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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
-It is not a windows PC. It is not a Macintosh. It ‘is’ a computer.
-It has very limited storage capabilities, and stores your documents, etc on the internet (i.e. Google drive; a cloud based storage system)
-Allows you to easily get online (in seconds) and surf the web, check emails, online shopping, etc.

-The Toshiba Chromebook is sturdy, light and well built (1.5kg).
-It has a silver painted plastic finish.
-Has 2 USB 3.0 stick readers and an SD cad slot.
-A HDMI output is also built-in, which is very handy for presentations.
-The trackpad is large, but a little clicky and rough.
-No backlit keys.

-This Toshiba model has a low resolution 13.3” display, which is not high definition.
-Easy to read text and documents.
-Will show images clearly, but not as vibrant as more expensive computers.

-This is subjective. Do you like the idea of having a computer that only allows you to do everything online?
-My personal opinion is that the Toshiba Chromebook is ideal for people who just need to quickly get online.
-This cannot replace your windows PC or Macintosh.
-Is a good alternative for people who do not like tablets or need a keyboard.

-This is a good Chromebook (although I do prefer the newly released HP Chromebook).
-Will get you set-up and online in minutes after unboxing.
-Is a cheap option for kids or casual browsing.
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on 16 February 2015
I love it!!!

[I was frustrated with my <put choicest expletives> MBP 15 (Santa Rosa) which kept breaking my back with its weight; was good for nothing--used to pant at the slightest exertion, and heat up to the point of scalding my skin and then switch itself off. Can't tell you how helpful the Cupertino guys were! I understand they lost a class action suit in the US for supplying those faulty GPUs].

So in contrast, this lovely little chromebook is a pleasure to use.

In itself it is a decent laptop but I do not like to depend on things left on the cloud (under the ownership of others) so got it into the so called Developer mode, installed Crouton and then Elementary OS, I now have a laptop that has the full power of Linux--which I mainly use for wordprocessing (Libre!) but very easily could use it for anything really. I switch back to the ChromeOS for web browsing and watching movies etc. the HDMI output connects it to my TV. I have to admit the web browsing experience is much better in Chrome (as compared to say with Midori).

Typing is very comfortable, the keys have an excellent response.

What can I say, in my opinion it is the best value laptop at this price point. Yes, it has a plasticy feel as compared to the MBP or an MBA but the difference in price is just too great! Esp. when one has been burned once before.

[I undestand the newer version of the Toshiba has better graphics but slightly less processing power (?)].

So if you are concerned that this will only be a net book and not a full fledged laptop, I can assure you that if you are happy to spend a couple of hours to install the required software, this is indeed the best laptop one could buy...USB3, SSD, HDMI, high gloss screen, quick charge and long life battery, light weight body, a very responsive trackpad...I could go on...
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on 5 November 2014
I bought this about a month ago to replace a very old and tired Windows 7 Starter netbook, which I largely used in my work as a private tutor to open exam papers in PDF form. Now, with this Chromebook, I can not only do that but so much more too.

Setting up the machine was simply a matter of inputting my Google account details and installing some apps. Booting up the machine from cold takes all of 15 seconds (if I can type in my password quick enough!) and I can be working/browsing straight away. It runs silently. Well, I can't hear anything even if I hold it up to my ear.

Battery life is great... I seem to get somewhere between 8 and 10 hours per charge, depending what I use it for. Browsing websites seems noticeably faster too. Games like Angry Birds and Murder Files run smoothly and I can listen to music (Spotify and Google Play Music) without any problems.

Obviously Chromebooks have their limitations... I still need another Windows laptop for Skype, MS Access and Blackboard Collaborate (an online whiteboard) but everything else is possible on the Chromebook. I don't miss using Excel or Word at all. For my needs Google Sheets and Google Docs are both fast and adequate replacements.

Screen quality is fine for my needs, sound isn't great but then again I can always plug a pair of headphones in.

Reading from SD cards, USB flash drives and a Toshiba external HDD is no problem and is especially quick with the USB 3.0 ports. The Logitech wireless mouse I have works fine, but I will be replacing it with a Bluetooth one as the Logitech takes up a USB port.

