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4.3 out of 5 stars22
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 13 November 2013
Without repeating the plot from the blurb of the book, I will say that I enjoyed the author's style of writing, passion for the characters and the unique storyline itself. We have Jeremy Stone who is a successful engineer who had previously worked for Jack Connor. Jack is arrested for the murder of his mistress and unborn child. Jeremy is going to do whatever it takes to find the real killer.

Jeremy is a nice guy, who wants to do the right thing by his friend. He is a little bit unscrupulous in how he goes about it, sneaking around in disguises, but his tenacity pays off.

Michelle, the victim, was a vindictive and bullying woman who intended to have Jack no matter what. She was pregnant with his child and Jack was going to do the right thing by her.

Jack Connor is a man who is flawed, he is successful, married to a wealthy woman but still has affairs, the last of which may very well be his undoing. His wife Caitlin is, in my mind a conniving spoiled woman. On the outside she appears to be a faithful, loving wife, but she has secrets.

Then there is Douglas McAllen, Caitlin's billionaire father. His character is one that is more in the background but a definite part to the plot of the story
There are other minor characters in the story that further enrich the mystery.

Then there is the larger than life lawyer friend of Jeremy's, Harry Staver, who Jeremy recruits to represent Jack in his trial. A lawyer who definitely knows his stuff and one that Jeremy trust implicitly.

Now put all these characters together and you have the makings of a great murder mystery, I think a mystery is good when you are sure of who the culprit is, but when it comes to the end you find that you are completely blown away when you find out who really did the murder and why. So all that said, I think this book will appeal the the crime thriller/mystery lover out there.

I received a copy of the book from the author for review and was not monetarily compensated for said review.
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on 21 March 2014
In the league of a good guys who have to become sleuths out of necessity I hold Jeremy Reid in the highest esteem. He is smart, charming, kind, loyal, and passionate. A lot of people reading detective type books AND every character in the book try to outsmart the detective. But I am willing to bet no one can outsmart Jeremy Reid (and Jac Wright). Even though the actual killer did cross my mind, I quickly dismissed it because I couldn't put it all together. Instead I just ended up going with the flow because I was so into the characters and the story that I didn't even care about finding the culprit myself.

I'm big on characters and character development, and the characters in The Reckless Engineer are wonderful and superbly developed. I love their very realistic flaws and not one of them were sterotype or cliche. If you don't care about and enjoy the characters, you don't care about the mystery. I found myself staying up late to finish the book and so engrossed with them ...a sure sign that I'm hooked and enjoying both the characters and the story. Upon finishing the book I found that my first thought was that I couldn't wait for Jac Wright's second novel.
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on 22 April 2014
The Reckless Engineer was so good it kept me hooked for 2 days and in the end left me speechless and very happy. Not only was it a mystery book, but it was a book on your conscience and how betrayal could unexpectedly spiral out of control and really affect everybody, maybe a little (but not entirely) like Fatal Attraction. At the same time, there is hope because the wrongdoing people are troubled with dire consequences and everybody learns a lesson and does the perfectly right thing in the end. It will leave you encouraged about love and relationships after first causing you to despair. Though it is a serious and intricate tale overall, some delightful characters lighten the mood with touches of humor. In particular I love Jeremy, who is sincere, loyal, passionate, adventurous, brilliant, resourceful, handsome... a really cool and likable hero. Highly recommend this book to anyone who loves mysteries and I'm sure you will become addicted to the author's surprising stories.
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on 17 November 2013
I discovered this author through his first short story written as a prelude to The Reckless Engineer. I was pulled in and captivated by both stories with the very first sentence from which the author builds suspense relentlessly to a nail-biting crescendo of tension. Both stories look at the troubles the respective protagonist gets into because he is weak in love. While the first book is right inside the protagonist's head telling us how it feels for him, this one reveals the impact of the love affair mainly from the viewpoints of all the people around him.

