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4.1 out of 5 stars36
4.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 July 2014
I love Nicola Doherty’s books for what they are – fun, light-hearted romances. Her writing never fails to put a smile on my face and so I have been really looking forward to her Girls on Tour series. Poppy Does Paris has a stunning cover and I loved the book even more.

Poppy was a great character – she was very funny and easy to like. Right from the first page when she’s describing herself for her internet dating profile, she had me cracking up and her story carried on in the same ridiculous, entertaining vein throughout. As Poppy has her bright idea to end her dry patch and have a dirty weekend with her colleague Charlie, the book takes us to Paris and introduces us to more flawed but equally amusing characters like Jonathan and Constance. Paris is of course the city of romance but with Charlie, that wasn’t necessarily what Poppy was looking for.

The setting of Paris is built up really well and all the name-checking of various locations there could easily make you want to visit it yourself. Just like Charlie, I’ve never been to Paris either but I could picture it. I loved the simple, silly things like the person carrying the baguette and the moments when Poppy wanted to try out her French but everyone kept talking in English to her. The dialogue in this book was fun and witty and brought the characters to life. Nicola is a really charming writer and she always writes amusing characters and adds in that one that you just love to hate too.

Poppy Does Paris is only book one in this Girls on Tour series and I’m really excited to read the rest of it. This was typical chick-lit packed with a few twists, drama and romance and is a brilliant novella to be pushed to the top of your summer reading list. You can only laugh and smile at this fairly comical plot and I loved it!
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on 23 July 2014
Poppy Does Paris is the first in a five part series by Nicola Doherty. At 65 pages it is a perfect quick feel good read. It is full of fun, romance and laughs. It really put a smile on my face.

Poppy is a great character. Having not had a boyfriend for a long while she is a bit out of practice. She heads off to Paris, with her work colleague to meet an author they are trying to sign up. Having had a bit of a crush on him she plans to seduce him in the city of love. Things of course don't go quite according to plan. Her character made me laugh alot. She came across to me as quite ditzy and I found this very endearing. I could see myself in some of her characteristics , such as a wrong sense of direction, so also laughed at memories it bought back.

I really enjoyed the novella and am looking forward to meeting the next girl on tour. I would like to see mo of Poppy in the future as I am sure there is much more of her story to tell.

I would recommend this novella as a great fun read.

Thank you to Headline for providing me with a copy in return for an honest review.
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This book is part of a series, by Nicola Doherty. The girls on tour series.
As it's only a short story I thought it would be a great read for when i had my breaks in work. And i ended up looking a little bit of a plonker with a stupid grin on my face while reading it.
This is just a great fun, lighthearted short story.
An ideal read if you have an hour spare, sat in the garden on a warm afternoon.
Poppy has headed off to Paris -working- with her work colleague Charlie. and as she hasn't had any romance for quite some time, she's a little more than out of practice.
She decides seducing Charlie would be a good idea.
Obviously things don't always go to plan.
So treat yourself to a copy and see just what Poppy does in Paris.
I am looking forward to reading more from this author, and as I have recently won a copy of if I Could Turn Back Time in a blog giveaway, I think I will be moving it up in my to read pile.
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on 7 October 2014
Novellas were never my thing, because though I’ve read some which were good, they didn’t make me WOW! They were either too short for me to enjoy them completely or they lacked character development. On the other hand, that’s the challenge with writing these short stories, authors are aware they need to impress a reader in a short time (very few number of pages), so baring this in mind I really appreciate authors who have this ability. Nicola Doherty is one of these authors.

Before publishing her novellas, Nicola has written two full length novels, “Out Of Office Girl’ and ‘If I Could Turn back Time, but the funny thing is I read her latest novel after I read ‘Poppy Does Paris’ and ‘Lily does L.A.’. Basically, ‘Poppy Does Paris’ was the first of Nicola’s works and it took her just one short story to become one of my fave authors.

I’m not easily impressed, so trust me when I say these novellas ROCK! Poppy Does Paris is the first in the series of 5 novellas and is about Poppy, who works in the publishing industry and who’s off to Paris to sign a deal with an author. Accompanying her on this task is her colleague, Charlie whom I become fond of the second he was introduced. What I loved the most about this book was the dialogue and the banter between Poppy and Charlie. The humor presented in this little cute read is so effortless and fresh. It was really easy to connect with Poppy, I even felt slightly jealous of her job. Not just the traveling to Paris part, but working in the publishing industry..HELLO! Isn’t this every bookworm’s dream? Of course, adding a gorgeous colleague was another thing I was jealous of.

