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4.0 out of 5 stars120
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 7 August 2014
Initially, I had a few Bluetooth connectivity problems with my Windows 8 PC, the M557 mouse would connect fine then for no apparent reason lose connection and reconnection was hit and miss which proved to be very frustrating, whilst checking online, it appears there are several negative posts on forums from people with the same or similar problems.

However one solution that was suggested by someone and has worked for me so far, is in the add a device mouse settings on the PC if you dig around, there is an option to remove the tick from a section that asks if you want to put the mouse to sleep when the PC is on standby, since I removed this option and left the mouse on regardless, it has worked perfectly.
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on 8 February 2014
In short this mouse is flawless it is basically better version of M555b. The look and size is exactly the same as M555b, so it has all the excellent comfortable design but without the problems of M555b.
- Very good connection. No drop off.
- Immediate reconnection after sleep, hibernate etc..
- Sensor is very good works well on every surface.
- The scroll wheel is a metal one like M555B, but there is no free wheeling scroll wheel setting.
- Good build quality.
- Also it works perfectly with Eneloop batteries (M555b only take alkalines)
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This performs well and is comfortable in the hand - the size is good. The last bluetooth mouse I used was not always immediately responsive, but this one performs beautifully and immediately - I haven't noticed any lag at all. The batteries last well and can be enhanced by turning off the mouse when not in use.

The mouse is realtively light, and I love the fact that left handed people can use it just as easily too.

Would recommend!
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This Logitech M557 is a small (but not tiny) durable rf mouse suitable for most people, it fits well within the hand and it feels reassuringly well made. The two AA batteries make it quite heavy compared with a simple wired mouse. Unlike wired mice it also worked perfectly from more than three metres away hidden in my jacket pocket while I was walking about doing a presentation.

Installation was easy in a new Dell laptop awakened with new W7Pro (not W10) and Bluetooth ready and waiting inside. I added the two batteries to the mouse, switched it On, pressed the 'Connect' button and its blue LED began to blink. On the laptop I opened the Devices and Printers and using its touchpad tapped the symbol for the Bluetooth Mouse that had appeared. The new mouse then worked as a normal mouse. Subsequent Off/On cycles and the laptop always sees the mouse.

I tried it with a pair of NiMH rechargeable cells and they work as well, but I'll wait for the supplied pair of Alkaline cells to flatten (a year?) before using the NiMH cells. Apart from the computer responding to it as required there is no visible indicator that it is working, no LEDs etc, except for the blue LED lighting for a second after the first movement when Windows wakes up at boot time.

I've not bothered to try to customise its operation by downloading the optional software from Logitech because it works just fine as it is and the normal W7 tools do well enough.

The W8 button works with W7Pro in producing the Start menu without having to look for it and click on Start; click once to show it, click again to close it.

Since first writing the review I have bought a second one of these for another similar PC.
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on 24 September 2015
I was worried at first, read all the reviews But I need not have worried at all, It is fantastic.
What sold it to me was that it said it was compatible with almost any device. I did not have any problems whatsoever.
put batteries in and put Bluetooth on and bingo, ready to go. This mouse is no more noisy than my last mouse. I also have big hands
and it fits nicely, these are what other reviews stated.
I have windows 7 and was a bit worried that the button on top would get in the way, it does not.
The reason I needed a new mouse was that the ports on my laptop no longer worked because of cable mouse being plugged in and out
over the years.
A bit pricey but well worth it, I can and do recommend this mouse.
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on 25 March 2014
I tried a few high end mouse devices in the last period both from Microsoft and Logitech including the touch fully touch ones but I reverted back to this mouse.

It works great and the software has no issues too on Win 8.1. Fully customizable. Love it. I keep the scroll wheel for a wee bit more while they improve the technology/software for the touch devices.

Size wise it's not too big nor too small, feels just right, suitable for travelling too however does not come with any case, batterries are included. Highly recommended.

The only "bad" thing the bottom part looks a bit plastic-y cheap but nontheless a solid and confortable mouse to use.
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on 8 May 2014
NB: You want to know the DIMENSIONS of this mouse? Read on... they're in my review.

