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4.5 out of 5 stars364
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Well, with 'Sylvester Stallone' being involved in the films production and screenplay and
with 'Jason Statham' in the lead role.....there really is only one way the film can go.........
Former 'Drugs Enforcement Officer' 'Phil Broker's last job was to work undercover to
bring down the drug-dealing biker gang 'The Outcasts'
Two years have past, 'Phil' having lost his wife has sought to build a new life with daughter
'Maddy' away from the city in a seemingly sleepy backwater town.
Trouble seems to follow 'Broker' (Jason Statham) as one or two of the local rough-necks
chance their arm with the former 'agent'
Having worked in the fight against drugs 'Broker' recognises the signs that a drug operation
appears to be triving in the sleepy town.
'Kingpin' 'Gator Brodie' (James Franco) becomes wary of 'Broker' so much so he breaks into
their home find out who this guy is or was.
He finds out plenty from paperwork the ex-enforcement officer has kept and sends his lady
ex-biker 'moll' 'Sheryl' to the city to find those that have reason to get even with 'Broker'
'Gator' has put 'Broker' and daughter 'Maddy' in danger, the ex-agent now has to defend
the security of both himself and more importantly daughter 'Maddy.
A must for 'Jason Statham' fans, with several typical action sequences from 'Statham' leading
up to and explosive and action-packed finally.
Good Picture and Sound Quality Throughout.
Well worth a spin.
Special Features :-
* Standoff featurette.
* Gator featurette.
* Deleted Scenes.
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VINE VOICEon 26 October 2014
A standard but decent Jason Statham flick, with the usual few fights, car chases, explosions and gruff dialogue.

This time Statham plays a jaded DEA agent, who moves for a more peaceful life with his daughter to a redneck filled community.

He falls foul of local criminal James Franco and thus a pretty simple plot is set a he faces off against the criminal and his gang through various confrontation's.

Pretty simple plot, reasonable action, this is nothing original, but it is well done and does exactly what it should.

Written by Sylvester Stallone, based on a novel, it's what you would expect from an action film starring Britain's hardman export.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 December 2013
Phil Broker (Jason Statham) is a former NARC who must now lay low due to getting the son of a crime boss killed. He is living in Louisiana which allows them to use a better soundtrack and crazy characters. His wife has passed on, he has a daughter Maddy (Izabela Vidovic) and a wanna be formulaic relationship with school counselor Susan Hatch(Rachelle Lefevre). He draws attention to himself while trying to live with a low profile, attention that endangers the life of both him and his daughter.

As art imitates life, James Franco plays the crazy bad guy and Winona Ryder his trashy girlfriend.

This is one of the better Statham films I have seen. It includes the usual tough guy talk, fighting, killings, chase scenes, and explosions. It also includes a colorful support cast with Kate Bosworth and Marcus Hester as realistic people. Bosworth was a pistol.

Worth seeing for fans of action films.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, garage sex, no nudity. Deals with meth manufacture and use.
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on 31 March 2014
I'm a massive Statham fan and am usually pretty satisfied with the action he puts out, homefront is yet again another cool action thriller, a simple and easy to get into story that's well paced out with lots of great action, some pretty bloody action too, lots of shoot outs and the usual cool martial arts fighting display Statham style! James Franco plays a cool villain too and the lovely Winona Ryder pops up for only for a small role though, this is all round great fun, great Blu-ray picture too and a couple of features with deleted scenes.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 April 2014
The one thing I knew about ‘Homefront’ before I watched it was the, originally, Sylvester Stallone was attached to the project and had notions of turning it into part of his ‘Rambo’ franchise. However, as he was getting on in age, he passed on it, handing it over to his Expendables co-star, Jason Statham. So, meet a hybrid of Rambo and Jason – ‘Jambo!’

Here, the ‘Stath’ drops his attempts at putting on an American accent and plays an (oddly British) DEA agent who moves to a small town with his daughter to escape some particularly nasty drug lords. However, Jambo, never being one to shy away from trouble, soon finds himself at odds with the local rednecks (and yet more drug-type nasties). These come in the form of James Franco and Winona Ryder, both of who don’t seem to put as much menace in their performances as their acting abilities dictate they could have done.

Don’t expect too much ‘Transporter-esque’ punching and kicking in the fight scenes. It’s more on a par of what you’d see in your average Arnie/Sly action movie of the eighties. Plus there’s quite a few clichés the movie adheres to, i.e. Stath’s black best friend (and we all know what happens to black best friends in Hollywood), plus the fact that Stath is a single parent who obviously meets the one beautiful, single woman in the town who’s totally into single fathers.

