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on 4 October 2014
This review is based on experience using two cameras over different networks for around two years.

Hardware - no complaints at the price:
The cameras have remained waterproof and the camera bracket is strong enough to withstand gale force winds and birds perching on the rain hood.
I find the 2.4G Wi-Fi performance, which will naturally vary with circumstance, using a quality router is good with line of sight and usable at around 25m through a couple of walls. It wouldn't work at this distance with a freebie BT home hub. As my cameras ended up some 50m from their routers I have used powerline adaptors for connection and these are working really well.

It's worth remembering that, if you are relying solely on recording on the internal SD card, that the camera should be mounted well out of reach.

Software - was a mixed bag, but see updates below:
The browser based interface is better than others I have used although is still a little quirky. There's little control over image quality but it generally works well enough at the default setting. Management for recorded clips would be handy. Remote access via browser has proved to be very reliable both over the local Wi-Fi and remote networks. Interestingly, Internet Explorer provides more view features than Chrome or Firefox.

Motion detection is basic. On medium sensitivity distant birds/rabbits/cats walking through the detection area will trigger recoding but a silver car driving through the frame is often ignored. I've spent some time fiddling with settings but can't improve on this. I have turned off the night vision IR leds as they are a beacon for insects. Over a few nights, and at minimum sensitivity, the DVR amassed some 1000 clips of insects dancing in front of the lens. I have a security light nearby but if I needed a more subtle night illumination I would install a separate, remote infra-red light source to draw insects away from the camera. Heavy rain also causes continuous false triggers.

I did try emailing Ucam support regarding motion detection. I got a prompt reply but the person who dealt with it missed the salient points.

Both the ipad and android phone apps are, in my opinion, very poorly implemented. Both suffer from frequent disconnections/crashes, especially when trying to retrieve video clips. Both have non-functional aspects, eg the delete video clip button (once you find it) on the ipad app does not work. They are poor in comparison to those of the the D-Link camera I also use.

One of the best app features is that you can look up the camera's current remote IP address and then use this to gain direct access via a web browser anywhere without the need for DNS forwarding.

The camera is marketed on ease of use with the dedicated apps so it's a shame Ucam haven't managed anything better. In the four months of use there has been one firmware update for the camera but nothing for the apps. Given the price and had the software been better I would have given a 5 star rating instead of 3.

Update as of March 2015:

I notice the software for use with the ipad and Andriod phone have had a revision since my original review. They are now stable to the point that, although there's still room for improvement (eg. motion detection), I do not have any major issues at the price point for the camera and I hope Ucam will continue the good work in this respect. I would now give this five stars over my original three. After fairly extensive research in this area, I have not found a better product at or near this price point.

After one year of use:

The units are still working away without having required any intervention. Indeed the only issues I have had are concerned with rural broadband speeds and spiders occasionally causing detection mayhem by spinning their webs over the front cowling. One camera is 300 miles away...

Update of February 2016:

I have experimented with recording quality settings and have found, for my situation, I prefer lower resolution and higher bit-rate than the opposite - it seems to make the most out of remote viewing through the bottleneck of the local, sluggish broadband. 1080P resolution doesn't offer any real benefit over 720P on my 24" monitor, but even the latter needs a high bit-rate to give good detail and this results in clips that are too large for me to stream or download effectively. I've settled on one notch down from this (it would be a different matter over a local network or a faster remote one).

The ios and android apps have again been upgraded recently. They now really are quite good; stability issues are now a distant memory, there's better functionality and a much improved general look. The only real issue I now have is, with hundreds of recorded clips, file management is still painful. Ucam - if you're listening - time-line management for recordings?
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on 22 May 2014
I have a total of five cameras, three of which are H264 (720p) cameras and then I have two UCam 247 1080p camera. All the cameras were bought from Amazon and are as follows:

2x UCam 247 1080p
2x BW Wireless HD IP Security Camera - PTZ, IR Cut, H264 [this is an indoor camera]
1x Koolertron Waterproof Wireless WiFi 720P HD Outdoor IP Camera 40m Infrared IR Cut Pan/Tilt PTZ 3x Zoom Night Visibility

