many products thanking other peoples reviews...

listen to both if you are in this market and ready to spend £150 ish
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good, rugged, versatile speaker, 24 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Over the last few months I have used a number of portable speakers, starting with an X-Mini, followed by the KitSound Pocketboom XB, Anker MP141, Cowin Thunder, Logitech UE Boom and the Bose Soundlink Mini.

If you're considering purchasing a speaker in this price range you're probably also looking at the Bose Soundlink Mini. I was in exactly the same situation. I read countless reviews, some favouring the Bose, others the UE. In the end I decided to order both and compare them myself.

I'm the furtherest thing you get from an audiophile. All I wanted was a speaker I could pull out of my bag, pop down on the table in the outside garden at my local pub, and have everyone enjoy a bit of music.

On to the details...

The Good:
Sound quality is good
- Good mids and highs
- Goes loud!
Solid, rugged construction
Battery life (15 hours compared to smaller speakers with only 2-3 hours or the Bose with 7)
USB charging
360 degree sound
Ability to be paired with other Booms
App to control EQ, alarm, pairing, etc.

The Bad:
Not much to fault on this speaker. I think it's designed to be stood upright (to benefit from the 360 sound) however, it's more prone to being bumped over that way. Some small rubber stoppers on the side would allow it to be laid flat and it wouldn't roll off the table.

Compared to the Bose Soundlink:
The UE Boom has all the bells and whistles one would expect from a modern device. In its favour it has: longer battery life, USB charger, 360 degree sound, a more rugged design, spill-proof cover, ability to be paired in stereo, an app to control EQ and alarm, NFC, works as a speaker-phone, comes in a range of colours, etc. The Bose lacks these features, but it pushes out a lot more bass, and a better quality of sound overall, I felt.

In the End:
All of the above are great features. At the end of the day, however, I opted for the Bose because of its superior sound quality. Playing the two speakers side by side, flicking back and forth allowed me to discover, for the first time in my life, how two speakers can sound completely different.

Audiophiles talk about things like 'a large sound-stage' and 'good separation' and 'warm sound'. I've never paid much attention to this sort of talk because I didn't 'get' it. Having heard and compared the Bose to the UE, I think I've had my first glimpse into understanding and appreciating what a good speaker ought to be able to do. I could clearly pick out individual instruments, whereas from the Boom they seemed to be squashed on top of one another.

A lot of reviews will tell you that the UE Boom has more mids and highs and goes louder. This is pretty accurate. What I will say, however, is that during my very scientific pub test I noticed that when I put the Bose on, people didn't have to raise their voices to speak over it - it was almost as though the sound was on a different frequency, bubbling up from below, and not clashing with people's chatting. It could still be heard, clearly, but it wasn't intrusive. That was at about 40% volume. People were tapping their feet and nodding heads with the Bose providing a lovely backdrop. The UE was different. People either stopped talking because it was overpowering, even at lower volumes, or they spoke louder, competing with the speaker.

All my smaller speakers, and the UE, clashed with chatter, causing people to talk more loudly. Consequently the sound gets drowned out so you turn up the volume, causing people to talk louder, again...

If you're looking for a portable speaker that sounds good, is rugged and will last for hours, this is it.
If you're after great sound quality and can compromise on extra features, you may wish to take a look at the Bose Soundlink.
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5.0 out of 5 stars UPDATED TO INCLUDE THE MEGABOOM 2015., 13 May 2014
Ian Wantling (The North West.) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Because of a technical glitch, both the Boom and Megaboom speaker reviews are appearing on the same page and I'm unable to issue two individual reviews. The first part of this review is for the Boom - please scroll down for my review on the Megaboom.

UE Boom Speaker -

I sampled a few truly portable speakers before deciding on the UE Boom, the Bose mini Soundlink being my initial favourite.

The Boom has a great sound delivery, but initially I thought it lacked bass, was even a little washed out. However, after sampling different tracks via Bluetooth I discovered three things -

1. Locate the speaker as far away from the listening point as you can. Being next to it doesn't do it justice - if it's at the opposite end of the room you're listening to it in, then the room filling with the sound from the speaker makes it sound so much better.