As for the mystery, let us just say John Grisham meets Agatha Christie in this one. The woman our protagonist, Jack Connor, (who seems to be a bit of a weasel, by the way) had been involved with has been found dead and Jack has been arrested for the murder. The story begins with Jack making his one phone call from the police station to his old-time friend Jeremy, our amateur detective hero and series lead. Jeremy arrives in Portsmouth bringing Harry, a top defence lawyer to the rich and famous in London, to handle Jack's defence in the murder trial. While Harry runs a brilliant defense, Jeremy blends in with Jack's family and colleagues who all seem to have their own sinister motives and opportunities to have committed the murder in a tightly woven plot.

This author seems to be a master of the unexpected twist because I never saw the ending of either story coming even though the clues were right in front of my eyes, each time. The language is poetic, beautiful, and lovingly descriptive of the English seaside town, Portsmouth, the story is set in. And everything is fresh and original - the premise, the plot, the characters, the language, the imagery... everything. Nothing about this author's writing is cliché. I eagerly await his next story.

Jack Connor (and whoever he was carrying on with by extension) are all being punished severely with dire consequences for cheating from the start because this is a moral story of "Follies of Infidelity and Betrayal". In the end Jack learns his lessons the hard way and gets back with his first wife and his children, doing the right thing and completing the central morality of the story. According to the central morality of the story the narrator and everyone else ridicule and condemn the follies of Jack's betrayal, starting with the title of the book. It is a deeply moral story with a strong moral message in it.

Caitlin was getting divorced from Jack and getting together with her daughter's father (her first partner) because of Jack's infidelity which story I loved. Totally the right thing because they were forcefully separated and she was haunted by her lost love.

They go back to their first marriages and family with children in the end and live happily, giving us the perfect moral ending. It looks at how infidelity takes root and happens in the middle. This is the perfect story of delights and hope for anyone who has suffered a break-up of a relationship.

Everyone else who are couples are in long term stable marriages - Douglas and Leana MacAllen in a decades long loving and loyal marriage and severely condemning Jack's behavior; Attorney Harry Stavers a very stable, steady, and loyal family man. Jeremy is not in a relationship, broken up, trying to get together with his ex and finally moving on by finding his own love. Alan is single and trying to find his own love with Sally, staying very steady and loyal to Sally. Even the minor characters, like Skull, are in a loyal marriage with children they love. In fact, everyone else is either in a loyal marriage or single.

The only way to tell a story of strong morality like this one that condemns infidelity and betrayal is to have one character who is cheating and he and the persons he was cheating with being subject to horrifying punishments, troubles, and consequences throughout like here - like being killed (as in the book), being charged with murder (like here), getting fired, or going to prison like happens here - their worlds falling apart and because of their wrong actions. Having the narrator (and everyone else around him) hating, condemning, and ridiculing the cheating and the character used to convey the morality from the beginning to the end, starting with the title. They learn a severe lesson and do the perfectly right thing in the end, completing the moral message of the story.

I love that this is not just a shallowly plotted thriller, but a story with a deeply moral message too.
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on 7 November 2013
"The Reckless Engineer" by Jac Wright is an interesting and well-developed thriller novel, written by new writer on literature scene that shows potential and due to that can be recommended.

I received copy from the author himself for fair review and I'm glad that I had chance to read it.

A novel's main character named Jack Connor is a wealthy and nice looking man who loves the company (and a bit more) of women.
He lives a pleasant life enjoying being married to a rich woman and having adventures along the way, but everything will change when he'll be arrested on suspicion of the murder of his mistress who was also pregnant.
He will call his best friend, Jeremy Stone, to help him prove his innocence. And although Jeremy believes that his friend is innocent, there are not many people who share his opinion, mostly because collected evidence so far indicate that he's a murderer....

The novel slowly heats up in the beginning giving reader the background of the story and history of the main characters that could be a bit too slow for someone who wants immediate action.
But after such detailed introduction, a paced story full of twists and turns will start, making this novel a well-made suspense work.

