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3.4 out of 5 stars272
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2014
This is a great little product. I purchased it for my Christmas drive to my parents house which is approx 320 miles away. I used it to play my spotify playlist.

Only once did I have to retune it to a different frequency, I was quite amazed. I've had much more expensive FM transmitters from Belkin and Griffin which didn't compare to this product.

I attached this to my dash right next to the stereo in my 59 plate Ford mondeo. Not sure whether having it so close to the stereo improved the reception?!

Works great on my Samsung S4 but you do need to check where the headphone jack is on your phone. On my Samsung S4 the socket is at the top left when looking at the display of the phone. On my Nokia Lumia it's on the top right meaning that the display of the transmitter would be on the back side of that phone. Not good if you're driving and want to retune.

The charge on a full battery seems to last for at least a couple of hours of continuous use, plus in the box you get a micro USB cable and bullet in car charger.

The quality (build) of this transmitter isn't as great as the other leading brands but for the price you certainly can't complain.

Overall really pleased.
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on 24 March 2014
This item DOESNT WORK WITH IPHONE 5s ( advertised that it does) which is why I bought it..
However it's working well with my ipod.
Easy to put together and simple to use..........
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 March 2016
This little gadget takes no time at all to set up and is really easy to get working. All you have to do is find a static radio station on the car stereo and match it with the transmitter - simple as that! Play time seems to vary for me between 4 and 6 hours but with the car charger to hand, it's easy to keep it topped up when on the road. With just two buttons and an on/off switch to choose from, it seems common sense that one will scroll down through stations and the other up. So, with the device feeling quite sturdy and durable, plus looking very sleek, I was already quite impressed. Add to that the compactness of it, the ease of set up and use, and the clarity of sound I was getting more impressed by the minute.

However, I did hit a snag which I think the manufacturers should consider and which resulted in me awarding 4 stars instead of 5 i.e. I have an iPhone 6 and the jack is on the bottom of the phone. Hence, when plugging the transmitter it, I either have to have it back to front (so the digital display is on the rear) or I have it the right way round but the unit sticks out a ridiculous amount over the side of the phone, making it easily breakable if accidentally snagged or even dropped and, in turn, this could wreck the audio jack on your phone! It's worth mentioning at this point that the transmitter has a really stunning blue, crisp display which adds to the impression of it being a high end product whilst also making it it even more irritating that it's back to front - what's the point of having a decent looking gadget if you can't actually see it?

Given the positioning of the unit, in order to be safe, I tried using it just back to front with the display of the unit facing me and the phone screen toward the rear but it actually became quite difficult because if the phone rang, I couldn't see the screen to see who was calling. Due to the nature of my job I often have to vet calls so as to avoid cold callers, hence not being able to see the phone screen was going to be a big problem. The next step that I was resentful to have to take was to have the phone facing me and the transmitter facing the rear. Having tuned it before leaving, it seemed fine right up until I started to lose the signal - once that happened, I was unable to retune it without stopping which was a nightmare on some roads as it was just impractical to pull over. If the device had been facing me, it would have been easier as I could've just pressed the up/down button a couple of times to retune it when sitting in traffic (not something I'd attempt while driving as although it would only take a nano-second to do, it would still break my concentration). The next issue I came across was that with the unit flush to the phone, albeit back to front, you can't access the lightning jack to charge your phone while on the move.

Overall, I loved the aesthetics of the transmitter and the idea behind it, plus the simplicity to use, the price and the durability but I really don't like the impracticality of it with iPhones and would much rather that the manufacturer made different designs to suit different phone brands. Would I recommend it to others? Yes, I would but I'd warn them about the difficulties with an iPhone 5 onwards.

