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on 23 January 2014
The ongoing story of Miriam Black's uniquely horrific life remains utterly spellbinding. Lots is made of the harshness, grit and grime of these books, and it's true, Wendig's characterisation is uncompromising. But you'll also be hard pushed to find books with more poetic prose. It's a trip. A bad trip.

The power of the series is that Miriam is not just a Chosen Oddity to thrust into odd situations; the books are all about her. She's the avatar of agency and self-destruction, and this third instalment finally explains those remaining gaps in her horrible history, and develops the supernatural world Wendig is building in spectacular ways. There are a lot of answers in this book, and whole new colors to the lady herself.

Wendig has quickly become one of my all time favorite authors, and I'd open a vein right now if I thought it would bring Thunderbird out sooner. Can't recommend these books highly enough, this one in particular.
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on 27 January 2015
Picked this book up in a secondhand store while waiting for the train and read it over the course of the entire journey. I realise now I've actually come to the sequence out of order, which makes the book somewhat difficult to review, but I'll do my best.

Wendig’s imagery is fantastic. Indeed it was almost as if I was reading a game rather than a book. There is quite a bit blood and gore to add to the mix, but this is offset by Miriam's humour.
Fro all the violence, the book has a softer side. I won't give too much away, but Miriam is pushed to her limit as she encounters an antagonist who can turn her abilities against her. Tension builds as said antagonist is always a step ahead. This only brings out Miriam's stubborn and slightly snide nature. This was a woman I love and got a sense of satisfaction as I watched her grow as a character, even if I did come to Mr. Wendig's work out of order.

Highly recommend for any fans of urban fantasy. :)
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on 16 January 2014
Miriam Black is back in the third book of this griping, kick-arse, TORNADO of a series! Miriam is cursed with the ability to see how and when a person dies just by touching them. Tortured by the desire to try to prevent some grisly and untimely deaths, our heroine (or is she an anti-heroine?)sets out to take out the perpetrators before the events can occur.
But someone from her past is leaving messages in her visions, and those close to her are under threat.
The Florida Keys are the back-drop for this latest tale full of characters old and new. An unmissable novel for anyone in love with the inimitable Miriam Black!

(Couldn't put this down - read it in 3 days, highly recommended!)
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It's a year after MOCKINGBIRD. Miriam had planned going to Florida with Albert but somehow they kept getting distracted and she ended up in Philadelphia, living with three men she saved from a crazed Santa Claus with a poisoning fetish. There she's been getting to grips with the nature of her curse, which is handy because a wealthy businessman has an offer for her - if she'll come down to the Florida Keys and tell him how he's going to die, he'll give her $5,000. But when she does so, she sees him murdered by someone who leaves her a message.

Miriam's past is catching up with her - both the death visions she's seen and those she's changed - and with the Trespasser her only ally, there's no guarantee she'll make it out alive ...

The third in Chuck Wendig's MIRIAM BLACK SERIES is another hard-boiled, foul-mouthed noir affair that neatly brings in some of the loose ends left from the earlier books and provides an interesting set up for the concluding volume. Whether you like this series really turns on your attitude to Miriam, a foul-mouthed, self-destructive and at times completely infuriating woman who doesn't know what she wants or where she's going. I love the fact that she's not perfect (and doesn't care) just as I like the fact that she's also made some attempts to make herself a better person (but only on her own terms). Louis doesn't appear in this book but I didn't miss him and it's made up for both with the appearance of Miriam's mother and the depiction of their relationship and the arrival of a figure from Miriam's past. I would nit pick some of the violence in the book - notably Miriam's incredible ability to take beating after beating without long term affects - but ultimately, it's a dark and violent delight that kept me turning the pages from beginning to end and I will definitely check out the next book.

The novel's well constructed with Miriam recounting events to two FBI agents. Miriam's back and forth with the agents and the slow reveal of their respective agendas is really well done (although I did figure out one twist early on). I also liked the recurring theme of collateral damage and the effect this is wrecking on Miriam psychologically.

All in all it's a tightly written page-turner and I look forward to the conclusion.
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on 13 February 2014
I get it that films and books often have a climactic scene where the hero is under assault, digs deep and fights back against adversity to demonstrate their inner strength but this goes a bit far for me. The last round in Rocky is one thing but the prolonged and relentless beat-down in this robbed me of any enjoyment I was having at the beginning. Full disclosure: I read it in one sitting which may have made the effect worse; it's also a compliment about how compelling the story is... BUT I ended up skipping page after page at about the 80% mark just to make it stop...
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on 23 January 2014
I absolutely loved this book. I really loved Mockingbird. I loved Blackbirds.

There's a sense of missing when the final page is finished. Chuck Wendig has created a hero that represents humanity as it really is. A very worthwhile read.
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on 9 October 2014
I have loved reading all 3 books from the series. Brilliantly written, I would recommend for anyone with a dark sense of humour and and love of bad language!
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on 9 June 2014
Chuck Wendig continues to be a master of third-person present-tense, as well as fast-paced action with some powerful underlying messages.
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on 8 February 2015
Every book in this series is pure genius
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on 27 January 2015
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