I can't add a lot to the other reviews here in terms of the quality of the product - it is exceptional and by far has the best image quality of the 4 cameras that I own. While the H264 products claim to be HD, the UCam picture quality is significantly better. Also when the UCam streams the live video, you can choose the quality and so you can stream in full 1080p, whereas the other products mostly stream a 640x480 image unless you use their recommended P2P software. You can also configure two streams - say one at full HD for when you are connected to your home network and another at a lower quality so that you can access it on your mobile quicker over 3G/4G. Also the image on this camera has the widest angle of any camera I own and so you get a fantastic image quality and the picture width is wide enough to easily monitor a large area (say 50 to 60 ft wide).

The night vision on the UCam stands-out - the image quality is really clear and the range is easily that advertised (and I live in an area where the council turn off the street lights between 0000 and 0530). The Koolertron has night vision too, but the effect is more of a "searchlight" (i.e. the centre part of the image is brighter) whereas the light distribution on the UCam is even. I guess this reflects the fact that the Koolertron is a Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) camera.

One thing to note is that even with a 64Gb MicroSD card, the high quality of the image means that you will only be able to save about 2 days of continuous recording footage on the card (on a rolling basis). I have now settled on using the "record on alarm" features of the camera. The images are easily accessible via the web interface and the video files play directly in the browser.

The only really minor downside on the UCam compared to the other cameras is that they come out of the box with a free pre-configured Dynamic DNS address - so this allows you to remotely view the images when not at home. The UCam supports DDNS, but you may have to subscribe to a service - the camera suggests some services and has a "Register" link in the relevant configuration page.

The other challenge is balancing the trade off between relying on the signal between your wireless router and any wireless enabled camera (to ensure that fluctuations in signal or general technology "wobblies" mean that recording is interrupted or that you can't access the camera via the web interface). Also it is really important to remember that 1080p HD generates image files and video that are large in size and so if you want to use the web interface over wifi to access images or videos stored on the camera then if your wifi signal is flaky then you could get frustrated. A 30 second video captured by the camera is at such a high quality that the file can be over 50Mb.

I decided to take the plunge and hard wire the camera to my network. This involved buying a large drill bit (which was 40 cm long) and drill through the outside wall of my house. My advice to anyone would be to buy an IP rated waterproof box and install that adjacent to the camera on the outside wall as the camera has a short ethernet cable with a HUGE ethernet "socket" (about 2cm square). You would have to find an enormous drill bit to drill a hole big enough to get that through! So all you do is run the cameras cable into the waterproof box (note the socket is so big the standard holes in the box are too small so you are forced to carefully split the side of the box so that you can push the cables down) and then drill the hole big enough so that you can get standard ethernet plug through the hole and a low voltage wire for power. This sounds harder than it actually is. Another option of you don't want to drill a hole is to buy a flat ethernet cable from Amazon and run this out of your window with the low voltage cable to the waterproof box - I did this on my second UCam and it worked a treat. One obvious pint to note that you will need to plug the cable into your home network and so if your camera is not near your router, you can use any product that allows you to run a network across the mains circuit of your house (search for power line and you will find these on Amazon).

UCam have their own application called "UCam247Live" on both the iOS (Apple) and Android platforms. I have tried it and it is ok, but I tend to revert back to one of the pieces of software below purely because on iOS the application is optimised for iPhone screens and so on an iPad you have to use the zoom function which makes the application and video appear grainy (when of course the video is HD). On the plus side the application is easy to set up - as long as the camera and the device are on the same network then it's search function will find the camera and also the app lets you directly search and play videos stored on the camera.