2. On the underneath of the speaker is a screw fix attachment for a mini tripod. Buy yourself a table top tripod and mount the Boom on it. This means all the sound from the speaker is expelled outward - none is absorbed by the surface that the speaker is mounted on.

3. Use it outdoors as often as possible - it sounds even better in the open air......

A friend of my son happened to own a Boom and we paired them up to the same Bluetooth connection and the sound then became amazing, with the speakers placed 20ft apart......

So, all in all, a good looking, great sounding mini speaker that packs a powerful punch. Pricey but highly recommended.

UE MegaBoom speaker -

The bigger brother of the Boom speaker looks, performs and sounds just as good as the original. It comes lavishly packaged in a hard carry case which house the speaker, the mains plug and a neat little side compartment to store the charging lead. There is a screw mount on the underside of the speaker to enable it to be mounted on to a mini tripod.

Blue tooth pairing is easy - just depress the button on the top of the unit located next next to the power button and the speaker then becomes discoverable on your device.

I'd recommend installing the UE app onto your device as this allows you full control of the speaker and even includes pre-set and customisable equaliser settings - a very handy tool that enables you to personalise the sound to your exact preference. I also used the app to pair both my Boom and MegaBoom, so I effectively had a stunningly good sounding pair of stereo bluetooth speakers.

My problems with MegaBoom is that it's just a little too large to be a comfortably portable speaker - the smaller Boom by its smaller size is better for portability. Also at todays current price points you are able to buy 2 UE Boom speakers for less than the price of a MegaBoom - and 2 UE Booms will not only give you a room full of stereo sound - but will provide a far better sound than one MegaBoom.

So, in its own right the MegaBoom is a great looking, great sounding, rugged and extremely well constructed speaker with good battery life and it certainly won't disappoint. At its current price point of £250, its main competition will the Bose SoundLink, and having listened to both, I'd have to choose the MegaBoom. Sound-wise there's not a lot between them and it will be a question of the listeners personal preference which speaker they chose. My reasons for choosing the MegaBoom are the ability to pair with another Boom or MegaBoom, the ability to mount on a table top mini tripod, and the ability to control from the app on your device. Points that make it that much more a versatile unit.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Boom! This speaker just blew me away!, 21 Feb. 2014
John Ryan "Scouse in the semi-detached house" (London, UK) - See all my reviews
After returning my Bose Soundlink Mini (it developed a fault and I opted for a refund), I went looking around (yet again!) for a bluetooth speaker. I looked at all the usual suspects in the £100-£200 range, and eventually decided upon the UE Boom!

Here's why...

What is it?
The UE Boom is a wireless Bluetooth speaker. In short, if you've got a smartphone (ie. any Android or iPhone) or tablet (eg. Nexus, Kindle Fire or iPad) or even a modern laptop you can wirelessly stream (play) music from your device. No wires, no fuss just great sound quality!

What I needed?
In order of priority:-

1. Sound Quality - needs to be top class. I'm no audiophile, but at £150+ I want the best possible full, rich and (ideally) room filling sound
2. Portability - I want to use it around the house, and out on the occasional picnic or outdoor event
3. Rugged - It needs to be a little rugged. Not that I'm taking it to rock festival mud bath - but I want to use it in the bathroom in the morning and not have it break down
4. Battery Powered - Goes with portability really. I needs to be include a rechargeable battery. At least 5-6 hours.
5. Linked up - Ideally I'd like to have one permanently in the bathroom, with the option to buy another and stream to them both.
6. Line in - so I can plug in an MP3 player or external CD player (optional)

In reality only 1-4 were mandatory. The rest I could live without.

How does it work?
You simply "pair" the speaker and phone/iPad and play your music or radio.
On the iPhone (but almost certainly available on Android) I use the following Apps:-

* Music - to stream music from my iPhone and iPad
* Tune In Radio - An app to listen to world wide radio stations (or XFM London and Radio 4 in my case)
* Spotify - where for £5-£10 a month (or even for free) you can listen to unlimited tracks of your selection
* BBC iPlayer or You Tube - to boost the sound from your iPad or tablet

You also get a free iPhone app meaning you can control sound volume, set a equaliser, connect two together for full stereo and even have it wake you up in the morning! It becomes a clock-radio!

