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on 4 June 2012
I devoured this in a couple of reading sessions, it had me turning the pages and thoroughly engaged from the start. It's a romp of a book, the heroine Tansy goes from one scrape to another remarkably unscathed, in order to save herself and her friends.

Some of it is probably not for the sexually faint hearted - if you haven't read Janine Ashbless' work before you may want to start with one of her other stories ('Wildwood' I recommend you read first as it sets up the background to this although you can read them as stand alone stories without losing anything. 'The King's Viper' is another good one to start with or 'Heart of Flame'... but I love all her work :))
Whilst Tansy exhibits some preferences that I wouldn't, her enjoyment is pretty infectious and I didn't skip a single page.

Recommended for lazy nights in, with a large glass of wine :)
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on 18 June 2012
I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Named and Shamed which I was so looking forward to reading as this was my first footsteps into the world of fantasy erotica and I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't know how fairies and goblins were going to work with an erotic book; can it really be done and made believable and most of all can it really be sexy? Plus It is also my first book I have read from Janine...but oh my what an incredible read.
I'm a complete convert for erotic fantasy now!

I chose the paperback as its is scattered with brilliant erotic illustrations from John LaChatte, it is even printed on excellent quality paper and you even feel like you are holding a more luxury book; making this reading experience even better.
I started reading this at 8am this morning and its now 1.30am I seriously couldn't put this book down. It is a dark erotic depraved fairytale like nothing you have ever read or can conceive.

Tansy a young beautiful sexy red-headed girl an expert in many things magic and fae; who never could have believed the trouble she caused when she chose to steal some precious manuscripts from a kind antiquarian. If you loved your fairytales as a child you will love this fairytale as a red blooded adult. If you have erotic fantasies of sex with monsters and the inhuman this is written for you. From everything you can imagine; ogres to witches, goblins to trolls, satyrs to dwarves.

Tansy is enveloped gradually from the normal world into the magical world as she struggles to find the answer to break a curse; she hungers for sex to the point it doesn't matter who or what or even for her own safety. She suffers sexual submission and humiliation on many levels as fantasy and BDSM become one and she learns to enjoy and crave the frequent animalistic, wanton sex throughout these pages, as one scene ends another starts; but despite being fantasy the sexual intensity is still absolutely believable.
I found Tansy really relatable, almost the girl next door that doesn't realise how sexy she is, she is caring and considerate to her friends who accompany her on part of her journey as they go from one predicament to another to find her answers.
I loved Janine's creative way she builds the worlds as its beautifully intermingled with ours and describes exactly what you are seeing so naturally so you feel you are there. The inhuman creatures are brilliantly described to the point they could be right infront of you.

To make this book even more special it is interspaced with highly erotic illustrations by artist John LaChatte; this really adds to the whole book and gives you more for you imagination. I have just put this book down after reading the last page and its left me smiling and warm the way every fairytale should be. I couldn't stop turning the pages till I reached the end of the 390 pages.I loved the brilliant twist at the end my only disappointment was it has finished... I wanted to carry on reading her unique style that draws the reader into this wanton fantasy world
I wouldn't say this is for the vanilla feint-hearted reader it is for the more hardcore erotic reader; but I would say make sure you put a " do not disturb sign on your door, grab a glass of wine before you sit down and read this book, you wont want to stop for anything or anyone.
I really am raving about this book it is a surprisingly fun very absorbing super sexy read. I cant wait to read another book from Janine Ashbless what a brilliant writer with an incredibly creative imagination.
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on 3 September 2012
Warning: This is the hottest book you will read this year.

Seriously. I am still in shock.

A colourful blend of the worlds of fantasy, myth, folklore and a dash of reality, Janine Ashbless uses all the powers of her astonishing imagination to bring you the most debauched tale of sorcery and depravity you're ever likely to read.

I really didn't have any clue what I was in for when the lovely people at Sweetmeats Press sent me Named and Shamed to read and review. Yes ok, the cover states Warning! Exxxplicit Content - with the triple X of 'twoo porn'. Yada yada. Doesn't normally mean that much, does it.

Especially when below a tag line describing the work as 'A dark and dirty illustrated erotic fairy tale.'