I have noticed since I posted my original review that UCam market a "free cloud recording solution." This is not their own product but an excellent product called "Cammy" which I use on a daily basis to monitor the alerts generated by my camera. The plus side is that although I record to MicroSD on my UCam, I now have an online copy of images that I could use if an intruder were to smash the camera. The software is easy to set up and basically transfers photos to a cloud service that are aggregated together. When they are aggregated the Cammy service has a feature called "Smart motion" that creates a thumbnail image showing what it thinks are the key motion triggers in the file - which appears as a mini video. It also has a smart search feature that allows you to search for events on a specific date between a specific time across a single camera or across all of the cameras being monitored. After getting into the habit of scanning what has happened on my cameras most days the smart search feature has altered me to the fact that we have an almost daily visit by a fox in the middle of the night. I would never have found this unless I used Cammy as activating motion detection on cameras can generate hundreds of images per day.

One final point to note is that UCam have stopped posting their firmware updates online recently (Jan 2015), and so you have to contact them with a screenshot of your camera configuration and they will send you a file. They told me that this is because they have had problems with people trying to install the wrong firmware on their cameras. Most of the other camera manufacturers seem to do this too, but as an advanced user it is a little frustrating that I can't do this as easily as before.

I have read reviews where people have problems setting up cameras and viewing the image on various devices, especially on Apple Mac's and on tablet devices. So here are some tips and tricks for each camera, but note that I use paid-for versions of the software (as you only really get what you pay for):

Mac software
The UCam's web software works fine on Safari, with the key advantage being that it does not use any ActiveX plugin for any of its features. The IPCam software supplied with the Koolertron is extremely challenging to use, as it was developed with Internet Explorer in mind and requires an ActiveX control to be downloaded. Therefore I tend to only view it using my iPad (see section below) or Android phone.

I use "IPCamera Viewer 2" which allows me to view images from all the cameras simultaneously. The key challenge was to find a camera profile for each of the cameras because none of the manufacturers name appear in the software. I use these profiles:

Ucam247 - select Generic -> MJPEG Stream and put in the camera address of [...], where X.X.X.X is the IP address of the camera.

BW Wireless PTZ - select Generic -> RTSP Stream and put in the camera address of rtsp://X.X.X.X:81, where X.X.X.X is the IP address of the camera and 81 is the port number that the camera uses by default. Also select "TCP" as the stream protocol.

Koolertron PTZ - select Wanscam and enter the IP address of the camera. Note that the software does not seem to fully support the camera - it only comes up with a grainy image.

Note the BW and Koolertron Cameras are Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras but the software does not support these features.

iPad /iPhone software
I use "LiveCamsPro" to simultaneously view the images from all the cameras.

UCam247 - Select the camera profile MJPEG and put in the camera address of [...]. The fantastic thing is that the software picks up the full 1920x1080 image from the camera and so it is crystal clear.

BW Wireless PTZ - Use the camera profile Edimax H264. The PTZ features of the camera are not supported.

Koolertron PTZ - Use the Camera profile Wanscam HW series. The software supports all of the features of the camera including PTZ, Infrared off/on, preset views etc.

Android software
I use "IP Cam Viewer" (available on the Google Play Store) to simultaneously view the images from all the cameras, with the exception of the Koolertron camera, where I can connect but the profile in the software generates a very poor quality image.

Ucam247 - Select the make "Generic URL" and then the model "Generic URL (e.g. [...]". The URL is [...], where X.X.X.X is the IP address of the camera.

BW Wireless PTZ - Select Make "Edimax" and then the model "Edimax IC-7010Ptn", which appears under the "Edimax" make.

Koolertron - this is a Wanscam HW0025 by another name. Therefore, I use the "Wanscam E-View7" software than can be found in the Google Play Store. This is very easy to configure (you need the unique CamID which can be found on a sticker on the camera) and supports all of the features of the camera including PTZ, Infrared off/on, preset views etc.

Apologies for the long review - but I'm sure it will save you some time!
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on 6 December 2014
Along with razor wire, an alarm, machine gun posts and a pack of dogs, IP cameras are the now a prerequisite for home security. I bought a pair of these to keep an eye on and act as an additional deterrent to the entry points of our country pile.

They are simple to install provided the instructions are followed carefully. The image quality (include a smooth transition to IR at night) over iphone is excellent and works over 3G no problem furthermore, there seems to be little impact on the band width of the home network. These cameras have now been running for a number of months if they drop out it is very briefly and they recover without intervention.