(I received this product at a discounted rate or free to give an honest, unbiased and fair opinion of how it works. This includes not only the good bits but also the bad bits if applicable. In the case of some items, such as beauty or health products, this means that I cannot provide details of the long-term benefits or effects unless I already have experience of using that product in the past. I really hope you found my review helpful, please feel free to click on the YES button to say so. If you don't think my review has been helpful, before you click on the NO button, I would appreciate you leaving me a comment with your thoughts, so I can try improving my future reviews. Thanks for taking the time to read this.)
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on 2 August 2014
Does not work well ,constantly breaks up and your device needs to be placed close to your radio
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on 25 June 2016
So much stuff these days like alarm clocks and speaker systems and of course cars have FM radio so making use of one of these is extremely easy now especially if for instance you have a device without Bluetooth or your car doesn't have Bluetooth this is probably the very best thing to use instead.
This is a very handy little device that simply plugs into your 3.5mm audio connection point on your device to play the music and then using the buttons on the transmitter you choose what station you would like and then simply choose the matching station on the system with the speakers and then you have audio! Provided of course that station hasn't already been used for commercial radio as then you may get some interference.

Its got a rechargeable battery that is recharged via micro usb so you easily charge this almost anywhere these days and the battery life is also very good.
It comes with a usb charging cable and also a car lighter usb charger.
It glows blue when pressing buttons making it easier for use in the dark but then will dim after a few seconds to avoid it being a distraction fi for instance its being used in a car.
The 3.5mm jack on the device even went into my mp4 and made a good connection with the case on.
The audio quality that came through into my car was super and you would barely notice it was being streamed through an FM transmitter.

Overall a really good device and great for use with my old mp4 that hasn't got Bluetooth so this is very handy for that as well as the fact it has a built in rechargeable battery its just really convenient too and I can easily leave this plugged into a usb and cigarette lighter adapter to charge when it eventually needs it.

If this review was helpful/useful please click "Yes" below. If not, please comment below and tell me how I could improve it!

*This product was kindly sent to me to test and write an honest and unbiased review.
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on 16 April 2016
OH MY GOD! I LOVE THIS DEVICE! I can play music from my phone as well as from my ipod through this little device. It is a great innovative design for people who drive old cars without the smart media systems. Before buying this FM-transmitter, I play my music via CDs with my music burned into them which requires a bit of effort when you want to change songs but that requires changing CDs. But now with this FM-transmitter, I can play music from playlists with more than 100 songs! It is very simple to use as well, just plug in and set the frequency on the device to be the same as your car's radio frequency and just play the music. Another cool function on this device is that you can answer call with it so you can save money from buying a bluetooth handset and drive more safely. You can charge the device via a micro-USB cable and the battery last for quite a while so don't worry about if you need to constantly charging it. The cable is included with the product so theres no need to purchase one. Also there is a USB slot on the car charging port, so you can constantly charge the device if you want but can also charge other devices on the road such as iPad,SAT NAVs etc. Very convenient product and highly recommendable.

For more information:

I did receive a discount in buying the device but I was not obliged to write a good review for it. I can assure you this review is from my opinion and experience only. If you don't like the product, I am sure you can refund it but don't worry, its a very innovative device that can make your car journeys more entertaining.
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on 1 April 2016
VicTsing Wireless 3.5mm In-Car LCD Display FM Transmitter + Car Charger Radio Adapter For Apple iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6 5S 5C 5 4S 4 iPod Touch Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II 3 III S5 S4 SIV S3 SIII MP3

Today I am reviewing the product "VicTsing Wireless 3.5mm In-Car LCD Display FM Transmitter + Car Charger Radio Adapter For Apple iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6 5S 5C 5 4S 4 iPod Touch Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II 3 III S5 S4 SIV S3 SIII MP3". The product arrived on time and in perfect condition. It was packaged securely in a simple cardboard box.

Inside the box you get: -
1 x FM Transmitter
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x USB Car Charger for the FM Transimitter
1 x Instruction manual

This is a great device for listening to your favourite music without having to burn a CD. And if you don't have a CD player in your car, then you really will benefit from this device! The FM transmitter has a 3.5mm jack which you can plug into any device e.g. smartphone that you'd want to stream music from.

