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4.5 out of 5 stars490
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 July 2014
I'm always wary of buying cheap screen protectors because they're too thin, difficult to apply and get scratched easily.

So I settled for this after reading the positive reviews and I agree with them completely. First of all, a summary of what you get:

2 x screen protectors - covered on both sides with a protective peel-away film
4 x dust removal stickers - these are incredibly useful when removing that tiny speck of dust from under your screen
4 x alignment stickers - not sure what these were for, didn't need to use them
1 x smoothing card - you use this to get rid of any air bubbles if they form
1 x microfibre cleaning cloth - with the TUFFskinz name embossed on it, looks high quality
All contents are nicely packed in their own little plastic covers.

At this price, opening the pack to find this substantial kit is satisfying on its own; but the real proof is in the pudding, or rather the screen protector.

It does come with clear instructions, but a couple of points worth repeating are:
1 - Make sure you wash your hands; helps cut down on dust
2 - Make sure you work in a well lit area which can help spot dust. As I had it delivered at work, I applied it from my desk (there goes productivity!)

Due to it's thickness, it is extremely easy to apply, the size is an exact fit and looks really good. My only gripe is that I started a bit low and therefore the cutouts for the earpiece and front-facing camera are 1mm too low, but this is my own fault and you should not face this if you do it right.

I'd also like to point out that there are no cutouts for the proximity sensor or light sensor, but this is not a problem (if anything, it's a plus to not have multiple cutouts!) and the sensor seems to work just fine.

All in all, an excellent screen protector for a great price. Highly recommend.

p.s. The Moto G and Moto G 4G are physically identical, so this fits the 4G version as well. Cheers
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on 3 April 2014
I decided to purchase this particular brand after reading on amazon the many positive reviews of this item.
Application easy enough - I used the `Hinge` method as descibed by someone in another review,
I now have a flawless finish. Very pleased with my purchase.
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on 8 January 2014
Delivery was very quick, ordered Saturday received Tuesday. The product packaging was stylish.

Inside the pack everything was of high quality, that is the protectors themselves, the credit card sized smoothing card and even the grey cleaning cloth was noticeably much better than those little yellow ones you find with other screen protectors. They also provide two sticker strips, one of alligning stickers and one of dust removal tape.

The comprehensive instructions include two methods of fitting, one being the usual way of application, the other method is using the provided sickers as a line up hinge then lifting the protector like a book cover, removing the layer and then smoothing it down while the sticker hinges keep it in place. On using the original method the smoothing card waved away any trapped air with barely any pressure, as the protector was gradually applied. Only a tiny bubble was left in the last corner, to iron out easily after the application.

I like the matte texture which leaves less smudgy fingerprints and it functions well. The anti glare does work, dulling the reflection of the sun making it less mirror sharp, but don't expect any anti glare product to mean you're able view the screen perfectly in all angles of direct sunlight without any difficulty at all, they significantly reduce reflection rather than eliminate the glare entirely. Outdoors in normal conditions the screen is less window reflective of light. In indoor conditions the screen seems only very slightly less bright, so for me the anti glare didn't negatively affect the clarity of the screen.

I also bought a pack of TUFFskinz HD clear, just incase I didn't like the look of the matte ones, but I'm happy with the Matte variant to leave it on the phone and just keep the other pack of HD clear protectors for spares.

Excellent buy, highly recommended.
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on 13 October 2014
Screen Protectors can be found pretty much everywhere. With so many people purchasing smartphones with touch screens, it’s not unnatural that they want to protect their investment anyway they can, and a screen protector is often the most obvious choice. However, screen protectors have a reputation of being a hassle to apply, so it’s not surprising a lot of people don’t bother with them. I myself have never been a fan of screen protectors, and whilst I still used them I was never happy with the applications until I came across TUFFskinz screen protectors.


Recently purchasing a new smart device, I went on the usual search for a screen protector to help protect the screen. A friend had showed me his device which had a ‘matte’ screen protector, so I thought I would try something new instead of using the usual generic ‘clear’ screen protectors you can find. I came across a few brands (no names mentioned) with excellent reviews on Amazon, but the prices were unjustifiable (some were ranging around £10 – £15 for a protector). I came across a brand called TUFFskinz that produced both ‘matte’ and ‘clear’ protectors, supported a wide range of devices, had outstanding reviews and most importantly were priced affordability (cost is based on what size screen your device has), so I decided to bite the bullet and buy a TUFFskinz matte screen protector for my new device.


The protectors and application tools came in a surprisingly nice little recyclable cardboard package, which is nicely printed and decorated with various eye catching graphic designs. The construction of the cardboard is incredibly strong, to try to squeeze the edges in requires a large amount of force so you can be sure your screen protectors won’t be damaged in the mail. On the back is a blurb about TUFFskinz premium quality, as well as the main features of your new screen protectors and package contents. These small attentions to detail matter, the presentation and packaging quality is top notch and it definitely feels like a premium product.


Inside the package you get a complete package for installing a screen protector to your device. The package includes:

2x Screen Protectors

2x Dust Removal Stickers

2x Guide Stickers

1x Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth

1x Smoothing Card

Application Instructions (which are cleverly printed onto a folded card holding the two screen protectors)


The application process of my TUFFskinz screen protector was made incredibly simple and effective, thanks to the application tools and detailed instructions that TUFFskinz provide.