There are a number of options for motion detection alert or recording via UCAM or other supplier's iCloud sevices. Or you can opt to record using the on an board SD card (not entirely useful if your burglar is desirous of your IP camera or a video recording of his art for posterity or for quality & training purposes). Or you can chose to receive email alerts when a 'motion' is detected.

What is really nice is that the apps are properly supported with regular updates keeping pace with IOS changes.

Although primarily intended as a security camera; it is a bonus to be able login and see the family happily ensconssed at home shopping on Amazon while I am still at the office working to pay for it all.
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on 3 March 2014
Camera is fantastic - night vision awesome; remote access great; options great; look forward to these coming down in price. If you can get the 720 version for less then this may be better as I have to reduce the stream from 1080 as it takes more bandwidth. My disappointment was with Amazon and the supplier who sent me a used version and refused to change it!!!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 3 October 2014
This is an impressive camera once you have it set up.

I ordered the 1080HD version after a lot of reading. When used as evidence you need the best picture quality as its easy for a criminal to say "that's not me". For the extra £ 40 it is worth it to me.

The UCam 247 is well made and well thought out. It does require some set up (as does any camera). There are simple instructions in the box and a very comprehensive manual available to download. That way you can always have access to the latest manual. I've read negative reviews from those who couldn't get this to work but there is plenty of advice support from both the Q and A on Amazon and the company themselves.

Ucam247s support is very good so if you do have issues email or call them! I emailed in a couple of questions and had a response in 30 minutes.

I have this running over Wi-Fi at the highest resolution settings with no issues.

I use a PC web browser (Firefox) to access all the features/settings and also have the Android app working well on both a phone and a tablet. It works fine on IE 11 too.To zoom in on a computer use Ctrl and the + key. I had to update my Quick Time plug in but that didn't take long.

Motion detection is good with lots of settings to change accessing the camera via a web browser. I use a 64 GB SD card with fairly sensitive motion detect. I record less than 2 GB a day. The camera can be set to overwrite the oldest files. An interesting feature is the pre-record. It buffers so once triggered it will actually record three seconds before the trigger. This setting is changeable. Recording can be played form the camera or downloaded and then viewed in many movie players. This allows slow motion, zoom in, alter contrast/brightness etc. I have tried this with Windows media player and VLC.

Night vision is very good with the IR lights. So good in fact I've turned off the black and white mode and record in some colour.

The microphone is quite good and I can hear the kids on the drive.

If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer any queries if I can as I read much about this before I purchased.

I measured the power use at 3W so this isn't going to cost much at all to run.

I'm ordering another soon for the rear of my property.
If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer any queries if I can as I read much about this before I purchased. I have uploaded some customer photos so have a look.
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on 8 November 2015
A very decent camera but let down by the software.

I have 2 of these cameras in my flat as baby monitors for when we are at work to ensure the baby and nanny are safe. One connected via Wifi and one over LAN. Both connect equally well, but the Wifi one is in LOS of my wireless router, with poorer signal quality I'm not sure it would be as stable.

Cameras have good quality and are easy to setup, even with the iOS software. However the app only allows for simple configuration, to get into the advanced settings you need to use a computer browser to access the camera's web interface.

The web interface allows for fairly in-depth configuration - such as stream quality, motion detection, recording to SD card or NAS, sending push notifications on alert etc. However the menus are not intuitive, and obviously written by engineers who seem to forget regular users need to use the damn things too.

The strongest parts of the camera are the ease of setup, and solid stability once it is done. Using it for a month now I have not had the cameras crash on me or fail to display the streamed image. They have decent app/software support in terms of iOS apps, Mac apps, Android apps (I think), PC apps and also the ability to see the stream from a web browser. Also the 1080p image is decent (but capped at 18fps) or 720p at 30fps. The night-mode images are pretty good too with infra-red LEDs to boost picture quality in darkness.

The downsides are mostly in the software. As I said, the advanced setup via browser is quite clunky and isn't straight-forward. There are lots of settings that are named with a single word without any explanation as to what the setting means or does - and their manual is quite out of date (some of the camera's settings aren't listed in the manual).