I purchased my M557 from another reseller than Amazon, because Amazon did not have it in stock at the time.

Overall I am pleased with my purchase. I use four mice concurrently, including this one, on various computers, PC and Macs (the other three are the Logitech Anywhere MX, Logitech M318e and Apple Magic mouse, and I mention them because I will make comparisons where approriate). This particular mouse was intended for use with a Mac Pro, where I wanted to free up a USB port that was occupied by the Logitech Unifier used for my Anywhere Mouse MX. My first bluetooth mouse ordered for that purpose was the Apple Magic Mouse, but the Apple mouse does not work for me due to its anti-ergonomic(TM) shape.

The M557's main selling point is obviously that it is a bluetooth mouse. As such it works very well, connecting very quickly to my Mac Pro and maintaining the connection well. It also works immediately after waking the computer from sleep. I have only tested it on this Mac, not on any PC.

So full marks for the bluetooth implementation, on Mac at least. Another good point is the left and right buttons, which only need a very light press to trigger a click, which I appreciate.

Like all battery powered mice that use two batteries, the M557 feels a bit weighty for its size. In that it is very comparable to the Anywhere MX, probably lighter but not by very much at all. You may like this weight, or not. I like how it feels. If you want to get an idea of the weight just hold two AA batteries, that's almost the weight of the M557, because it feels featherlight when the batteries are removed.

Tracking is reliable on the few surfaces I've tried (I have not tried glass, but wood and fabric).

So what's not to like?

Firstly, the M557 is all hard plastic. The top of it is very pleasantly smooth, almost like a touchmouse, which this one isn't. But the sides are also hard plastic. There is no rubber to make the grip more steady and pleasant, just some less smooth hard plastic. Compared to my other mice, only the Apple Magic Mouse feels worse, not because of materials though (the magic Mouse is all aluminium under a very smooth glassy top), but because the Magic Mouse has the most awkward shape of any mouse I've ever tried in my computing life, so it's not hard to design a better one! This overall plasticky feel of the M557 is by no means a deal breaker, but definitely a disappointment. Both the Anywhere MX and M318e (my other Logitech mice) fare better in this respect, despite the M318e being a substantially cheaper mouse than the M557.

Secondly, the scrollwheel has that awful ratcheted feel which, to be fair, may suit some tastes, but that I thoroughly dislike, being used to the smooth scrolling Anywhere MX and even M318e (which lets you feel some ratcheting but very lightly, and still has some freewheeling action). With the M557, the wheel stops turning abruptly as soon as you release it, no matter what speed you use it at, giving it a very obsolete, 20th century feel. Not at all natural when you are used to freewheeling scrollwheels or touchmice, touchpads, Android touchscreens and the like.

The scrolling speed can by controlled by way of the Mouse Preferences in Mac OS (somewhat strangely, as it does not appear in the Logitech Control Centre), so all is not lost. A high scrolling speed can be achieved, but the action still feels far less smooth and pleasant than I would expect on a modern mouse.

Now a bit about the software:

The Logitech Preference Manager provides the usual control over what the various buttons do. On Mac OS the two centre buttons (the scroll wheel press and the square button) can be assignedd to trigger Mission Control, Exposé, Smart Zoom, Launchpad, Lookup or "Middle button", which I'm not sure what it does. The tracking speed can be increased beyond what the general Mac OS Mouse Preferences are set at, which is nice. I use two 24 inch screens and can glide between the far ends of the two monitors with my wrist resting on the desk, and yet if I move slowly I still get precise responses. Very well done.

Finally, here is some critical information that is often missing from commercial webpages such as this one, and that should always be taken into consideration when choosing a mouse for your hand, the ACTUAL SIZE of the mouse (not the packaging!)

