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3.2 out of 5 stars35
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 12 April 2014
I wanted to like this, Danny Drejo is usually fun to watch in action unfortunately this wasn't. The first problem was him playing a cop, admittedly a bad ass cop, but even so it doesn't feel right. That's probably just me and the film does start ok although it falls apart fairly quickly right about when the French lawyer and the DOJ agent arrive.

The second problem is the editing, there's random slow motion and odd cuts liberally sprinkled throughout that are distracting. There's a few fights that despite the cuts make Trejo look like he's not trying at all. And that's the real problem with the film, nobody seems to care. We have some of the laziest running I have ever seen in an action film and a SWAT team that deserved what happened to them. Everyone involved seems to be just breezing through the script, playing cops and robbers.

It's always pleasant to end on a positive so here we go. I did watch it to the end and it wasn't the worst film I've ever seen.
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on 9 March 2014
Frank 'Bullet' Marasco (Danny Trejo) is an LA detective. When he is not at work he likes to cage fight, go to Narcotics Anonymous, and take long walks in the park with his grandson (Kyle Villalovos). In order to prevent the execution of his son ( Eric Etebari) crime boss Carlito Kane (Jonathan Banks) who doesn't know about sun block, kidnaps the governor's daughter (Seri DeYoung) and Bullet's grandson. Frank goes on a rescue mission.

I love Danny Trejo,films and it was nice to see him in a movie longer than two minutes. But let's face it. This was a bad script, with cliche filled stupidity and not in a good way. They made the lawyer (Julia Dietze) idiotic. There was a ridiculous cheap special effects blood splatter scene involving a golf club. The daughter (Tinsel Korey) ex-drug addict thing didn't work well with the rest of the film.The attempt to build Frank's character felt forced.

Possible rental worthy for Trejo fans.

Parental Guide: f-bombs. No sex. Nudity (Julia Dietze)
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on 23 July 2015
When the most entertaining thing you've appeared in recently is an ''Old El Paso'' TV ad, its time to start looking for a new agent. However, as fan favourite Danny Trejo seems to be in nearly every other direct to video release - maybe he need not worry after all.

Which brings us to ''Bullet''. Trejo (also see him in that other non-pleasing franchise ''Machete'') is tough, L.A. cop Frank ‘Bullet’ Marasco. When he's not blowing away bad guys or fighting fellas three times his size in underground tournament fights, he's taking his grandson for long, Werthers Original style walks in the park. However, that's all about to change as Frank is thrown a curveball when old adversary and ruthless drug baron Carlito Kane (a spotty domed Jonathon Banks) kidnaps his family in order to save Kane's own son from incarceration. Obviously, 'ol Danny isn't gonna take that lying down - so cue a barrage of bullet firing, profanity and below par editing, all dished out by a sweaty old man with his top off.

I really enjoy watching Danny Trejo. He's enjoyed some great standout moments in some pretty good movies, yet one wonders how he also manages to fit in such a high volume of dreck into his day. Unfortunately, 'Bullet' fits into the dreck category. Besides the seen it all before plot and bored acting, director Nick Lyon cannot reach the dizzying heights of what he is clearly aiming for: A '70s cool, cop on the edge type vibe and instead delivers a tired, insipid actioner. Its not to say 'Bullet' is awful, just recycled. Danny is an okay lead (although, I feel he works much better in supporting roles in bigger movies) but he seems a little too old for this sort of nonsense and I was hoping he would just sit down for a nice pot of tea until all of this unpleasantness blew over.

Sony's DVD release sports a decent transfer with fine audio - however, as its a pretty low budget affair that's not saying much. Recommended only for die hard Danny Trejo fans or easily pleased action junkies looking for a quick, cheap fix. Everyone else wait for the bargain bin.
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on 11 August 2014
Bullet is car crash TV in a film, Danny Drejo has never been an actor so to have him play the main role is a disaster. In torturous style I sat through 20 minutes and thought if I watched any more of this I'd need a bullet in the head, if not a lobotomy.

Watch something more interesting instead, or a cartoon which wouldn't last as long for sure.
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on 6 September 2014
Was this the same Danny Trejo who starred in the brilliant Machete? It is a shame that Bullett is so poorly scripted and acted. As another critic stated - this film is just lazily produced. Don't waste too much time on this one.
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on 14 September 2014
I quite like Danny Trejo. But this is really bad. Nothing thta has not been written or filmed before. I can't even write more, so disappointing.
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on 4 September 2014
When a film starts off with a poor script, the best actors in the world won't make it a good film, and while Danny Trejo has played some great parts in brilliant films, he's far from the world's best actor. The story is predictable, the acting is stiff, the effects unconvincing and the script is a dull succession of film cliches clumsily threaded together; not dark enough to be Grindhouse, not terrible enough to be a cult classic and not good enough to be anything else.
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on 16 September 2014
Wow, not often I fail to finish watching a film but this one, could not muster the will to keep going. an hour in and I realised that pretty much anything I went and did would be time better spent finishing the film off. The film came across as lazy from beginning to end, the action, the script, the acting and the editing, just bad. Not a good film and even if a fan of the actors or creators, I would not bother with this one.
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VINE VOICEon 27 June 2015
Danny Trejo the go to tough guy actor plays a bad ass cop.

That's about as redeeming as this cheap thriller gets, he's not the best actor but normally watchable and a fun screen presence.

Sadly a Poor script, bad acting, little action, make this not even a good B movie standard.

One to avoid.
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on 27 March 2016
Pretty good cop detective movie saving his grandson and the senators daughter from being killed. Similar style to other cop detective movies.
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