Their apps are pretty poor too - the iOS app has no support for iPad so you have to use it in iPhone 2x zoom mode. On the iPhone the app hasn't been updated to support iPhone 6 or 6 Plus resolutions. The iOS app is also quite unstable, sometimes opening the app will make it crash and you have to re-load it. Once the app opens successfully it will try to connect to the cameras over the internet - the app will say the camera(s) are connected but the app will remain unresponsive for 5-10s (depending on network quality - over home wifi this delay is only a few seconds but over cellular 4G it can be up to 10-15s before the app responds). So then you wonder whether it is stuck connecting or whether the app has crashed.

The Mac software is even worse - you download it from their website but when you go to install it Mac OS tells you the app is unsigned by Apple and risks being malicious. In this day and age I don't think unsigned software is acceptable. Due to the poor quality of the app it also does not respect my firewall rules - so every time you open it Mac OS asks if you want to let the app through your firewall to connect. Again this is the developer's issue as all my other Mac software works as expected. Finally the app is so poorly written it doesn't use standard Mac OS window rules - I use a dual screen computer and the camera software will only display on the main display. It is not possible to drag the camera window to screen two. This is the only piece of software that is so poorly written IMO. Oh I also forgot to mention that the Mac app needs to be logged in as an administrator to connect to the camera. You can setup multiple user profiles in the camera, such as administrators for full configuration rights, or view-only users that can watch but not change anything. The Mac app MUST use an administrator account, it won't connect with a lower priority user account.

The worst problem is the implementation of the 1080p primary stream - you can only view it on a computer via the web interface or PC/Mac software. With the iOS app you are limited to the secondary stream - which maxes out at 768*432 @30fps. Even on home wifi with an iPhone 6 plus or iPad you can't get 1080p.

You can record your stream to a Micro SD card or local NAS. However even the manufacturer recommends you not record 24/7/365 and definitely not the 1080p primary stream. They strongly recommended I use motion detection and only capture when there is activity. Task management is used to trigger recording/screenshots/push notification/send emails at a specific time or during motion detection is a complex and confusing mess of settings, and took a good few hours and many back-and-forth emails with tech support to set correctly to my liking. Less tech savvy users will not enjoy setting this aspect up. The motion detection can be set to either the whole screen or just specific parts - but again setting the sensitivities and thresholds that trigger motion detection are a hassle as well.

The recordings can be of your primary, secondary or mobile streams and just affect the size of the clips. However clips are limited to 20min chunks. You can view them in app but only from an admin account, and there is no playback control of the clips - a 20m clip takes 20m to play and you can't fast forward or rewind. If you do need to review clips I recommend you log in via the web interface and download the clips to your computer manually for review. However there is no download all (there is delete all) and so 50 video files will take 50 clicks to download first.

Tech support are really excellent - they generally reply within one business day. However their website does not have the latest firmware of the camera available to download - you must manually email tech support and request the latest version. A ridiculous hoop to jump through.

All in all a decent camera and if you want simple setup and ease of use this camera is very good at that. If you need advanced features such as motion detection recording or detailed image fine-tuning prepare to spend many hours trying to get it just right. The camera itself is pretty solid and once you are over the frustrating setup phase it works fine 24/7. I have connected via iOS both locally on my own wifi network, from outside wifi networks and over 3G and 4G, and if the internet connection is stable the stream is pretty good.

The software lets it down, and for me fairly significantly, hence the 3 stars. The hardware itself is brilliant and worthy of more. Maybe one day they will write some decent apps and software to go with their great hardware.

EDIT Late November 2015
The company has just released new iOS and android apps. The app is much improved, with less lag when opening and appears slightly more stable - but time will tell. However it is a universal app that now supports iPad and larger iPhones, which was really necessary. It also has an option to enable HD streaming in the app if you want. Their customer service is top notch, as I encountered a serious bug that was crashing the new app (a problem with unsupported characters in the password), and their tech support solved the issue for me within 24 hours and about 8-10 back and forth emails.