To use it, just insert the FM transmitter into your smartphone. If you need to power up the device, you can always use the supplied car charger and USB cable but it can also be charged via a powerbank, USB mains plug, laptop etc. Then tune your cars radio to a clear/unused FM frequency, and set the FM transmitter to same frequency. It remembers the last FM station that you tuned it to, so you don't have to re-tune it every time.

Overall I found that the reception was very good but you may need to re-tune if you move around too much i.e. long journeys whilst driving. The other benefit is playing music from your phone to the cars speakers without the hassle of physically connecting the two together. This device is affordable and has made my life much easier with regards to listening to music..

The music quality sounds just as good as if you was listening to a CD. A nice affordable product.

I received a discount on this product in return for an honest, authentic & unexaggerated review.
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on 23 March 2016
 There are various answers to the problem of how to pick up phone calls legally and more to the point safely all have their pros and cons. How many like me have been sitting indoors at home or at the office just feet away from a car which has a Bluetooth hands free kit in it. Someone calls you and you answer only to puzzle over why you cannot hear anything. By the time you have worked it out the other party has hung up. Or of course you have your Bluetooth Headphones on and when you press the smart button on them to pick up a call you can hear perfectly but the other party struggles because the mike is not in the best place. With this kit both parties can hear the call well and if you happen to leave the device plugged in to your phone it is really easy to pull it out before answering a call.

This works a different way and I think that it is a quite brilliant idea. You plug this little widget in to your phone's earphone socket and it transmits whatever your phone is sending out one a frequency that you have selected with the little buttons. So if you want to l;isten to something while driving or use your phone Sat nav you car radio plays what is on your phone. When a call comes in yes swipe the answer button on use voice commands to answer and you car stereo switches over to the phone call. The microphone on your phone is used to pick up your voice.

In the box you get not only the FM transmitter and instruction but also both a car charger and a an A to micro B USB cable.

I was sent this item free in exchange for an honest review.
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on 9 May 2014
I wasn't very impressed with this from the moment it came. I know when you pay for a cheap item you expect it to have less features than a more expensive model but this was like something a 6 year old made in school.

As far as the transmitter goes, it works - not very well - but still it works. You can hear a static noise all the way through so you have to put the volume up very high so you can't hear it. It didn't come with any instructions either but it is quite easy to use as you just change the station until you come across the right channel. My ipod fits on the transmitter but because its badly made it sticks out loosely.

The customer service was quite bad too. The product arrived in just a little plastic zip bag and posted in a jiffy bag, and when I opened it up I realised it wouldn't work anyway because the USB part was missing. So after getting in touch with them and being told to send a picture of the contents (which I did) they told me that because they were posting from China it was too expensive to send a replacement so would I mind buying the part separately in the UK if they offered me a tiny refund (which didn't cover the cost of buying a new one). They finally agreed to send a replacement but when that arrived it was just in a tiny dvd like box with no protection around it and after using it once the car charger part just fell apart in the socket.

A total waste of money!
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on 25 March 2016
So I wanted a decent charger for my car so I can use it for either my phone which is for the s5 or alternatively my group of friends have iphones so I thought why not get this for my car as it has the best benefits for it and advertise which I can completely agree with does over the below benefits with this nifty piece of charging kit

Gives you the versatility of a driver to charge your iphone and your ipad at the same time or another friends phone and measures how much charges on your phone it has done which complies with the below benefits

FM Transmitter for Mobile Phones, Tablet PC, MP3/ MP4 players, and other devices with a 3.5mm headphone socket.
Hands-free talking function offers you more safty during driving, clear and convenient to adjust the tuning frequency.
3.5mm LCD displays frequency with blue backlight. High Quality Stereo Sound.
With Touch key design, High fidelity stereo. Full frenquency range. Memory for last frequency.
Digital PLL, transmisson is stable in different environments. Powered by rechargeable built-in lithium battery,do not need to use the iPhone's power.

As I bought this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an unbiased review the above account is a true reflection of how I really feel about this product and although I received this at a discounted rate this doesn't have an impact on my review
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