What's it like?
Sound quality is simply brilliant! While I'm no audiophile, this is the 5th streaming device I've tried (see below), and sound quality is just stunning. This kicks out a great sound, and overall sound quality is near perfect. Certainly enough to fill a large room, and from a device this size - just amazing.

In terms of size and weight it's about 7 inches long and shaped roughly like a water bottle with a nice weighty feel about it - just over half a bag of sugar. Small enough to fit into a bag and carry around with you, it's also rechargeable. I've tried it out myself and found it runs for around 9-10 hours on high volume. (By which I mean HIGH VOLUME!). They claim about 15 hours - but presumably that's turned down pretty low.

In terms of connectivity, it "remembers" the last eight devices paired with it. Although the "pairing" process only takes a short time, it means once you've set it up, myself, my wife and daughter can stream music to it from their device without any further setup. It also has a handy AUX socket, meaning you can plug in an external CD or MP3 player - a nice extra. There's also a USB connection which I understand it to apply software upgrades.

In terms of style, it's pretty cool. Maybe the bright colours are a little too "obvious" for my liking, but the black works well for me.

And best of all - it's RUGGED. Comes with a D-Ring to attach to a bag, and is "water resistant". This means while you can't take is swimming - it should be fine for outdoor use (if it's caught in a light shower) or in my case - in the bathroom where humidity is a potential problem.

Oh - and one final feature (although I've not tried it yet), it seems you can use it as a speaker-phone to make phone calls. That would be a great little feature if using with an iPad or laptop to make a video call.

What's Good about it?
* Stunning sound quality
* Remarkably small, but a nice weight
* Charges via a USB which means you don't need to worry about losing the cable
* Auxiliary port means you can plug in a stereo or MP3 player
* Bluetooth pairing with iPhone or Android device. Up to 8 are remembered
* It's rugged and "people" proof.
* When you can afford it - you can connect another

What's not so good?
* The power connector and USB cable is bright yellow. (OK. So it's a matter of taste!)

What else is available?
Well, as stated above, this is the FIFTH streaming speaker set I've tested or bought. Not that I'm hard to please, but at £150+ I expect these to work well and sound great. This one ticks all the boxes for me. The alternatives I've looked at are:-

* Bose Soundlink Mini. Direct competitor (same price). More restrained "Apple" brushed aluminium design and not nearly as tough (as I found out!)
* Base Soundlink III. £100 more, and maybe slightly better sound quality. The "big brother" of the Soundlink Mini. My brother has one (I plan to do a head-to-head)
* Azatom Stealth Air: A mains powered only device. Great sound and price, but this produces better sound quality, and is portable and rechargeable.
* JBL Charge Bluetooth: Another bluetooth portable speaker at around £100. Quoted battery longer at around 12 hours play-back, but both Boom and Bose beats it on sound quality and depth
* Apple TV: Great option if you have an iPhone or iPad as you can connect it to a TV and external Sound Bar or speakers. I stream music to this in the lounge (and also watch films as a bonus!).
* Sonos Range: Fantastic sound, with the ability to connect several together - but not rechargeable
* AQ Smart Speaker: Disappointing sound quality given the high price - but you can pair two portable speakers to work in stereo.

Update August 2014. There's a new kid on the block and guess what? It's only £90. Take a look at the view profile of: Audio Dynamix- The PULSE Stereo Rechargeable Bluetooth V4.0 Speaker. Dual Pulse Bass Radiators, 12hr playtime and 20 metre range, compatible with all Apple, Android and Windows devices. More of a "home" based speaker - but sound quality is incredible.

How does it compare?
Having owned both a Boom and a Bose Mini, it's an obvious question - but I've not heard them both together. Having said that, I'd say the Boom wins overall on full, loud sound quality. I do agree with many other reviewers than the Bose Mini is terrific at lower volume, and but I think there's not really much between them.

The real clincher for me was the fact the Boom is designed to be used outdoors. While not a military grade tough device - it shrugs off water and dirt.