I wanted to give them 4.5 stars as their Mac app is still terrible, however their excellent tech support really deserves 5. Fingers crossed they continue to improve the smartphone apps, work on the firmware of the cameras to be more user friendly, and release a modern Mac app eventually.
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on 3 February 2014
I purchased this camera to mount down our driveway at the gate. Out of the box the item feels of high quality and the initial setup with instructions that are easy to follow is a doddle. I needed some help from a mate to set up the DDNS but now I can view my camera in real time from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Good points
Easy setup
Well built chassis
Long enough power cable
Micro SD card allows you to record events and access from anywhere
It will also mail you on alarm with fully adjustable motion sensing
I can view live images and sound at our gate from my ipad, pc, android device easily

Bad bits
None really but this is my 3rd camera. The 2 previous cameras (720p) were shipped and both had PSU issues. 1 died after 3 weeks and was quickly replaced, The second one had recurring power failure on board and was replaced with a 1080P version by the support team at ucam247 at no charge and as a gesture of goodwill which I really appreciate. Aidan is the primary support contact and is quick to respond to support inquiries with any information or firmware updates where required.

All in all there are cheaper units online. This one ticks all of my boxes and then some, is well built with good support and it creates the right effect both as a deterrent and as a fail safe in the event of a breach of our home security.
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on 3 March 2015
The best thing I could say about this camera is that it does exactly what it says it does....which isn't to take for granted. A lot of these products come with a long list of features but with subpar HW and SW that sometime works and sometimes not.

Installation was quick and simple and I got the camera set up over WiFi with motion detection, saving great quality HD videos to a local SD card and sending alarm notifications to my mobile phone all within 10 minutes. I had to make slight changes to the motion detection configuration in order to reduce the number of "unwanted" alarms (mostly dust particles or small insects lit up by the IR lights when its dark) but quite quickly got to zero false alarms.

The mobile app's response time could be improved - moving between screens and getting the initial connection to the camera is just a little too slow - but it works well whether connected to the same wifi network or from outside the house using the public internet (or mobile data connection).

A few things that I'd like to see improved is the motion detection zone configuration (if you want to split up into 4 different detection zones) - sometimes needs to be configured more than once to "catch on" and to have the ability to stream video to both the local SD card and remote NAS at the same time (currently either-or).

THE MAIN THING IS THAT WHEN IT MATTERED MOST IT DID ITS JOB! While at work I got a motion alarm notification on my phone and immediately, when opening the app, saw 2 strangers in my home. I immediately called the police who arrived 2 minutes after the criminals left (nothing the camera can do to improve police reaction times) but using the video and audio captured by the camera (the burglars didn't notice the camera at all but even if they did, the motion alarm footage is also recorded to a remote FTP server) the police were able to identify and catch them the next day. The detectives said they would immediately buy these cameras for their own homes!

Bottom line - worth its cost, does it job, easy to configure and use.
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on 21 January 2014
Feb 2015 - just a quick update to say that I've been using this camera for around a year now & it's still great. No issues or problems. I would definately buy again if I needed another.

31/1/14- Been set up outside for a week now. Working fine. The wifi can be a little tricky to get stable if the antenna is right up against a brick wall. Took me a while to figure that out. My camera is mounted with the antenna protruding over the roof & it is working very reliably. Still experimenting with the motion detection - there are a few settings to vary sensitivity - takes a bit of trial and error to stop heavy rain triggering it. Overall pleased with durability & performance.

25/1/14 -dropped down 1 star due to intermittent wifi connection issues when trying the camera in different outside locations. Despite the camera reporting near full strength signal, streaming is being interrupted and wifi connection is dropping out. Trials will continue.......

This is my second purchase. I bought the 720p version (£30) cheaper a couple of weeks ago, was impressed & wanted a second, then saw this 1080p version just released so thought I'd give it a try.

Functionally , it's very similar to the slightly lower resolution version which I loved. I have to look very, very closely at image detail to notice the higher resolution, but have only been using it for a few days, so time may change that view. The only difference I have spotted in addition to the obvious higher resolution is that at resolution 1920*1080 you can only stream at 18fps, not 30fps as you can at 1280*720. Having said that, I have not found it to he a problem. I suspect the limitation may be down to processing power of the ARM chip driving this device.