Overall, this was a great, easy and short read and one you’ll devour in less than an hour. Perfect for your commute or coffee break and I strongly advise downloading a copy for your reader. Giggles are guaranteed, trust me. FUN-TASTIC series Nicola, I’m already looking forward to reading the other installments. One of the best novellas I’ve read in my life.
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on 6 September 2014
Ay, you know sometimes when you read a mini series part it can leave you feeling empty? A bit like when you've had your dinner and are still hungry and thinking about the cake in the fridge. Well, that happens a lot to me right (at dinner and in reading) and for some unknown reason we have been hit over the past few months with a tsunami of mini series or series books haven't we? So I was pretty apprehensive to read it. The only reason I did was because I really do like Nicola Doherty. Anyway, back to the food thing. I honestly couldn't think of anything to tell you all how amazing this first book is. The only thing that kept popping in my head was being full. I was full. Poppy does Paris was a complete meal that I had devoured and loved. It really was like that.

It's silky smooth and what should be one of the biggest cliche's ever in fact becomes every woman's dream! Of course with lots of drama with it too. It might be fiction, but come on, even then the women have issues. Heroine Poppy is us women. A fantastic heroine who has you being her best mate from page one. She's utterly adorable.
The writing is so rich and inspiring. The plot and pace both fast and inviting. The story has a good base and build up of characters. The way in which Nicola Doherty describes Paris has you there and enjoying it blissfully. This to me is what makes it different than the usual and to be fair a lot better. It is a fantastic book and I am seriously more than ready for book two.

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on 21 August 2014
"The first instalment in this hilarious, romantic and unputdownable five-part series. Perfect for fans of Lindsey Kelk's I Heart... novels."

Firstly, thanks to Headline Publishing, for providing me with a review copy of Poppy Does Paris on Net Galley.

This book was an easy choice for me, as I love books set in Paris and all things Parisian, and I found the cover eye-grabbing. I also love Lindsey Kelk's I Heart... series, so that instantly caught my attention.

This novella was a delight to read, and Poppy was an instantly lovable character.

Poppy works in publishing, and she's in the middle of a bit of a 'dry spell' with men - a nearly-a-year-long dry spell. When she manages to score a work trip to Paris for a couple of days with her good-looking (if somewhat annoying) colleague, Poppy thinks that a bit of a no-strings-attached fun could be exactly what she needs, and decides the city of love is the perfect place to seduce him for a naughty weekend fling.

Naturally things don't quite go to plan, and Poppy finds her adventurous weekend taking a few unexpected turns, especially when you throw in the sexy, charming author who she's in Paris to interview!

I really enjoyed this novella; Doherty's writing is charming, and really makes you feel like you're a part of the story. Being a huge lover of Paris, I could picture myself strolling alongside Poppy, sharing her wonder at the beauty of it all. Poppy herself is incredibly sweet and very endearing in a ditzy sort of way. She made me laugh right from the start when setting up her internet dating profile. Her train of thought is always hilarious, making you laugh every time she nearly puts her foot in it, and every time she very much does!

Poppy Does Paris is everything you could ask for from a chick lit novella; sweet, funny and easy to read, it definitely left me smiling.

The next instalment of the Girls On Tour series, Lisa Does LA, is out on the 25th of September, and I will definitely be reading the whole series.
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on 7 August 2014
Firstly thank you so much to Headline for approving me for a review copy of this book via NetGalley. I was first introduced to Nicola Doherty when I read her novel If I Could Turn Back Time in April this year. I absolutely loved her writing style and ability to tell an unpredictable chick-lit story so I knew I would be looking for more from her!

Poppy Does Paris is the first in a five part series of novellas from Nicola and is all about main character Poppy. Poppy works in publishing and manages to wangle a work trip to Paris to meet a rather dishy author with her younger and also rather dishy co-worker Charlie.

As I’ve said I already really like Nicola’s writing style and it was great to see it continuing in this first instalment. I really enjoy how she makes her characters feel real and make you feel like you’re actually living the story alongside them as their friend rather than a reader. I think there are two ways to read a book, as if you’re taking part and as if you’re watching it all unfold and I loved the inclusive reading experience with this book.

The setting of the story is as the title suggests – Paris. I’ve been to Paris once and would love to go back so this setting triggered a lot of memories for me and the description throughout really brought it all back.

