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on 17 March 2014
Stylish laptop, with a dark, brushed metal effect finish. Feels well made and solid. I like the feature of the illuminated keyboard, which has 2 levels of brightness or off settings. Very quiet, my laptop cooler can be heard but not the laptop fan, which only seems to kick in when I'm doing intensive processing such as file conversions. Runs very cool, even without the cooler stand. Better than average speakers, which actually have a nice sound unlike most tinny laptop speakers, and I don't have to plug in external speakers when watching a film on it. It even has decent volume and bass. Screen is good with real HD performance and little glare. Several nice features, such as an intensive fan cleaning process to remove dust build up. The second graphic card, an Nvidia Geforce, only comes into play when intensive graphics are needed, such as in game playing; normal usage utilises the built in on board graphics thus saving power.

Although the keyboard has a nice key travel when typing, the right shift key is quite small and very close to the navigation keys, which I sometimes hit instead. This means that my typing has jumped up a line, which for a touch typist is annoying. I've had to adapt my typing slightly to accommodate this.
Lenovo seem to have cut corners by fitting a Broadcom wireless adaptor. For an otherwise powerful computer, it is let down by the poor performance of the wireless, and when it wasn't dropping out, I was barely managing to connect at 5.5 Mpbs. I have had to purchase an external wireless adaptor to actually get a decent connection. With the Asus USB-AC56 Wireless USB Network Interface Card, I now connect at a solid 650 Mpbs and can achieve download speeds close to the maximum of my fibre connection. Unfortunately, this takes up one of the USB ports, and with only 3 USB ports, 2 x USB 3 and an always on USB 2 port which is used by my cooler, this is not ideal.
I am not a touchpad user, preferring key strokes or a mouse for navigation, so I normally disable touchpads on my laptops as they can cause the cursor to move when my wrist catches them. Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a way to disable this one apart from the FN/F6 key combination, which would be fine if it stayed off, but it seems to have a habit of turning itself on again without warning. A minor irritation.
Lenovo have partitioned the hard drive into two, which I initially thought was fine until I realised that the second partition was only 25GB. As I prefer to move my personal documents and folders off drive C, leaving only the operating system and programs there, 25GB is too small and I really don't understand why, out of a 1TB drive, they made such a small second partition. Having taken the precaution of making a backup of the factory settings on a pen drive, and making sure it worked, I used a third party software to repartition the drives to my own specifications. Be warned, if you do this it destroys the Lenovo disc recovery procedure but the computer can be recovered using the pen drive backup and the Windows 8.1 built in recovery process. Just don't lose the pen drive!
Windows 8.1. Well, I bought this computer because I wanted the extra oomph under the bonnet, not because I'm a games player. I get this with the new Windows operating system, my ebook library, Calibre, opens in seconds instead of the 3 minutes it took on my old laptop running Windows 7 with 4 GB ram, so I am pleased with the performance. However, I hate Windows 8.1! It took a few days to get it sorted out so that it now looks like an operating system I'm familiar with. Lenovo had obviously taken notice of the lack of a start menu and provided Pokki as standard, but I prefer Classic Shell. I have it set up to go straight to the desktop, there are no tiles on the "start" menu, all the live tiles have been uninstalled or disabled, and I don't use the apps feature as I can access everything from the Classic Shell menu. I also upgraded to the Pro version of Windows, which allows me more control using group policy which is not available in the home edition. Apart from the odd occasion when Windows 8.1 pops up an annoyance, such as telling me I can't do something, it now looks and works as I want it but to get it to this point took about 4 days in total, which is not what you want to have to do with a new computer. I can't really blame Lenovo or the laptop for this, but it just adds to the overall initial disatisfaction.

Would I buy this computer again? Yes, and no. If buying again I would certainly make sure it had something other than a Broadcom wireless adaptor installed, which is the biggest fault with it. The other issues can be got round with a bit of fiddling, and I would probably have to do the same with any other make. Overall, the laptop is well built, sturdy, feels like a quality machine and looks good. Performance wise, apart from the wireless, is also good, the fan rarely kicks in, it is cool and with the i7 processor and 16 GB of ram even intensive audio or film conversions barely make a noticable dent in performance.

This laptop would have got 5 stars were it not for the wireless. Given the cost of the machine, having to spend a further £60 odd on an external wireless adaptor just to get a decent connection rather takes the shine off it.
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on 3 April 2014
Backlit keyboard is excellent
Performance is excellent and very fast
Graphics are excellent
Good battery life
Sound is reasonable, but no Bass or punch

No thought whatsoever has been taken when designing the chassis as the surface is an absolute nightmare to
even attempt to keep clean, a dust and smudge magnet that looks good as long as you never use it
The touchpad, without doubt the worst i have ever used on any laptop, cheap, tacky, and worst of all comes supplied with a driver that is completely and utterly useless, so forget about even using it unless you have a mouse plugged in , i got around this by installing a digitally unsigned synaptics driver that the pre-installed windows 8.1 didn't want me to install and i had to bypass the irritating parental security measures just to get the touchpad to a reasonable working level, quite how lenovo can release a laptop at this price with such a comically bad touchpad is open to question
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on 18 December 2014
i didnt buy this laptop from amazon
just a few words about it
since i had it fo a few months
the major problem with this laptop was the overheat problem when playing heavy games
either i used the one card or the sli gpu temp was 96 -98 C
had a problem with usb ports ,,,,,,,,lenovo service couldnt find motherboard to fix it they told me to
change it with the new y50-70
this one have no problem with heat ,,,,,play all games with no problem at all
so dont go for y510 p .......go for the new y50-70
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on 26 September 2014
Fantastic laptop. Looks amazing, Runs amazing and is plays most games on extreme quality (eg Skyrim)

However you need to be mindful when buying this that Lenovo have discontinued the Ultra-bay accessories which is a bit disappointing.