Some users have complained about slightly jumpy recordings when motion detection is activated. I'm recording to a Nas & my router supports a Quality Of Service function which I have set up - it could be that, but I am experiencing no problems with this or the other camera.

P2P viewing using the ucam app on an iPhone & ipad is great over 3G and wifi. The p2p app does restrict image resolution, but you can view in a browser at full resolution if your device supports it & you need that detail. But the app is great.

The camera is a breeze to set up &, unlike others I've looked at, requires no technical knowledge. You can of course configure everything manually should you desire, shutting down upnp and manually setting up port forwarding or use a DDNS should you so desire - but it's not necessary unless you have some specific needs in mind.

Can't really comment in durability yet, too soon to say, but build quality seems great & they are rated at IP 67, which is again better than some alternatives. I will add future updates as time passes.

EYESpy247 tech support is very responsive. They pointed me to a firmware upgrade for my other camera which installed and brought it up to the same revision as this one no problems. There doesn't seem to be any easy way to keep in touch with regular updates though & no release notes are published for updates - very minor really.

I have not tried the test the security / privacy of these devices yet. There is a basic login password, but I am not sure if the passwords are encrypted, or if you can Telnet or Ssh into these devised and get into the OS/firmware and file structure directly - most are vulnerable to some degree, but again, probably not an issue for most installations. I suspect this is as secure as most on the market.

So far so good - great product, but ask yourself if you really need full1080p, or you can save £30.00.

I will aim to publish more information as I use it over the coming months.
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Kindly sent in by EyeSpy247 for free, in return for an honest and un-biased review, we have the UCam247 1080p Indoor IP Wifi Camera.(Getting this product for free has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product).

Product Features:(Taken From Amazon Product Listing)

Full HD (1920 x 1080) Wireless WiFi Home Monitor IP CCTV Camera. 15m Night Vision, Full Colour HD Daytime Video and HQ Audio. INDOOR USE ONLY.
True Plug & Play technology - Standard install in just 3 steps from an iPhone, iPad or Android device. No computer needed.
Free iOS & Android apps for quick & easy remote viewing from anywhere in the world
In-built Micro SD Cloud DVR (Takes up to 128GB cards. Card not included). Free motion alerts and playback recorded video clips from anywhere. Unlike other cloud services there are no fees to pay, ever.
Long Range Wi-Fi with easy 2-step WPS Setup (no cable needed), Multi-Zone Motion Sensor (create 4 different motion trigger zones of varying sensitivity), and Free Lifetime Tech Support.

The UCam247 1080p IP camera is a rectangular type of shape and is about the size of a credit card. It comes in two main parts, the camera and the mounting bracket arm. Attaching the camera to the bracket arm is very easy thanks to the simple screw in style used. I actually find the shape and size of the main camera itself to be rather appealing and thing it looks good in the position I set it up at on the side of a kitchen cupboard.

At the front of the camera is the camera lens, which is surrounded by a circle of infra-red lights with a sensor, which activate when a room becomes too dark. It's easy to tell these infra-red lights have activated as they light up bright red. The camera lens has a chrome ring around it, which can be twisted on and off of the lens, although I'm not sure why. Also present on the bottom left of the camera is an LED status light.

At the back of the camera are three ports. An Ethernet port, A DC in port and a 3.5mm audio jack so you can connect a speaker to the camera and use it to speak from a phone or computer. Also at the back of the camera and located at the bottom this time are the WPS button with LED light and a reset hole.

Down the right hand side of the camera is a MicroSD card slot, for recording onto a MicroSD.


Installing the camera arm bracket to an internal fitting was a really easy job. It took me all of five minutes to fit the camera arm bracket to the side of my kitchen cupboard and run the power cable through the back of the cupboard. This might take a bit longer depending on what surface you are setting the camera arm bracket up on.

