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on 18 July 2014
If you hate windows 8, download and install classicshell to get the windows 7 style start menu back we all know and love.

The laptop comes packed with bloatware, so remove what you don't need and keep what you do.

I believe it also comes packed with some malware that are just annoying and not harmful, so run an anti-virus program (I suggest malwarebytes)

By default the sound on this laptop is damn awful, even with headphones, however this is only due to some toshiba sound altering software so all you have to do is open up the DTS sound program from the start screen and click the big power button in the program (not the laptop power button) although this may seemingly drown at the sound. Another thing to do to change the sound is to disable the surround, volume levelling and bass boost and and see how that goes.

The F5 key on the laptop turns the touchpad off, so if you ever find your touchpad not responding just hit F5 again and it should fix it.

Again by default you can't use the touchpad at the same time as the keyboard, however if you follow this quick youtube guide you will be able to fix that.

That is all, if you have have been looking for a new laptop to buy to replace your old one or whatever just buy this one, trust me.
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on 24 June 2014
Very pleased with the laptop. It's quick and does everything i need it to (which includes some gaming). I haven't tried any powerful most recent games on it, but the speed of loading and processing for general games so far has been excellent. I'm sure it can do a lot more than i will use it for.

I wanted black initially, but Silver was the only one for sale. Having recived it though, i like it. Don't be put off.

The software is all very easy to install (does it for you). The windows 8.1 is totally different from the windows 7 and before versions, but like anything else, you'll get used to it as you go along. I've had the laptop a few weeks now and i'm happy with windows 8.1.

I'm glad i paid the extra for the i5 processor over the i3 (about £70 more). I'm sure this laptop will last a fair while without needing to be replaced. If you can afford it, go for the i5.
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on 26 April 2014
I bought this laptop to replace my 7 year old Satellite Pro (lasted amazing well and has sold me on Toshiba Laptops). The start-up is fast, the i5 processor is extremely fast and I've had no problems loading multiple webpages and running several programmes at once. The Keyboard is good, screen bright and a decent size. The machine is amazingly quiet, and barely gets warm no matter what I am doing. The Battery life is as advertised, at least 4 hours probably more for light use. I've bought this machine to use at home, I don't intend to transport it around much - it's probably a bit heavy for more than occasional travel. The laptop feels solid and the silver outer shell is a nice touch - the mouse pad is fit for purpose. It's fine for browsing, but for more intensive mouse work I'd advise buying a USB mouse to plug in - it can be a bit jumpy and it's not amazingly comfortable to use

Complaints: While generally I think this model, at this spec (8GB Memory, 1TB hard drive) is excellent value I did get annoyed with all the extra programmes or 'apps' added to Windows 8. I've had to remove most of them and this hasn't been easy in all cases. This isn't a major issue just a minor grumble. Secondly, the sound is poor quality very tinny (actually worse than my 7 year old laptop). This isn't an issue for me as I'll be using the computer for work and web browsing, but I wouldn't want to watch a film or listen to music on this. If sound quality is important for you, this isn't the machine for you.

So overall a very good value machine, I don't think you could get much better for under £550. For general everyday use it's a good replacement for a household PC.
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on 17 June 2014
Not had it long, but it's working well (once I got to grips with Windows 8.1). A couple of minor negative points: the usb ports are very tight and it's hard to get the connectors in or out. Also the DVD drive doesn't open when pressed - I have to click on the drive in Windows Explorer for the tray to open.
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on 12 July 2014
All good so far with this light, quick, easy to use laptop with tons of storage.

I noticed some people are having issues with the speakers being 'tinny' (even when you plug in headphones) - initially, I had that problem too, but I found a fix...

In Windows 8...
1. Right click on the 'window' in the bottom left hand corner, select Control Panel.
2. Click 'Hardware and Sound'
3. Click 'IDT Audio Control Panel' - which will open the IDT Audio Control Panel
4. Click 'advance settings'.
5. Click Launch

This brings up a little graphic equaliser window. Play with the settings on that and it should sort it out for you. Hope that helps.
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on 27 August 2014
For the price i can see why it's a popular laptop. If it's for home/family use then it's an excellent buy. Not sure what other reviewers mean by it being flimsy. It's sturdy enough as laptops go. The CD drive tray is pretty minimal in structure but as with any piece of portable electronic equipment, treat it right and it should be fine.