Fairy tale? Just how rampant could it get? I know I'm not the only one imagining Tinkerbell with her knickers round her knees.

I should have had some clue from the first book I reviewed for Sweetmeats Press, back in January - Immoral Views, an anthology compiled by Kojo Black.

Sweetmeats Press offer an additional extra with their books too, they're illustrated. I don't require this personally and I do feel that it somewhat detracts from the story in usual cases, however in this book at times it was useful to see just exactly which position the author was referring to.. or in fact, what the specified creature looked like...

The story starts fairly innocently, sweeping us into the world of our gorgeous red headed protagonist, living in the modern day world which just happens to be filled with creatures previously only found in myth and legend. Trolls, hobs and the 'fair folk'... however as is often the case with nature and earth-loving, pagan style creatues and characters, there is a strong sexual overtone and their need for sating is apparent from the outset.

There is an almost sinister air where humans are the toys, a fresh feel to erotica and something not unwelcome.

Using the starting point of a real person, with real relationships and friends, the author seems to tangibly relish shocking the reader while still holding true to a main storyline and strong plot.

There are nods to traditional fairy tales throughout, Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, Trolls who live under bridges... but you've never seen those innocent tales in quite this light before.

The book is absolutely ram packed with every single sexual deviance and liaison you'd care to imagine. I even had to make a list after finishing the book of the ones I remember. Please excuse the list style but you simply wouldn't believe me otherwise.

Public Play
Anal sex
Oral Sex
Almost bestiality (not quite but oh, so close!)
Lactation/breast training
Anal training
Male pegging
Giant penis fetish
Pony girl
Forced orgasms
Corporal Punishment
Domestic servitude/maid service
Mind altering substances
Incest (well ok, cousin)

These are just the facets I remember. Doesn't look like the book can fit them all in, does it!

I really don't want to go too much into the plot of the book as it is a gorgeous surprise upon reading, but suffice to say, it's a book you really do not want to miss out on.

Named & Shamed takes other erotic literature and beats its backside black and blue with bramble branches.

On the publishing side, there were a few errors in the book, a couple of typos and sadly a misquote from Shakespeare (the 'sound and fury' speech is delivered in Macbeth, not Hamlet!) - but this does not detract from the book or the amazing quality of the prose within Named & Shamed.

If you like your erotica packaged with deviance, BDSM, fetishes and more kink than you can handle, Named & Shamed is the book for you. I'm sure I was blushing all the way through reading it.
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on 4 July 2012
If you are looking for a book to completely saturate your smutty mind then can I suggest that you look no further. WARNING>>> If you are looking for a lovely cosy romance though, this probably isn't your bag, at all! Looking for an incredible BDSM buster... then this is certainly the novel for you!

Named and Shamed by Janine Ashbless is marketed as "A dark and dirty illustrated erotic fairy tale" and my God, is it pure filth..... and I LOVED IT! Due to my technological inabilities I was sent a complimetary copy of the paperback by the lovely Joe at Sweetmeats Press, and thank YOU Joe, I will never let it gather dust!

The book looks jolly impressive, oooh it's lovely and thick *giggles* with a bit of weight to it, I do love a good juicy... novel! Have I mentioned that it is cover to cover BDSM erotica, looking at the cover now having finished it, the Exxxplicit content warning hardly seems adequate!

This book combined my love of the paranormal with BDSM, occasionally straying into dark erotic murky waters - It is, a brilliant combination. Named and Shamed tells the story of a beautiful `normal' red-headed girl, Tansy, who finds herself in an impossible situation. This results in her ending up under a faerie and also his curse, turning her into a wanton insatiable nymphomaniac.

Her fate is sealed and she slides further and further into the dark magical world of `Them there' in her quest to rid herself of the fatal curse laid upon her by the handsome `helpful' deviant. The slide from normality to the darkest extreme is mirrored through the novel by the darkness of her own repressed submissive desires which are gradually uncovered as she allows her cursed wanton body to lead her into danger and beyond, suffering each shameful yet orgasmic sexual experience after another.

To begin, this adventure is sexy, by a third of the way through this book becomes like no other. The Good Folk more deviant, more treacherous. The shenanigans more improbably, yet through her brilliant writing Janine conveys a believability and casts her thrall over the reader, enveloping them, drawing them in to her perverse world where anything is possible, and enjoyable.
The beautiful illustrations by John LaChatte add to the erotic images conjured up through the writing.