Setting the camera up on my home network was also a really easy task thanks to the clear instructions provided as well as the easy to use mobile app, however it should be noted that even though the camera is WiFi enabled, initial set up has to be done using an Ethernet connection, as soon as initial set-up is done you can set the camera up to work off of WiFi and then position it wherever you have installed the bracket.

Once the camera was set up and working with my network wirelessly, it was time to attach it to the bracket arm on the side of my kitchen cupboard. Thanks to the screw system used, this was a quick and easy task.

In use:

The software for this camera can be accessed using a smartphone through an app or a pc using a web-based interface. The smartphone app is really easy to use. It can be found on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store under the name UCam247live. I use a HTC One M9 (Android) so I am writing about the Android app, however I don't think there are too many differences between the two versions. The app itself is very user-friendly in my opinion and upon starting the app for the first time, you will be walked through setting the camera up through an Ethernet cable and then be given the choice to set it up through WiFi. Once the camera is set up with the app, you can freely view it as you please, you can also click a small semi circle at the side of the camera you desire, to bring up a list of options for the particular camera. One of these options is the camera settings which allows you to make adjustments to the settings of the camera.

As well as the app, there is also a web-based interface, which has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. This is accessed through your web browser by typing the camera's IP address into your address bar, the IP address of the camera can be found on the smartphone app under, Edit camera--Advance settings--About device. the web face interface is really clean and easy to use. It consists of five tabs in the top right hand corner which are:

Live View: Choosing this brings up a live view from the camera that belongs to the IP address you typed.
Wizard: This brings up a set up wizard that walks you through the camera setup basics.
System: Brings up a table of information regarding the camera and network it's connected to.
Support information: This is supposed to display information regarding support email and contacts, but for some reason it appears blank.
Reboot: This gives the user a reboot button to reboot the camera.
As well as these options there are also five more tabs below these that run down the page vertically, there are:

Camera: This brings up a selection of camera tools to help set up the camera, image etc...
Network: This brings up a load of network settings and options.
Storage: This allows you to view the MicroSD card storage.
Task: This allows you to set up tasks that the camera can perform.
Tools: This allows you to make changes to general settings such as time etc...
The camera also has its own built-in DVR that can be used to record footage, so long as you have a MicroSD card inserted. I haven't recorded using this method as I have being using the NVR method to store recordings. If you have the NVR you can choose between whether you want the NVR to be storage for the camera or the camera to use its own storage.

Having played with the motion detection and schedule times for motion activation to work, I must say I am very impressed. Simply set up times and days, when nobody is at home and should somebody happen to break into your house and trigger the motion detector of the camera, the app on your smartphone notifies you and gives you an instant feed of the camera area, meaning you can call the police in, in quick time and hopefully save your belongings. I set this up and tested it (Minus calling the police) and it worked great. as soon as detection was noticed during a time and day I set for the test, I was instantly notified to my phone. If you are unlucky and the camera does get noticed by intruders, you needn't worry as the motion alarm recordings are also saved to a remote FTP server. You can also set the sensitivity at which the camera picks up motion, this is great for people with pets at home.

The image quality of this camera is quite good. It's able to produce very clear images, so clear in fact it's easy to make out faces and clothing. The night vision is impressive as well and the only difference between night a day quality is that at night it's black and white and during the day it's coloured. I just can't stress how amazing this camera's image quality is. At 1080p it really is a brilliant camera for security.

The audio quality picked up by the camera's in-built microphone is also very clear. Crisp and clean with no issues in playback.

UCam247 Support:

I really need to say, just how impressed I am with UCam247's support team, they can be contacted by email and aim to reply within 30 minutes on a working day, this is amazing. I had a problem with the WiFi on my camera and UCam247 tried to sort it from their end, but it was quickly determined it was a problem with the WiFi module in the camera. UCam247 sent me a printable pre paid postage label and I sent the broken camera back. Two days after getting the label my replacement camera turned up. A great service, speedy and reliable support.


A fantastic camera that has the perfect combination of software and hardware to make it a great choice for home indoor security. Easy to set-up with easy to use software and brilliant support from the support team, UCam247 have really made a great camera here. At £109.99, it really is a worthy investment to help in the fight against crooks and protection of your home.
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