Highly Recommended.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Hands down the best portable bluetooth speaker on the Market., 25 Feb. 2015
Anyone researching premium portable wireless speakers would have worked out that there are 3 contenders for your hard earned cash. The UE Boom, the Bose Sound link and the Beats Pill. After hearing all three, you can pretty much rule out the Beats offering immediately as the sound is hideous in comparison.

It quickly becomes a 2 horse race between what I initially thought would be the runaway winner (the Bose Soundlink) and what turned out to be the best speaker and the one I bought (the UE Boom).

In a quiet room, the Bose speaker sounds fantastic but let's be honest, you are probably buying this to use out and about, on holiday, in the park or when all your mates are round etc. It's when you use the Bose speaker in these kinds of settings that you realise it's very very quiet and the sound quickly gets drowned out.

In comparison to this the Boom excels in every key department:
1) Unlike the others it's actually water resistant. I Wouldn't risk putting it under the tap but it certainly can be used in the rain, the snow or by the pool.
2) It's actually designed to be abused! You can drop it, throw it and generally be rough with it. In my research I discovered that it's built around some kind of metal cage to make it virtually indestructible.
3) The battery life is 15 hrs!!!!! This is double all the other products I looked at. My Boom, to be fair lasts around 12-13 hrs on a loud setting
4) You can turn it on remotely with the app. This is an incredible little feature that makes all the difference if you are lazy like me.
5) It used a micro usb charger - For me this is awesome as it means I can charge it in my cigarette lighter usb charger in my car.
6) It comes with a multi country adaptor! This was great for me as I bought this for my holiday and it saved me having to buy an adaptor.


The sound quality is about 8 /10. The mid and treble are incredible but the Bass is average. When you take into account all the other features, this speaker is in different league from all the other similar products, I am truly delighted with my Boom!
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5.0 out of 5 stars loud and proud, 11 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: UE MINI BOOM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker- Black (Electronics)
loud and proud, it really packs a punch for its size. louder than my friends bigger docks. was missing the mini usb cable but that was sent to me after a call. no 3 pin socket but can use apple charger or via a powered usb port
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5.0 out of 5 stars Raise the Bar !, 22 May 2015
Duncurin (Manchester) - See all my reviews
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Wow! Let’s cut to it, as they say. If you are looking for an amazing Bluetooth wireless speaker, with an array of features, leading-edge performance and fantastic sound, then, just go out and buy this, for it’s worth every penny. You will not be disappointed.

As soon as you pull the cylindrical packaging out of the delivery box, you are aware that you’re in the presence of something special. Peeling back the two stickies at the top and bottom of the cardboard sleeve, allows you to gain access to the carry case; open the front-opening door, and there you have it.

Remove it from said case. It has a lovely tactile feel, one that exudes quality, is beautifully weighted, with a substantial feel to it, not an unwieldy one. Of course it needs charging, but in truth since it arrived I have not been able to put it down, not even to top up the battery that has a 20-hour life. There is a box behind the Megaboom that contains some safety warnings, the charger, more information; and a further sliding hatch below it, which contains the charging lead, which itself is a quality thing, a thing of beauty and in a lovely matt day-glo green which matches the similarly high-end-feeling power supply. It would be nice if the assembled charger were able to slot into the custom case when the Megaboom is inside, but let’s not split hairs.

It pairs with just about anything that graces the Bluetooth name. My ipod is often a bit reluctant, mainly because of my limitations with said device but I’d hooked it up within seconds and it was playing my tracks from my I-tunes, from Youtube and from my Amazon music (it was happier if I downloaded my tracks to the device for the latter, but this only took seconds). It similarly had no trouble with my little phone, which is a humble S3-mini and, once again, it played Youtube directly as well as all my content. Of course, when it is paired with one’s phone it will allow you to receive calls and indicates text messages. Though it is optimised for Apple products it did not seem in any way fussy about talking to Android and setup once again was easy. I suspect, too that it would even pair with my little car, which has a Bluetooth interface.

Sound quality is superb, it has a quality bass response and one can adjust this using the graphic equaliser. Whether one is quietly listening at home or at an outdoor party, then this unit will rise to the challenge and supply awesome sound that will have you the envy of your friends. It is also IPX7; remember the higher the number the more waterproof it is and I believe this means that it will stand immersion in water and not just a quick downpour. Though, without doubt, one would never want to test such a thing with such a beautiful device.