Its story is set in the world of the rich industrialists and engineers, which isn't a common setting for thrillers making it therefore different and interesting compared to many other works in the genre.
Except that the author convincingly dealt with the novel's theme, he created compelling characters from this world of rich people, making some characters look like they were written based on actual people that would be interesting to check with the author if it's true.

The only thing reader can complain about is author's writing style on which author still has some work to do ahead of him.
Currently, it's still quite evident that he came from the world of engineers, not from some artistic profession, making his novel look more like a work of engineer, not like a work of a writer.

Still, "The Reckless Engineer" can be recommended for audience that likes thrillers and is eager for new faces on the scene because Jac Wright shows potential and it will be interesting to see where his talent would lead him in the future.
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on 11 June 2014
Rarely have I read a more riveting and exciting story. Exceedingly well written with each chapter presenting something new and tantalizing for the reader. Jac Wright has written an amazing fast paced novel with twists and turns, adding layer upon layer that will leave you guessing right up to the end. His characters are well-drawn and complex, from the glamorous upper-crust society down to those struggling in the depths of poverty - a cross section of contemporary Britain. His scenes are dramatic and perfectly set with great descriptions of people and their surroundings. You're going to love this!!
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on 10 June 2014
Wright’s quality of writing and English language is top notch and the book is edited to perfection. The language and writing is effortlessly elegant and, at times, poetic and literary such that The Reckless Engineer reads like character driven literary fiction that I am an avid reader of. Wright certainly knows how to tell a good story. The pages throb with passions, jealousies, suspicions, regrets, and power-play that drag you into the story and take you through an emotional ride. His storylines here are both complex and believable and are woven into an expertly paced and tightly knitted plot.

Being also a romance reader I particularly loved Caitlin’s (Jack Connor’s wife’s) storyline. She comes across as surrounded by great riches, but icily cold, resigned, and unhappy - haunted by a long lost love. However, as the story progresses you see her in her younger days in a different light, passionate and full of life. I just loved how things ended for this story-line.

I also loved the main character Jeremy Reid’s friendships with the other two main characters – Harry Stavers and (the flawed) Jack Connor. All three are very different from each other, and yet they are very real-life-like and go together really well. I found Jeremy’s relationship and bond with his two friends endearing and entertaining. The way the story ended suggests that all three of them will be series characters and I greatly look forward to many more of their outings.
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on 12 June 2014
This is an addictive read with thought-provoking facts, insights, and characters. I think the pacing and the story are the strongest points of the book, because you are compelled to keep reading to find out who did it and why. Jeremy is steadfast, loyal, and, as the title of the book hints, reckless in doing whatever he can for those he cares about. Jack Connor strikes me as sort of resigned to life after making very reckless and questionable choices, or else extremely unhappy despite many things that should make him happy such as wealth, a stunning wife, a wonderful job, and connections to power. The female characters are also well written and atypical. I like the romance storylines which end very happily

I feel like the moral of the story should be something like "be careful how you treat others," and you don't know the human being's limits.
Even if it is a story about engineers there is little technical language – the mystery and the characters come first and the engineering is presented in a very low-key manner in the background. This works amazingly well.
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on 9 June 2014
Expertly woven story with good characters and a plot that circles around the characters and keeps you guessing who is involved in what. The relationship and camaraderie between Jeremy Reid and his two best friends, Harry Stavers and Jack Connor, are delightful to watch. All the clues are on the page far before the solution is given. So I say have a go at solving it. You’re in for a thrill ride you will thoroughly enjoy.
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on 23 August 2014
Slick, fast moving, set in authentic British seaside landscapes, beautifully written - a great discovery. Sparingly sprinkled laugh-out-loud humor. The characters are very real, interesting, varied, and deeply cast. What a joy it is to meet Jeremy Reid and his friends, not to mention the colourful bad guys. Looking forward to many more of their nail biting adventures.
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