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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 September 2015
Marc Webb returns to direct what Sony had hoped was the second instalment of a longer running reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. Writing this now, I'm armed with the knowledge that once again the web slinger will get another reboot in 2017, which after viewing this sequel comes as no surprise.

It's not so much that it's a bad film, or a bad Spider-Man film at that, it's just that it feels all very familiar, whilst simultaneously hugging the same pitfalls as Sam Raimi's Spiderman 3. Webb tries to juggle a screenplay with 3 villains (well two and a half really), a tricky romance between Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), and of course there's school, a best friend and affairs of the home heart to deal with.

The introduction of Electro (Jamie Foxx) is a good move, inputting a new villain into the spidey world is most welcome. Yet in spite of Foxx earning some level of sympathy with the characterisation, it never really works and unfortunately draws comparisons with a certain Mr. Freeze from another franchise. Dane DeHaan comes in as Harry Osborn, soon to be Green Goblin, again the tortured soul act is well performed, but come Goblin time the make up and effects work is laughable. While Paul Giamati as Aleksei Sytsevich - cum - Rhino, is having fun but is barely in the picture.

Stone is the best thing in it by far, while Garfield works hard, but there is no getting away from the fact that they both are - and look - too old for their parts. The action is fun and pulse raising, but there's not enough of it to sustain a running time of 2 hours and 20 minutes. Though on the plus side Webb and his team are to be applauded for choosing a story line that is ultimately bold and contains a great emotional whack. All told it's a shaky entry to the spidey world, one that once again forced Sony into another rethink. Lets hope the next journey spidey goes on has some clarity and streamlined sense. 6/10
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on 21 December 2015
As a life-long Spidey fan this was disappointing. I'd seen it at the cinema and thought a few quid was OK to buy to complete my collection. And whilst Andrew Garfield is good as Peter Parker, it's really Emma Stone who steals the show. Rubbish realisation of Rhino, Green Goblin and Electro; way too many villains. The lessons learnt after Spider-Man 3 did not stick. Shame. Roll on the next re-boot...
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This 'Marvel' adventure has certainly generated mixed opinions from reviewers and critic's alike,
myself, i love the visual technology this type of movie brings to the screen.
'New York's' citizens are going to need protection from the villains that are soon to threaten the
'Peter Parker' - 'Spider-man' (Andrew Garfield) finds it difficult being both Hero and giving family
and Girlfriend 'Gwen' (Emma Stone) the time and attention they deserve.
As Spider-man, Peter is soon to face perhaps his most formidable enemy to date, an enemy that
is far more powerful that himself.
Old Friend 'Harry Osborn'(Dane Dehaan) has returned taking over the Osborn Empire 'Oscorp' in
the wake of his fathers death.
'Spider-man's' biggest fan 'Max Dillon' (Jamie Foxx) an electric-wiz has suffered an accident whilst
trying to repair a fault at 'Oscorp' which has given him electronic power he's yet to harness...he has
become 'Electro' 'Spider-Man' tries to help.
Meanwhile 'Harry' who is dying believes blood from Spider-Man could save him, this he is telling to
old friend 'Peter' who promises to try and ask Spider-Man for his help.
Meanwhile at the secret 'Ravencourt' site, owned by 'Oscorp' the operatives are trying to turn 'Max'
into a Weapon to control to do their bidding.
'Harry' hasn't got the control of his fathers company he believes he has, there are those within the
company who have their own agenda of which 'Harry' has no part.
A electronic tablet 'Harry's' father had given him before dying shows secrets of the underground complex,
which will give him access to a serum that had been worked upon.
'Harry' finding himself where 'Max' is being processed releases 'Electro' to catch Spider-Man.
When a total blackout across New York occurs, Spider-Man has to do battle with 'Electro' who is now on
the loose........trouble is, solve one problem another one is sure to follow in the shape of 'The Goblin'
After a promising start with the incident on the Plane, there is a sequence of unnecessary chatter which was meant to be
amusing i guess, from our Hero whilst he deals with a gang who are stealing Nitro, the action, on, the streets of New York.
The story-line and dialogue are is a little thin on the ground the story doesn't flow as easily as the first in the new series
The films saving grace for me is indeed the spectacular Special-Effects throughout the film which are indeed impressive.
There are several good action sequences, wish the scrip had been better.
