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4.6 out of 5 stars195
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox One|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 1 September 2014
I originally gave this game 3 stars for graphics and game play but I had only played the game for a couple of hours. I then changed some settings in the game and on my TV and the graphics then looked amazing, so 5 stars for that. As for the game play, the game starts off very dark and Lara doesn't have much in the way of ability or weapons, so after about 4 hours of game play I was getting a little bit frustrated and stopped playing. I then read many of the 5 star reviews on Amazon and decided to give it another go and low and behold the game really does become brilliant. Lara is trapped on a hellish island and must progress through a serious of puzzles, tunnels (full of dead bodies), rope bridges and skirmishes with bad guys. All and all, this game is brilliant but not for kids as there are a lot of dead bloody bodies lying around and she gets hunted by wolves from time to time which is way too creepy.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 31 January 2014
Like all Tomb Raider games this one doesn't lack on the action side nor the special effects department but the added bonus of next generation hardware gives the game that little added spark to truly give you a great gaming experience. Interesting to note is that the Definitive Edition comes with the DLC already at no added cost which saves you having to purchase it later down the road.

First things first, the game looks beautiful and while I'm told it's not as good looking as the PS4 edition i have to say the Xbox One version looks very impressive and i fail to see any problems in that regard, indeed facial graphics, rain and even mud looks very realistic. Equally i have to mention the impressive audio with both characters, weapons and environments sounding as good as you are likely to get. I like the idea of using voice commands to do certain things (if you have the Kinect plugged in) although they aren't essential and you can make do with just the controller, indeed i would argue using the controller is easier as i have found the Kinect can get confused at certain points and you can get killed as a result, even opening the map by voice command can become a problem so best avoid using it until they fully work the integration out by means of a patch (hopefully).

Exploration is essential to truly enjoying what this game has to offer although the game has a habit of pushing you through so take your time as there is lots to discover and pick up. Now to our favourite action heroine, Lara Croft .. mmmm, I can remember the very first Tomb Raider games from back in the day and the transformation since then has been staggering and has turned into the true hardcore action adventurer that we have today. Initially you start without any weapons and the techniques that you have available are incredibly limited but as you progress you get the weapons and some pretty special techniques for use in hand to hand combat and/or fire-fights. Most of the action occurs when you least expect it, often to be jumped on from behind and yes there is some button mashing moments but it does get you involved and excited as to what's waiting just around the corner.

There's lots of content and things to collect in this game which is made even better by the fact that everything is different and there is little repetition throughout the long story, perhaps the main reason for the story being so exciting is the fact the game keeps the pressure on you to do more and not linger, aided by the fact it's so good that you yourself want to explore more so you have to find the right balance between exploration and getting on with what you need to do. I didn't own the Xbox 360 version of this game but i did manage to play it and i have to say the step up in terms of graphics is noticeable, sadly the multilayer aspect hasn't improved at all, it's very basic and largely boring even when you use some of the more exciting weapons and attachments that can be had. This game was designed for it's single player campaign and believe me with the amount it has to offer you don't really miss the multi player at all!

Pros: Awesome story * Fantastic graphics * Combat is great fun especially when you get some of the better weapons * Lara is back and as good as ever * Lots to explore and collect * With the included DLC, Artwork book and Dark Horse comic (in digital form) it makes it even better value

Cons: Multi-player is pathetic (but to be expected as they've put all their time and money into the main story) * Kinects voice commands need more work in this game as i struggled in getting them to work half the time.

VERDICT: It looks stunning and plays very well with no bugs, glitches or issues surrounding game-play, I loved the amount you could explore and there's lots to do and places to go, you'll love the combat sections and general progression through the story as there's never a dull moment and taken together i have to say this is one impressive game, made better by the fact Lara Croft looks stunning.... especially covered in mud! RECOMMENDED!!
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on 6 August 2014
I have not played a Tomb Raider Game for years - as with many similar games they are very unimaginative and linear.

After sitting on the fence for a while I took the plunge and have been blown away.

This is a absolutely fantastic, action packed, gorgeous cinematic masterpiece.

The pace and action is relentless and the quality is never lost throughout the game. I just wish I had more time to explore every inch of this world from every angle just to appreciate how gorgeous everything is.