Instead of applying the protector using the traditional method where you try to guess the alignment (which usually ends up with a wonky application), the 2x guide stickers provided allows you to set a perfect alignment with no hassle. You simply tape half of the guidance sticker firstly onto the screen protector, align the screen protector with your device and then tape the other half onto your device. This gives you a reference point for alignment and makes the whole process so much easier to do.

Cleaning the screen is also a breeze. The micro fibre cloth included is reasonably large and quite thick, and does a great job of moving most of the dust and dirt accumulated on your device, but whats really clever are the dust removal stickers. These stickers lift any specks of dust without leaving any sort of mark on your screen. Any debris left on the screen will cause a permanent bubble to form around it, but these dust removal stickers make it really easy to remove even the smallest specs of dust.

The final part of the application is taking off ‘sticker 1′, the plastic on the sticky side of the screen protector, so you can apply it to the screen. You can start from the side or a corner, and slowly work your way down, removing the sticker as you go. Of course, little pockets of air get trapped underneath and form bubbles which you have to remove with a smoothing card. The smoothing card provided is a solid, credit size plastic card which has some TUFFskinz branding on it. Unlike other brands, which include small cardboard smoothing cards which don’t work very well, I was very happy to see that TUFFskinz includes a plastic card that is going to smooth out bubbles far more effectively than the traditional cardboard ones.

For the final step, after you have stuck down the protector and removed most of the bubbles, its time to remove ‘sticker 2′ from the screen protector. Doing this will reveal the finish and maybe a few stray bubbles which you can carefully remove with the smoothing card.

After that, you’re done! Congratulations!

The finished product is absolutely fantastic to use on my device, I have a perfectly applied screen protector with no bubbles at all. The screen feels responsive and there is no loss to the screens quality. The whole application process and the overall quality of this screen protector package really sets TUFFskinz apart from their competitors. I cannot find fault with their product or service. They even send you a MAOM sweet in the shipping bag, which was a nice surprise.
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on 29 August 2014
Got to give this 5 stars. The anti glare is excellent and gives the phone an additional feel of quality. By far the best screen protector I have fitted to a phone. I used the method 2 for mounting the protector on the screen, read the instructions included or watch the video it works good and gives you a perfectly aligned screen protector.

One additional tip is to where a hat while fitting it, on my first attempt dust from my head (you are perched right over it while working on it) caused two bubbles, it was during the head scratching to figure out why this had happened after the thorough cleaning I gave it, that I noticed the source of my problems.

What are you waiting for order a pack and see for yourself!
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on 11 September 2014
When I bought the phone model in question (Motorola Moto G) I was inclined to buy at the same time (from Tesco as it happened) a screen protector. There was only one available and came in a pack of two. After 45 minutes of hair-tearing frustration with these inferior products - both were cut a fraction of a millimetre too large for the phone, I gave up and scouted Amazon for a suitable replacement.

The TUFFskinz were everything the first lot lacked: superb, articulate and comprehensive instructions; cut to precise size; every little additional spreader, cleaner and piece of tape one might need. The works.

The first TuFFskinz protector was on and doing its job in about 5 minutes. It still is, with no visible sign of wear after 4 months. While the surface is never going to be as good as the underlying gorilla glass it works fine for me. I might never use the second one because the phone will probably be upgraded before the screen protector.

And cost at Amazon including postage is less than I paid for the first ones in store.
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on 30 August 2014
Definitely the best screen protector I have owned to date, the quality of the product is high and you will be supervised how many parts come in the packet.

Application was easier than any other screen protector I have used, I attempted to use method 1(out of the two application methods they suggest) which is probably aimed at those with more experience, I should have used the first really so though I got no bubbles due to dust(which is a first!) I did get bubbles at the top two corners where the protector went over the ridge running round the edge of the phone as I had positioned the protector too high.

The anti-glare property works well it is much easier to read in sunlight than with previous phones and protectors. I did find the matte finish caused a lot of friction with my fingertips at first but this stopped happening a few days after application. The screen still looks bright and clear through the protector.

Next time I buy I screen protector if will definitely be from TUFFskinz.
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on 28 August 2014
Quickly delivered. Great product. I've used lots of these skins, from Power Support, Spigen, and a multitude of others. This is the easiest to apply and leaves NO airbubbles. The anti glare is not as "anti" as the PowerSupport ones but the image is not as distorted as much either. For regular use in the UK this is highly recommended.
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on 3 April 2014
First rate, and the how-to video on YouTube is really helpful. Also useful to be given the sturdy plastic card for smoothing out the cover.
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on 4 September 2014
Excellent product, everything available to enable you fit the screen protector without get bubbles or dust on the screen. comprehensive kit, for a minimal price, quality product, well thought out.
In terms of customer care TUFFskinz (TS) were first class, I ordered the wrong size product, contacted TS who responded within minutes and advised me they had dispatched the correct product, even before I had returned the incorrect product, when I offered to pay the postage as it was my fault, they would not accept my offer to pay and stood the additional charges. Thats REAL customer care. Highly recommend product and company.
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