Worth a viewing on 3-D and in fact 2-D Superb picture and Sound quality throughout.
Features -
* The wages of Heroism : Making of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Over 100 minutes of immersive featurettes
detailing the heroic efforts to bring The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to life.
Blu-ray Exclusives -
9 additional deleted scenes with commentary by Director 'Marc Webb' including 'Peter' meets his father.
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on 1 April 2016
This was another great entry into the Spider-Man franchise. The film looks great and it continues to provide more back story to the origins of Spiderman, his family and the big bad Oscorp. The weakest part of the film was the inclusion of Rhino / Aleksei Sytsevich which I felt was unnecessary as the character was played out like a disposable henchman and Paul Giamatti was definetly under-used.
The strongest part of both movies has been Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone who continue to have brilliant chemistry on screen which make the final scenes of the movie even more powerful. I'm happy the film makers stuck by one of the big story arcs from the comics as it is a big event in the character development of Spiderman and effects future plotlines. It would have been so easy to stretch it out so it was a brave move.
This is one of the edge's this franchise has over the previous Spiderman movies, the influence of the comic book storylines. The old movies were still great films but I just feel these ones just have a little more heart.
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on 18 April 2016
I love the Spiderman films more so when the original cast was operating, the new cast is not bad, Emma Stone is excellent as is the new Spiderman, the first with the new cast was good to be honest but this sequel is utter rubbish, I waisted £5
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on 23 April 2016
I have seen all the spiderman films. I must say quite LOUDLY that this is by far THE BEST one yet!!!! I love this Spiderman. The actor has the cheeky spidey down to a T - Anyone in my age group (70s kid) that remembers the epic Saturday morning Spidey cartoons will see that cheeky, fun spiderman in this movie. So glad I bought it and have watched it twice in a week!
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on 21 July 2016
watched this through prime so accessed straight away. Not a bad movie but there have been so many Spider-Man movies I guess it's getting harder to walk the balance of staying close to the original story but also bringing something fresh and new to it. In this version the hero is definitely much less of a haunted soul and he seems to quite like beating up the bad guys and playing the hero. I wasn't too convinced about how the Green Goblin development and I didn't like the ending though I certainly didn't predict the outcome of the Gwen/Peter relationship.
Overall quite a an easy watching movie but nothing too memorable or 'amazing' .
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I'm not reviewing the movie itself but the Blu ray disc,as reviews on the movie themselves can vary greatly and is more on a personal level..
The quality of the video is first class and the sound quality top notch...this is not always the case with Blu rays despite what some think...The steering of the effects were great too..Recomended..Cheers
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on 25 August 2015
This was a huge disappointment from the last movie.

I can't pin point what was wrong with it exactly as there was too much going on, The film started out well but soon went down hill, with a mix of storylines building up characters, you went from waiting to long for drama to unfold to 20 minutes of corny fight scenes with not 1 but 3 enemies, the final scene with the rhino was very cringy almost like an enemy from the old school power ranger series.

The positive point is the acting, it goes with out saying that Emma stone and Andrew Garfield are both amazing in there roles, you really do feel the passion in their relationship , but hats off to Danny Dehaan and Sally Field Great Actor and Actress who both really dragged you in to their Characters.

I wouldn't rush out to get a copy with the expectation of the Marvel standard.
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on 20 October 2015
Worst of all the spider movies..a shame as I was a big fan of the Toby M character and his plot lines. In the new reboot the 1St film did just enough to warrant getting this out on lovefilm particularly as the 3d effects were excellent in 1.

Apart from the 3d nothing could save this film from the weakest and most pedestrian story line of any action movie. Spiderman himself decides to become a slapstick comedian in the opening sequence and then we are asked to endure interminable cringe worthy scenes between him and girlfriend, him and aunt, him and best friend.... A decent director would have tightened all This up and got on with some action.

Please don't make another!
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