It does look a bit like a MacBook Air. Would I swap it for a MacBook Air? Yes, but I'd then sell the Air and buy another Toshiba Chromebook (and make a tidy profit!). Highly, highly recommended!!!
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on 3 August 2014
What a find for £199. This machine is excellent, literally silent running with no heat emitted. Quick to charge and battery life amazing at least 9 hours. Obviously designed on the Macbook Air and don't mind saying 2 fingers up to Mac for being so smug and letting this happen. This is a fifth of the price and for most people more than adequate for everyday use. It really does make a windows laptop seem antiquated, this little gem is instant, no going off to make tea or cut the lawn while it boots up or updates. Chromebooks will take over wait and see. Fantastic!
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on 13 August 2014
I've had this for about two weeks now, and I'm very, very impressed.

This is a truly great device for the price. If you need a cheap second computer for basic web use, this is it. Previously I would have used my phone or tablet for looking up stuff online, I am now more likely to use this. Netflix and BBC iPlayer work flawlessly, Microsoft Office Online works a treat. It isn't really a device for playing games, there are some on the Chrome store, just don't expect to be playing Minecraft on it. Updates are automatic and unobtrusive, so it's an ideal device for the less IT literate, but don't let that put you off if you are competent with a computer.

The good stuff:

1) Silent operation,
2) Generates very little heat,
3) Boots incredibly quickly (7 seconds),
4) Very responsive,
5) Very good battery life,
6) Nice design.

The only negative is that the screen is not the best I've seen, but it's not as bad as some make out either.

I'm baffled by people who say that Chromebooks are a niche market, try one, this one was a revelation to me.
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on 27 March 2014
Its not easy choosing a laptop with a budget, I could have purchased a more powerful secondhand laptop than this! But why? I was just curious and didn't have much of a budget Its great for my uses: internet, movies streaming, and some word processing. Its light, and for the price is great! Its fast, but too many windows/tabs can slow it down. Pictures are great, viewing angle not great, but for the price its ok. I think of it as a backup/internet/travelling laptop. If you lose it or break it, it won't feel so bad as its easily replaceable. I got mine from John Lewis with 2 years warranty(great!!!). Its just an internet google chromebook. It does whats needed and abit more. Its designed for light use, and is very light. and I can use it at starbucks etc with no problems. and at the library. It does the job as required. Its not a top end laptop, and for the price you can't go wrong. Its designed for light use! Not for games, graphic intensive 3D programs or movie production etc. Just for the simple tasks which 80% of us use it for. 5/5. I'm happy!
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on 12 February 2014
Hmm well as it looks like I am the first person to review this, then I will do my best to be thorough.

Upon unboxing I was impressed by how light and compact it was.

Merely opening the screen switched it on and it came straight to the software update page.

2 minutes later the software was up to date, it had no trouble connecting to my Apple AirPort Extreme.

I am somewhat annoyed by the screen. It is pale and washed out when using the browser, which is odd because the wallpaper itself looks bright and breezy.

I admit that I bought this as an impulse buy, I didn't need it and am used to my MacBook Pro.

The webapps seems sluggish but after a little use they seem to get a bit quicker, perhaps that is due to loading images into the cache?

As mentioned it is surprisingly light. The layout reminds of the MacBook Air. It is plastic but you'd be forgiven for thinking that it is aluminium. Trackpad is responsive and I changed the settings for scroll so that the screen goes in the direction I want.

I have downloaded several apps for it, including the offline app for Gmail. Seems to work fine.

Initial thoughts were that it is idea for travel as long as you have access to the net. I use a portable wifi when I work abroad and I have no doubt that this will be fine with this device.

Video playback seems fine on youtube. But screen clarity really seems poor.

I wouldn't say I regret buying it as it is for travel purposes. Lets put it this way, If I lost my MacBook I would cry.... If I lost this, I'd be glad I didn't lose my MacBook :-)

Battery, I have used it for an hour now whilst I explore and it hasn't dropped from the 50% I had when I switched it on. Quite impressive.
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on 18 August 2014
Bought to replace a 6yr old Toshiba, which was very, very reliable and needed no work. However, it finally ground to a halt and I bought this. Being a contrarian, it was time for chrome and what an eye opener! This really is a fab system, querkie sure but blisteringly quick and I now have the pleasure of learning a new system. For many people they won't change because it is different and new, all I can say is,'be brave!' A great purchase and machine.
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on 19 July 2014
Lovely chromebook,no issues several months on.My kids have the acer but this is so much better in terms of build and screen quality,lovely looking chromebook.
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on 10 June 2014
If you dont want to play high memory demanding games, then this is all you will need, it is fast, quiet and light,battery lasts for hours, havent timed this but with my use it easily lasts all day, Also updating is done automatically with no waiting around while this takes place.
The apps available are not as good as can be had on an ipad, but they are becoming better. all in all I would highly recommend this m/c.
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