I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the short books in this series. I read it in under an hour so perfect for a weekend afternoon to bring some Parisian sunshine into your afternoon too! I think readers of Lindsey Kelk and Gemma Burgess will enjoy this as the relationship between character and reader feel similar.
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on 30 July 2014
Girls on Tour is an irresistible series of interlinked stories about four friends, ordinary girls who have extraordinary fun in faraway places. Expect the unexpected, the utterly hilarious and unforgettable, on this rollercoaster ride of love, laughs, surprises and sparks. You have a VIP pass to join each girl's adventure, so pack your bags and buckle your seatbelts, because just about anything is possible...

Poppy does Paris is the first instalment in this hilarious, romantic and unputdownable five-part series. The next part, Lily does LA, will be published on 25th September 2014.

I heard about the Girls on Tour series on Twitter. I looked it up on Amazon, loved the sound of the book, fell in love with the beautiful cover and hit the pre-order button right away. This was the first time I picked up a book by Nicola Doherty. It won't be the last!

Meet Poppy, a twenty-nine years old bussiness woman who is working in the publishing industry. I can tell you I loved Poppy from the very first second! She is so entertaining, fun, easy to like and releat to. The story followed a brilliant storyline which made me giggle the whole way through. Poppy is off to Paris with her colleague Charlie to meet a client, Jonathan Wilder, to talk about his new book release. Unfortunately Poppy has been unlucky with men lately. To end her dry patch she has some dirty plans on her mind with Charlie for this weekend. As you can imagine, her plans turn out much differently and she finds herself in another mans bed. How can she get out of this mess?

Paris is famous for to be the city of love. I've been to Paris once and visited most of the places Nicola wrote about. I loved that I even felt more connected to the story for this reason. I wished I could have beamed myself to Paris to see all these wonderful sights again. Preferably siting in a romantic café near the seine with a tasty glass of french wine in my hand and with a view to the eiffel tower.

The only thing I was a bit struggeling with were the french dialouges. I can't speak french so I needed to look up a few things.

This book was an absolute pleasure to read. It made me laugh more than I have in a long time in a book. It had everything that I love in a great book - humour, wit, life-like characters, light-hearted romances, a fast pace, twists and a beautiful setting. I'm so looking forward to read the rest of the series. Hurry up September!
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Thank you to Headline for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

To be honest these day I don't read much chick lit at all, in my younger days I devoured all things in this genre but as I have got older my tastes have broadened slightly however I have a soft spot still for this type of book, its my guilty pleasure and I was excited to read Poppy does Paris the first instalment in the Girls on Tour series, a five part novella series with interlinked characters from Nicola Doherty.

Poppy works in publishing and is sent to Paris to woo a famous author tagging along with her is Charlie her slightly younger and oh so slightly annoying colleague. The thought of a trip to the infamous city of L'Amour feels her with dismay, it is the city of love, she currently has no man in her life and the man she is going to spend her time in Paris with drives her up the wall.

She does however come up with a plan, she will mix business with pleasure, she will have a few nights of fun with Charlie but of course things never go to plan despite the sexiest underwear known to man, he is more interested in watching sport on the tv instead of looking at Poppy.

A bright spark to her disastrous trip is the author she is in Paris to see, incredibly handsome, charismatic, he is the full package and also he is allegedly single, will Poppy's love life start to look up?

I just want to remind you that this is a novella, not a full length novel but it is a great story with touches of humour and romance plus the gorgeous setting of Paris, if you love your chick lit authors then this will be a great addition to your reading list.

Poppy does Paris is awarded 4 out of 5
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on 20 September 2014

Poppy is going through a dry spell. It has been almost a year since she last…you know…had a romantic rendezvous with the opposite sex. And she is feeling that it is time to take matters into her own hands. On an upcoming working trip to Paris, Poppy decides she will seduce her co-worker Charlie for some no strings fun. However, life doesn’t always work out as planned as Poppy’s love life takes an unexpected twist in the world’s most romantic city.


Poppy Does Paris, the first instalment in the Girls on Tour series was pretty much the ideal short story for me. I combined two of my favourite things; the world of publishing and the beautiful city of Paris.

What I loved about this short story is that the characters seemed fully developed. They didn’t appear as just brief snapshots. The story didn’t feel like scenes placed together, producing a domino effect. I was able to be charmed, amused and feel for the Poppy and romantic lead, Charlie.

Poppy’s mistakes felt like they could have been made by anyone. You genuinely wanted her not to screw up and felt the embarrassment – nay mortification – when she did. She was such a likable protagonist. Nicola Doherty has managed to create a character who I wanted to be – flaws and foibles included.

I’m very excited to read on with the rest of the Girls on Tour series.

Poppy does Paris by Nicola Doherty is available now.
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