Also, Also, it scratches quite easily so would not recommend this to anyone who does not look after their gear perfectly
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on 9 December 2014
I bought this Lenovo Y510P in March 2014 directly from Lenovo and not from Amazon, but I take this opportunity to share with Amazon’s customers the shortcomings of Lenovo’s customer services. It works well. It is not a top of the range machine in terms of build quality but I treat it with respect, do not move it around the place and on that basis it should last me a little while.
Within a couple of months the letter D flipped off the keyboard. One of the clips holding the letter onto the keyboard had failed. It would hold onto the keyboard for a couple of presses and then fly off. I also had problems with my Bluetooth driver and was not able to use that.

I tried to get some support from Lenovo’s website but my Y510P laptop bought in March was no longer listed. The design of the website was an exercise in how to avoid ever having contact with ones customers. There were no phone numbers to call other than for sales and they told me that I should contact support through the website. I tried the closest equivalents for the Bluetooth drivers but they simply did not work and it just made the problem worse. Of course for my defective Letter D, I was not even getting off the ground.

Eventually in August when I was away I got 4 calls from the customer services group. There was no return telephone number so I was not able to call back. I went on sending emails and eventually in late October, I got a return telephone call from Matthew. This was followed by an email with a link to a Bluetooth driver. Not the one that I had been accessing from the Lenovo site and this one worked. Matthew also sent me a letter D but it was the wrong one. The basic construction was similar, but it hinged from the side and was clearly not made for my laptop.

I was getting pretty fed up with all this incompetence and even more so when I got an email saying that the only solution was to change my keyboard. I should send my laptop to Medion and the keyboard would be replaced. It would take around three weeks. I suggested that I send the laptop to one of their centres in London for the repair to be done and that way I would not be without it for too long. I was told that this was not possible because the only repair centre operated by Lenovo in Europe is in Germany. There are no repair centres in the UK or elsewhere. Medion UK which is referred to as a Lenovo company and operates from 120 Faraday Park, Faraday Road, Dorcan, Swindon SN3 5JF does not carry out any repairs to IdeaPad laptops such as the Y510P.

Now what conclusions can I draw from this experience.

• The Lenovo IdeaPad range based on my experience is shoddy and falls apart. The laptops are well specified, but the build quality is poor. This machine was the top of the range for an IdeaPad. It cost £1000 plus the additional charge for a three year warranty but one does not expect the letters to jump off the keyboard and if they do one does not expect to wait for six months before a solution is suggetsed.

• Lenovo’s customer support as offered by Medion in Swindon is breathtakingly poor. One gets the impression from Sean, Adam, Mauvin, Matthew and Ryan of a tired and sullen indifference with no real effort being made to deal with the problem. Each email is started afresh as if it is the first act in the process. You never have the whole string. They are all written by different people and they all say, basically:

Thank you for contacting us.

The answer is no…

If you require any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us.

• My fault arose in April 2014 and as we all get ready for Christmas it is still not resolved.

• If you are lucky enough not to have an issue with your machine that is fine, but if there is a problem you will have to send it off for a month at a time so that it gets fixed in some workshop in Germany. This is not the support infrastructure that one expects to get from a major manufacturer such as Lenovo.
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on 25 July 2014
Nice machine, shame it seems designed to show up fingerprints. The first thing I did was to get rid of Window and install Linux, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, no problems, no hitches, everything worked, (and works fine), The high res screen is a joy, especially when photo editing, and the i7 makes short work of video rendering.
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on 21 June 2014
To beat this spec i would of had to have spent a lot more. The first thing i did was add an SDD. Thats just a personal choice. But the boot up times are now seconds. Running all my games on a high spec. Seems to handle everything that the games i play online can throw at it. No lag issues at all. The SLI fall into a lower spec class one set up. All in all the best laptop i have owned by far.
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on 8 February 2016
This laptop is a good, fast laptop. The only issues I have found is that the mousepad is pretty appalling, it has to be on a solid surface, you just cannot us it on your lap. The display isn't crystal clear, colours aren't fantastic. I had a Sony before and the display was fab, I edit photos so have struggled a little with the colours on this display.
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on 2 March 2016
Would not buy used or 'warehouse' - the one I purchased and returned comes with a blocked copy of Windows and no warranty. Laptop has a nice feeling keyboard and is also backlit - not practical to carry around as it's a bit heavy. So can't make much of a comment on the laptop itself other than best to buy new.
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on 20 November 2014
Love this computer never had any real problems. Touchpad not the best but not really a priority for me. Also true that the wireless goes abit funky after extended use without turning it off. Talking line 2 days + so not really a problem Would recommend.
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