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The Poweradd foldable solar panel is a solar panel charger (not a powerbank as it does not store power) which can 'only' be charged via the sun which means it is free power!

In the box you get -

- The foldout solar charger which is 9.5 x 6.5 inches closed and 18.5 x 9.5 inches folded out
- Instruction manual

Poweradd provide a one year warranty as standard.

The charger itself is very well built and consists of a showerproof (when closed) nylon wallet that is kept shut by strong velcro fasteners. Open the wallet up to open out two solar panels which are protected by plastic films. At the top end you will find tucked away in a pocket the charging output cable which is a female USB plug. So you will need your own cable! All around the edge of the wallet there are small loops so you can hang this thing up in any configuration that is best to capture the sunlight. There are no LED power indicators or anything like that. This is simply a plug and play item.

At full capacity on a nice sunny cloudless day this panel will give you 1272mA per hour of charge theoretically!

How does the solar aspect of it stand up?

I left it in my garden facing south on a nice bright sunny day in Liverpool at the beginning of this week. After around 4 hours it did fully charge my Samsung Galaxy note 2 up! I also charged a 500mA Bluetooth speaker in around an hour and a half.

So yes it does work albeit a bit slowly as do most solar chargers.

If I was taking this out I would ensure my devices were already fully charged. You would have to continuously leave this in bright sunlight to ensure there is good charge rate from it. Outside, in the back window of your car or on a window ledge at home would be best.

This wouldn't be your primary charging source but definitely an emergency backup source of power. You could infact leave this all day to charge up a powerbank for later use.

This powerbank was kindly sent to me for review by the manufacturers
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The Poweradd Foldable Solar Panal is a portable solution for charging your devices whilst on the go and utilising the sun's rays instead of a plug and socket with electricity!

In the box you find:

* solar panel
* instructions

These types of chargers are brilliant for someone like me - I often forget to charge up my phone and tablet before I go out and have ended up in a few embarrassing situations whereby I am unable to get my computer working or to make a telephone call. This is one solution for problems like this or for when you have an unexpected power cut etc. It would be ideal to take camping or hiking where you are in a situation to utilise the sun's rays.

The thing I have found difficult with this solar panel is actually testing it - we haven't had that much sun and it therefore hasn't been the easiest thing to use... It does rely solely upon the sun rays, and therefore obviously the sun is an essential ingredient here.

When we did eventually get some sun, I found that it did work. It charged up my telephone with no problems at all. It did it fairly slowly in comparison with the usual charge, but it did do the job. If for whatever reason I was stuck without electricity and flat gadget batteries, I would be pretty pleased to have this item.

So certainly, as something to fall back on in case of emergency, this is just the ticket. It is not very fast, but it does a job that in certain situations you are going to be really pleased with.

This item was sent to me to test and to provide an honest review.
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on 28 October 2014
Bought this about 10 months back now and took it too a festival where it charged my powers banks all day which was more than enough to charge my phone and mini speakers fully every day, the rest of the year its sits in my window chargin my power bank of 12000 mah which takes around 10 days to charge as glass reduces the UV rays but the way i see it is every 10 days i have 6 free phone charges. Definatly 100% worth buying, especially when the zombie apocylips happens ( we've all seen the walking dead)
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on 12 June 2014
Really not sure why people are giving this bad reviews here, the product works, just make sure you put it in direct sunlight at the correct angle.

The item is light weight and portable great for travelling
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 March 2014
Note the manufacturer sent me a review sample, no attempt was made to influence my opinion.
I've tried a few panels over time and this one is certainly a step above some offerings I've used.
The panel is lightweight and well made with loops on every side to hang the unit up if required.

Any device that charges via a USB plug can be attached to the panel, which has a pocket to safely store the USB input.
I found even on cloudy days the panel was able to charge various devices, but the best performance is with direct bright sunlight, but it's still useful even in periods of cloud cover.