Window's 8.1 seems reasonably logical. One or two niggles but nothing major. Yes there are a few pointless bits of software thrown in there but they can be uninstalled.

All round it's a decent laptop for the price.
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on 13 June 2014
this laptop is very good, I heard a lot about windows 8.1 and most not very good, anyway I decided to stick with it and give it a try, only ever had windows 7, but each day I use it, it gets better. so all in all this laptop with 8.1 OS, is very good, and one last point, it starts up very quickly, I can recommend it.....
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on 6 October 2014
Overall I am pleased with this laptop. It's a big step up from the ageing secondhand machine I had before. The i5 processor shines through and extremely large memory is going to take years for me to fill. It starts up/sleeps/shutsdown in a matter of seconds, which is great if you want to get back to some work quickly.
Have used programs such as Photoshop and Bridge with no problems.

Some people complain about the sound but its a laptop so what do you expect? As suggested, using external speakers rectifies this and the sound automatically switches to suit different outputs i.e headphones, internal speakers.
I could have done without a number pad, which makes the keyboard a bit squashed. The keys took a bit of getting used to but seems to be standing up to some heavy typing a month on.

The design is okay, with a latch-free cover so you just open or close it, but personally I don't really like the glossy look around the screen and keyboard, which makes it look like its covered in sellophane. Can be a bit distracting if there is light reflecting off it.
Also,some ports like the headphone socket and power socket are on the sides, whereas with other Toshinba's I've had they were on the back, which saves a little room.

Otherwise, a slick and silent machine that I feel (and hope!) will last a long time.
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on 7 March 2014
Speed: 5/5
it takes about 30sec to completely start

Ventilation: 4/5
it isn't completely silent but almost. A bad point is the ventilation is located on the right side, so directly on your hand if you have a mouse

Screen: 5/5:
easy to look, anywhere around the screen

Keyboard: 4/5:
easy to write, but the space bar and the directions are too small

Updates: 4/5:
always a lot of Toshiba informations, who cares?

Programs installed: 1/5
Nothing is installed and the firewall is just a 30 days trials

Battery life:I don't know, I haven't tried

Video: 5/5
Recent games are working on it

Sound: 2/5
Very bad sound, like a metallic or a toilet sound, even with a sound system

Windows 8.1: 2/5
I really prefer windows 7
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on 22 May 2015
This laptop seems good on paper, but it's good some significant flaws. I've owned two other Samsung laptops and both held up really well (a combined nine years of use, around 50 hours per week). Unsurprisingly, given that this one is the newest, its performance is by far the best. Processing speed and screen resolution are good. The keyboard is also very nice to type on. However there are some glaring, fundamental, school-boy errors in the design and build quality which can make it a really difficult computer to use.

The touchpad for one thing. Never had a problem using a touchpad on any other laptop I've owned. This one is a nightmare. I write a lot of documents in Word, and the slippery touchpad makes it almost impossible to do precise actions such as highlighting or dragging and dropping a block of text. Seriously, it's almost unusable. A real pain if like me you're a touch typist who doesn't want to have to move from keyboard to mouse and back again as you work. Also, the touchpad is so close to the keys that it's hard not to brush it as you type (and I'm certainly no clumsy-fingered idiot with hands the size of bears' paws). I can't understand why they've changed the touchpads - the old ones were faultless.

Also, the build is generally lower quality. Sure, the new model looks nicer than the older ones, but key components such as the screen hinge are weaker (meaning that the screen occasionally flops and it even has a disturbing looseness and slight rattle when closed).

I will probably buy another Samsung laptop in the future, but I'm going to make very sure that I buy a model that combines this model's keyboard with the old models' touchpad and screen hinge. If I can't find one that fits, I'll just have to change brands.
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