As a kinky girl this book fulfilled so many of my own depraved fantasies I could certainly identify with Tansy the main character and as a result it was certainly a struggle to put the book down and switch off the light, even when the clock ticked into tomorrow. I thoroughly recommend that you read this gloriously wicked erotic smut!

If you don't believe me, why not have a little delve in-between Janine's covers, I am sure you will find Tansy eager and willing! I'm off to Amazon for my next little fix of Janine... Wildwood - and to see if I can find myself a hob!

Lily xxx
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on 29 September 2012
A no-holds-barred descent into the most filthy and degrading sexual acts imaginable, with each fresh round of shame for the heroine soon being trumped by something even more debased. Fantastic!

Tansy's a freelance investigator of magical creatures in a world in which such beings have returned with a vengeance. And she's not above shaking her booty to find out what she needs to know. But when she trades one quick dalliance with a fairy for his help in retrieving a stolen document, she finds herself under a super-nympho curse that could kill her. With her flatmate cousin, and her fella, in tow she sets out to find the solution. Along the way she finds herself in the hands of crazed yokels, a witch and her sons and the very king of the Wild Hunt himself. And they all want to use her. Repeatedly.

This is a fantasy tale; don't expect big emotional interplay between the characters. Do expect to lose yourself in a skilfully written, filthy hot romp with vivid description and a well-constructed crossover world of reality/fantasy. A hugely enjoyable read, refreshingly dirty and compellingly written.
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on 29 October 2013
This is a very clever well written book. Take all the fairy tales from Brothers Grimm, A Midsummers Nights Dream, Merlin then mix it with a lot of sex from all sorts of sources, then add even more sex and you have the basis of this book.
Set in modern Britain the fairies, elves trolls and monsters from old folklore have returned. Tansy the heroine is a sexy, intelligent, uninhibited girl who enjoys sex in all forms.
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on 2 March 2015
Well, this is the first erotic novel I've ever bought and so far so good. I bought it as the story line was interesting enough to hook me and the added thrill of the sex scenes certainly raised it above the potential of a modern fairy tale. My Kindle version is not illustrated (or the pictures are all at the back), but I'm enjoying reading it all the same, if not more.
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on 4 May 2015
What more can I say that has not already been said so comprehensively by other reviewers. It is a very explicit sexual story. The story follows Tansy who, by great misfortune, has a spell put on her which turns her into a nymphomaniac against her wishes but she has now to follow her predilection for sex.
She is told the method of removing the spell and sets off to find it, with her cousin and her cousins lover in tow. The adventures and scrapes they get into are the subject of this fast flowing, page turner of a fantasy novel. Needless to say, they have sexual encounters of all descriptions you can think of and many you will never have thought of, in their quest for the antidote to the spell. No sooner are they out of one predicament than they land in another. In one encounter there is an interesting use of Crème Brule that had never occurred to me before.
Eventually they come to the end of the quest. I had assumed there was only one easy way out of the mire they were in but I was wrong. It being a sort of lascivious fairy story the ending came as quite a surprise to me.
Like me, you probably won't want it to end and the adventures to go on forever, but all books eventually come to an end and this ending is quite satisfying.
If you like reading and enjoy plenty of erotic encounters, with the reality being somewhat "tongue-in-cheek", then this is for you. It is one of the best novels of this genre I have had the pleasure of reading. I will have to search out more of Janine Ashbless's novels.
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on 21 May 2013
Not for the faint hearted.... the sexual acts in this book are described in such detail nothing is left to the imagination. Infact there our drawings along with the details. This is not a erotic romance, there is no 'love' and 'lust' just pure ranchy dirty sex. This is a fairy tale with a twist for sure. I am no prude and this isnt the first time i have read a book like this or had thoughts like this but ive even blushed slightly while reading it. The only reason i gave 4 instead of 5 stars is because i couldnt really 'connect' with the main charater. She didnt seem that likable to me.
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on 18 March 2014
This is the hottest erotica book I own. If you like fantasy erotica you'll love it. Dirty, kinky, moreish and arousing.
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