One can also install the App, which gives access to a wide variety of information and many more features. Most vitally, it gives you more control over the unit to bring out more of its features. The truth is that the more one looks the more surprises it contains. Thus one can pair it with more than one device (no fewer than 8, in fact). You, should funds permit, are also able to pair it with another Megaboom, for a simultaneous pairing, and either double the sound or split it into stereo. The whole Bluetooth standard appears to have been stretched in ways that I have not encountered before, thus the App will turn it on or off. Then, there’s the range. Usually my Bluetooth devices run out of connectivity within a fairly short distance- this unit continues to play, even when the source is a hundred feet away.

There is a wonderful website, which contains more details. I was a little confused by the screw in lug below the unit which reveals the USB charging socket and an aux connection, but then I remembered it all has to be waterproof and this screw socket will also allow for tripod mounting. There are also available some wonderful colours and I would advise having a look at this before purchase.

I could go on! Ultimately it’s about two things, the quality and the quality and as I began my tests I thought, ‘wow, it’s expensive’, but I ended thinking ‘It’s worth every penny’. Even more than this, however, the whole package and the web page has a momentum about it and one realises that the bar has just been raised by this wonderful device another notch or two. Duncurin will be saving for another one to pair with this. Many thanks.
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5.0 out of 5 stars amazing speaker (get 2 and it will blow you away), 30 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Wow... awesome sound and they really pack a punch. Quality packaging and they have a really sturdy feel to them. I was going to treat myself to a Bose soundi link mini but read some reviews about being able to sync 2 of these babies. I then saw this at £40 on black Friday and took a punt. Not disappointed, so impressed I got the other in different colour for £53 - this enabled me to use the 'double up' app and this puts it into a different league for its price range. I now have a portable wireless sound system for under £100 - great alternative as not everyone can afford Sonos and Bose.... really loud, good bass and clarity and when I had family round everyone was talking about how great they sounded.
But in the interest of fairness and based on my own experience there are a couple of issues to mention:
1. there are 2 types of identical looking speakers on the market, both made by Logitech which is confusing.
so, if u want the 'double up' feature which for me is the real selling point to speaker, make sure you order the UE(ultimate ears) mini boom and not the standard Logitech mini boom which is cheaper.
2. . You need to download the 'UE mini boom' app in order to double up/sync 2 speakers
TIP: check u can download this first on the media device you intend to use before buying. I can't download it with my Amazon Fire (which isn't the speakers fault! -NOTE to Amazon, can u sort this please!)

but dont let this put u off, if you have an iPhone or Android device with Google play store it should work fine. These speakers are awesome, get 2!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great little speaker, 21 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: UE MINI BOOM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker- Black (Electronics)
This is a fantastic little speaker for the price, however it is not the the UE boom which I have since purchased.
If you are looking for a very portable, well made, and great sounding bluetoothe speaker, this should be in your basket.
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5.0 out of 5 stars For my needs, nothing short of amazing, 26 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The speaker is simply amazing. As a university student, I wanted something with nice sound quality to use as an everyday speaker, so I could listen to music in my room, but also powerful sound, so we can use when we host parties in larger rooms or open spaces. The UE BOOM delivers exactly that.

The 360 sound really makes a difference when I compare it to other speakers, specially when you want to fill the whole room with music during a party. When I'm in my room, it is amazing to watch TV shows like 24 (with lots of action and sounds), because it fills the ambient.

The battery life is amazing. I've managed to, in some cases, get more than the 15 promised hours of continuous playing (at lower volumes, in my room). On a not as relevant note, I really like the bright neon yellow colour of the charger unit and cable.

It is portable. Very portable. It is lightweight and strongly built. It already endured some splashes of water and vodka, with no damage. It also looks nice/cool/trendy. Not only like a device, but a kind of decorative piece of (modern) furniture.

I don't like to write reviews without negative points, but, frankly, this product does fit exactly my needs. If at some point I notice any flaws, I can update this review. But, for now, my advice is: if you're looking for a product in this category, go for the UE BOOM.
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