Most games I have played recently get a bit repetitive and drag after a while whilst the publishers milk every bit and push more DLC in your face but no two seconds are the same and the world and action just keeps getting bigger and better engrossing you more and more into the game.

Probably the best game I have ever had the pleasure of playing from this genre.
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on 1 September 2014
I've never been a huge Tomb Raider fan, even though I really should be. I briefly played this on the Xbox 360 but, not for very long so I put off getting it for the Xbox One even though I was looking at getting it for a while. What can I say? I'm glad I bought the game. I absolutely loved it. When Rise of the Tomb Raider was announced I wasn't that bothered but, now after playing this, I can't wait for that either. The graphics are great, they are noticeably different to the 360 version. I've only got a few collectibles left to get but, I'm sad to have finished the game. I liked it so much I'm quite tempted to go back to the 360 version and pick up the achievements for that as well as it was an enjoyable game :). Well worth the price as well, both me and my partner have thoroughly enjoyed it.
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on 27 July 2014
When the reboot of Tomb Raider first came out I was very skeptical, being a fan of the franchise I couldn't see them bettering it's predecessors. But I was very wrong and as much as I loved the original games, this Tomb Raider betters the previous ones by being different but still keeping the elements of the originals intact. Having owning a copy on Xbox 360 and realising what a great game it is, it was only natural for me to buy the polished version on the Xbox One.

Straight from the get go you see that this Tomb Raider is a darker, grittier and more of an adult game than the original carnation. It's a coming of age story, making Lara do some serious soul searching. The game is set on an island somewhere in the east nearing Japan, as Lara and her companions become shipwrecked while searching for a Japanese myth in which her close friend Sam is related to. Upon reaching the island, Lara is thrown into some serious business, getting caught by a weird occult.
From that point onwards the story of the game really takes off, taking you through a cinematic roller coaster ride!

The story of the game is very impressive, giving a good balance between a dark reality and using some classic Tomb Raider esque myths to keep that fantasy element alive in the series. Although it can become quite predictable in parts it's still a strong story throughout.
The graphics in the game are a nice step up from the Xbox 360 version, giving more textures and shading to the world in which Lara has to survive. You'll see water shimmering as it drips down a rock in the moonlight, to shadows flickering in tombs as Lara narrowly squeezes through rocks with her flamed torch, it creates quite an immersive experience. Little things like Lara brushing her hand on a rock as she walks by all add to make the character more human than in the other carnations. My only criticism with the graphics is from time to time bugs seem to invade the game, I crawled into a cave and once in there the ground disappeared and also when travelling down a zip line a bit of shrapnel was frozen in the air. The most consistent problem which I noticed was when turning off your Xbox One, and then once turning it back on and returning back to the game, the sound of the game seems to have disappeared, I found myself having to start another game before reloading Tomb Raider again in order to get the sound back. But to me these are just minor things as they can easily be rectified.

The gameplay is solid, gunfights are engaging but sometimes aiming can be a bit too sensitive. The AI of the enemies is pretty bog standard, as they seem to all have the same routed attack strategy. The stealth aspect of the game is pretty good, firing arrows off a wall to cause a distraction to the enemy whist sneaking behind them and chocking them to death is pretty cool. Theres plenty of collectables which is a nice touch, you'll find some relics which Lara will tell a story of that particular relic, flexing her archaeology skills. Also you can discover tombs which are hidden away in caves and bunkers as well as find documents which explain certain sides of the story from different perspectives, again it's a nice touch to the game.
The climbing is really cool in Tomb Raider, using a pick axe to find her way up a mountain front and scrambling up walls. The previous Tomb Raider games have always prided themselves on puzzles, this version is no different, I think the only difference is that the puzzles are pretty easy, I only hope that the next Tomb Raider game will give you more of a challenge.
As much as I've heard people think that this Tomb Raider had taken gameplay aspects from the Uncharted series, you've got to remember that Uncharted took a lot of things from the original Tomb Raider, so out of all honesty it is pretty much it's own game. The gritty side of it reminds me of The Last of us, but this game was released before the popular PS3 title, so it seems like Naughty Dog developers borrow a lot more from Tomb Raider than they would like us to think.
In the definitive edition you'll acquire more outfits and some more multi-player maps but thats about it.