Please understand that due to the mouse's shape these dimensions are approximate. It's difficult to hold a metal tape measure against a curvy object and get accurate readings. But they still should help you decide if it should fit your hand, as this is so down to personal preference:

Length: Just under 100 mm, measured from the front to where the top ends at the rear (the base is much shorter).
Width: Up to about 57 mm, fairly constant along the length of the mouse. This is an approximate measurement at the top, the mouse is narrower at the bottom.
Height: 34 mm (that would be at highest point of the "dome", where the bluetooth logo is located in the middle of the mouse, and is only as precise as I can get by holding a tape measure to the side of the mouse and reading through my glasses with my poor eyesight. It's obviously not as high near the sides).

It's not a mouse that will give much support to your hand unless you have very small hands, but it still provides adequate occasional rest for my mid-sized male hand. It's good if you use a light grip and move your mouse with mostly finger action and a little bit of wrist rotation (and probably a high tracking speed). Mileage may vary.


I am pleased with my purchase. It says a lot that this sub-£35 mouse is going to be my favourite for my Mac Pro, when pitted against a £60 Apple Magic Mouse (erm, perhaps it says a lot more about the Magic Mouse's awkwardness though, than about the M557). You will probably not regret your purchase if you get the M557. Just don't expect too much, it may be one of the best bluetooth mice around but if you don't need or don't prefer bluetooth, then there are plenty of better mice with rubber grip, ergonomic contouring, freewheeling scrollwheels and such.

My plan is to use mine alongside the Apple Magic Trackpad, to get the best of both worlds, traditional pointing device and multi-gesture touch device.
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on 3 May 2015
Love this product. Its a savior
The USB port of my laptop is broken and irreparable. I had to keep working on the laptop without a mouse. I am just not used to working without a mouse and it was getting frustrating for me to a point where I considered buying a new laptop just so I could use the mouse.
Thats when someone suggested me this mouse.
Its been 6 -7 months now. The mouse is working very well for me.
- Good sensitivity.
- Cordless
- Long range. If the laptop is near the television about 8-9 feet away from me, to watch a movie on HDMI, I would just keep the mouse with me and be able to operate the laptop from my sofa.
- Quite sturdy. Unfortunately it has slipped and fallen off my laptop many times due to my carelessness. The mouse is still working as good as it was.!!!
- Looks great.
None. I have fortunately had no problems in last 6 months. Though I must admit its not a continuous use. Its for my personal laptop.

I definitely highly recommend this mouse
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on 19 July 2015
Try this if you dislike the other alternatives for Mac. If you cannot get used to the anti-ergonomics of the
Mac MagicMouse (no click-wheel, wrong shape and so on), then try this one (or the white M558 if you can get hold of one).

It comes with a proper click-wheel and it has the right shape (it could have been slightly larger).
The click-wheel is also a back-forward button (ideal for fast web browsing, but also works in applications like Spotify)
and there's a small middle button for bringing up Mission Control.

All button actions are configurable via the Logitech Options application (launch via "System Preferences"), as
is "Swap L/R buttons", "Scroll Direction" and "Pointer Speed".
Tested on MacOS X 10.10.4 (Yosemite) and used with an iMac and an MB Pro.

The picture shows the Magic Mouse, the M557, the M558 and an older Logitech M185.
review image
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on 12 November 2014
Long battery life is claimed for this mouse. Unfortunately this is just not true: this one eats batteries just like its predecessor (the M555). It usually finishes them off just when one's in the middle of something complicated that one just can't jab a finger at. I don't blame this mouse specifically for that, just computer equipment in general. 'Never let anything technological know you are in a hurry'.

It was significantly easier to instal than the M555. Whether this was because I'd done all the hard work with the M555, or whether this is better designed I couldn't say. However, I have to 'remove device' and reinstall it before it will work after a battery change - which is more than a little irritating and wastes about as much time as if I was performing a nappy change. It is now January. I bought the mouse llast October - and now it won't reconnect at all after a battery change. And I can find no way to express to Logitech the depths of my feelings about that, nor any way to get a refund for this, now completely useless, rubbish. Do not waste your money on this expensive, temperamental and fragile item.

This is not a cheap mouse. Frankly I expected better of both the Logitech bluetooth mice I've bought. The M557 is the 4th I have bought in a year (the other 2 were much cheaper and by different makers). Not one was satisfactory.

Why doesn't someone make a bluetooth mouse that actually works?!
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