As the device doesn't have any internal battery you are entirely reliant on solar power for charging, but the advantage is lighter weight, and a portrable device that is very easy to carry around with you. This makes quite a handy device that you can take with you on days out or camping, and not worry about if you run out of power for any devices you may own. You'll have to bring any cables you need with you, as the panel has just the normal USB input, but this isn't an issue as you can also use the pouch on the solar panel to store leads/cables etc. The only slight reservations I have are the coating on the solar panels has a few bubbles in it, nothing too worrying but I'll see how this holds up and will update the review if any issues arise.

Just a side note I found for devices with a large capacity (like a tablet) that you will need to power off the device to charge it with the solar panel. My Kobo 7" tablet charges quite slowly using the panel, you do really need a bright day to get the most out of high drain devices (it's not ideal for these items), For phones and smaller battery products it works quite well. Don't expect rapid charging times though, solar panels are quite slow for this. Useful to have though as a top up device and enough to get you out of trouble.

Update Sept 2014:
The bubbles on the panels are due to the covering at the factory and this can be safely peeled off without issue, however it's stitched into the sides so you will have to try to pick the bits left out it would be better to have just a protective cover that can be removed more easily still this solves the "strange covering" it does not damage the unit in any way removing this and it peels away easily.
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A solar pack to charge devices in the moment as it has no onboard storage, you'll also need a fairly sunny day to get the best use from it as charging slows significantly when the sun goes in. A USB charger is neatly tucked away in an integral pocket although you'll need to supply all leads to connect to your devices.

I managed to fully charge an iPhone in around 5 hours from almost flat, so it isn't the fastest charger around even in bright sunshine; it may also not charge all of your devices as sadly my iPad was not compatible (message on screen stated 'charging not supported by this device' and, even though I hopefully left it plugged in 'just in case', no charge was applied).

The construction of the solar panel is not fantastic; the stitching is a bit wonky and the plastic film protecting the solar cells was, in my case, badly torn and completely covered in bubbles. Aesthetically it didn't look very good and I was instructed the film could be removed without affecting performance of the panels, which improved the looks but presumably also then leaves the panels more susceptible to damage in use.

Provided without charge for review purposes, this will have a place at festivals, whilst camping or hiking for emergency charging of devices although without any onboard storage I'd be reluctant to have to rely solely on this given the vagaries of the British weather.
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on 16 August 2014
This unit is very well made. It doesn't have a battery back-up and it purely a solar charger.

The 2 large solar panels are housed in a stylish canvas pouch. A cable with a USB socket is permanently attached which you can access through the pouch. You will need to use the USB cable supplied with your device to charge it up.

Today is not as sunny here in the UK as it has been. I currently have my solar panel in the conservatory charging my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and it is working fine.

A very nice touch with this is the hooks around the unit which you can easily attach to a rucksack for example.

Remember this is purely a solar charger and has no battery back-up with it.
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on 20 July 2014
Great product, does exactly what it should, charging my easyAcc battery all day in the sun on the campsite then using the battery to charge my devices. Would recommend, however the product does come with a protective plastic cover that is confusingly sewn into the case which needs cutting off with scissors for maximum efficiency which wasnt written clearly anywhere. Perhaps this problem could be solved in future versions?
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on 2 May 2014
Not overly excited by this product, have tested it in very strong sun (Middle East) and it barely charges a HTC One X with the features like GPS turned off. Like 5% after 20min+

I have attempted to change a Nexus 10 but that was a no go.

Bought it to charge a storage battery so may be good enough there but unchecked.


Update (Increased from 2 to 4 Stars

PowerAdd contacted me saying that the product must have been faulty. They sent me an updated version for free which was Green instead of the original Red without the need to return to old one - firstly this shows decent customer services as I had not even contacted them directly.

The green version is a major improvement; the HTC One X now charges and I have surfed the web while charging it in the Sun and it still seems to increase so very pleased.

I have not tried the Nexus but I assume I would receive the same positive results.
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on 25 June 2014
Bought this for my fiancee to keep her gadgets topped up on her sailing holiday in Greece. It would charge an HTC one (M7) whilst in use and the 2013 google nexus very fast, admittedly in sumer sun but back in the UK it still manages to deliver a good charge to my 2nd Gen iPad.
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