If you’re a fan of the Stath in general, this will be a reasonable addition to your collection of his work. Plus seeing as some of his recent efforts (baring Expendables movies) have been a little ‘samey.’ Plus Homefront is also a solid little action thriller which should keep fans of the genre happy. Just don’t expect anything too groundbreaking, only some harmless head-slitting from our balding, British baddass.
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on 26 March 2016
As entertainment goes this is middle of the road homogeny. It does exactly what you would expect it to do, it tells the story of a once "top cop" (can be replaced by soldier, special forces etc.) That through some incident in the opening (grab attention) 10 minutes of action, some how has a change of heart or mind about the career they have and/or the life they live. Having gone A.W.O.L, resigned, been kicked off the force, etc they retreat to some back water po-dunk town (during the second act) where everyone knows your name and business. There is of course the local kid that grew up in the area and has turned to a life of crime and thinks he owns said po-dunk town. Through some means or another ex **place job role here** manages to step on the toes of said local king pin and from there on out is the closing act of bad ass **hero ex whatever** protecting the ones he loves from bad people.

Sylvester Stallone is a better screen writer than this having penned classics like Rocky; having watched a few recent interviews with him though, I believe; he believes that this is what people want. His pandering to the lowest common denominator makes this less about art and story telling as it does about making money and being famous. Or simply giving people that like this type of film something to watch and enjoy, I am sure polar ends of either the film elite and average joe would argue it either way.

If you like the kind of action that Statham supplies this film delivers it in regular intervals and because of the justice/injustice of the scenes that lead up to the more violent moments, you are generally pleased Statham has dealt out his special form of justice. A number of the fight scenes were shot in poor lighting or using "zippy" all over the place camera shots, this could either be poor directing/editing or it may be that Jason is getting a little old for the action scenes. Maybe they are just contextual? Again this is an argument for those that care to debate such things, either way I feel it detracts a little from the enjoyment.

It's middle of the road action, nothing overly gory though has its moments, a couple of explosions and a nice comforting action story hug with its predictable plot elements and general lack of pushing any boundaries or thought processes. It's a nice easy fun watch for people that like action movies and not having to think too hard while doing it.
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on 27 October 2015
Typical Sly action movie. Expect nothing more or nothing less. Statham seems to be Sly's favourite at the moment, understandably after the good collaboration in Expendables. Watch for a straight forward movie with 2 D characters. One more point, Statham is not very convincing as a father!
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This film's screenplay was written by Sylvester Stallone and I could picture a young Sly in the leading role. Perhaps he intended it for himself but gave it to his friend Jason Statham instead. Whatever happened this is a good solid thriller about a retired DEA agent falling foul of local badasses who call in the bad guys from his past to settle a grudge.
There is nothing new here but the storyline is okay and flows well and there is plenty of action. Its also set in Louisiana and I love films set here. Even Shreveport gets a mention (True Blood anyone?).
The lovely Kate Bosworth is a little underused as a hint of love interest and Winona Ryder plays comfortably out of her usual comfort zone as white trash.
Overall this is a film worth watching if you like this genre. I watched it on the same day as the new Thor and preferred this.
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on 7 May 2014
Phil Broker is a former DEA agent who quit after his action against a biker gang went wrong and it cost the life of a son.

He is recently widowed and is left with a daughter, Maddy, and he decides to retire to a small town.

His daughter fights off a boy who was bullying her at school and this sets in motion a string of events that end in confrontations with the locals and the resident drug lord.

His past history also enters the arena, making matters more complex.

He now has a mission to protect his daughter and is ready to do anything it calls for....

Jason Statham films are as predictable as they come. It's not a bad thing. You can whack one of his films on for ninety minutes, and forget all your troubles.

Here it's no different, and its meat and potatoes stuff. Undercover operation goes wrong, he relocates, gets into a bit of bother with the locals, and as soon as you can say 'Winona Ryder gets more attractive with age' you have an action thriller that harks back to the eighties.

Which isn't really a surprise as it's written by Sylvester Stallone and he was in mind to play the lead originally.

The film goes at a steady pace, Franco isn't the best villain around, so he he spends most of the film kidnapping cats and hiding in the shadows.

If your a fan of Statham, this is perfunctory stuff, if your not, you'll hate it...
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on 23 February 2015
Jason Statham is a great actor in both action and comedy roles, the Expendables being an exception as these are all worthless let's make money and have a good time together and ignore the plot/acting/script necessities and that includes all the people in those movies.
This film i was looking forward to and it left me feeling flat like there had been no entertainment throughout and then i saw that Sylvester Stallone had written the screenplay. Well it al makes sense now as this is the link between the Expendables and Homefront. Flat and uninteresting with nothing redeemable about it. And i so wanted to enjoy it.....
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