The music in the game is pretty much your standard classical movie score, it does a good job of setting the atmosphere as well as creating a dramatic tension in places, but to be honest it pretty much will go un-noticed throughout. The voice acting is solid, but nothing really blinding in ways of performance. The sound effects are pretty realistic from the gun shots to the wind blowing and explosions.
The multi-player is average, team death matches and levelling your characters up, it's a third person shooter swapping between two factions, but to be honest doesn't require too much skill, you will go back to every so often but it really isn't essential to the game.

Overall this is an amazing game to play and a must buy for anyone regardless of what console you own, I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the minor bugs and the average multi-player. The supporting cast that surrounds Lara seem quite disposable and pretty forgettable, but they all play their part in Lara's growing process. The story is strong and the gameplay and graphics are great, and this for me are the main things that make a game great! And now I can only wait in anticipation for the sequel next year!!

Gameplay 4/5
Story 4/5
Graphics 4/5
Sound 4/5
Multi-player 3/5
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on 26 March 2014
Really good, enjoyed every moment!

Would have like to have a few more intricate puzzles but that would lead to a longer game.
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on 25 March 2014
I played this game originally on the PC and loved it but as a console player too I had to jump at the chance to play the definitive edition.

The game is excellent and runs smooth and the detail is amazing but still cant beat the PC version :)

Dont listen to fanboy wars you will enjoy this on the X1 just as much as the PS4 but at the end of the day people will choose which they prefer :)
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on 22 February 2014
I gave the game five stars because it has a great story with stunning visuals.
I would recommend it anyone who enjoys adventure/shooter games
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on 29 May 2015
After the overall flop of underworld,except for digital downloads,this is the first tomb raider game since it even tomb raider,well there is sort of tombs that get raided,but wheres lara? They call the girl lara but has no similar features to the original lara.also the original games as in ps1 games and even ps2 to an extent were puzzle adventure games with MINIMAL killing,very little to no gore and lots of exploring to do.this so called gore fest trying to pass as a tomb raider game includes HD cut scenes of peoples heads being blown off,spikes stabbing through "laras" body with excessive blood shown,it includes a segment killing an animal and doing something with the body,think she was meant to be eating it.theres many other ridiculously violent parts,with exploding shotgun pellets,grenades and a pick axe as weapons,this isnt tomb raider its call of duty cashing in on the tomb raider name because call of duty has long run its course. People want to raid tombs,not see gore,tomb raider is not gore,no wonder its an 18,tomb raider was originally suitable for kids,even at 27 i find the gore in this a bit much and ive seen all saw and hostel films.overall the graphics are improved super slightly to the 360 version,the gameplays enjoyable but so are many budget 1.99 doesnt have the same thrill as ps1 tomb raider games,infact it has nothing from those games.its more like uncharted for ps3, this is far more like that than it is tomb raider.unless the gore is toned back and more puzzles are included i wont be buying any future tomb raider games
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on 3 January 2016
A beautiful, heartfelt remake of an amazing classic: what more could you ask for? This game takes the immersive story elements and tomb exploring from the original, updates the graphics and gives Lara a stunning backstory, this game really is fantastic. Right from the beginning you see the beauty of what this game is trying to achieve, and you can see the effort that the entire team behind it have put in. The character pieces are immersive; the cut scenes are bewildering; and the core mechanics of the game are fun, and make plundering tombs a joy!
As you play on through the game, more and more about the characters are revealed, and it is all completely intriguing, never once did I get bored, and wonder what the point was. Through the different areas of the game, you get the sense that you really are in full control of the game, and in different situations, for example climbing the radio mast tower, you get the full feeling of dread that comes with the situation, but at the same time get the amazing stunning view of the entire map from a high up vantage point.
This game really is perfect, and at the price it is sold at it is a bargain. I would recommend it to any type of gamer, especially those who loved the original Tomb Raider, as it just makes it better. I cannot wait for “Rise of the Tomb Raider” next month because it is sure to be an amazing thrill ride!
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